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Twitch Build Guide by Blubbles

AD Carry Blubbles' In-Depth Guide to the Plague Rat || [S7]

AD Carry Blubbles' In-Depth Guide to the Plague Rat || [S7]

Updated on December 14, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blubbles Build Guide By Blubbles 28,659 Views 3 Comments
28,659 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blubbles Twitch Build Guide By Blubbles Updated on December 14, 2016
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Hello and welcome to my guide to Twitch, The Plague Rat! In this guide i'll be doing my best to teach you on how to dissolve people's flesh with ease! This is (sorta) my first guide here on Mobafire, but I'll be going over everything I have in my tiny brain, from the basic build, matchup analyses, and various tips and tricks. My ultimate goal is to take you from being sewer scum to Trash King as soon as possible. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or corrections, feel free to comment or PM me! I'm always looking for input on how I can improve this guide.

I'd actually like to say something I find important before you start this guide. No, I'm definitely not a high ELO player, however you guys should remember that rank isn't everything when it comes to a guide. The things you need to do at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level are going to be a lot different than what you need to do at the Diamond level, and a lot of you are going to be Bronze, Silver, and Gold players. Please consider that my perspective on what do do during the match might apply more to you than what a Challenger player says in their guide!

Without further ado I present everyone's favorite rat, Twitch!

Before playing Twitch I advise you ask yourself the following:
  • Do I enjoy playing an ADC?
  • Do I enjoy being a sneaky lil' greaseball?
  • Do I enjoy 1v5 pentas?
  • Do I enjoy almost singlehandedly carrying my team?
  • Do I enjoy to dissolve flesh with poison?
  • Do I enjoy the color green?
  • Do I enjoy playing Farm Simulator?
  • Do I enjoy watching enemy ADCs cry?
  • Do I enjoy being the weirdo?

If you answered "yes" to the questions above, I regret to inform you you are a filthy Twitch main! Clearly you have an aptitude for the rat and will be worshiped as a Twitch god as soon as you are done reading this guide. I personally fell in love with Twitch just based on his personality. He is quirky and I love him. One never gets tired of listening to this guy say "boop!" (however we do get tired of having the same particles for 7 years. Thanks Riot).

Also in terms of playstyle he is my perfect match. Sneaking around the map, taking people by surprise, and dishing out tons of damage and deleting entire teams is just so... satisfying. Sure he isn't Jhin, but this guy just really scratches my itch if you get what I'm saying. I really do not advise playing a champ simply because you think they are meta, or strong, or whatever. I could play Lee Sin all day but I don't like his character or his playstyle, so I don't. If you don't love Twitch's quirks I recommend finding another ADC, although I don't think you're going to be getting a good "boop" on any other ADC.


Twitch is an ADC who specializes in the surprise attack. He is, above all else, a rat. I would go as far to say that he is the "anti-ADC ADC". He can crack down on enemies with his superior range and burst, especially in the lategame where other ADCs like Jinx and Vayne shine. The rat is one of the best hypercarries, meaning that as long as you keep farming, everything and everyone in the game will be your b*tch. Twitch is unique to every other champ in the fact that he will destroy a single target, or an entire team, with ease before they even get the chance to scratch him. If we made a spectrum of sorts on champion roles, Twitch would be more towards the assassin side, which makes him super fun to play. As well, he has potent roaming abilities with his Ambush, which serves as a built-in pair of Mobility Boots. Overall he is a strong pick for when you want to be a really slippery cuck.


