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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sicarius


Sicarius Last updated on October 22, 2013
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Hello everyone and welcome to my BATTLE [TARIC] guide. I am creating this because there isn't anything else like it in the list of [Taric] build guides here on MOBAFire, and because [Taric] is a manly man.

If you want to have a truly outrageous laner who is tanky and very difficult to push out of top lane, bring BATTLE [TARIC].

By the way, yes, I realize that this is still a giant wall of text waiting for coding; if there is literally any demand for it at all, I will put a rush on the code. Until then it's not a high priority.

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Real manly men are tanks. But this tank is best suited against AD-based champions in top lane, not AP, like [Fizz], or true damage, like [Irelia].

Also, real manly men only use pink warhammers. So you want to avoid a matchup against ranged champs too, unless they are super squishy and will stay that way all game, like top [Ezreal] or something. Wink wink.

BATTLE [TARIC] scales pretty effectively into the late game with real items (as opposed to support items), bringing huge teamfight capability with the use of his ultimate, stun, W, and general tankyness.

However, in order to be effective in the early game, you need some good damage and follow-up CC in the jungle. Good picks might be bruiser [Xin Zhao] or [Elise]. Since your early damage isn't that stellar, this will allow your jungler to get an early advantage against the enemy jungler, while you are able to get assist gold and just get ahead in farm and levels.

Overall, I have found BATTLE [TARIC] to be a fairly effective pick against champs who usually dominate top lane, such as [Renekton], [Jax], and [Darius]. Bring the manly man into battle against enemies who have heavy Attack Damage team compositions.

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-Extremely tanky throughout the game
-Big teamfight utility with W passive and R
-Wears pink
-Is a manly man

-Short range/no gap closer
-Very little CC without items
-Low early damage
-Extreme manliness may be a distraction
-Susceptible to [Ezreal]'s girlish charms

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Stack armor. And more armor. And then a little more couldn't hurt, but magic resist and AD are pretty okay too. Because men.

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Most of the manly man's damage is magical and he needs to be tanky, so going 9/21/0 is definitely the way to go! Grab [Sorcery], [Blast], [Arcane Knowlege] and just focus on making sure that you are maximizing your armor with [Hardiness] and [Legenday Armor] and you should be good to go.

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During the laning phase you will be rushing [Iceborn Gauntlets]. These scale EXTREMELY well with Taric's kit, and will provide you with all the damage and CC that support Taric never has the money to buy. Here you will also be buying lots of health and mana pots, as well as boots 1 and wards, of course.
-Scales with passive (basic attacks deal 2% of Taric's max mana in magic damage)
-Scales with Q (heal gets bonus 60% of ability power)
-Scales with W passive (bonus armor for everybody!)
-Scales with W active (60% of AP and 20% of armor scale into the damage)
-Scales with E (ability power scaling in the stun damage)
-Scales with R damage (ability power scaling)

In the late laning phase and mid game, I like to look toward a [Spirit Visage]. Obviously getting this item at all depends on whether or not the enemy team has an AP mid or jungle, but assuming that they do - this item is also fantastic on BATTLE [TARIC]. You will also want to think about completing your boots into whatever is appropriate to counteract the enemy team composition, most often [Mercury's Treads] or [Ninja Tabi].

The game will probably be over soon. If not, here is where your potential item pool is HUGE.

Stacking armor items like [Sunfire Cape] or [Randuin's Omen] will not only increase your damage output with W, but it will also bring a super-powered [Aegis of the Legion] armor aura for your team. Not to mention being the bane of the enemy ADC's existence.

Getting attack speed items like [Zephyr] or [Wit's End] will help you push down towers and be absolutely terrifying to 1v1. (Remember, your heal gets a 1 second CDR every time you auto attack, and healing will cause you to proc [Iceborn Gauntlets].) Just remember that if you get Zephyr, you may be wasting gold in stats like CDR or Tenacity, so build boots and [Spirit Visage] accordingly.

If you are doing well, [Trinity Force] and [Guardian Angel] are two items that are perfect for finishing this build. Health, attack speed, passives, armor, magic resist - if you have the gold for them, build them. Heck, build these two things before [Iceborn Gauntlets] and [Spirit Visage] if you are feeling really confident!

The name of the game is men. And good counter-itemization.

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Skill Sequence

Levels 1-3 are tough. It really depends on how your lane looks. Usually I take W first for the armor boost and E second for maximum kill potential during a gank, but having your heal up at level 2 can save a life. Grabbing E for invasions is great because it is a ranged, target stun - no skill necessary, and a successful invade is often just as good as GG.

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Read the descriptions provided by MOBAFire very carefully. I also gave a little glimpse into that when describing how well [Iceborn Gauntlets] scale with [Taric]'s kit. Think about all the interactions his passives and auras have.

When you fight, press R first. This gives [Taric] and his teammates huge bonuses in damage output, not to mention the 400-something damage AOE nuke it is.

Then press W. While doing this makes you a whole lot squishier, it also reduces the armor of any enemy hit by a significant amount and causes a bunch of damage.

Use E as necessary; your stun can be a soft initiate, or it can be the thing that cripples the enemy ADC long enough for your team to kill them. I prefer to use E after the fight has started, so that as everyone is on CD, the enemy ADC is not doing damage while mine continues to do so.

Don't forget to use your Q as often as you need to. In teamfights, use it every time it is up - and it will be up a lot more because you will be auto-attacking. In this situation, remember to self-cast with Alt-Q so you can translate your tankyness into a lot more effective HP.

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Team Work

Basically, in teamfights, you just want to be this big huge tank that stands in the middle of the enemy and presses R-W. Your base spell damage is really surprisingly big; meanwhile, not only does your ultimate increase the combat stats of your allies, but W will also decrease the armor of your opponents. If the enemy is grouped up, stand in the center and just crush them.

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Jungle [Taric] is possible, I've never done it. More on this later maybe.

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Be a manly man. Play BATTLE TARIC.