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Zac Build Guide by TJG456

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TJG456

B.O.B Jungle Build

TJG456 Last updated on April 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there! This is my personal build for Zac AKA B.O.B. This is how I build him. Zac is a melee fighter who is adept at initiation and crowd control, including knock-ups, knock-back, and slows. He can also deal some pretty heavy damage with the right items. In this build, I will tell you some of my personal favorite items to use, as well as some items I have seen used by the community. This is my first guide ever so it's probably terrible, but it was just for fun! Hope you enjoy!

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Pros and Cons

Great sustain in jungle
Fast jungle
E makes for effective ganks
Good crowd control
Tanky, yet high damage
Hard to kill with passive up
You can use your W while in your ult

Long cool down on passive
Needs items for damage and tankiness
Long CD on E
Only knocks-up one time with ult out of four bounces
Uses health so watch out for spamming spells!

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Spells and Explanation

Zac has some pretty cool spells in his kit, and I would like to talk about them here.

Passive: Cell Division: When any of Zac’s abilities hit an enemy, a piece of him falls to the ground. Zac can pick up fallen pieces to recover health. When Zac dies he splits into four blobs. These fragments will attempt to reform over a short duration. If any survive, Zac revives with a percentage of his maximum health based on the number of remaining blobs.

Q: Stretching Strike: Zac throws a two-handed punch that deals damage and slows targets in a line.

W: Unstable Matter: Zac’s body explodes outward, dealing flat damage to surrounding enemies. Enemies struck also take damage based on their maximum health.

E: Elastic Slingshot: Zac is immobilized as he charges up a dash toward the target location. The range of Elastic Slingshot increases up to a cap as Zac charges the ability. Zac then fires himself towards the target location, damaging and stunning all nearby enemies upon landing.

R: Let’s Bounce: Zac bounces into the air, immediately knocking up, slowing and damaging nearby enemies. Once airborne, he bounces three times, dealing damage with each impact.

Passive: Cell Division: This is your never die move. When innate, this passive makes it so when you use an ability you drop a piece of your self. When you pick up the piece, you actually gain more health then you lose! This is your main (and only) form of built-in sustain. When activated (upon death) you split in to four pieces. When the pieces come back together you will be revive based on how many pieces make it back to your body. This passive is amazing! It allows you to revive from the dead. The only downfall is that the pieces are easily kill-able. However, in a team fight the enemies will kill you and think your dead and move on the next person, but while your team fights you will slowly revive to fight another day! Even if they go for the pieces of your body it will take them a while, while your team slowly picks them off, possibly saving you! One of the best passives in the game for sure. However, it does suffer from a large, 5 minute cool down. AOE can also easily kill the pieces so watch for that.

Q: Stretching Strike: This ability is pretty simple. It's a straight skill shot nuke/slow. Effective for ganks.

W: Unstable Matter: This is your best tool for clearing the jungle quickly and efficiently. It's a small AOE explosion that deals damage based on a percentage of nearby enemies health. It's great for jungling because of the low cool down, high damage, and AOE.

E: Elastic Slingshot: This is your bread and butter for ganks. It's an extremely long range leap and knock-back allows for fantastic ganks. About the only downside to it is that you have to channel it to get the full range.

R: Let’s Bounce: This ability is probably the most fun next to Elastic Slingshot. It allows you to bounce on top of the enemy team and knock them up and deal high damage, as well as giving you some high tenacity. Your best spell for team fights hands down, giving you crazy CC.

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Skill Sequence

Here is the order in which I usually get my skills and a short explanation.

Level 1: W Take this first for damage and AOE
Level 2: Q This next for extra damage
Level 3: E Take this for early ganks
Level 4: W Start maxing this for speedy jungle power
Level 5: W
Level 6: R Always get ultimate at 6, 11, and 16
Level 7: W
Level 8: Q
Level 9: W
Level 10: Q Start maxing this for damage and CC to show your dominance!
Level 11: R
Level 12: Q
Level 13: Q
Level 14: E Max this now because theres nothing left
Level 15: E
Level 16: R
Level 17: E
Level 18: E

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These are the items I use and an explanation of why:

Hunter's machete and 5 health potions:
This is so that you can get a quick sprit stone and also have sustain

First Back:
Sprit Stone and Boots:
This is for early speed and sustain. Try to not back until you have the gold for this. (It's only around 750)

Rush in any order (Core Items):
Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Liandry's torment, Boots of Mobility, and Spirit of the Spectral Wraiths:

I recommend getting Spirit of the Spectral Wraiths for the early damage and sustain. Then grab Boots of Mobility for crazy ganks. Finally, grab Rylais then Liandry's. This is for the great health plus damage. Plus, Liandry's does extra damage over time to target who are slowed, and Rylai's slows any target affected by your spell damage, making your W and Q do crazy extra damage!

5th Item:
Spirit Visage or Will of the Ancients:

Short and simple, Spirit Visage for the extra health and MR or WOTA for the extra damage, and either for the spell vamp for your passive.

Final Item:
Warmog's Armor, Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Cape, Abyssal Scepeter:

Also simple, Warmogs if your your teams meat shield, Randuins if the enemy ADC is fed, Sunfire Cape if your more of an off tank, and Abyssal Scepter for the extra damage and MR if the enemy APC is fed

Change Boots To:
Mercury Treads, Ninja Tabi, Boots of Swiftness

Change to Mercury Treads for fed enemy APC or high CC enemy team. Change to Ninja Tabi for fed enemy ADC. Change to Boots of Swiftness to chase down foes!

Boot Enchantments: Your Choice!

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These are the runes I use and a short explanation:

Marks of flat ability power: This is for the damage and quick jungle clear early game

Seals of armor: Used to add early game tankiness

Glyphs of magic resist: Used to add early game tankiness

Quints of flat health: Used to add early game tankiness

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These are the masteries I use and a short explanation:


Durability: For tankiness

Resistance/Hardiness: Also for tankiness

Relentless: Slows ain't stopping this guy!

Veteran's Scars: For dat health

Juggernaut: Health for days!

Defender: Good for extra durability against fed enemy team

Legendary Armor: Works great in conjunction with all your runes and masteries

Honor Guard: For (you guessed it) tankiness!


Sorcery: Good for getting your W up even faster for quick jungling.

Blast: Plain and simple; extra firepower.

Arcane Knowledge: Because you extra firepower won't do much with out getting through all dat Magic Resist

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This is the jungle route I take:

1: Get a hard leash at wraiths then red

2: Grab golems AKA Stone Bros

3: If bot or mid lane is pushed head in for a surprise early gank, hopefully catching them off guard (providing you have the health.

4: If they are not pushed, head for and clear wolves, then snag your mid blue buff

5: At this point you should have your leap. Gank as you please and laugh at the surprise butt-secks inflicted upon your foes

6: Rinse and repeat

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Team Work

This is (in my opinion) Zac's main focus in team fights:

Basically? Jump in and cause hell! Initiate team fight with your leap. Once in the fray of things, throw out an immediate Q and then straight into your ult. Bounce around and hit as many thing as you can, causing chaos! Be sure to remember that while you are bouncing, you can use your W so drop that as much as possible. Once out of ult clean up whoever is left with your Q and W. Stop any fleeing enemies with your E and Q. With items, you will not only be an unstoppable force, but also deal tons of damage! So have fun!

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Thanks for reading my little guide here! This is my first MOBAFIRE build so it's probably terrible but I just wanted to show my love of Zac AKA B.O.B and put this little thing together! Thanks for reading and have as much fun with Zac as I do!

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