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Ashe Build Guide by JudasX8

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JudasX8

Ashe Support, Lane Rape

JudasX8 Last updated on November 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Ashe with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Soraka Poke her down and don't get hit by her Q or E.
Morgana Don't let her stun you with her Q. If you can slow/stun her she will melt into the ground.
Janna Poke poke poke, she misses her tornado, poke poke she's dead.
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Hello, I'll keep it short. I started out playing LoL as Ashe as an ADC. Nowadays I've moved onto Support with the standard Meta supports. However I do like to play Ashe as a Support because her Utility is epic. Most people are not ready to handle the slowing poke and it throws off their hold game.

Also, my first guide so don't be mean. I plan to update this guide a lot to make it better and better with all areas filled out. I don't think I need graphics for this, or tell people "how to support".

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Lane Phase

In Lane Phase it's your job to ward and harass. Make sure to have a pink in the bush and to get a Sightstone early on. You don't want to get ganked because how squishy you are, remember Ashe is an "ADC" so she gets killed very quickly if you are caught out of position.

Now, onto what makes Ashe such a good support... Her Passive and E. Don't CS the minions and your Passive will be up for when you engage. Ashe has a nice crit and if you save each shot until your passive is up (i.e. punishing their mistakes) you will always do lots of damage and slow. Don't forget your E acts as a mini ward with massive range. Shoot bushes when you think you might be getting ganked.

If your ADC has to back or gets killed and the enemy is pushed into your turret go on and CS while your ADC is gone. Your E will grant you extra gold and you can help reset the lane.

Make sure not to die, at all. Dying 2 or 3 times in lane phase will let the enemy roll over you and you will lose bot and maybe the game.

Ganks, ganks, ganks. The enemy Jungler will be on your ahse (get it) because you and your ADC will tend to push lane a lot. Also your poke/slow leads to lots of early game kills and even double kills when timed right. When attacking turrets make sure to be well warded. You will most likely have Sightstone by then. DON'T UPGRADE TO RUBY SIGHTSTONE in this phase. Take a moment to E the river or the bush near enemy towers to make sure you aren't about to be ganked. If you are about to be ganked use your W as a disengage and run like hell.

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Mid Game

Vision Control. Objective Control. Your job is to keep your team one step ahead of their team. Make sure to have Sightstone and a Pink. Keep control of Dragon, you can even E the dragon pit to make sure no one is there. Make sure to sweep dragon pit when you guys are fighting for Dragon. Taking away an enemy ward will prevent them from getting a timer on Dragon's next respond. In S5 taking Dragon 5 times in a game pretty much means you win. Don't be afraid to kill the new jungle creep that gives vision of Dragon, as long as you have vision you are winning.

Let your team know where you are going. Ping your path when roaming. If your Top knows you are coming they might let the enemy top push in a little and then you can gank with slows from behind to land the kill. If you are ready to roam around make sure to have some boots and maybe even upgraded for extra movement speed.

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Team Fights

In team fights you are a secret weapon. If you and your ADC or both fed then you guys can melt away the enemy team. Just stand back and auto, W, and ulti when you can. Keep your Q on at all times in team fights and when you are taking towers (you shoot faster).

Timing is key. Make sure to get to a team fight before anyone else so you can set up wards with Sightstone, for this reason Homegaurd is key. You don't want the enemy attacking from the sides if you can't see them.

In the fight don't be in the front line. Kick back with your ADC or your APC and poke people down. If your Ulti is up and the enemy are all bunched together fire it and stun the whole lot of them... team fight over.

Keep your ADC alive, take the hit, slow as the enemy chases, die for you ADC, but don't go down without a fight.

As for focusing, I would say whoever is carrying the enemy team. If it's their ADC then focus their ADC, if it's their Assassin, then melt that person instead.

And one final note... Don't forget to ping like hell.

If someone is chasing do the alert ping. If you know someone needs to die, or an objective needs to be taken use the target ping. (G + leftclick on target)

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Late Game - Objective Control

The Late Game is really nothing but Team Fight after Team Fight, so if you can keep ahead of the enemy team when it comes to objectives your team will win.

Keep an eye on Dragon timers because in Season 5 taking dragon isn't about gold, it's about buffs, buffs that make sure you win.

Baron is massive late game. Taking Baron now gives your nearby minions buffs which will help you take the enemy Nexus. Also make sure to ward and E the pits, paths, bushes ect before you team shows up. Also don't forget to sweep for enemy wards.

If your team does find itself in a team fight and win with plenty of health and Dragon or Baron is up go on and take them. ALWAYS take one ore more objectives when you can. Taking Nexus is number one objective so clear a path to Nexus when you can (inhib turrets and inhibs).

In most games only the Mid Lane is open all the way, bot will have the inhib turret still up and who knows about top so if you have a chance to take Bots inhib turret/inhib do so to really presser the enemy team, and then take another Dragon while they are fighting Supper Minions.

All of this late game objective control can be orchestrated by you and your vision. If your Jungler took a Sightstone too then your enemy team can't make a move without you knowing about it.

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Break the Meta because more often than not your enemy will not be able to handle the change. Support Ashe can be so OP when played right, or a complete failure if done wrong. Just remember you are squishy and you have to fight like an ADC in team fights but more responsibility is on you to ward and do massive AoE and CC to the enemy team.