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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Awesome Pwnage1

Awesome Pwnage1's Guide to AP Twisted Fate

Awesome Pwnage1's Guide to AP Twisted Fate

Updated on July 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 7,622 Views 13 Comments
7,622 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Awesome Pwnage1 Twisted Fate Build Guide By Awesome Pwnage1 Updated on July 23, 2011
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What is there to say about AP Twisted Fate? First of all, it actually takes a decent amount of skill. The reason Twisted Fate is so fun is because of his diversity as far as what ways you can build him as. He isn't played in one specific way whatsoever. It's just so fun to play him in different ways depending on team composition and just what you feel like doing that day. I'd have to say that AP is my favorite because you don't just right-click and win. Although, it is extremely satisfying, it just doesn't give me the rush that I had when I was a noob. I'm not saying that AP is the best. I'm just a guy that likes to have fun playing Twisted Fate. I just started playing TF in the way of AP and this is my view and how I personally play him. I ask though, Please take the time to read the guide before downvoting. If I did something wrong then please leave a comment so that I may better the guide. So, without further a do-
I present Awesome Pwnage1's Guide to AP Twisted Fate-
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Pros / Cons

Whenever I start a guide, I find it incredibly crucial to actually explain the guides weak points. I find it necessary to do this and if anybody thinks that it is an outlandish affair then please, we can talk. I will commence to start with the Pros.

1. Multiple Nukes
2. Great Ganker
3. Excellent Mid-Lane
4. Great in Team Fights
5. Accels in both 3v3's and 5v5's

Explanation- Here are the reasons behind my rambling. For starters, yes, TF has multiple AP nukes. I don't know about you people, but I always found myself KS'ing people with even a simple Yellow Card. This guide expresses an all-around good ability to drop lots of burst damage with both your abilities and basic attacks. You become a great asset in many situations. Second, he's a very good ganker in any build because of . It is just an all-around great assassin-like ability to put it just. My favorite aspect of the build is playing TF in the mid lane. I don't play him in the other lanes unless using , in which you need massive farm and gold. However, I find it necessary to tell everyone about the shear power of TF in the mid lane. You can dominate some of the best mids in the game because of one move. , This is just the bread and butter on TF. With decent AP scaling and one of the longest ranges in the game, he is just one all-out beast machine. Great in team fights, this is not as much so anymore. Long ago, there was a time when Yellow Card provided and AOE stun. TF was literally unstoppable all the time. However, it was reduced to single target since it was so OP so you have to make due with picking one particular target that your team can pick off. Your can piss anyone off if used correctly. If you can pop in on some person and just drop them after they thought about getting away then I say go for it. is one ability that can change the game quite a bit if used correctly. Finally, I have tested this build in multiple scenarios and maps. This build accels on both maps aside to popular belief. It can just tear some fools up in solo lane with an alternation between and (Blue Card). I will now move onto the Cons.
1. Blue Card Reliant
2. Sort of Squishy
3. Takes some skill

Explanation-First of all, I would like to remind people that this build isn't perfect and is still always subject to change. These are the biggest problems and I have a pretty good time and I work around them. Blue Card is just a must. If you don't know how to regain mana and you aren't patient about it, then this build may not work for you. You should already have mana regen runes, but still hogs a ton of mana early levels. Blue Card is an extremely useful nuke that you can use to last-hit minions. It may seem like a hassle at first, but once you hit about 7, then you'll be casting like a mofo (pardon my French). Next, is a part that isn't a big deal. AP TF isn't supposed to be a tank and AP is a lot more durable than AD TF. So, this shouldn't be the biggest hassle. Last, this takes some time to get used to. I had a hard time playing AP at first, but once I got the hang of it, I owned.
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Competition For The Mid-Lane

Some people think that gets owned by such champions as , but this is not the case and can be avoided in many, many cases. So the point of this section is sort of an intro on how to avoid and play against some of the opponents that you may find in mid. I will add champions as time goes on, but these are the ones that people will probably have questions on.

