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League of Legends Build Guide Author caseclosedlover1

Attack Speed/Damage Master Yi

caseclosedlover1 Last updated on April 16, 2014
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I'm so sorry this is so bad

This is really bad and i dont know how to use it but this guild needs to be put out there

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First Guide...............Please Don't Hate

This is how i build Master Yi it's kinda hard/bad early game, but if you can hold you can reclaim anything and everything that they took from you and then some!

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Summoner Spells

i use the tele and ignite but i know a lot of people use flash so...
Teleport/ Flash

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Sorcery 4/4 Executioner 3/3 Dangerous Game 1/1 Fury 4/4 and everything in Fury 's row at max, like next would be Brute Force Frenzy1/1(sorry idk why it's voli's move)<---(critical hits grant +5% attack speed for 3 seconds,stacks up to 3 times) then Fleet of Foot at 3/3 and Meditation at 3/3

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Skill Sequence

ok i know this is kinda disappointing, but i don't really have a set sequence after like lv 7, because it is all situational; however I have been doing more of the same thing as of late.

first i get Q then W then E so I have 1 of each. Then I try to focus on maxing my W so I have more sustain to stay in lane. Then at lv 4 and 5 I get W again, at lv 6 I get my ult (R) then at lv 7 to 18 (other then 11 and 16 when u can do your ult) if i find that it's hard to stay in lane or I'm getting ganked a lot I do W and then E and max my Q last, but if the enemy is just getting away or killed you right before you killed him/her then I get my E to 3 or 4 max my W then finish my E and move onto my Q.

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For the record I do main Yi, and the way i play my team MUST hate me, because I can't do teamfights, so I'm always in a lane pushing and getting like 2-4 people because they fear the Yi I can 1v1 most people lategame unless they are REALLY FED, and I can more often then not take a 2v1 just barely. I say my teams got to hate me because I'm off split pushing to get the enemy off of them in a team fight, I do this because i melt in a teamfight; however I can push hard and fast so they have to send guys over to stop me. I find this better then just feeding by going into a teamfight, this way we get worse case: 0 towers, best case: 4 towers and an inhib for my 1 death and with teleport you put your trinket down in there base and then base race but your team will be able to defend and they won't because if they back i run to top and clear there or just win the game


that should explain a few things for why my build is the way it is, and I'm sure if you're a better Yi player then me you can take it much further than I can.

the first thing i get is my wording totem (trinket) Long Sword and 3 Health Potion or Mana Potion because Yi goes through mana like crazy but only when you use your W a lot and if you don't have a jungler ask your (if you're near it) if your teammates can help you leash blue buff. next i go for a Avarice Blade then when i have enough i buy a The Brutalizer and if i can't get that i get another Long Sword then buy my Youmuu's Ghostblade so i have 2 att. spd. and move spd. buffs that and my ult. After that I get a Spirit Stone and then some Long Swords or my Spirit of the Elder Lizard you could go for the hydra first but I just don't because it's to much. Next for that AOE damage Tiamat then vampiric secpter or buy the Ravenous Hydra out right. After all of that i go for a Phantom Dancer because minions get in the way a lot and that attack speed lol. i try to first get Zeal but if i don't have the money i go for Cloak of Agility then try to buy Phantom Dancer out right. Next is B. F. Sword and then vampiric secpter to get a The Bloodthirster and with Ravenous Hydra and Spirit of the Elder Lizard it's pretty easy to get the stacks on it. Ok now this late in the game you might need a power play, so what does your team do take baron right? WRONG! when you have your stacks on The Bloodthirster get red and blue buff and most importantly make sure your team stays in lane so if it isn't warded then the enemy team will not get suspicious, now you CAN solo baron at this point but it is less risky to do if you have your full build. your last item is Nashor's Tooth you probably think I'm crazy getting AP on Master Yi? will it is awesome with his W and it gives you tons of attack speed plus basic attack has bonus 24 magic damage on hit. So I start with Stinger then buy it. at that point my team can either hold without me or is already dead and i just respwand (sorry no auto-correct) if it's the later then i destroy them hopefully heals red blue buff then baron and something happens

the final build is Youmuu's Ghostblade Spirit of the Elder Lizard Ravenous Hydra Phantom Dancer The Bloodthirster Nashor's Tooth

wording totem (trinket) Long Sword Health Potion Avarice Blade The Brutalizer Youmuu's Ghostblade Spirit Stone Long Sword Spirit of the Elder Lizard Tiamat vampiric secpter Ravenous Hydra Zeal Cloak of Agility Phantom Dancer B. F. Sword vampiric secpter The Bloodthirster Stinger Nashor's Tooth

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This is how I play Master Yi, in most games my teammates are yelling at me to go jungle, however I'm very bad at it. So i just stay top or bottom lane, and there has been problems with me going Master Yi, so I have been trying new Champs not important but i have, so if you are sick of people hating on you for playing Champ that you want try my build, it's kinda bad early game, but if you can hold out to mid or late game then you can show everyone that said Master Yi sucked, said he was a bad pick, or said you should be jungleing with him that they where all too wrong!


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