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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cruise#29382


cruise#29382 Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This Blitzcrank is not meant to be a primary tank, though he can take a lot of damage by the end game.

This Blitzcrank is an incredible tower-pusher, disruptor and all-round pain in the proverbial for the enemy team. You can be everywhere and anywhere you need to be, pushing or defending with ease.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Get in, rocket grab someone, 'fist and nuke 'em, then get out again while your team jumps on the still twitching husk. Nip over to a side lane and clear a minion wave, the 'port to the opposite side and backdoor a turret. Make the enemy scared to leave their base for fear of a giant metal fist plucking them to their doom.

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Greater Mark of Desolation
We get a fair chunk of damage and attack speed, so a bit of armour penetration goes a long way to making that count when it hits.

Greater Seal of Defense
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Health
You will be very unpopular with this build, so it makes sense to at least withstand a bit of damage. The little that will land as you disappear into the fog of war way faster than those little legs should be able to carry you.

I can see an argument for cooldown reduction instead of magic resist, but your items and masteries give you plenty, whereas you can never have too much resistance.

If you're bad at landing the rocket grab, then mp5 runes may help offset the cost a little, but ideally you shouldn't need them if you're careful.

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You're not a tank, and you're not the main DPS of the team, so I prefer to focus on the utility tree for the added ability and summor spell CDR. Of course, mana regen and more xp isn't to be sniffed at.

We get just enough in the offense tree to complement our focus - CDR and crit chance are the main picks here and some spell penetration is the best choice for the last point.

With improved clairvoyance and the summoner spell CDR, CV will be ready about 30 seconds after it fades, allowing you fanatastic map awareness when cutting through jungles or pulling enemies out of their base.

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Early game Blitz really struggles without some health regen. Pots just don't seem to cut it, whereas the Regrowth Pendant lets you shrug off early harass, and builds quickly into a Philospher's Stone for more gold and mana regen, both vital for a low-levelled Blitz due to poor early farm and the cost of rocket grab.

Shurelya's Reverie builds naturally out of this start, complements overdrive fanatastically (these two plus standard boots give you 518 movespeed) and supplies CDR. An all-round fantastic item for this build.

The second core item is Manamune. Lots of extra mana for your shield, more regen, and all that sweet, sweet mana also boosts your attack damage for crunching turrets (and faces).

Mercury's Treads help you keep your mobility when the the inevitable CC starts flying around, and so are almost always going to be better than Ninja Tabi, even against heavy physical DPS teams.

Trinity Force is your "finisher". There's not a bad or wasted stat on it, but there may well be more defensive items to get first. An early Sheen however adds even more "OOMPH" to your powerfist.


The first two items complement the offensive output of this build perfectly, and can be picked up when you're not taking too much damage (your team has another tank, or lots of CC, for example).

The second two are more defensive items, and should be taken when you start to get focused more than is healthy, even with your incredible escape abilities. Banshee's Veil is almost always a solid pick because CC shuts down your primary defense (running like hell).


While Quicksilver Sash is generally considered a poor cousin of Banshee's Veil, and this is more or less true, there are a couple of good reasons for picking it up instead:

  1. It's a lot cheaper. If you're having trouble farming, then this may be worth getting to deal with early CC.
  2. Items are not affected by supression. If you're up against a Warwick or Malzahar, then this can be very useful to pick up (and give them a very nasty surprise).

If the enemy team has almost no CC to speak of, then a Ninja Tabi may be a better pick over Mercury's Treads. This is very rare however.

Likewise, a Thornmail is only useful as a mid-late game pick against a primarily physical DPS team, but is incredibly effective if you happen to face such a line-up.

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Skill Sequence

Static Field > Overdrive > Power Fist > Rocket Grab

Both Rocket Grab and Overdrive are expensive, and your starting mana pool is very limited. Power Fist, however, is cheap and fast to recharge, so makes an excellent starting ability.

Ideally you should be in the bottom lane, duoing with a nice burst damage carry. Your job until level 6 is to protect them. A Power Fist to the chin does this job very well - lots of damage and a short stun let whoever you're babysitting escape and/or finish them off.

One rank in Rocket Grab is enough, since we're not using it for damage, and we don't have the mana to spam it too much anyway. Take your time to line up grabs and the high cooldown shouldn't be problem.

