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Zed Build Guide by Doublestrife

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doublestrife

Bladesurge, the unstoppable force; A Ninja's Guide to Zed

Doublestrife Last updated on March 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lux This champion serves no threat to mobility champions, such as Zed, Yasuo, or Ahri. (Not a Threat)
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Introduction [Me and Zed]


Hello Everyone! My name is Doublestrife from the PH Server. A little about me, I'm a Summoner at the Philippine Server! I have played Zed since level 12, when he was free to play, and have used him over and over again.


Zed is a melee damage-based champion, that can single hand wipe out carries. His strengths are within the Early-Game to Mid-Game,what he lacks of consistent damage, (and a face, em mask looks good.) He comes up with 1 hit-ko damage.

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Pros / Cons


    -1 hit burst
    -Best mid lane assasin around! (no)
    -Mechanics and dem jukes.
    -Taking out carries 24/7
    -Badass looking
    -If you looking for a fun challenging champion
    -Ain't tanky
    -If early game rekt, he's behind so bad.
    -Not a good choice all the time
    -Hates being spied on,

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Within the Summoner's Rift.

Zed is a mid-lane, hyper carry, split pushing, 1 hit-ko, badass looking, killing, fighting, melee, (you get it right?) monster..

Dem music for Zed. Credits to Instalok! <3

Once you lock on Zed. You will need the perfect strategy.

Zed should always, and I really mean, ALWAYS!! Be able to get in and out of fights.


Zed should stay behind frontlines.
The reason think of this is because, Zed lacks consistent damage, until a certain point of time. Waiting patiently is what Ninjas do. Zed will be safer behind adrs that are free hitting because he will wait for the RIGHT TIME to jump on enemy champions. Don't jump on tanky champions, jump on the more worth timing kills.

Master Yi is 10/2 KDA
Ezreal 2/3 KDA

The obvious choice would be to kill Master Yi because he's fed. And with your damage, (and muscles) you'd can singlehandedly take him out! Do not expect to be able to 1 hit ko that quick, it takes time, and a Blade of the Ruined King.

You say: BUT DOBLESTRAYFFF!! what if the tanks are fed?

Well young one, it's a choice, if Renekton is so fed, he should be isolated, once he's isolated, jump on him 3 vs 1, (hey, evil ain't fair) If there's a chance that he takes out your tank, then all of you will be open. Setup an assasination for their carries, ward, and anti ward, the best way to do this is to push towers, take dragon, push a large wave, that way, they'll have to respond.

It takes a long time to Master Zed, and if he's ur main, it won't always be you can win the games.

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I used to think that Blade of the Ruined King was a useless item, because getting The Bloodthirster would be worth more, well i was wrong, Blade of the Ruined King has potential, chase, slow, tank #rekt ing, pushing, potential. But, overall, Blade of the Ruined King > The Bloodthirster

This should be second, because champions such as Irelia, Lissandra, Blitzcrank, will be stacking armor, for ap champions, they'll get a Seeker's Armguard because your bursting them.

We leave this on its own till the third item, because again, CHOICE! Rushing The Black Cleaver is not worth it, because you are only getting some armor pen, damage, and hp, but the Last Whisper will do more. Getting this third and changing it to Youmuu's Ghostblade would be nice.

HI! Crit for Zed? YES PLS!! WONT YOU COME AND 1 HIT WITH ME! Honestly, if you never thought i would choose this bad boy, i will, it arose to my attention some time before, when watching Bjergsen. LOL Still, helps alot. Crits vs Crits ( Zed vs ADR)

Ravenous Hydra is a really interesting item! Getting this inbetween your brutallizer and last whisper. Your split push, would be incredibly annoying, later in the late game, you can trade this for the The Bloodthirster

sometimes, you can jump in, and die, and still not get your target because of CC, well this is your item! FOR ONLY 2.99$ (WORSE ADVICE EVER lol, you can really get this item if your being locked on, and you Mercury Threads aint doing alot. Really good item overall, getting it 4th is a wise choice.

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Team Work

Get your tank to defend you guys, and let him intiate the fight, unexpected or not, it'll pee their adr's pants to find out that he's dead in less than 5 seconds.. If Fizz is still alive, see to it that your ADR is in range and able to kill him for you, the point of Zed is to drive low, so low that they'll have to back, making a 4v5, getting 2 will be better.

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Zed is an extremely fun champ, that can get you to Challenger, but it'll be a challenge,
you can send pics of you game as Zed and i'll post it on the guide!

Learning is a gift, recieve thy gift! Not everyone learns, so its nice that someone is teaching you now and then. Send me champions who you want me to summarize, and make a guide about, but until then,