I'm glad you mentioned that, my dear reader! Sadly, our favorite rat does have some weaknesses. So I guess I'll try to clarify what he's good at and what he's not with this convenient pros and cons list:

+ Strong Teamfighting
+ Strong Laner
+ Potent Roamer
+ Can out-carry almost anyone in the lategame with Spray and Pray
+ Doesn't need too much set-up on his team's part
+ Can take enemies by surprise
+ Is a giant rat with a trenchcoat and a crossbow

- Lacks a dash / reliable escape
- Farms slower than other ADCs
- Easy to make mistakes with
- Requires massive amount of positioning and special awareness
- Difficult to do much when behind
- Only has one AD scaling ability
- E isn't named Expunge anymore
- Too fun


Fear not, for I am here to guide you. While I will be going over supports that go well with Twitch later for now I'll give you this. Certain types of comps will really make Twitch shine such as:

Lineups that can keep Twitch's attackers at bay and distracted whilst he uses his ult to shred the enemy team are greatly useful. If they provide some sort of shield, heal, taunt, or CC that will allow him to go the full duration without being focused, it's basically a guaranteed win. He plays off of this better than other ADCs and hypercarries because his range is so massive with ult on.
Twitch has particularly impressive use of on-hit effects seeing as his damage is so spread out with his ult. This makes champs that give steroids to Twitch during his ultimate fairly godly. However this si not a trait we find in many champs so I'm going to just list some and hope you get it: Lulu, Nami, Sona, etc. all provide CC and sustain in lane while also granting fairly significant steroids to autos.

While Twitch is certainly never bad, there's gonna be a few matchups where it feels like you're in the middle of a sh*tstorm and just barely staying within the eye. I will go over various matchups later in the matchup section, but I'll go over varous mechanics and team comps that are rough for Twitch here.

Twitch doesn't do so well specifically against skillshot based champs such as Ezreal, Lux, Ahri, as well as control mages and displacers like Anivia and Taliyah. Purely because he relies almost entirely on good positioning, having to dodge various skillshots and walls and whatnot will seriously mess that up. Also they can 'reveal' you with the new shimmer effect and kill you while in stealth.
Other types of champs he struggles with are champs who can reveal you like Lee Sin. I'm sure we all know that feeling when you're 1/3 HP under tower and Lee Sin in in the brush but you know you cant do anything to stop him from diving you. Now imagine that feeling, only you thought you just escaped with Ambush only for Lee to just destroy you with that Q.
Champs that can soak up his damage and simultaneously deal damage back to him during his ult are going to make your life as a simple rat very difficult. Braum, Yasuo, and Nautilus are all prime examples. Their gonna throw up their lil' shields and then jump on your *** before you can say "Ratatouille" (with the french accent of course).

ENEMIES: Vayne Soraka Viktor Darius Evelynn
Would Twitch do well against this comp?

ENEMIES: Lucian Lee Sin Nami Rek'Sai Maokai
Would twitch do well against this comp

ALLIES: Braum Ahri Rammus Illaoi
Would twitch do well with this comp?

ALLIES: Karma Kassadin Riven Kha'Zix
Would Twitch do well with this comp?

Twitch's basic attacks each poison his target with a Deadly Venom stack, dealing 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 true damage over 6 seconds, stacking up to 6 times for a maximum 36 / 72 / 108 / 144 / 180 true damage over the duration.


Honestly this passive is pretty disgusting. I mean look at this. It's 180 true damage. This passive isn't some super advanced BS like Jhin's passive, but its powerful, and its effective. Most of all its really good for laning since it allows you to come out on top with very short trades. Not to mention it's a ton of true damage. In lane you can really abuse this passive with something I dubbed "Venom Weaving". I know. Creative. Anyway, the idea behind this is that since every time you apply a stack, it refreshes the whole duration, and knowing this you can maximize your damage by staggering your attacks. Keep in mind this only applies in lane when you want to slowly chop away at your opponent safely...WITH TRUE DAMAGE. Straight up autoing is going to do way more damage in the lategame.

The venom lasts 6 seconds, and applying another stack refreshes the duration as well as adding another stack. So what you need to do is apply a stack, count off in your head to 5, then apply another one. And repeat this as many times as you can. That way you will let each stack you apply deal as much damage as it can. You can apply with new stacks with autos, or by throwing Venom Cask however I don't recommend doing this if you can help it since the mana cost is rather high. The real genius thing about this technique is, you don't need to stand there and actually do the damage, making it less risky for you to trade. You can apply your damage, then back off for ~4 seconds, then apply it again.

