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Blitzcrank Build Guide by zeeg193

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zeeg193

Blitzys Wonder Jungle Guide

zeeg193 Last updated on December 9, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I am zeeg193 im a silver elo player who mains jungle and support i play a assortment of character and started playing in the first season with some breaks in between many things have changed and evolved over the years but i always focus on fun and seeing where a meta can be broken with something op.

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So this is my guide to blitzcrank jungling he is always played as a support and is great in that role but as a jungler you are a map wide support and blitz kit is a lot of fun for harrassing the enemy team and giving them the fear of a nightmarish grab from a bush at any time or geting them from behind at their own tower.

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ok so for runes i went with a pretty typical junglers build for survivability early on in those jungle camps and help you with those clear times. armor seals and scaling magic resist glyphs help a lot early game and since magic resist is expensive to build grabing those scalers is important. blitz uses a mix of magic and attack damage so grabbing that hyprid penetration helps you a lot both in clearing jungle and with your ganking early. a little moves speed and attack speed help with clear times in this new jungle a great deal.

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going with a defense build on the masteries focusing on the cc resist and damage from neutral monsters helps a lot with blitz early game jungling he doesnt have a strong sustain like many junlgers so getting through those first few camps early is where this build really shines and levels you to your team snowballing ganks.

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ok so this is where looking at the item builds gets a little foggy there are just so many viable options for blitz and using different builds makes him very flexible as a jungler and filling gaps in your team comp or taking advantage of gaps in the enemies comps.

Building ad assassin blitz gives you sustain and a slow with BoTRK while trinity force gives you huge burst after that grab or uppercut. frozen heart is almost always a core item for blitz gives you lots of cooldown and armor plus the mana gets converted into a sheild if you get low and keeps you in the fight longer. Stacking the warriors enchantment and bloody cleaver give you armor pen and make your uppercut deal so much more damage since it deals double your attack damage. this build gives you enough punch and sustain to duel most people late game because of your kit giving you a knockup and stun as well as a movespeed and attackspeed buff. grabs need not be mentioned no one can escape the blitzcrank.

Ok now if your team needs a tank that pulls a lot of attention there is none better than blitzcrank you can peel initiate gank and soak up damage like no tomorrow adding in some support actives to help your team stay alive on top of all the disruption you cause on the battle feild makes you something the enemy just can not ignore.

ok for the ap nuke build this will give you a high risk high reward play that is a lot of fun and frustrating for your enemies especially if they built all armor and your team was ad heavy this build gives you a lot of burst in ganks but lacks clear speeds in jungle that the ad build can give you but is faster than the all tank build. this build focuses on all ganks but will feed you if you play smart.

so depending on your build path and teams needs or whatever you find the most fun blitz is a great champ to get flexible and experiement with.

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Skill Sequence

ok so in the jungle you have to start with your W this is what will help you clear more and anything in the jungle if you are forced into farming level this hard. next your E this helps disrupt the jungle damage and has a fairly low cooldown so you can spam it on opponents and jungle mobs alike. Your Q is your primary gank tool but also a counter jungle tool since you can ward their camp then let him work it down grab it smite it then run away and he doesnt even know what happened. most of the time you will even have time to taunt as your using your w to outrun however leveling this reduces cooldown and can be helpful but doesnt help that much in fights since even maxed its cooldown is still decently long so leveling your W and E first are my recommendations for max damage output. Using your R which has a really low cooldown is great in ganks in the jungle however the passive from it is actually its best use. level it as often as possible since its damage scales well.

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smite is a junglers only hope and gives you access to the new op jungle items. and since you can alter it to fit your needs whether its smiting a teemo or jungle clear and sustain or counter jungling its no longer a one use wonder on dragon or baron.

Flash of course since even you might be caught unawares at times plus hard to dodge a well times flash rocket grab

teleport is also viable if your team is warding well or you want to pick up lots of wards throughout to help you get between lanes faster.

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Creeping / Jungling

so blitz jungle is always going to start with the camp next to the buff on your bot lane either gromp or new golems. then you will grab whichever buff monster and back to upgrade your smite after clearing those two camps you will have enough gold to do this. Once you have your smite upgrade you will be able to grab your other buff and get one additional camp to level to 3 this is where blitz is unlike most junglers cause now you can start ganking and ganking hard.

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Pros / Cons

Lots of single target CC
Great chase hard to kite
enemy re positioning and peel
naturally tanky
works well in most team comps
unconventional jungler
hard ganks
high mobility
great lane pressure
great zoning
can gank even when a lane is pushed under their tower and even excels at doing so rocket grab op
long range gank with grab

Your a golden robot

Only single target CC without items
Unconventional jungler
high skill cap
gank reliant
slow clear without items
requires teamwork weak 1v1 duelist early without a
late dragon kills without team
suseptible to cc
easy to dodge skill shot rocket grab

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Team Work

as a blitz player being adaptive to your teams need is highest priority whether your a bursty ambusher or a mobile support /tank jungling is the hardest position to master map awareness is priority and wards wards wards keep yours up and take theirs down.

Peeling off your damage carries and focusing theirs is your job being sneaky and ganking often will lead you to victory get your team fed gank all over dont sit in a lane for to long keep on the move at all times.