1. - Such a pain in the ***....There are a few ways that I would combat Corki and this is how I do this. Corki's Missle Barrage is really the thing that you have to worry about. Although this is sorta hard to hit someone with, his nuke that comes along could be lethal. Always run perpendicular to Corki in avoidance of his Ulty. It's a skill shot while your is just a relevant area shot and is a little easier to lane with, plus the range is pretty good. Stay out of his close ranged and then you're golden.

2. - You may think that this doesn't look good, but trust me, it's a cake walk. is really Vladimir's only means of hurting you early game. Just keep him at bay while using and you may actually find you pushing the lane. His and should probably prove to not be that much of a threat.

3. - By far, my least-favorite champion in the game. I bet that she's fun to play, but when fed, there's just no stopping her. My best advice involves just staying out of her basic attack range and beware of your ult. I keep her at bay with and that proves to be a good means of defense. Also, don't get stunned and thrown into a wall or a turret because a good Vayne may make a good strike to pop you in two hits.

4. - One of my favorites to play. The best combat is to deny him minions and prevent him from getting any minon kills or champion kills. Try to stay out of range of his to prevent getting hit by a nuked-up . If caught in the middle of his stun. do not go towards the edge but instead, click around inside of the circle and try to avoid his nuke.

5. - One of the best mids in the game. Her ,Sigil of Silence combo, you may take massive damage. My only advice is to try to catch her out of position with a Yellow Card and make her take Turret Damage. Keeping her at bay with is crucial and this may present itself as an extremely hard lane to play against.

6. - Mirror lane is especially hard to do on TF. It has personally never happened to me so I don't exactly know how to effectively combat this. This is how I would put it. Stay away from the direct front of your opponent. That is where they usually aim towards the front of themselves. The 45 degree angle that splits the other two cards from the center one grows as it travels so try to stay back and dodge his attack then come in with a of your own. Then aim the crosshair close to where they may eventually be moving and get a little preemptive strike.

7. - This could prove to be a challenging lane if the Kennen is well-played. Kennen is a great mid considering that he doesn't actually have to leave the lane for mana. So, you have to keep that in mind when fighting him. Dodging his should prove to be pretty easy if you sit back behind your ranged minions. Then evade his with a Yellow Card and you can bring in as much pain as he can.

8. - A very intimidating champion in many ways. His snare is pretty inaccurate and it usually doesn't succeed as far as I've seen. If you can, make him pop his and make him lose mana. A Swain without mana is not a Swain at all. If you can make him pop his Ultimate in defense, then you won't really have to worry about him as an offensive power with and of his other short-ranges abilities.

9. - A very powerful youth is how I would put it. It's no wonder that she gets banned in ranked games. She is a very powerful mage and is incredibly unpredictable. The biggest threat of all is her is what she'll usually lead with for the stun them move into the bear. It can prove to be a very difficult lane and needs to be treated with caution. My best advice would be to stay out of range of and to stay back to cast to harass. Just stay back and don't foolishly think that you can take her. Because odds are, she still has some burst damage regardless of level.

10. - A very OP champ early game. This champion was created with the desire to win games fast and early. Always run perpendicular to her and odds are it won't hit if you're running in this way. Also, beware of in the grass. It could mean the end for you and set up a Don't stay in lane if you're low on HP. Caitlyn can snipe you from across the map, and unless you have someone to take the hit for you, I don't condone doing so. Other than that, just do your best.

These are the champs that I seem to have the most trouble with, but there is always room for more changes.
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I take standard caster runes for the most part aside from CDR. My runes work for me and I think that they would work for the common public as well. Here are my Runes.

1. - The magic pen is just fabulous for any AP caster or any character that scales with AP. It is a helpful set of runes that really just can change the entire game for everyone. It helps negate the need for and . It is just an all-around great piece of pre-game build and I highly recommend it's use.

2. - This is nearly a must-have for this guide. I can't play without mana regen and it is such a crucial resource and I don't like to run out of it. I highly suggest that everyone that uses this guide also uses these runes as well. They already give you the benefits by stacking with your and it is not a hindrance in any way. I like to have at least one set of mana regen runes just for the sake of the utility of having them. I like these runes and they should suffice.

