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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by BigBangVIP

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BigBangVIP

Aurelion Sol-The Perfect Star Forger ( Jungle/Top /Mid )

BigBangVIP Last updated on September 14, 2017
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About me!!!

Hey Guys I am BigBangVIP and this is my Jungle/TOp/Mid Aurelion Sol Guide. With this build you can dominate The Jungle/Top and Mid

This build is part of a series of guides that is given a playstyle and then optimizes it.
I also play:
* Support Orianna
* Jungle Lulu
* Jungle Yorick
* Jungle Xin Zhao

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Main combos/Tips.

Let's first talk a bit about Asol's abilities. Hes Starsurge (Q) is an decent range stun, increasing in size over time that it travels. But, the big but, it stops traveling if it leaves your Celestial Expansion (W) with 50% of its width, Actually activating your aurelionsolW.png causes you to know how far the range actually is.
So Asol's Starsurge (Q) =
An ranged stun, increasing in size over the time it travels, which you can activate again after casting like an Anivia Starsurge (Q) to stop travelin.
Asol's Celestial Expansion (W) = Is the thing which Asol is all about it are the stars flying around him, Activating the Celestial Expansion (W) causing you to deal more damage, and let the stars travel a bit faster. It also drains mana like (Amumu) ( Despair) but it does pay back mana if it kills an target.
Asol Comet Of Legend (E) = Has an Passive, and an Active. Passive is something like an dead mens plate. As soon as you walk without getting attacked your self you increase in movement speed, as soon as it hits the 100% you can use your Active Comet Of Legend (E) , which lets you fly to an destination, over walls etc. As long as you dont cancel it or not get damaged by an enemy.
This above is the whole explanation over the abilities.

Tips coming soon.

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Center Of Universe

Aurelion surrounds himself with the stars themselves. The rotate around him, dealing damage and procing spell effects. This is your bread and butter, most of your damage comes from this passive, which is why Aurelion So is so unique.

Aurelion conjures a newborn star in a direction. He can follow along its path ,gaining 10% movespeed, extending its range and growing it in size. When the star gets outside of Aurelion Sol's celestial expansion range, it explodes dealing damage and stunning enemies for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.
Celestial Expansion

This is arguably Aurelion Sol's hardest skill to use. Aurelion projects his star's orbit outwards, dealing 150% damage the stars normally do. It also increases the passive's base damage. This skill is amazing in any skirmish when used correctly. A good Aurelion knows when to turn it off and on. When enemies are closer hitting this is impossible.
Comet Of Legend

This skill puts Quinn to shame. Aurelion gains movespeed when moving in a straight line. Some of this speed is stored as stacks (up to 100) and can be used to FLY. Yes Aurelion can take flight in a straight line over terrain for up to 7000 units! His starsurge can be cast in flight. If he takes damage or issues a move command he ceases flight.
Voice Of Light

Aurelion shoots a massive burst of cosmic energy in a line. This knocks back enemies near him as well as slowing everyone in it for 4sec. This is the anti assassin/big red button/escape move. Use this in teamfights to wreak havoc. You are much more vulnerable with its long cooldown so be wary of that.

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How To Jungle Aurelion sol

Aurelion has surprisingly good clears. He even can use his stars to clear multiple camps at once. His starsurge and passive can be utilized to expertly kite jungle camps. This makes him a great jungler
Jungle aurelion has suprisingly good clears. I find he can do a full clear and then 1-2 ganks before even backing. Use your amazing ability to fly into a lane to gank lanes. If you kill anyone bot lane TAKE DRAGON! You have really strong DPS so that inferior land dragon is no match for you! Aurelion also can drive by smite both Dragon and baron so keep that in mind when trying to steal them! Also if top lane receives the benevolence of your ganking prowess, kill rift herald to help top push. Jungle aurelion has much more freedom to roam than mid Aurelion but both should feel free to gank at will!

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The End!!!

this guide is pretty dynamic. I am quite theoretical about my playstyle and I love to take advice from anyone and any source, so this guide gets updated quite frequently to keep up with the meta. Check back in and read what I have on the "Recently Updated" portion in the "Notes" Chapter to see stuff that's been added!
If you like it please dont forget to vote for it
Feel free to leave comments and criticisms, as I am a bit of a perfectionist and get really picky with what I do
If you have any questions,leave a comment or drop a line over at