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League of Legends Build Guide Author dikaaablu

Basics to Jungling!

dikaaablu Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Hello, Dikaaablu here! So you’ve seen someone jungling and you wanted to try out? This is the guide for you. This guide is for jungling, and will explain to you the basics tips and strategies for jungling. This is not an expert guide, but for those who want to try out jungling for the first time. I’ve put champions who make perfect beginning jungling champs. The only one I didn’t put was Warwick, but you can easily find a guide for him. If you want, I will make a separate one for him, but for now lets focus on , , , , and .

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Pros / Cons

Pros: dual solo lanes means faster ExP.
–Constant mia, and map control
–You will get A LOT of kills from ganks
–Element of surprise ;)
–You always have buffs on you –very fun!

Cons: Requires teamwork, and you might not always have that.
the solo lane might be pushed very fast
–Can either be successful, or fail. There is no middle ground
–must have good coordination and skill.

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Runes: For all physical damage dealers like Yi, Nocturne and Shaco you want armor pen Greater mark of desolation. This will destroy early game, and help out late game too. Not only will it help kill monsters, but also champions. Penetrating their armor will deal much higher damage. You also want magic resist and armor so your’re not squishy, and so that champs cant do as much damage. Now for Udyr, you can still get armor pen, but he has great damage. Its better to get some flat AP and health/mana regen. Still get the magic resist. And for Fiddle, the only one that isn’t physical damage, get Magic Pen . This will penetrate MR and help kill champs and monsters. Get mana per 5, and MR if you can. For all these champs, you can switch the MR/armor runes for whatever you like more. But definitely keep the Armor/Magic pen.

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For all the champs, make sure to put one point in the Smite mastery, . Build Yi, Noc, and Shaco in physical getting the normal. Put Fid in utility and Udyr in defense. If you want, get the Ignite masterie for Yi and Fiddle. Its good for yi because Alpha strike has a 1;1 ratio and meditate has a nifty 1:1.5 ratio. And fiddle could obviously use the extra AP, after all he is a mage. Other than them, its pretty useless for the others. You could use it for Shaco /Noc but its only for 1 of their skills. Its completely optional.

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The thing about boots: Boots are completely optional, and situtional. For casters its usually best to get . Melee champs usually want berserkers greaves and support like . But i have to say the best boots in the game are . Its up to you.

Master Yi: You want the as fast as you can. Armor, damage lifesteal and a ward are perfect. You should get Berserkers greaves for this champion. After that its basically just stacking your normal ad items. Of course, items are situtional. on the other team? A might be better. This goes for all champ items, not just Yi.

Nocturne: Again the is perfect for him. Get Berserkers greaves. You want a because its freakin awesome. Reduced cooldowns, 25 AD, and armor pen for a low price. End game you can build it into if you like. A gives him good as, and chasing power. Build it into a for a beasty Noc. Remember, end game items are situational.

Shaco: On Shaco, you can switch out for a . It might be more useful, but remember to always get madred's razor. I like because the AP is useful and so is the Lifetseal/Spell Vamp.

Fiddlesticks: Get for health ap and mana regen. After that its straight AP and spell vamp. A will help boost your

Udyr: as soon as you get you are good to go. He doesnt need that much damage items, and will still have overall great damage output and building him tank will make him unstoppable.

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Skill Sequence

Master Yi: Split level Q and E . Your Q has a built in Madreds razors, and Wuju will just speed up the jungling process. Put one point in Meditate if you want for heal and armor. Your ult will help kill champs, refresh cooldowns, and just make you awesome.

Noc: Max your Q and put one point in the other two. Always stand in the black stuff for extra AD. Your ult is the PERFECT ganker .

Shaco: Max your E. The monsters wont do jack all to you, they’ll miss everytime. Max your Q second. Only one point is used in W. Remember you can control your clone from your ult with the alt key.\

Fid: Max your W with point in the other two. Remember you can fear monsters, other than dragon and Baron. Remember when theres a team fight to use your ult in a nearby bush, and port into the fight. CAWCAWCAW!!!

Udyr: Max your R . it will help kill the monsters quickly. Remember to get a point in turtle as fast as you can. It will give you insane mana/life steal. Your bear form is perfect for ganks and chasing, and tiger form will give you good damage from barely any damage items.

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Summoner Spells

Of course, you need smite. It will help you kill the monsters in the jungle (SMITE DOES NOT DO DAMAGE TO CHAMPS!!! But it will start its cooldown if you use it on a champ!!! Do not use on champs!). Other sum Spells are completely optional.

I prefer ghost , exhaust and ignite . Remember if you get ghost, get the ghost mastery, and same thing for exhaust and ignite.

Summoner spells that are VIABLE: Clairyvonce (but you can use wards/wriggles), Teleport for ganks? Its not too helpful though. Flash is also very useful but mainly for escapes. Can be used for some good positioning .

Summoner spells that you SHOULD NEVER USE: Revive . Don’t EVER. Heal. Noob. Fortify. Pointless. Rally. WTF.

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Since you’re new to jungling you probably have no idea where to go, what to do and so on. You might think you wait for Baron and try and solo, or Solo Dragon or go into their jungle. That is why I am here with the basics to explain what to do.

Blue team: You want to usually get a kiter on your team. You want this no matter what side you’re on. A kiter is anyone who is ranged. First off go to Blue Golem. Your kiter should stand behind the wall. When he spawns the kiter (miss fortune, Caitlyn, annie, ashe etc) should fire some spells or autoattacks. During this time you should be attacking it the whole time. Once the golem enters the bushes, the kiter should run back into lane. The kiting is over. Now you need to autoattack/use spells on the Blue golem. You should not be focusing the tiny Lizards. Once you are around 80% health pop one health potion. When it runs out keep popping them so you can survive. When the golem has around 700 health use smite. You can easily kill it and the tiny lizards from there. Now head to wolves. Once you have killed them, go b (don’t forget to use/stock up on health pots!!). After Blue buff/wolves head to read buff and use the same strategy. You don’t need a kiter anymore. Head to wraiths, and use smite on the big one. Head to double golems and kill them. Remember to B if your health is too low. Repeat all of this over and over. At around level 7 you should solo dragon. Do not forgot health pots. You can ask a teammate to help if it wont risk the lane.

Purple Side: start at blue and do the exact same thing as I mentioned before. Also head to wolves, go b, red buff, wraiths, double golem, dragon. Very simple.

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Ganking/team work

Ganking is an important part of jungling, and will help your team a lot. It does take some skill, patience and overall coordination from your team. After You get blue buff and wolves, I suggest moving to top lane (or whatever lane is soloing. Its usually top lane, and in ranked games, its ALWAYS top). If enemies are low on health, pop your remaining potions. Coordinate with your teammate, and execute a gank from the bushes leading to lake. These are the early game ganks, and from then on it becomes situational. Whenever you see an enemy champ with low health, let your teammate know you’re comin in. Always try and come in from behind them, so they have less time to run away, and more time to die >:) When you are a jungler, ganks are much more successful than when you are not do to all the buffs you get.

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Thanks for reading guys :) it really means a lot! This was my first guide to jungling. Comment how I can improve or anything else. My ingame name is boxxinsoap, send me a request, just tell me your name in the comments. Thanks!


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