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Orianna Build Guide by Xelonius

Balls to da face!

Balls to da face!

Updated on July 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xelonius Build Guide By Xelonius 2,554 Views 0 Comments
2,554 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Xelonius Orianna Build Guide By Xelonius Updated on July 2, 2012
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Welcome!!! :D

Hi, thanks for looking at my Orianna guide! This is my first guide on Mobafire and I hope you like it. I went through a phase where I mained Orianna for a while and did pretty well, so I've decided to share my, what I think is good, knowledge! :D -cough- only use sewn chaos -cough-
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For my runes, i take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration reds, Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration yellows, Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power blues and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power quints, basic AP runepage, the Mana Regen is very necessary, as Orianna is a mana*****.
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Again, just a simple AP mastery page, making sure to get the mana regen.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Pretty obvious, max First, then Second, and dont forget, even Does damage!
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Now for items, I almost always start Boots and then three health pots. I then turn that into two Doran's Rings then building a Chalice of Harmony if i am doing poorly at this point, being that it gives MR, and the mana regen needed to harass and farm with ease. After my dorans, or chalice, I then get a Kages pick for the GP5 and so i can later, not immediately, upgrade it to a Deathfire Grasp After my Kage, i grab my boots. If they have decent MR on their team, i grab Sorcerer's Shoes to cut through that MR, or if not I grab Ionian Boots of Lucidity to spam the skills a bit more. I then grab a Hextech Revolver for more sustain then a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for chase/escape and health- as now not just your W can slow the enemies, but you can use the Q and E to slow them aswell. Next I finnish my Will of the Ancients if we have double AP on our team to give them the bonus also, but if they have double AP or if i am getting wrecked i grab Abyssal Mask so that the MR will help me last a bit longer inlane while the passive and the AP part of it will still help me out in killing my lane matchup. If neither teams dont have double AP or if im handling just well, I just finish my Deathfire Grasp To supplement Orianna's lack of super powerful burst damage, as it just doesn't do enough to kill someone. I then buy a Rabadon's Deathcap to majorly increase my AP, finnish my Will of the Ancients if i haven't already and perfect my build at the end with a Lich Bane - As Orianna has very spammable skills and she can use Lich Bane to it's full potential. Do not upgrade the Chalice of Harmony if you got it, just sell it later, you can use the item slot that it took up for a more important item. If u ended up grabbing an Abyssal Mask, then dont buy a Lich Bane. Dont forget, after the build is finished, GET DEM ELIXIRS!
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Summoner Spells

AMAZING SPELL! This spell does it all, makes super easy harass, moves where all of your spells are targeted, does damage to anything it passes through, gives vision, and makes farming so easy! Always use this to check a bush, never facecheck this has low enough cost and cooldown to where you can afford to use it to check. Check bush -> Save lives.
Amazing spell as well! Does a lot of damage, slows enemies, haste's allies, and is AoE! Great spell overall, good for escaping and chasing. I like it, i like it a lot.
This spell you can use in various ways, to save yourself, to finish off an enemy that your Q just didn't quite kill, to save an ally, and last but not least, to be used in unison with your W, When initiating, use this spell early, then when they run in, press W to give all of you an advantage of getting into that fight before, u can also, situationally, ult with it on them to pick off an enemy and kill them. I can't stress enough, dont forget this does damage!
I love Orianna's ult! It does a decent amount of damage and is great for finishing an enemy, getting a melee off you, denying someone from escaping, saving yourself by throwing it back a little bit then waiting for the right moment. Be careful, however, i've used my ult many a-time thinking it was somewhere else, or thinking it had the range it didn't. The delay is really stupid, but hey, if there wasn't more people would play Orianna because she would be insane with all of her utility. It's always great when someone is running away and you pull them back with your ult, its like saying a big "F*** YOU! GET BACK HERE"
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That's it for my Orianna guide! I hope you liked it, if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment! Share with your friends if you think it was good so they too, can play the most OP champion in the game >:D

Oh yeah, and I'm supposed to say this "Thanks to JhoiJhoi! Her epic guide can be found here"
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xelonius
Xelonius Orianna Guide
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Balls to da face!

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