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Ashe Build Guide by Tips-Tricks-Tits

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tips-Tricks-Tits

Beginner's guide with my Ashe

Tips-Tricks-Tits Last updated on August 6, 2012
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Sustain AD/AS

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ashe is a archer who never misses her shot most of the time. She is Rec-ammended by Riot (see what i did there?) Ashe is a good ranged champion used by players of all skill level. Using ashe is pretty easy for new players because her abilities are not hard to master except for her ultimate which is one of the most useful and funnest skill shot in the game. With this guide you should be pretty balanced through out the game. Attack damage on ashe is important to harass the enemy early game. Since ashe is a carry she can't take much damage and tends to die quick if targeted. I tried to add a little bit of everything that ahse needs like life steal, attack speed, damage and movement. I don't wanna stress the readers out there because let's face it who likes to read instead of playing?

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Pros / Cons

Great Damage
Great Range
Easy to use
Easy to master
Good Early-Late game
Team player
Stun Ultimate*

Carry (meaning you get targeted first)
Survive ability
Flash depended (no escape mechanism)
Requires farming for items
Hit or miss Ultimate
Cooldown time

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Runes are just a little stat boost for which ever champion you decided to play. Runes can be purchased at the shop with IP. At the early levels 1-10 you wont feel much of a difference if you use the runes but later on especially +20 lvl you will depend on them. I think runes are pretty self explanatory and you will be familiar with them as the game progresses.

The runes for this guide is basically Attack Damage for early game kills which translates to better late game via gold which goes to items. Armor and Magic resist per level are pretty standard in LoL and great for early game farm and sustain.
I can tell you that the better you do early game the better you will be late game.

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Masteries provided little stat boost which is also important when playing against higher skilled players. You can play around with masteries just like with runes and try out different combination to suit your style of play.
AD masteries pretty standard in LoL also but i like to have a point on recall on most of my masteries. Armor and Magic resist for early game making you more likely to not die and get the kill on a 1v1 situation.

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1st build costs: 14,380 gold
2nd build costs: 13,480 gold
Berserker's Greaves early because from the runes you should have a good amount of starting AD to farm and harrass.
Health Potion for health just incase something goes wrong.
Zeal for the AS and movement, then Vampiric Scepter for life steal for that for sustain Phantom Dancer for even greater AS and Movement to survive or finish off ganks.
I like Wit's End on a AD/AS carry due to the magic resistance and its useful passive.
The Bloodthirster for the AD or you can sell the Vampiric Scepter and move on to a more AD/AS item like Infinity Edge or Madred's Bloodrazor or The Black Cleaver
Then Guardian Angel for mid-late game team fights. Gaurdian is very useful cas it provides both armor and magic resistance with a beast Unique Passive.
Your last item if you do get to build it should be AD like if the other team gets armor get Last Whisper or The Brutalizer which is cheaper but still gives a decent armor pen.
Remember if the game is still going don't forget to get the consumables Elixir of Agility or maybe even all of them.
Ionic Spark a great item with 250 health, 50% speed and a unique passive which will be in effect every 2 seconds cas your AS is 2+ and it will deal magic damage up to 4 targets which can hit almost the entire team in a team fight.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence depends on your *play style*
If you like to lane and farm rather than harass or gank go for Hawkshot which gives extra gold, Leveling Hawkshot first is arguable but not necessarily a terrible idea.
I also like leveling up Frost Shot 2nd because the slow is applied each hit and can really secure kills.
Volley is a good skill for both farming and harassing but i tend not to lvl it up right away because with Volley i am just looking for the slow to hit since its ranged is a little more than your basic attack.
Enchanted Crystal Arrow is always leveled up when ever possible lvl 6/11/16.
But leveling up Volley is a standard so you can lvl it up first its your preference and depending on how the games going.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Must to sequre kills or evade death
Ignite - Secure kills. I like to use Ignite when the champ is at 50% health just to make sure its full effect is applied while i am still attacking him for a little faster kill. But you can use it when he has less than 2 or 3 heath bar remaining.
Exhaust - Many uses but for a short duration. It Slows and weakens the enemy for 2.5 secs which is actually a lot in LoL time. You can bait the enemy to your tower and then pop this on them to get a kill or to back them off.
Ghost - You can escape/chase the enemy with it's 12 sec buff, you can alos chase/get the kill/then run away like a big girl.
Revive - A gambling spell. People say it's sh*t but actually late game it can be THE SH*T (meaning useful). Why? cas late game respawn time can take like 60 sec and in 60 sec you can lose your towers, inhibitors and maybe even the game.

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Farming is key in LoL so thats why i wanted to LVL Hawkshot 1st, they say 100 minions by 20 mins should be your goal but i say the more the better. What i like to do is last hit as much as possible and with ashe it shouldn't be much of a problem. I actually like playing it closer to my tower making me ungankable early game. Let the enemy think that you are scared of him and if lucky make him chase you to your tower thinking all they need is one more hit then if they fall in your trap pop Exhaust and kind of circle you tower. Another tip is to let the enemy hit you then run a little and with out knowing they will be taking some damage from the minions which makes your chance of getting the kill even higer.

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Team Fight

If you have a tank let him initiate. Look for players off gaurd like a little too ahead of the enemy team. Pop the Ult not on the tank but the one that does heavy damage usually behind the team like a Mage. Hiding in a brush is very useful so they don't see the Ult coming at them. You can also W then Ult because it would be easier to predict where to shoot your ultimate. You should have you Q on when going into a team fight. Your E is a utility skill that just reveals parts of the map like baron, creeps if they have a jungler, or even near by brush.
Safer and Most likely to hit the Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Hawkshot< Frost Shot< Volley< Enchanted Crystal Arrow
By using Hawkshot you can see the map better. Always have Frost Shot turned on for team fight. Volley slows multiple enemies. Enchanted Crystal Arrow Stuns and Allows your team to focus on carries or escape if failed to win the team fight.
Frost Shot< Enchanted Crystal Arrow< Volley
Throing Enchanted Crystal Arrow initiates the fight. Land some basic attacks and if they are running pop Volley. Chase with Frost Shot

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This is my first guide so my future guides will be a lot better and more appealing visually. Try out my guide, you don't need to follow it but feel free to try it no obligation. If you guys know how to add the items and picture in the chapter then let me know by commenting because i just couldn't figure it out by my self. Thanks for reading and have fun pissing the enemy team off. Be sure to comment and vote and let me know how you did with this guide.