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Brand Build Guide by Jordernor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jordernor

Bard, the Wandering Caretaker

Jordernor Last updated on March 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I'm Jordernor, I'm doing this guide BEFORE Bard comes out, it is just a thought on how can be built, so feel free to say everything you want and you opinions and so on.
Also this is my first guide, so any opinions on layout will be appreciated too :D

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Pros / Cons


-New champion, opponent's aren't used to him.
-Fun to play imo.
-Nice stun.
-Health shrines and pass-though-walls for your team
-Amazing ultimate
-Very mobile with passive
-Mana restored by passive (8% missing + 15)


-New champion, you teammates aren't used to him.
-Stun is not just about aiming, you have to hit 2 targets or 1 and a wall.
-Shrines are easy to break and enemies use your tunnels too (slower btw).
-Can fail ultimate. Often if not used to it.
-Passive requires you to roam and leave your adc 1v2.
-High mana costs and high cooldowns.
-Only one damaging spell and your passive.

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Pretty standard runes there, with armor and magic resist/level, on quints I put movement speed so I can collect my Chimes faster, but a gold/10 quint can be good too, this is a matter of preference probably. Magic penetration may be not worth because the low damage he can deal, at least without enough Chimes and Meeps, but I like to have some, it helps imo.

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Nothing to say here, Flash is standard and a MUST on most champions and Exhaust is for being a support.

I saw some bot lanes actually exchanging Exhaust and Heal/ Barrier between support and adc but being a roaming support with a healing spell (though not instant) i think Exhaust would be better. Up to you the choice!

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Ancient Coin Health Potionx2 Mana Potion Warding Totem

Standard start for a support, you get some nice mana regen, health and gold, and sustain from the potions.

At first back you want to buy Boots of Mobility and Nomad's Medallion, so you can gather mare gold and have all the mobility you need to get your Chimes.

Also buy some wards, both Stealth Ward and Vision Ward since you want to buy sighstone on next back, and help warding the jungle or other lanes if they don't ward.

Than go straight for the mentioned Sightstone and buy an ancient tome(you'll need some damage and it improves your healing too) and some some mana regeneration.

Now finish your Talisman of Ascension and buid and Aether Wisp and start Morellonomicon, it gives you a lot of cdr (40% with it!) and damage, not to mention the passive.

If you need some tankyness build negatron cloack or Raptor Cloak. The latter is very good for the point runner passive, very useful to return to lane quickly and move easely too!

Item Explanation

You're a support, this is for gold income, also it grants you movement speed and mana regen, and a sweet passive that help chasing, escaping and also collecting your Chimes.

Awesome CDR (40% with this and [talisman of ascension]], remember!) and also some nice AP, enough mana regen and a nice passive that comes useful in many situations.

Mobility, name says enough i think.

This can be underrated now, but it has many uses on Bard imo.
It gives you nice defensive stats, The point runner passive mentioned above AND the ability to push a lane without staying right there! It can be your botlane, so you can travel safely, or else some other lane that are in danger/overpushed by your's very nice!

Vision, that's a good thing...great actually! Plus a chunk of health that is nice always.

This is, I may be annoying but just to not confuse people, the new item with 120 AP coming (probably) with 5.5 patch... it gives you 7% movement speed and a good passive. You have low AP so it won't hurt so much but is bonus damage and that's always good, also in a team fight if can make you hit 5 people with your Q, so you get all the assists! More gold!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I'm really sorry but MOBAfire has not Bard in the archive so I have to use Brand (just for the name) but the sequence is the one up there, just in case you know brand and you don't want to go up and down to read this chapter!

By the way! W first! What are you doing? No CC? Well, yes, no CC, nor damage, but aShrine. Why? Because I think I can put a couple of those on my jungle, so the jungler keeps his health higher => easy camps => better (and earlier) ganks! And you hit 2 pretty fast so just let the adc farm for a while and gather exp! Also putting 3 Shrines near you tower early on let then charge up -they need 10 seconds- and give more health, and you can recover mana and heras s (and travel!) safely!

(Had to write heras s because her*** just doesn't work ahahah)

Than just max Q, take a point in your E only at level 4 because I don't think you'll need that skill so fast, no walls in your lane and if you have always Shrines there's no need to escape from tower so early.

Than max W for more health and sustain, and last E. This is because you won't travel a lot through walls (if you see you have to of course put one or two extra points on E before maxing W) as much as you need health, but consider that your W cd DON?T scale with level, which your E does!

Take a point in your R at 6,11 and 16 as usual, this ultimate will make great things! Just be very careful WHEN and WHERE you use it! It can lock your team and sign a death sentence if used wrong ( Jarvan IV do you know something about it? yes, you can press R again my friend!-Not with Bard btw-)

Using your ultimate wisely can be gamechanging, and remember that greed is always waiting behind the door: lure opponents to follow you into a wall, just to find a charged Nunu and a Katarina waiting on the other side...Remember! Tunnels are only one-way-through and you travel faster than your enemies (10-20-30-40-50% per level)

Also, tunnels don't have a maximum length, so abuse this by creating long tunnels through the map in order to travel more and confuse opponents! But not always the longer is the better, don't be the one "OMG you can't even see the end!" and than find out you just closed yourself next to an enemy tower... Also longer tunnels require more practice since walls aren't straight and you can bad if it happens when all your team is relying on it, no?

One more thing, I have to test this, maybe your Shrines reveal a small portion of the map, like Noxious Trap, so you can use then as a brush checker (remember the high CD and mana cost anyway, and also if an enemy steps on it, the Shrine breaks...)

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Thats all for now, I hope Bard will come out soon, I'm very impatient :D maybe I will add something else before/after his release, probably I will change all the icons and add the right ones ahahah!

Thanks for reading and leave a comment for any reason!