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Gangplank Build Guide by devuno

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author devuno

Bankplank Top (the Revival of season 3)

devuno Last updated on October 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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As Early lane Gangplank your all in is non existent so don't try it you will die your main focus is to punish your enemy for the mistakes they make and generally play passive as your goal is to farm For silver serpents and gold to be strong late game if they get too close to you auto or q them if they dive you with knock-up q a barrel and run away, if they try to destroy your barrels place a barrel and detonate it remember to use and abuse your passive refresh from barrels by placing a barrel behind you to refresh the passive when you need it as your passive does true damage so no-one can escape.

*this build takes into account the play-style of gangplank so you dont need to modify your behavior in order to accommodate certain items.

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- The escape: place Barrel at around your ranged minions if the enemy dives you hit that barrel and run

- The complicated: place barrel in brush Passive-auto q barrel auto *if possible place a second barrel before detonating first in order to cause more damage

- the old faithful Press Q *note Works best on light armored foes
Ex : teemo, Kennen

- The run up and slap em with your passive then run away *works best on heavy armor foes
Ex : malph, Sion

- The you got too close to my barrel so here is a gift Place second barrel q first barrel
*if you are feeling MLG add another barrel to that combo for extra range

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The Beginning

during the early laning phase play very passive and freeze the lane and make sure to farm with q as much as possible until you reach 40% crit at that point you have a decent damage output and can probably team fight (remember your goal early is to farm and get silver serpents)

once you hit 6 watch the other lanes for possible ult assists (or just ks every kill you can)
if you don't find any kills since you froze the lane by almost exclusively last hitting with q and q e combos your enemy laneer should be decently pushed up do the old auto q e auto e r q combo and if you think you cant pull off that Konami code ping for a gank and destroy his wards with your pink (that you hopefully got*) then r to block off his escape and let the regular gank ensue try to help with barrel slow if you can land it otherwise just hit him/her with your passive auto and place a barrel in your ult (in the scramble they probably wont destroy it) walk behind them to be able to aa your barrel for passive refresh and by then they will be at half hp your jungler can do the rest

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Pros / Cons

-Epic late game
-Doesn't rely on snowballing in order to get strong late game
-Consistency at winning games
-many damage spikes close together
-High Resistances to damage
-Free Armor pen and true damage from barrels and passive
-GLOBAL ULT on 80s Cooldown
-Gangplank is everywere
-Can snowball other lanes with ult
-Great Taunts

-bad early laning pre lvl 3
-Can be counter picked pretty hard
-lack of in lane kill potential without landing the perfect combo
-damage falls off once you have ie and triforce and there are no other damage spikes afterwards
-you don't have ignite
-Farm lane till 6
-High Skill cap

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Last hit minions with q auto while waiting for q to come back

if your lane is free farm use barrel q combo to last hit groups of minions

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How to team fight as Gangpank

* Technique 1 place first barrel on tank w when needed place second barrel on carry (make sure they are linked) q tank barrel *profit (the way this works is you are using the tank player model to hide your barrel and as the tanks move through all the ability spam you are able to q your barrel *don't worry about hitting tanks your barrels have 80% armor pen

* Technique 2 ult entire enemy team barrel chain to enemy carry detonate with q *profit

* Technique 3 bait with w place barrels were you are going e slow and speed steroid * profit

Basically r is great at helping your team land engages so if you see the carry at the front and the tanks at the back ult em like a madman

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How to all in as Gangplank: (team fight)

Ult enemy team run in with your passive and place a barrel if things go well do *see technique 1 otherwise auto the nearest person and run if you get stunned wait to see if they waste more abilities on you and then press w and follow it up by some "technique 3" all the way to the tower as if it went wrong your team probably ran to that same tower