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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Jeator

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jeator

Blitzcrank, The Ultimate Tank

Jeator Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Welcome to "Blitzcrank, The Absolute Tank" guide. I believe that Blitzcrank's skills are too OP (overpower), so I play him as a tank. In this guide, I will try to help you and guide you as much as it is possible.

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As tank Blitzcrank need armor and magic resist. So I use Greater Mark of Resilience Greater Glyph of Shielding and Greater Quintessence of DefenseGreater Quintessence of Defense. At the start and the mid of the game Blitzcrank need too much mana so I use Greater Seal of Clarity.

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If you make Blitzcrank tank, then Mana Barrier is useful only at the start and the mid of the game because you will not have enough armor and health to stand the damage of the opponents. The Mana Barrier use the 50% of Blitzcrank mana, that's why Frozen Heart is a good start, not only for the armor but the mana, enemies attack speed reduction and the cooldown reduction.

The right hand is the strongest hand of Blitzcrank because he can grab an opponent, deal him serious damage and pull him to him. But remember that Rocket Grab not only can grab enemies champions but minions and monsters too, so you have to practice and finally the Rocket Grab can pass through walls

Overdrive is a skill which increase Blitzcrank movement speed and attack speed for 8 seconds. With Frozen Heart and Sorcery mastery you can reduce its cooldown.

This skill deal double Blitzcrank's attack damage and pop the enemy up in the air. Power Fist can be combined with the Rocket Grab to pull a target to him and "send" him to fly.

Static Field is the most powerful skill of Blitzcrank. Its passive deals magic damage to a random enemy target every 2.5 seconds and its active deals AOE magic damage and Silence. When you fight many champions together is better to activate the Static Field, but if you fight someone 1vs1 (without minions or creeps) is better to use the passive until the opponent has low life.

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Early Game (1-8) items

When I start a game, I take these items:

Then I buy:

and finally I upgrade them:

to increase his armor and his movement speed.

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Mid Game (9-14) items

Now I buy some items for magic resist, health regeneration and armor, so:

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Late Game (15-18) items

Finally, I buy items to increase Blitzcrank health, health regeneration, armor and magic resist again, so:

So Blitzcrank items are:

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Items for Each Role

If all the opponent team is AD (Attack Damage), then:

If all the opponent team is AP (Ability Power), then:

If your opponents are AD and AP, then:

If your opponents are AD, AP and DPS (Damage Per Second - Attack Speed), then:

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Difficult Situation? -> Farming

Sometimes, like everyone, you may have a bad start and you will not earn enough gold. Then should start to jungle and creep, and if you are lvl 6 and above it will easier because of the passive of .

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[*] The 1-2-3 combo of , , and can devastate an individual opponent.
[*] Using Blitzcrank's to pull an enemy into your tower range followed by a will allow the tower to get several hits on them.
[*] If an oppenent focus on a teammate, you can use to grab him and bring him to you and to delay him.
[*] Many champions are hiding in the bushes, it will be a good idea to usesight ward and at the critical bushes of the map and with the you can pull one of them to you.