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Vi Build Guide by CommanderRexy

Jungle Be Vi from Arcane (jg) (12.11) (Plat Elo)

Jungle Be Vi from Arcane (jg) (12.11) (Plat Elo)

Updated on June 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CommanderRexy Build Guide By CommanderRexy 3,522 Views 0 Comments
3,522 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CommanderRexy Vi Build Guide By CommanderRexy Updated on June 21, 2022
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Runes: Every Game Runes (V12.11)

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Every Game
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Be Vi from Arcane (jg) (12.11) (Plat Elo)

By CommanderRexy
How to use VI Abilities:
Vi is an extremely versatile jg, and there is no job you can't do.

You skirmish, zone, engage, disengage, pressure, kill, tank, cc, peel, single target, AOE, and look hot while doing it. You also scale pretty ok, but usually you don't win over the late game as much as the early game. Team comps are important when evaluating when you need to start forcing your lead into a close. If the other team has Champions like Vayne, Nasus, Kayle, Veigar and your team has champions like Pantheon, don't let the game go too long. But If you are the one with late-game champs on your team, you are not in a rush to throw your lead at the enemy for no reason, you have more time to use it as efficiently and with as little risk as possible

Skirmishes/How to fight with VI:

1. Proc your shield and Sheen/ Trinity Force as much as you can.
2. Cancel their spells with your Q/R.
3. Don't waste your Q/R if you think they will run away, or if you think you may need to run away yourself.
4. save/use your Q/R to interrupt spells if you know a member of the other team has a long cast animation of some kind, like Zac jump, Malzahar R (if it's not already on you, it can't stop your R though so you can anticipate it and use your R to wreak him or his team or both), Tahm Kench W, You can Q or even R Ornn trying to reflect his R, etc.

When Clearing/fighting, your combos are: Q, Auto, E - and - Auto E. Use your Q, and especially your E as auto attack resets when you can, but sometimes you will need to just Q then R, or R then Q to make sure they can't do anything if you think they will kill you or run away to a point you can't chase, like Malzahar with passive down but R up. Otherwise do a combo before and after your ult and you will be fine.

Team fights:

Just play around your team, peel, and then ult their back line, letting your R Cease and Desist hit everyone along the way, and then beat them up. They either focus you and probably lose while your team kills them, or don't focus you as you kill their back line, and then they will probably lose. By putting them in this lose-lose scenario, you will probably win if you do it right when they are out of position/in general as long as your whole team is there and they are not too behind. Do know when to peel for your back line though if keeping yours alive is more important than taking out anyone on their team.

If they have a Vayne, just ult Vayne usually. Don't ult a tank who is in the front, ult their squishys in the back.
How to jungle as Vi from Fortnite:
This is how to jungle in general, but more specifically as VI:

You will want to prioritize ganking and objectives.
Farming is important, but it does not win games... unless you like never farm at all lol.

Get lev 3 from clearing one quadrant of the jg, preferably the side with red buff. The best way to do this is to kill Crest of Cinders with your W and a leash and then using your Q over the wall for krugs (use your first Smite on big krug) . Then group the raptors together and kill with aoe damage from your Q between autos. You then get lev 3 and go gank a lane. If you can't/after you do that, clear the other side of your jungle/ rift scuttler . Use Q on rift scuttler then smite at 450 hp. Try to get Sheen on next back and start building Trinity Force/boots. You then prioritize/pressure drake.

Either get drag or ward it/move on to Rift Herald once it spawns. If you take Rift Herald then tell your laners to push and be aggressive if they can. You will then gank a lane, get a kill (be careful who/if you dive), then hit the tower with the wave. Bring the tower to 3 plates with your E/ Sheen proc, and maybe Q Sheen proc too, and press 4 and drop Rift Herald between Sheen procs once at 3 plates. Beat the tower till 2 plates are left while Rift summons and Boom! You and whatever lane you dropped Rift Herald in have 2k gold for no reason, a lane with no tower, and a lane opponent that might just DC. Thanks, Riot. You then just pressure objectives and pick good fights for your team so that they can't mess up the lead you gave them and you will win most games... most lol.

Now, you will be blamed for everything, because you are the Jungler. That's fine, let them whine, and don't talk to them if they are toxic. Just keep playing. They will want to tell you to only gank them and play for them, but they are bad, and stuck for a reason. They will say to do baron at bad times, and when you want to baron/drake, people will not come. It is what it is.