The movement speed from Overdrive lets us protect, defend and escape, and the attack speed puts as much damage on turrets as possible in whatever chances you get. Already you should be developing the harass mentality - run in, powerfist, run out. Nip up to mid, reach out and fist someone. Overdrive is what makes this build work, so max it pronto. Oh, and I should point out that at the time of writing this, the tooltip for Overdrive still claims there's a 3-second slow after the speed-up ends. This isn't true anymore :P

Use Static Field to farm minions (it'll clear an entire wave instantly end game) and stop pushes. The quick cooldown will make sure it's up for your attack combo Rocket Grab >>> Power Fist >>> Static Field. Overdrive to finish off whatever's left.

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Summoner Spells

Clairvoyance might seem an odd pick, but it has two good reasons for belonging here:

  1. You'll often be nipping through the jungle from one lane to another, and it won't always be warded. CV let's you check the coast is clear before taking that shortcut.
  2. Rocket-grabbing people out of bushes, through walls, etc. when they thought they were safe. CV and yoink.

Teleport fits in with the general mobility theme. See a minion wave pushing on a tower? 'Port in and take it down (then run away very fast, obviously) before the other team can get there. Push one side lane, then teleport across and do the same on the opposite side. The key is to be where the enemy least expect (or want) you to be.

Cleanse can be useful too, to keep those little legs moving.

Flash is always good, but with the removal of the flash-grab trick ( Rocket Grab then Flash in the opposite direction for an extra long pull) it's not as useful on Blitzcrank as it once was.

If you're careful with your skills (specifically Rocket Grab) then you shouldn't need Clarity, but could be useful as "training wheels" while you're learning the timing on the skill shot.

Fortify might be a nice addition to your annoyance potential, but ideally you'll be pushing their towers too hard to really need to Fortify your own.

Exhaust should be unnecessary - there shouldn't be anyone you can't catch or run away from with this build (I've outrun late game Teemo's with ease).

Likewise Ignite is better used on your carries. High kills is nice, but if you're playing this right, it's your assists and tower kills that should be high.

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Team Work

Blitz makes a fantastic pre-initiator for team fights. A what? You know those moments before the fight really kicks in, and both sides are shuffling around, trying to look for openings?

Blitzcrank makes his own openings. Before the fight, just grab whoever's closest. It doesn't really matter who. Suddenly the enemies aren't were they want to be, and that's the key. They'll be forced to keep their distance, simply for fear of the flying-fist of ... foom? Anyway, again, you're making life difficult for the enemy, making them twitchy and over-cautious.

Use a movement boost (you have up to three, remember), and flank them. Teleport to a side lane, push, then run back. Likely one or two left the team fight to stop you - you'll be back at the team fight while the would-be defenders are still getting there, and now your team has a numerical advantage.

Being able to pull through walls makes you a fantastic siege breaker. Pull people away from turrets, out of their base through the walls (remember CV), etc. Your presence makes it impossible to keep an organised, well-arranged team.

Additionally, with your mobility you can push turrets while your team defends, and still get back in time to be forcibly intimate with the enemy Ashe.

Push, push push. Static Field clears minions amazingly fast, letting you build up a good wave. Power Fist applies its bonus damage to towers, which lets you quickly rip great chunks of health off buildings. End game, your Mana Barrier is adding another 1500 health or so, which can quite easily let you facetank even a base turret without minions for the time it'll take you to bring it down.

If the enemy comes to defend (you're still using Clairvoyance and wards, right?), pop your move boosts and leg it. Preferably to the next turret. While the enemy are enacting a Benny Hill chase scene through their jungle, the rest of your team is free to push, kill, farm or whatever.

You end up un-ignorable, but also almost un-catchable, leaving the enemy in a lose-lose situation. Don't chase you, and watch you destroy their turrets one by one, or try and attack you, leaving your team to outnumber any defenders.

Oh, and please don't forget Shurelya's Reverie's active is an AoE, so use it to help your team mates out too if y'all need to run, k? :P

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This is a fun and unusual way to play Blitzcrank, and I hope you'll enjoy trying it out.

I have never been insulted and sworn at as much as when I use this build - something about the rocket grab just brings out the worst in people it seems :D

He may not be the best tank, but he is amazingly tough to kill (usually because you're legging it in the opposite direction faster than anyone else), and to my mind there's no one better at jamming a screwdriver in the enemies' carefully formed battle plans.