3. - This is the rune that puts the "umph" in your spells early game. It helps out with some early game AP and they are great for early-game. I use them because they can make up for not getting fed parcially or if you just need a boost against a hard mid-lane opponent. I don't see why not to use them. Many people go with all of the Potency series on some casters like , but I use them sparingly and it really does seem to work for me.

4. - OMG....It's the most original thing to add to the build in the world. Like many people, I just find the 46 hp that they give to be a good addition to any early game pursuit. They just all-around boost what you don't itemize for. It could mean life or death in some confrontations. I use these runes on nearly every caster because they took me forever to get and I don't like not having them. They Utility that they bring to the table is somewhat unmatched by many of the other Quints that you can buy and they've never failed me so far, so I'm sticking to my roots on this one.

Alternative Runes
- There are always alternatives for runes and to be honest, I don't really care which one you use at all. These just help your mana regen during the game to try to prevent buying an unneeded item. These should work well for those who like to spam .

- If you just can't get enough; then here you go. This is definitely one rune that I would not mind picking up. Aside from boosting your ability power, it boost the outcome of your game. The harder that your hit......the better.
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Wha-wha-whaaaaat? 9-0-21 on a caster? Who would of thought that that might of been the case. This is the standard caster set-up that I use and it has seemed to work for many people so far, so I'm just gonna keep the trend going. I will an explanation on the majority of the talents that I use.

Offensive Tree-I start off with, of course, some ability power boosts in with 3 points. I then take one in critical strike because it may compliment your later on, and that item in combination with this talent might result in a massacre. Who knows....Next I get some talents in CDR for the sake of staying consistent. It stacks with the and , so I pick it up to compliment both. Next I get one point in Spell Pen. I take this talent to assist and support buying my .

Utility Tree- I start off my Utility Tree with grabbing a point in CDR on my Summoner Spell Ghost. This is just a good talent to take and it considers that it is supporting the talents that you will pick up later. The next talent I get assists with my HP and mana regen. It's like a Philosopher's Stone in talent form!!!! It's so exciting that you just have to pick it up. Next, I get 4 points in EXP. gain so that I will far surpass the other lanes to set up ganks and make them easier to pull off. I like to get minion fed and this really assists me in all manners of the sense. Next, I get 3 points in mana regen per 5. That already compliments my and that just helps it stack upon itself. 3 mana regen per 5 seconds may not sound like a lot at first, but it helps you be conservative. Next I get 2 points in neutral monster buff longevity. I take the these because of the Blue Buff. You may want to change this on 3's, but I leave it on anyway to help with the shortness of all the buffs on that map. Golem may prove to be very useful. You can have someone help you get it, or you can just kill a jungler for and easier steal. Next, I get movespeed and a point in flash as a summoner spell cooldown. I take movespeed so that I don't have to invest in . It's just a really good investment in my opinion. You should always pick up CDR in your summoner's if you can. It just supports the last talent that you get and really enhances it to its fullest. Finally, I finish with some points in CDR in general and summoner spells. This is just a really, really good talent to have. It almost negates the need for any runes in the CDR department at all. I think that all of the masteries that I have chosen should suffice and they work well for me. If anyone has any other ideas then by all means, leave a comment.
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MTV puts it best, this is where the magic happens. I really do like this part of the build. This is where I actually get to express the meaning of the build and what I use it for. The items is the place where my build is just different form other peoples and it's really kind of fun to express that . So without further wait, here are my items for AP Twisted Fate.

1. This is just the big wa-hoo for AP/mana using casters. This item just all-around increases your characters stats. This is the reason why some people choose to stack these early game, because their value is often overlooked. This item gives you a sufficient amount of mana regen, health, and AP. It's just an all-around good item to start out with and I use this most of the time. I will sometimes replace it with , but that is only if the team is incredibly heavy in magic damage. This item is just a great starting item in any build of an AP champ in my opinion. It's great for beginners and I think that it should definitely suffice.
-Selecting Your Boots-
When it comes to selecting your boots, it comes down to 2 or 3 choices depending on who you're laning against or what your team comp or your opponent's team comp is like. That is why I want to give a little inside look on how I choose the boots that I use and I'll go over some of their uses and as well as what they don't offer.