As far as getting ahead of the other jg, your job is to identify lane relationships and abuse the most messed up one you can. Gank often to give your team a lead, and prevent their good players from getting their early lead. The enemy jg might have an easier time ganking because your team sucks and pushes up without wards or map pressure or a clue what they are doing honestly. Your team will then blame you for taking a skirmish you would have originally won without them feeding. Then they will ping you and say jg gap. That is fine, just learn from it and don't take those fights because your team won't slide and their jg is FED off them, for this game and potentially future games you can spot it early and not die at all, and carry them hopefully.

Often wasting time on ganks that don't kill or at least get a flash is bad, but every once in a while just bringing an enemy low so they have to back is good map pressure. Don't die or fall behind in farm doing this, but in low kill games it's not about the extra two jg camps you missed, it's about the tower damage, map pressure, and EXP/Gold from the extra 6 waves their whole team missed because you beat them up so they were too low to lane.

That wraps this up, but here are some notes that will save you some time and frustration:

Don't fight Kha'Zix alone.
Don't gank bad players twice, unless they are on the other team.
Don't disrespect Sylas, Yone, or Zac.
Do the drakes.
Do the first Rift Herald .
Don't do the second Rift Herald , (Usually, generally just ward it).
Do use your E or Q with your Smite when it matters so you can steal/secure easier.
Don't conuter jg for no reason, especially with no priority, espicaily with no priority on bot side.
Do look at your map.
Do gank often.
Do work with your mid laner.
Don't tower dive eairly game.... unless your about it :)... but you are probably not and will feed.
Do ping your team to help you, or the other jungle will get more help and then you will blame your team and your team will then call you stinky. Don't be called stinky, ping your team.
Otherwise play the game and you will win video games. :Clap:
For people who want more:
There is a difference between understanding your champ, and understanding how your champ interacts with the enemy champs, as well as your team. You want to have a basic understanding of every champ. Like extremely basic though. You are a busy person who ain't got no time to know what percent health damage a champ you don't play does. Just know stuff like: "Hey! Bel'Veth roots herself with one of her abilities and she doesn't take damage during it, then she takes all my health away if I'm near her when she does it, healing her in the process. I better save and then use my Q and/or Ult to cc her and stop the spell when it starts so I can win the fight, or use them to get out if she has more friends around than me".

This type of understanding keeps their jg/carry useless and dead, and you useful and alive in your average game.

Also: Priority: This means the pressure and presence from your Laner/s is more prevalent than the other team’s Laner/s. EX: Blue team's Bot lane pushing the lane up and then moving to the river would give Blue team dragon priority if Red team’s Bot lane just backed while Blue team saw them back.

You do not need to counter jg a lot to climb, but if you do you should:
1. When they counter jungled you and now you have nothing better to do cuz obj are gone, and you know what camps they have up.
2. When there are no objectives up.
3. When you are winning really hard.
4. When your team is just better and is spoon-feeding you their blue. Yay!
5. When you know they are not there.
6. When you know they are there and want to steal their camp/s or kill them, because you're mean.

What to build:
If you were confused on what to build, just know the damage types of the enemy team, and how much healing they have. Then build to counter them. If you're in doubt, build Trinity Force with Mercury's Treads, then Black Cleaver with Thornmail, It will Solve Everything.

Why this build: It works with anything.
If your team has one player too many going AD, Black Cleaver solves that and is still good for anti-tank/everything. Trinity Force Gives you both burst and sustain damage when paired with Conqueror, allows you to take fights you would not normally win without it, which is extremely important. Thornmail is so good right now. Even though Grievous Wounds was nerfed, everyone is more durable now since the durability buff so it is essential to get it and not let the enemy team stay alive forever and out sustain your team. Mercury's Treads is great to stop CC when you will often be the main target in the team fight, and gives you the Magic Resistance the other items in the build usually don’t. These 4 Items are the core of the build, and besides the boots which I swap out for Plated Steelcaps for when they have a lot of AD, these are my go-to for almost every game. Otherwise, I like Wit's End for Magic Resistance and Carry Potential, and I like Sterak's Gage for Anti-Burst and sustain since you will often be targeted.

If you liked the guide or are feeling enthusiastic, leave a like and/or comment! Good Luck on the Rift!
League of Legends Build Guide Author CommanderRexy
CommanderRexy Vi Guide
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Be Vi from Arcane (jg) (12.11) (Plat Elo)

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