The unfortunate part is that if your enemy is any good they will start to notice what you're doing and use it against you, kinda like your ex back in middle school. You will probably only be able to do this between 1 and 3 times before they start to catch on, however you can continue to use it once they do just to keep them from farming.

Twitch becomes camouflaged for a duration after 1 second, gaining 10% bonus movement speed while stealthed and gaining bonus attack speed for 5 seconds upon becoming breaking it.


This is one of Twitch's most unique spells, and is really what gives him his identity: being a sneaky lil' greaseball. You aren't a good Twitch until you've made someone sh*t their pants from popping up behind them. It's been hit my several nerfs recently but still remains a powerful ability of used right. You can use it for a lot of purposes. But above all you gotta play them mindgames

EXTERMINATION - This skill is going to be your primary way to be a true rat, and pick up kills. You can take the enemy by surprise by being exactly where they think you're not. This is particularly potent in lane where you can abuse predictable positioning and wards. Say you and your enemy are low. You fake them out by starting your recall animation in a warded brush or easily predictable spot. They'll fire off something to cancel it, in which case you dodge it and run back a little under your tower, and out of their sight. they will now be under the impression that you have backed, when in reality you're sneaking out and about. This can lead to a kill if your support/jungler coordinates well.

This translates into the mid and lategame as well. Make the enemy think you're one place, then be in another. You can use it to get behind enemy lines, or to trick the enemies into engaging because they believe they have the numbers advantage. The attack speed combined with your ultimate are often lethal. This ability resets when an enemy affected by Deadly Venom dies, meaning in a extended fight you can use it multiple times, or to chase down and pick off enemies that manage to escape the fight.

SNEAKY, SNEAKY - While it isn't the best escape tool, especially after the switch to camouflage, but it still works. The new short activation time is particularlly useful for dodging incoming ganks. For this reason it is essential you place wards. Everyhwere. In the side brushes. In the jungle. In the river. In your bathtub. If you know your enemy is coming you can almost always escape simply by pressing Q.

However in the event you have not taken my advice, or your trinket is on cooldown, or your support is lazy, or whatever, Q can be used to juke out enemies, although it is much harder than before hen you didn't have a reveal radius. This can be solved by having a high movement speed or a support with some sort of movement speed boost like Janna or Karma. They will be able to speed you up after activating your Q so you can actually enter camo and stay ahead of your pursuer and slide into stealth like you slide into those DMs.

In order to escape on your own you're going to have to be able to utilize brush and know what your enemy can see at all times. For example, you run into a brush with a pursuer on your tail. Then you use the Q so that it will be active when the enemy enters the brush. You must wait until the last possible moment to leave the brush. In that split second where the enemy enters, they'll see you escaping and panic/get dazed. This si the opportunity you need to abuse to get out of the reveal radius so you can juke all day.

FREE MOBIS - This is probably the simplest use of this spell, but using it to just go to and from lane will allow you to gain a slight CS lead over your lane opponents since they'll take longer to get back. As well you can use it to roam quickly between lanes, meaning you can pull off cheese like picking up a kill on mid for free before your lane even notices you're gone(get it? cheese? because he's a rat?).

Twitch hurls a cask of venom at the target area, infecting all enemies hit with a Deadly Venom stack. The target area becomes contaminated for 3 seconds, slowing all enemies inside for 25 / 30 / 35 /40 / 45% and applying a Deadly Venom stack each second.


This skill is actually pretty weak on its own: deals no base damage, fairly mana-expensive, and a slow cast animation. However when combined with Twitch's other spells it becomes very powerful. There are three primary uses for it:

FARMING - With the most recent changes to this skill, Twitch's farming potential finally matches that of other ADCs. To farm a wave you plop down one of these on the area where it will hit and stay under as many *** possible. After applying an auto or two, depending on wether the minions are ranged, melee, or siege, using Contaminate will clear the entire wave. This combo costs 120+ mana as of now, so this is not to be spammed by any means. Save it for under tower.