2A. These are the boots that I get in almost every 3v3 because you don't really have to shift your uses as much when going against a smaller team. These boots provide TF with a decent amount of Magic Pen which stacks upon your runes and masteries already, so they can be replaced if it deems necessary and just pick up a to replace the loss. I usually only pick these up if the team has almost no CC=Crowd Control Effects- Things such stuns, slows, impairments. There is another pair of boots that I usually pick up instead of these if the circumstances are correct. All-in-all, a pretty good pair of boots to pick up if you have the money.

2B. Tenacity for the win. Thanks to some recent comments on my Amumu build, I now know that Tenacity doesn't stack and that merc. treads provide the most tenacity at 25. So this is my view upon this subject. If the team has any major Ults that have potential of killing me or if they have ults like , then I usually pick up the merc. treads. It just makes it a more enjoyable experience if you can get out of those stuns with some minimal damage. A well-timed Ult could mean your total destruction. I suggest even picking this up if you have a heavy AP in your lane such as to help with your survivability just a hair.

2C. I used to think that these were necessary on AP TF. The truth is, they aren't always that necessary. The plus 3 movespeed is good in some situations, but since your boots are usually one of your first buys, then you may want to invest in something that gives you something a little more useful. TF's movespeed with just a basic boot is about 412 which I think is pretty good for not having any other movespeed. I just think that the only reason to get these is to combat or with a little faster dodging ability. Some people may think it a pain to invest in others, but these are not my favorite choice.

Kage's Lucky Pick3.Oh yeah!!! This is the core item to pick up while on your way to the . It's a really good item for early-game gold farming. The main reason that I started using this item was because I found that most of my AP TF games were either complete massacres(I pwned) or they were complete shams(I got pwned). So I tried to basically increase my overall gold farming ability. Even with I still had trouble getting enough farming in to actually be consistent. So I invested inKage's Lucky Pick to make things a little bit easiser. It's an item that works pretty well for me in the long run. It helps you get a lot more gold than expected and it builds into something awesome later-on.

4.- This is where I start to get my Ba-zing. This item is one that works so well with AP Fate in all manners of the form. If you use this item to its full potential, then almost nobody can stop you. This item grants you:
[*]80 Ability Power
[*] 350 Mana
[*] 7 Movement Speed
[*] 30 Magic Resist
That is a lot of stats for just one item and it nearly rivals the in AP if you ask me. This item is one of those items that I would consider to be a "core" item in my build. Most other TF builds use it too. You know why they use it? They use it because it works and it works well. This is one of my favorite items to put on AP Fate and it is an extremely useful addition to the item build. I would recommend picking up this item everytime if you can.

5.Even after the nerf, this still can't bring down AP Casters. The reason that they nerfed it was because casters were rushing to get this too early in the game and they were pwning face. That's true, so they decreased it from 155 AP to 140 AP. That sounds like a reasonable trade, but it isn't going to stop our pure determination to go and grab this item. The 30% AP boost could make you a maniac if you use it correctly. If you pick this up in your harem of items then your will be hitting fools like a freight train. The whole idea of this item is just revolving around AP and if you're already getting some gold fromKage's Lucky Pick, then that only leaves more room to dominate people. Let the pwning begin!!!

