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Ashe Build Guide by insertnamehere42

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author insertnamehere42

Ashe basics

insertnamehere42 Last updated on January 3, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Hello! I am insertnamehere42. I am a relatively new player and want to share about how I play my favorite champion, Ashe. If you have suggestions please let me know in the comments.

As a side note, Mobafire didn't seem to calculate masteries or movement multipliers into the cheatsheet. I may be wrong, or there is just a glitch on my side. Either way you should read more then the cheatsheet to get the idea of what each build does.

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So, you wanna play Ashe?

Ashe is an AD carry with hard CC that is easy to learn. She excels late game, able to kill enemies in seconds. This guide teaches my personal methods to playing Ashe. If you can form your own builds and opinions about Ashe, that's great! This is just a stepping stone to forming your own play-style and build for Ashe.

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Pros / Cons

+Easy to learn
+strong late game
+has a slow and stun
+great kiting
+global ultimate
+no hard escape
+vulnerable early game
+little synergy in kit
+mana hungry early game

Cons explained
Like most AD carries, Ashe is extremely squishy. Without rune bonuses she is very easy to kill. Ashe does not have an ability that allows her to move quickly or jump away from ganks. To counter this I take Flash as my quick escape. When Flash is on cooldown, you just have to hope you can slow them enough with Volley and Frost Shot. Ashe's kit is not the smoothest kit in the world. Her ult, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is the only skill that scales by ability power. For an AD carry, she has no movement or attack damage buffs. Ashe is extremely mana hungry early game, so I fix that with Meditation and 3 Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration's.

Pros explained
Ashe is a champ that you can learn how to play decently in a short period of time. With her weak early game comes a super strong late game where you can dominate the field. Unlike most AD carries, Ashe has hard CC in her ult, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This is a big game changer mid game, and can have a great effect in team fights. With her slow comes an innate ability to kite chasers as you head to your turret. The global range of Enchanted Crystal Arrow is useful for stopping enemy champs from taking a tower and for sniping low health targets that just got away alive.

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When you are starting out in LoL, you don't have many options in your rune and mastery pages. As you level up, more rune and mastery options will be open to you.

This is a pretty standard build of 21-0-9.

In the Offense tree i take 4 in Fury , 3 in Brute Force and 1 in Martial Mastery for attack damage, 1 in Butcher , 1 in Feast , 3 in Executioner , 3 in Warlord , 1 in Frenzy , 3 in Brutal Strikes, and 1 in Havoc . you can put one in Dangerous Game by taking a point from Devastating Strikes .

The utility tree is more flexible and can be modified to your own tastes. I take 3 in Meditation , 2 in Fleet of Foot , 3 in Summoner's Insight , and 1-3 in Vampirism , depending on my build.

In my defense tree builds I take 2 in Block and Recovery , 1 in Unyielding , 3 in Veteran Scars , and 1 in Oppression .

Why these Masteries?

I chose these options in my build because they worked well with how I play Ashe.

Fury gives me more attack speed, a must for any AD carry. Brute Force , Warlord , and Martial Mastery give more attack damage, once again, essential on an ADC. Butcher and Feast give more damage to minions and monsters, as well as provide in-lane sustain. Executioner deals 5% more damage to champions below 50% health. Brutal Strikes reduces armor's effectiveness against you. Havoc deals 3% more damage. Enough said.

Block and Unyielding reduce the damage you take from other champions. Recovery provides health regen, and Veteran Scars give you more health.

Meditation reduces early game mana problems. Fleet of Foot gives more movement speed. Vampirism gives you 1-3% lifesteal, a good sustain throughout the game.
Summoner's Insight reduces the cool down on Flash, your only true escape.

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Important: If you are below level 20 it is not worth it to buy runes. At level 20 you gain access to tier 3 runes. All runes you use should be tier 3.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
These are my personal runes for Ashe. I use the greater mark of armor penetration to help against tanky champs. They also do better than Greater Mark of Attack Damage late game. The Greater Mark of Attack Damage is used for early game damage and more consistent farming. Greater Mark of Attack Speed is used in my speed build. They buff your attack speed by up to 15%. This is very useful early-game.

As with any AD carry, use 9 Greater Seal of Armor. These allow you to take damage from the enemy ADC with less pain.

Ashe has some mana problems early game, so I fix them with Meditation and 3 Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration. I then use the other 6 for flat and scaled magic resist, which are a big help late game.

I use 3 Greater Quintessence of Life Steal for sustain throughout the game.