POKING/CHIPPING/KILLING - Twitch's most basic combo is a simple "plop and drop". To harass and poke down enemies land the cask on them, wait for them to walk all the way off of it for max stacks, and then use Contaminate to chunk their HP. This combo is particularly effective when weaving in autos when they are slowed and having your support CC them during this time to get the full 6 stacks on them. This is much more powerful when combined with ult, it is possible to get 6 stacks on an entire team when combined with ultimate

VISION - This skill does give vision on the targeted area as soon as it explodes. Use it to check brush and corners before doing something stupid like facechecking it. As well it cancels recalls after 0.5 seconds, so if an enemy may or may not be recalling in the brush, always use this before going head in.

Twitch deals physical damage to all nearby enemies afflicted by Deadly Venom, with each stack granting bonus damage.


Contaminate (or Expunge, for you OGs out there), is a really basic ability. Press E when you see stacks and want to deal damage. Not too hard right? WRONG. The timing is of the essence on this spell. You can only use it one, or twice if you're lucky, per fight. So if you use it too early, you're ****ed and wont have a large chunk of damage for the rest of the fight in case you need an execute. Use it too late and they'll manage to run out of your range before you can really chunk them.

You're going to have to find the "Goldilocks' Zone" for this spell. Various factors contribute to when you use it, such as what the goal of using it is, who it's against, so on and so forth. If you want to use it to finish off a squishy execute style, make sure to build up stacks with Deadly Venom and Venom Cask beforehand because without at least 4 stacks the damage is just very underwhelming. However if you are just using it for a quick trade, using it on 2-4 stacks would be fine. If you think that the enenmy has Flash or Heal, always save it in a trade that is going your way so that you can use it after they burn the summoner. One of my favorite things to do as Twitch is watch my enemy Flash away only to die to poison as soon as they do it.

When Deadly Venom affects an enemy champion, a green (surprise!) ring around you, which indicates the range. The indicator is actually slightly smaller than the actual range, which means it's worth a try if they leave the ring. You can also use it for a reference on how far your ult range is, the ult range is 400 less, Over time you will be able to tell the range of all your skills just through memory.

Twitch gains 20 / 30 / 40 bonus attack damage and 300 bonus attack range for 5 seconds. Additionally, Twitch's basic attacks travel across their full range and skewer every enemy they pass through for the duration, dealing 20% less damage per enemy hit (down to a minimum of 40% damage) These attacks apply on-hit effects to all affected enemies and can critically strike against each individual target.


Spray and Pray is what really just puts the cherry on top with Twitch's kit. It complements his other abilities extremely well. You can just absolutely delete everything from lone tanks, to entire teams with this ult, and that's part of why people hate him at the moment. If you can manage to get into a good position (which shouldn't be too hard with Ambush), you can wreak havoc on the battlefield. On max level it gives you a free B. F. Sword

DAMAGE OUTPUT - The most important part of this ability is making sure you can line-up with as many targets as possible. It turns all his auto's into a 850 range skillshot, with a small hitbox. EVERYONE hit with one of the sewer skewers gets a stack of Deadly Venom applied to them as. That means you can be applying 6 stacks to everyone. Which means you're going to be doing 180 true damage from your passive and ~400 physical damage from your E to everyone. and thats only' with your abilities. Throw in some massive AD boosted autos that can crit, and you have a recipe for disaster. Hurricane synergizes crazy good with this ult because it extends the range on the bolts and can apply poison. However it doesn't pierce through enemies.