6.This is where the fun really begins. You actually get to start massacring people for fun!!! I pick up this item with one purpose in mind-to reap all of its benefits. It gives you 10 mana per 5 which is very useful to use and very useful to have to stack with . The utility that it brings to the table is pretty good and I love that particular buff on the item. Next, it adds 60 Ability power. This is your main priority anyway and everyone knows to get as much as possible because this is what makes a good caster in many aspects of the term. I really do like the AP boost because it just really,really helps your moves hit harder and with more power.Finally it's Unique Passive is a 15% CDR. That's just the little cherry on top for me. I don't really have room to fit CDR into my runes, so I just try to get some in my items a little bit. Great overall stat to have. The real awesome thing is that it deals damage to 30% of their current health on activation. That is huge. One could knock them out if they're attempting to turret hump or do some sort of defensive maneuver. I love the active because of the low cooldown, I think that this item is often overlooked and I really love to use it in this guide.

7. Wham, Pow, Zap!!! Three of the best sounds to be able to hear while using this item. The main reason that I pick this up instead of is because I usually already have MR from the and . So my only other means of defense are armor and I really hate Xin Zhao. I really do and if he gets fed, then nobody wins. It's just a slaughter that isn't very fun at all. So I suggest that you combat his "OPness" via one of these. This is a very useful item to have late game because of its active that allows you to take no damage, but you cannot perform any actions either. I usually tend to use this as a panic button of sorts if I'm in a rough position and this is the only way that I can even escape. It's a really great item to have.

8.Finally, I take one more Rabadon's. The shear benefit that it gives you just stacks upon itself. The 30% AP boost that it gives you also stacks, so I usually find this to be a pretty good investment. There are a ton of other things that you could replace this with and I'll be talking about it in the next section, but remember that you're a caster and this can really make you unstoppable. I tend to rush this at the end to just get an overall boost to end the game. Some people get it early.....only on Vladimir folks.

-Core Items-
These items that make the build. I suggest that if you try nothing else in the build, try these items. they really will help you towards becoming a better AP Twisted Fate.

-Alternative Item Choices-

Some people are just never satisfied until they see one of these . So to make things a little easier, I put one into the alternatives for the people who want some.

1. This is one of the best items that you can have on a caster. This is a good item, but I find my alternatives to work better and more effectively. I try to things that really just enhance the gameplay for people and this is not one of those ways. I find that the mana and mana regen from and to be more than enough, but if you find yourself being rid of mana everytime, then here is your solution. is why I would go for it personally.

2.This is the other item that I would think to get. If you're just getting pounded by something like a LeBlanc, then that is where you should go. I find this item to work for itself and I like using it in certain situations, but the passive of reduction of other's MR can easily be fixed with some spell penetration. This is a really good situational item that I would recommend in some cases.

3. Not my most favorite item on AP Fate. I don't really see the point other than the health. When I play AP Fate, my goal is usually to keep my opponents away from me and avoid making contact. I have some pretty decent range and I don't usually like to slow them that far away. I guess it creates more threat than needed. So it's a pretty good choice, but not good enough to include in my build.

4.Why I don't recommend the Rod of Ages...There are a lot of reasons. One of them being that it costs 3000 gold. 3000 gold is a lot to try and get early game. You have to invest your entire mid game and maybe some early game into getting this staff.Catalyst of the Protector is a good item to have while leveling up, so that promotes you to buy it early game right? Exactly, so that's kind of ******ed to pay that much gold for that item at that particular point of the game. I don't usually like to use this item, but some of you do.

5. This is a really good item to have in certain situations. It provides HP, mana, and MR. So why not? If you need some more defenses then just pick up one of these.Plus, it has a passive to block any unfriendly spells toward your character.All in all, it just isn't a bad item to pick up if you really need it. I find it to suffice when needed and if you need some MR, then go for it.

6. This item is really fun to have. I first used it on Dotter's Veiger build. I don't really know how to explain it, but it does work. It's a good item to have in mid and early game. It gives you 12 mana regen per 5 which makes a huge difference. It also gives you some AP and CDR. I don't see why not to go for it. I think that this item helps AP TF in a lot of departments and it should be picked up if you need some more mana or AP. Not a bad item to pick up at all. I highly recommend it.