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Focus (passive) Focus basically gives you a guaranteed critical strike whenever you come to your lane from base. This is not considered to be a very good passive, but it is very nice early game.

Frost Shot (Q) Frost shot is a toggle ability that causes your autoattacks and Volley to apply a slow to your target. The cost per autoattack is 8, but the slow is applied automatically to Volley. Only use Frost Shot against champs, and only to go for the kill or flee.

Volley (W) Volley fire seven arrows in a cone dealing physical damage(this skill is affected by your attack damage). Volley also applies Frost Shot's slow to all enemies hit. This skill is your bread and butter move. It acts as your main poke and kiting option, as well as a great farm tool.

Hawkshot (E) Hawk Shot has a passive and active effect. Its passive gives you +1/+2/+3/+4/+5 gold per minion kill. This is useful early game to help rush Infinity Edge. Hawkshot's active reveals an area(including brush) for five seconds. This is a useful tool to see ganks beforehand.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) A map-wide skill shot that stuns the target champion and slows any champions nearby. This is a great initiate tool, as well as a snipe of low health targets.The stun lasts up to three seconds, depending on the length of the shot. The only problem with Enchanted Crystal Arrow is that it is buffed by ability power, the only skill in Ashe's kit that isn't attack damage based.

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First off, the starting items.

Doran's Blade This is my personal favorite starting item. It provides you with extra health for trades, extra damage for last hitting/poking, and essentially lifesteal per hit. Health Potion these are for when the enemy has poked you a little to much. Help you to stay in lane and keep up the pressure. Warding Totem this gives you a stealth ward for sixty seconds. Warding is everybody's job, not just the support's.

Your first stop

B. F. Sword +45 attack damage. Builds into The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge Boots of Speed extra movement. REQUIRED! Vampiric Scepter provides attack damage and life steal. builds into The Bloodthirster

Rush Options

Infinity Edge This is what I usually rush. It complements Focus well and gives fifty percent bonus damage to crit strikes. The Bloodthirster Rush this only if you need Massive sustain in lane. Not recommended for rushing, but sometimes you will have to.

More Crit

Statikk Shiv This provides more attack speed and crit chance. Also gives you a nice wave-clearing passive. The passive can crit. Phantom Dancer Provides more attack speed and crit chance. Its passive allows you to move through units.
(These items provide a percent speed buff that late game can replace your boots.)

Add In

Trinity Force This is the last item I build, and it usually replaces my boots. It gives you a bit of everything, and its passives are very effective. Youmuu's Ghostblade I build this only if I want a 100% crit build. It would take either a defense item or The Bloodthirster out of the build. The Bloodthirster This supplies you with enough attack damage and lifesteal that I almost never replace it. I personally think it is a very good deal for the price.

Defensive Options

Guardian Angel This item provides some armor and magic resist, but that's not why you buy it. The passive restores you to life with 30% health and mana once every five minutes. Once the other team realizes that you bought this, however, they will just wait for you to respawn so they can actually kill you. Banshee's Veil This item gives some health and magic resist. It also gives you a spell shield that negates one spell sent at you. The shield regenerates after 25 seconds without receiving damage.

Armor Pen Options

The Black Cleaver and Last Whisper
Both of these options are good late game for armor-heavy tanks. The Black Cleaver provides a opening in their armor big enough for your whole team. The Last Whisper has a larger effect, but isn't given to your teammates when they attack.

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Enchanted crystal arrow. Know when to use it.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a very useful ult, but only if you have a good opportunity. To make the best out of your arrow, you should follow these basic guidelines to good arrows.

1) Do not use the arrow on an enemy under their turret unless you have a kill shot or a good turret diver.

2) Aim the arrow in the direction your target is moving. This increases your chances of getting a hit dramatically.

3) Sending enchanted crystal arrow into a team fight is a great initiate.

4) If your turret is under attack you can fire Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun them and perhaps scare them away. If you hit them at the right moment your turret could start attacking them, giving you a kill.

5) If your owning your lane you can skill shot mid lane if they need help.

6) You should have your screen unlocked from Ashe so you can hit targets accurately.

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Item changes

If I get enough comments about an item my guide does or does not use, I will either state my reasons for using/not using the items here or place/remove the item in my build. If I place/remove the item in my build I will state so here.

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Thank You

Thank you for taking a look at my build. I would appreciate it if you left your opinions about what I should change in the comments. If you think I did well please up-vote this guide.

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Update log

Guide Published 1/3/2014

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I would like to thank jhoijhoi for making an awesome guide on building guides. This would literally be a wall of text without it.