ENEMY ADC FREE - Twitch has significant power in the late game since this spell gives him the unique ability to sit VERY far away from the action while also deleting his opponents. Someone like Vayne or Jinx can also hypercarry like Twitch but they will have a hard time against you because (a) You outrange them meaning you can usually take them down before they can even get to you, and (b) sitting in their backline like they've done before wont work. you can shoot right through their tanks, straight into them. Reduced damage sure, but with the critical strikes + spells + the fact they only have 1.5k HP is going to mean they won't be a royal pain in your *** like when you play other roles.

USING YOUR RANGE - As well Twitch can use this on towers, and actually outranges the towers with it active. sieging has never been easier when you don't even have to be in tower range to output a ton of damage. If you get fed enough, many times you can just snipe that Sona under tower so she can't pose a threat. This also applies to assassins and other squishies. You can easily take them out before they pose a threat.






The idea behind the leveling order is fairly simple. You of course want to take your ultimate when possible because... well, it's you ultimate. It's your most powerful spell and provides a whole new level of teamfighting and utility, including a massive AD bonus. Contaminate is your main source of damage to you take this after you ult, maxing it ASAP. It's literally the only skill in your kit that does damage on activation, and even to do that you need stacks of your passive. Next comes Ambush because the bonus attack speed adds to your overall damage and killing power. Venom Cask comes last because it's a one point wonder. It only reduces cooldown, which isn't even that great because even at max level you wont be able to use it more than once per fight. One use is enough, it's a true one point wonder.

Since Twitch doesn't have the most complex abilites, there aren't too many, but here we go:


This is the most basic of your combos and it the one you'll be using most often. It's the one you use to slap them upside the head with a big ol' chunk of poison damage. You throw the cask on them to apply as many stacks as possible. Use the slow to apply as many more stacks as possible with autos before they can get away. Use Contaminate, drop 'em like flies, and walk away from the explosion like a badass.

Just kidding. But this is a fairly safe combo as long as you pay attention to your enemies cooldowns. Say you're faced against a Caitlyn. After she's placed several traps and used Q, this is your time to have your support throw some CC on her while you pull off the combo, since she can't safely retaliate. You can pull off this combo fast if you cancel the animations, meaning as soon as you are actually throwing/shooting one projectile, you IMMEDIATELY auto/cast another in order to essentially cut off the small but of the animation that you dont need. This will make the combo more effective since you can whoop them faster.

Don't worry. You'll get it in no time.


Want to kill everything? Yeah? Use this. This is your whole combo almost guaranteed to 360 no-scope a couple nubs. Kappa. Seriously this an insanely strong combo when used correctly. Go in with Q, line up your shots, then BAM!, unload your entire clip into their butts. You have everything going for you: your attack speed, massive AD output, shots that hit the whole team; everything.

We don't incorporate Venom Cask into this combo simply because the cast animation is massive and when you have a significant amount of attack speed from Ambush and your Zeal items, you cannot afford to waste that attack speed not autoing. If you must use it for the slow to catch the enemies that actually escape. Make you best judgement on when to use your E, typically saving it for when you know you can secure an ADC or Mid.

Since Twitch is an ADC, we run the standard ADC runes:

This is just the most balanced page overall, giving a little of everything, and for the mostpart you take it on every ADC. Attack Speed is essential for Twitch seeing as a vast majority of his damage depends on how fast you can dish it out, such as Deadly Venom stacks or spray and pray shots. Attack damage is good for everything, good for autoing, good for scaling, good for farming... everything. Magic Resist and Armor are just your basic defensive atats which keep your health up in lane. However since there are ZERO items that grant damage and armor you might want to consider taking 3-6 armor glyphs rather than MR glyphs since you have four damage/MR hybrid items.

These two depend on wether you are going Bloodlust or Fervor, which we will get to later. If you're going Bloodlust you take Fresh Blood because Feast AND Bloodlust AND Vampirism would be redudant amount of sustain and not worth the trade for some extra poke damage.