7. This is the risky snowball item of doom. I don't really like to get it every game because it is about as far away as you can get from consistent. However, if you're getting fed, then it's only about 1235 gold so I say to pick it up. It even stacks upon assists so you don't have to get kills to make it more powerful. I would recommend only picking this item up if you're in a lane with 2 opponents so that you can actually get ore than 1 farmed. It's a relatively simple item that also provides 15% CDR at 20 stacks,but use it with caution.

8. This item is only used by me to get the Magic Pen. That's what I use it for ,and I don't plan on changing my methods anytime soon. It usually only find myself getting it if I get and even then, you can just replace it with and you should still be fine. I would probably only recommend getting it early game to get some extra AP and Magic Pen. Other than that, you should be content with what you already have.
These are the items that I found to be the ones to mention. If anyone has any suggestions then please leave a comment or just PM me.
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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is something that I think to be nothing out of the ordinary for AP Fate. Some people do chose, however, to max 2nd which I don't condone this while taking into account that I am not building a . So this is how I pick the skills that I do at what time and I will also include an in depth look into the heart of the cards.

This skill is just your bread and butter on TF. This is your quick spellcast that you just use to pwn. I describe it as a relevent area-of-effect nuke. That means that I shoot the spell in a relevant are and it does AOE damage to where the cards are traveling. This spell has some of the longest range in the game so I like to take advantage of this and use it to my own advantage in the mid lane. It's kind of a gamble in some people's opinions, but this move, to me, is where the real fun of playing AP Fate is.I chose to max this skill first because it has decent AP scaling, it has a long range, and it can hit more than one target. That's what I try to bring to the table when playing him. It's a great skill overall and you should always max this first when using my guide.

Ok, So it's time for me to explain Pick a Card, how to use it, and which ones to pick. I will probably give a little insight on how to play each and when to use each card, but first of all......I have to explain how to cast it. Once you activate your W hotkey, then a cycle of your 3 card choices will begin going. Your job is to pick which card you want by once again activating W. That will select your card and you can just use a basic attack and it will automagically cast!!! Sounds exciting right? Your 3 card choices consist of Red, Blue,and Yellow. I will now explain what each card does and what it's uses are.
Red Card

Red Card is your AOE slow and moderate damage nuke. I use this primarily as a slow and as a source of AOE towards minions. I would say that this is my least used card on AP Fate to to its lack of damage. It only provides a small amount of CC and its damage isn't enough for me to get hyped up about. Here are some uses for it though.


Ok, so lets say that you were in a really ****py situation. You are alone on top lane getting ganked by Lux and Morgana. Both of which have snares. What do you do? Well I'll tell ya what you're gonna do. If either one of them hits you with or , then you're screwed. So the only way to really get out of this situation is to do one of two things. You could stun one of them with Yellow Card, but that would leave one of them to stun you. So the only practical thing to do would be to either stun them both or slow them both. Wait,Yellow Card doesn't do an AOE stun anymore, so that isn't even viable. The only thing that you're left with isRed Card which provides an AOE slow. If it hits one of them, then odds are that it will hit the other if they're close enough together. This is just about the perfect situation to use this card. It is otherwise not used much.
Yellow Card

This is the cream of the crop of a lot of your cards. This one is my 2nd most used card and I'll tell you why. It's utility stun is one of the best in the game, so I try to use this to my advantage. I will usually lead with this on AD Fate to keep them sitting there for a few, but watch out for those that have . They will not stay in the stun as long; so you must be wary when casting it. In AP Fate, this card makes it very easy for you to anchor your opponents and just make them eat a . This usually results in some very heavy damage and if done correctly, you may have the lane pushed. I will give some examples of when to use this card.


