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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frostels

AvaricePlank - Crit to Victory!

Frostels Last updated on May 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello there and welcome to my CRITPLANK guide, there are a lot of ways to build a critplant, this one focuses on the use of Avarice Blades and a Sheen in the midgame to give a great amount of money return as well as a powerful crit chance. This is more than enough to land many kills and assists providing a snowball effect into lategame items :). Sit back and have a nice read on how I play Avarice/Crit/Gang Plank.

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Why 4 Avarice Blades bro?

I guess you are thinking, woah, why so many of those Avarice Blades bro? I will tell you why. Each Avarice Blade needs to be in your inventory for around 8 minutes for it to pay itself off, this is fairly easy to do since you can get all 4 with boots and sheen quiet early in the game. Not only that but because of the extra gold per 5 they are very cheap, cheap crit chance is perfect for mid and end game. They provide all you need for the time you will have them and will make getting your Trinity Force and Infinity Edge very easy.

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Pros and Cons


    He's a Pirate
    Hits like a train
    Doesn't need to be fed to be powerful
    Global Ult
    Heal and Cleanse on a low CD
    Good teamfight supporter
    He's a Pirate


    Often focused once his damage has been established
    Has slight mana issues in prolonged engagements
    Bad placement on ults will make you sadface :<

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A full crit damage rune page is required for this Gangplank build, it's poor earlygame due to low crit chance is overshadowed by a devastating mid and end games once your crit chance is up through items. Crit chance is easily bought, crit damage isn't ;) This is why Crit Damage runes are the best!

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Summoner Spells

- A great all round spell, Movement Speed will come in handy at any point in the game, be it getting back to your lane quicker, running from enemies, chasing for that last Parrrley etc.

- FLASH... AHHHHHH! Gangplank is still squishy remember, a well timed flash is a literal life saver.

Other Possible Spells

- A good slow with the ability to reduce armor and damage output. I prefer Flash so I can escape ganks but Exhast can net kills early game. Your choice.

- Kinda fills the same roll as exhaust as a summoner spell to guarentee kills, if you like ignite, it will work, but remember you are sacrificing survivability.

- If you struggle with managing mana and are new to Gangplank then feel free to use it, but once you have played a few games try playing without it, a spell dedicated to mana limits you some what

- If you want to take it over Ghost it can work well, however your ultimate can get enemies off of towers and clear lanes without you leaving your lane!

Don't take these!

- See Remove Scurvy

- See above

See a doctor


Unless you plan on all taking smite for the lols, no.

/ Give it to your Support/Tanks.

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In the offence tree, everything is fairly simple. Deadliness for increased crit chance, Sorcery for CD, 2 Points in Alacrity out of necessity, Archaic Knowledge for your Ult, Sunder for Armor Pen, Brute Force, LETHALITY (more crit damage woo!) and Havoc. Almost everything in the offence tree that is selected is great for Critplank.

Nothing in the Defense tree, you have a nice heal and anti-cc skill, as well as some movement speed, good positioning > defense tree for carries.


3 Points in Good Hands ( for those who think wrong), Improved Ghoste, Awareness for slightly faster leveling and Increased Buff Durations. These are not major increases to any particular stat but are still good boosts.

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This is whever Avariceplank gets his name, through 4x Avarice Blade!

Brawler's Greaves 2x Health Potion - These are your starting items, you can take a mana potion if you wish but you will want to stay in the lane until you are able to buy 2 Avarice Blades and Level 1 Boots. This is around 1400 gold.

2x Avarice Blade Boots of Speed - These are what you should have on your first blue pill.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity [[Sheen] - Your next blue pill will be focused on working towards your CD boots and your Sheen, CD boots allows you to use Parrrrrrley more often and use your ultimate more often, the Sheen simply makes your parrrley more effective, especially on crits.

2x Avarice Blade - The next time you go back you will be wanting to build your last two Avarice Blades, this will give you a nice round 50% Crit chance, you basically have a 50/50 chance of taking one of their carries out of the fight!

