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Quinn Build Guide by bulldoghalfling

AD Carry Bird is the word (unfinished)

AD Carry Bird is the word (unfinished)

Updated on January 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author bulldoghalfling Build Guide By bulldoghalfling 4,255 Views 0 Comments
4,255 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author bulldoghalfling Quinn Build Guide By bulldoghalfling Updated on January 20, 2014
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Get em' Val

Quinn is one of the best ADCs in the game in my opinion, but Is underrated for her low attack range and odd skill-set for an ADC. I got Quinn about 3 weeks after she had been released, and played my first game with her against a Caitlynn and Sona bot lane (both of whom were free that week I believe). I almost got my 1st penta ever that game, since then iv'e gotten 3 pentas with her and a a great win/loss ratio. With this guide I will explain the ins and outs of Quinn In an attempt to maybe help you become an awesome as bird lady as well. (Note: this is my first guide on Mobafire so it may take a while for me to make it flashy.)
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About the champion

Quinn is an ADC with high DPS, but on top of that she has high burst capability with her Passive, Harrier, this is why I base most of my builds around this burst and get trinity force. To put this into perspective Fizz has an average burst of about 2500 flat AP damage, Quinn on the other hand ends with about 2900 burst plus the average basic attack DPS that every ADC should have. Because of her utility you can play her at top lane, or solo at bot lane without changing most of her build. Lastly Quinn is a high risk high reward champion so you can either scale to perma-legendary or get stuck doing 60 DPS all game. So Quinn is NOT a SAFE PICK only use her if you know you can at least farm well and not die.
By using Quinn's Vault correctly ypu can disable any of these ultimates: Fiddlesticks' Crowstorm, Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole, Ezreal's Truefire barrage, Twisted Fate's Destiny, Shen's Stand United, Pantheon's Grand Skyfall, Nunu's Absolute Zero, MissFortune's Bullet Time, Malhazar's Nether Grasp, Lux's Final Spark, Lucian's The Culling, Katarina's Death Lotus, Karthus' Requiem, Janna's Monsoon(sorta), and then can cancel Akali and Diana's jumps.
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Explaining Quinn's burst

Quinn's late game burst can be awesome im going to explain exactly what causes this. At around level 18 you should have about 350-400 AD at your disposal. So here is the damage chart.
- Auto attack +(400)
- Vault +~(300)
- Harrier passive +~(200)
- Trinity force: Spell blade +(800)
- Infinity Edge Crit. +(600)
- Static Shiv +(250)
- Blinding Assault +(350)
This should end your single burst at about 2900 Damage.
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Here are some of the strengths off Quinn.
- Global control via her Ultimate.
- Potential to outright burst even bruisers.
- A blind on an ADC.
- An interrupt stun.
- High escape capability.
- One of the best damaging passives in the game.
- One of the best duelers in the game.
- A move that gives you sight of a HUGE area.
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Because of the way Quinn is built there are a couple weaknesses that present themselves.
- Her Ultimate forces her into a squishy melee form.
- Improper use of her Vault ability can lead to sticky situations.
- Weak against people with high single-target burst.
- Can be weak in team fights because of her lack of disengage.
- Quinn has one of the most expensive builds I've had to use to obtain maximum DPS.
- If used improperly harrier can make it harder to farm.
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Levels 1-5

When you get in lane you want to play safe for the first two levels unless you have a great support who you trust. To begin the game make sure you strafe behind your farm, and poke with your Blinding Assault. Remember your Blinding assault has a AOE after it hits its 1st target so you can poke champions when they are between their minions. As well as that try to poke and/or farm around your Harrier to maximize damage done vs damage taken. {When against cait or Kog make sure to get boots first to dodge their skill shots and close your attack range difference. Then you want to snipe them with your Q to get them to critical health, from there you can play as presented.} At around level 2 or 3 you will want to start engaging as the way I call it. You first want to wait for your harrier passive, Blinding assault/ AA(dependent on enemies' attack range), Vault(which will reapply your Harrier passive, auto attack, and then disengage. By using this attack pattern you can apply DPS while taking the least amount back as possible. Remember that your Vault is an interrupt and should be used as so. REMEMBER to use your trinket, play early game like a paranoid person, if you don't like a bush put your trinket in it. As well, the sight trinkets have 1/2 usage to use cool down so if you and your support alternate putting your trinket down you can keep a place warded permanently for free.
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Levels 6-end of lane phase

At around this time you should have your Vampiric scepter and Sheen. This should allow you to now play with dominance. If you followed my Runes at this point you should have 16% life steal, if you follow attack pattern (Marked:harrier), Q, AA, E, AA you should heal for about as much damage that you take. Tell your jungle to feel free to roam in their bottom jungle while you have your ult up. If he does, be ready to assist him when he needs it with your ult. Look out for your pushed lanes, mix the Movement speed buff of your Ultimate and Homeguard to protect a huge area of the map. Your two top priorities for this stage of the game is to take down early turrets, and gank other lanes. Remember to make good use of your sight trinket, keeping it in your inventory is useless so put it down somewhere.
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End game

During this time your role as ADC will become harder or easier. Since Quinn is a high-risk high reward champion being negative will hit your presence in game VERY hard. You will want to start teamfights outside of the team baiting the other team to a fight. Once both teams start to attack each other you want to head to there with your ult, by this time the enemy ADC should be behind his/her team. Focus and burst them with all of your moves then move the the APC. (Do opposite if the APC is higher risk then ADC.) Once you kill the ADC DO NOT stay in Valor form you will want your range for the remainder of the fight. From then you will want to kite anyone as you run away until your Vault comes back up then turn around and duel them. If you start to lose blind them then vault away from them make sure to AA once the harrier mark is on them to obtain the speed boost buff to get away. You can also lead enemies to a wall and Vault off of them over the wall for an awesome escape.
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