Ok, so picture yourself in Mid lane. A team fight is about to commence and you are a very, very good asset for your team and you have a lot of roles to fulfill. The other team has a farmed up jungle Amumu and a very good AP Nunu & Willump. They have a plan and some of you readers might already be able to guess what it is. Amumu plans to anchor your team with so that Nunu & Willump can land his Ulty, . Since has some of the highest AP scaling in the game, it could mean a penta-kill against your team. So would get aced and humiliated. Your job is to prevent this catastrophe. The way I would go about it is this, Your job is to either stop or . Your goal is to stun one of them with Yellow Card,but which one. So, Amumu has an ult that has no warning and no cast time so that you have to constantly keep him stunned to make sure that he doeesn't pop . I don't know about you, but that seems like a big hindrance to me. Besides, Nunu & Willump's is the thing with the big damage. I would suggest pop Yellow Card as soon as you see him cast it. That way, you can prevent massive damage to your team and make Nunu & Willump less of an asset. It could save your team a lot of problems in mid and in the game as a whole. This, to me, is about the prime time to use this card and that should give your team a lot of an upper hand.

Blue Card

This is probably my most-used card of all. I use this card for Utility purposes and offensive damage as well. This card is just about the most used card on any AP Fate build. I'll tell you why too. This is a low-mana cost spell that not only gives you mana back, but it does damage as well. I find that to be like a 2-for-1 kind of deal and it just makes the whole image of the card very enticing. I use this card the most mid game to regain mana so that I don't run out. Although I have mana regen runes and masteries, I still find it hard to hold up against the glutton of mana that actually is. So, it ends up being one of those things that you just have to work around. There are reasons why I don't itemize for the . It's quite a bit of gold for the thing and quite frankly, I don't like expensive items. Blue Card is just the reason why I don't and I stand by that because I think that there are much better investments to put my money in. I will now give some examples of when Blue Card is useful.


Let's think about Twisted Fate in the mid lane for a second. My main goal is to push the other team's turret, get kills, and support my team. The only thing keeping me form not doing that is dying and mana. I don't like running out of mana, so I adapt to that want and spam Blue Card for all that I'm worth. It's just an all- around good strategy and I like it...It works for me. Blue Card is also one of TF's ranged nukes. It should just be popped when you need a little piece of damage. It's just a good little spell to be able to have and do damage with. The main place that I use it is in the mid lane. Let's say that the other team just felt like being douche-bags and put a Galio in mid. , for those of you that don't know, is a mage that conveys his magic damage through Magic Resist. That means that while he resists my spells, then he also gets stronger. There is only one way to combat this harassment and power that this champ brings to the table. You have to spam. Galio can't heal himself, so you just have to widdle him down little-by-little. So what I would have to do is switch between Blue Card and . I would just have to mash both W and Q to get some results. If I just mashed Q alone, then I would run out of mana very quickly due to the gluttonous mana cost of . So, if I mash both, then I will be able to keep casting so that I won't run out of mana. I won't run out of the precious resource that I hold so dearly and that Twisted Fate needs to cast any spells at all. I think that this little seminar should of explained the usage of the cards and which ones I chose over the others.
This skill is one that I personally don't chose to max in the beginning of the game. It just doesn't have the reliability that the others have. I only pick up one rank of it at 4 and leave it alone till later. I just don't find that something that goes off every 4 attacks or so is really all that useful if you aren't building for attack speed. I mush admit that I did try it once, but all of my other moves sucked so badly that it didn't really matter to me. I prefer slower nukes on my AP Fate and that's just the way that I like it. The only thing that would even compell me to level this first is . This skill is pretty decent and can really bring down a champion if used with the in hand. I really like to max this skill last, but somebody can try the and and tell me how it goes.
Destiny is one of the most prestigious skills in the entire League of Legends affair. It gives you the ability to teleport anywhere on the map at just the simple click of a button. I really do approve of using this without greedy intentions to avoid being hated by a ton of people. The reason that Twisted Fate is banned is because of this particular spell. It can really make you be an *** at times, but it's all worth it in the end. I usually use to gank or to help my team in team fights. If someone is low and I can just to them, then by-golly you know that I'll at least think about it. It really is hard to figure out where to engage from taking into consideration that every enemy that you have will get a symbol above their heads telling them that you're about to ulty. The whole surprise factor is diminished a bit, but it all ends up being fair in the end. The main combo that I use in combination with is a little thing called the "OMG He Just Appeared Out of Nowhere?.......wait......Wh-where's Jimmy!!!" It's kind of long, but hey, what do you expect with a name like Awesome Pwnage1. So my main objective is to cast , but make sure to good plan on who you're going to focus so that you can land some shots. Next you pick Yellow Card and you stun whoever your target was. Then focus the crosshair of your right onto your stunned foe, and then you should pound them with basic attacks. If they aren't dead yet, then they will die eventually. This set of moves really helped me gank and that's usually how I perform it. You should also level up this skill whenever possible just simply for the CDR. I would never recommend leveling this up at levels other than 6-11-16 because that's just despicable.