Trinity Force - Once you can afford it, get your Trinity Force, this will provide even more AD on your parrrleys, and provide good all round buffs, you get this before your IE so that you can keep your 4 Avarice Blades pumping out the gold.

Infinity Edge - Now you are cooking, with this baby you have around 305% Critical damage, instead of the regular 200! Ontop of the 80AD, you will be hitting like a powerhouse, usually if you have made it this far, you are pretty unstoppable. Ofcourse you will have to sell an Avarice Blade for this item.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Game still going? Upgrade once of those Avarice's for a Youmuu's. Cooldown, Crit Chance, Armor Pen, AD. Another all round topping up item. The active is great and all but really, you will never be in melee range to make the most of it. Good for quick jungling!

Phantom Dancer - Game STILL going? This right here should end it, a disgusting Crit Chance upgrade along with some AS and MS! The movement speed inrease is enough to dodge any potential threats.

If you have all these items and the game is still going...

Well congratulations I have never had this... At this point you could just build a defensive item such as a Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel. If you are just trainwrecking the other team but making fun of them by not winning, get The Bloodthirster :D.

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Abilities and Skill Sequence

Parrrley - This is your bread and butter, this is what makes gankplank and especially critplank what he is. When this crits, it hits HARD. This is why you build crit damage runes and crit chance during the game. A well placed Parrrley during a teamfight will end an enemy carry if it crits and force them to flee or simply die. This is your harassing skill, your farming skill (for it's extra gold ofcourse), and your trainwrecking skill. Learn it, Live it, LOVE IT.

Remove Scurvy - Who doesn't love Heal and Cleanse on a 20 second cooldown? You can use it to remove almost any CC such as Infinite Duress and Nether Grasp (Nether Grasp will still focus you but you can run out of it's range. This skill will keep you in the lane longer than your opponents, and keep you in teamfights. A fantastic ability, simply put.

Raise Moral - The new Raise Moral has removed the Deny mechanic that made Gangplank a powerful solo and mid laner, however the new simpler mechanic allows you to use it just when team fights start without worrying if any minions are nearby, it proves good AD and movement speed for your team. Great for team tower pushing and helping allies get away or close the gap.

Cannon Barrage - Who doesn't love global ultimate's? The new Cannon Barrage has a much smaller AoE however it provides generally more consistant damage and a guarenteed slow to anyone inside the circle. There are so many uses for this that it will be hard to note down all of them! Here we go though...:
    Assist Ganks whilst not in the area
    Save allies from ganks
    Initiate teamfights
    Funnel enemies into traps
    Late game farming
    Greast CC/DPS during teamfights
    Finish off low enemies
    Push enemies off of towers

There is probably more but you get the point!

Skill Sequence

The general concept is, points in R whenever possible, max Q early with a point in W at 2 and a point in E at 4. Once Q is maxed, 2 more points in W. Then 4 points in E and finish off W.

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Early game

Depending on what kind of lane you get, you can focus on two thing.

1. Easy lane? Harass with Parrrley, cross everything crossable on your body for some Crits.
2. Not so easy lane? Focus on last hitting with Parrrley, rake in the money.


You have your ultimate, so first things first, MAKE SURE to use it to it's best abilities. Tell your team when it's ready, and if you see Pinging on the map or your friends shouting for that ult, use it wisely. There are 3 ways to place your ultimate:

1. Restrict Escape - Use your ultimate in such a way to get the most out of it's slow, this will allow your team mates to do more damage.
2. Maximise DPS - Drop your ult right on their fight to maximize it's damage
3. Aid Escape - Looks like the team is about to get a couple of deaths, use your ult to slow enemies so your allies can escape. HOWEVER, if there are certain deaths, don't waste your ultimate.

Continue to last hit and harass with Parrrley, attempt ganks etc...

End game

In my opinion, endgame starts when you have your 4 Avarice Blades, this is when you want to get some kills, and team fight. Stay at the back of team fights, get a few Parrrleys off on squishy champs, use your ult as necessary.

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Thank you for reading through my Gangplank guide, please give it a go, comment, rate and most importantly enjoy!