-So You're Move Priority is This

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Summoner Spells

Yo yo yo! It's time for some Summoner Spell action. The Summoner Spells that I take are fairly average and are the most-used ones in AP TF builds. You know why, because it works. I find it to really be a hassle to perform my build with anything but my summoners, so I'll give it a swing and tell you why I use what I do.


I use these summoner spells because I'm kind of squishy and I usually need another mode of escape other than so, I get two Summoner Spells that pretty much ensure that I'll be able to get away if I use them together. This prevents a lot more deaths and it helps me not feed the other team. I like these summoners because they do their job and I usually have enough damage output that I don't need . So here are some of the alternative Summoner Spells and some that I wouldn't really recommend at all.

-The Smiley Face Summoner Spells-

1. Cleanse is a really good spell to have if you have fools like Morgana or Lux in your lane. This can ensure that if you get stunned or slowed, then you can escape. I really find that I don't need this since I have , but in ranked games, you may want to have it. It could prove to be a very valuable asset.

2. A very useful spell on AP Fate. This spell stacks on and can make for a very powerful approach. I usually go for this on a support Fate, but in mid, you never know who is going to gank you, so you can make sure that you're safer if there is a jungler around. I personally don't grab it because there are two sides on mid and you can only cover one, so I just use it to ward Baron or Dragon, so it isn't really all that useful and should be held by the support.

3. Map-Control. That's what you need it for. I know that you have ,but you're in the mid lane, and if you're going against a tough opponent, then you may want to go back to base and immediately get back to mid. I find this not to be a problem at all, but instead I think that it is rather a good opportunity to get things done. and combined can really go for some great map control. It's just one of the best things to have in a lot of cases. Definitely a good summoner to have if used right.

That's what I have on the list of Summoners that I find to be Ok. If anyone has anything to add then please, leave a comment.

-Never Under Any Circumstances Choose These Spells-

1.Pffffffft.......Why? Why would you use such a horrible summoner spell. It's just really, really bad. The only way to make it scale with AP is to pick up a talent, and I don't have that kind of patience. So just, don't.

2. Doesn't even exist anymore. They removed it in season 1.

3. It's just a lazy excuse to not take resurrection time. It really is awful. Only ignorant Poppys take that sumoner. It's just bad.

4.The only people that need this are junglers.It's just ridiculous to think that any AP Twisted Fate would actually pick up this Summoner Spell. My advice, stay away from it because you don't need it.
That wraps up whatever things that I had to say about Summoner Spells. The alternatives that I gave are really good if given the chance, but just please, stay away from these awful summoners. They're just plain bad.
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Summary and Ending of Epic Proportions

Gotcha!!! You actually believed that all of the things in the title of this chapter were going to happen. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. In all reality, this is the end of the guide. I hope that I have put enough detail and that I've explained enough about how I play AP Twisted Fate. TF is one of my favorite champions and I really do like to play him. I hope that people will try the build and give it the benefit of the doubt before actually voting it down. I worked really hard on this and here are the fruits of my effort. I had a lot of fun making this build and it's about time that I passed the fun onto someone else. Please, please, please rate my guide(preferably up) and tell me what you think. This build was not made in half-an-hour, I can assure you of that. I just hope that everyone that did read enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Thank you for allowing us to put our builds up onto your site, and thank you readers. Because without you, none of this would of been possible.

This has been Awesome Pwnage1's Guide to AP Twisted Fate, Stay tuned for more ladies and gentlemen.

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