These depend really on how confident you are in yourself. If you think you can dominate the early game without bonus damage and want a good late game, go for Bounty Hunter. If you want to have the damage at all stages of the game, but take a little risk, take Double Edged Sword (and Feast since it will help you compensate). Battle Trace will provide you the overall most reliable option, for if you're not sure.

This is the hardest decision since keystones are such powerful tools. I personally like Bloodlust because it means you can postpone a lifesteal item for more damage, crit, or attack speed. However at the end of the day, once you have lifesteal, it becomes more obsolete. Fervor is a good keystone on Twitch since he gets a ton of bonus damage from it, and can stack it quickly since he gets a stack for each enemy hit by ONE spray and pray bolt. However the drawback is it now gives AD and Twitch as exactly one AD scaling, and it only scales with 20% of your AD.

I prefer Assassin because it will give you that small bonus damage when you aren't around your team, giving you a tool to help with duels, holding a tower by yourself, and of course assassinations. Also it applies in the late game whereas you're only going to be buying 2 or 3 buiscuts in the entire game so it's not really worth it to trade the damage for a bit of health and mana in lane that you could have by popping off a few autos or not casting for a couple seconds.

I have yet to really test out Greenfather's gift because it just seems weak in comparison with the stuff you can pull off with Dangerous Game. Dangerous Game will save you time and time again in teamfights when you're on the verge of death and you manage to pick up a quick kill, or even for things like diving. I don't see GFG being as strong outside the laning phase.

NOTE THAT ALL BUILDS SHOULD BE ADJUSTED ACCORDINGLY TO YOUR SITUATION. There is not one set build, or even a set order for the various options. You need to adapt in every match to your opponents and allies. For example, buying a Mercurial Scimitar when you already have a support buying Mikael's Blessing is not going to be smart.

Any AD champ is going to pick the ol' Dorans Blade up because it is one of the most gold efficient items in the game. You get damage, health, and lifesteal for only 450 gold. Crazy right? It's going to keep you alive in lane, giving you more HP to survive enemy blows, as well as being to attack back and get health of of that. While you could also buy a Cull which will give you similar stats, it just isn't as good and could possibly lead to becoming behind in lane.

I really shouldn't even have to explain this. You need to regen in lane when you get hit by a couple of spells. I don't care if you have Bloodlust, Vampirism, Feast, and lifesteal runes, you still need pots for when you're 1/3rd HP and don't want to back yet. You can even buy three, four, five of these when you back because they're so cheap. Nobody likes getting bullied. Buy HP Pots!

B. F. SWORD - 1300g
We get B.F. Sword now because Serrated Dirk is no longer optional. It just gives pure AD which makes you E and autos hurt more, in addition to making last hitting a lot easier.

Gotta go fayst! Super basic part of your build, there's literally no reason to not get these. You can chase better, you can escape better, it boosts the movement speed during your Q, you can dodge abilities easier, you aren't as slow when affected by slows. You get to lane faster. I can go on and on. Point is: buy boots.

CULL - 450g
This is a great item for when you've been forced to back before you have the 1.3k for B.F. It doesn't give as many stats as Doran's Blade so it isn't an optimal starting item. However if you buy it when you're a little behind then it gives you room to catch-up. Assuming you get all 100 last hits and then sell it, you'll profit 180g. So its free gold provided you know how to CS. Another nice touch it that rather than lifesteal it gives HP for hitting towers as well.

This is, hands down, the most important and effective item on Twitch. It makes everything better. You can get empowered bolts with Spray and Pray. You can last hit easier. You can apply Deadly Venom stacks to multiple targets. It gives you crit for more damage, and attack spped for more ult autos and more DV stacks. It gives some movement speed for roaming. An additional 15 damage on hit. It's insane. Borderline broken on pretty much every ADC but Vayne. It's a must have in every build, and you need to rush it ASAP after B.F.

Infinity Edge is what makes you autos start to HURT, especially if you can get it really fast. With Hurricane you have a 50% chance to do crits that do 250% damage. It also gives you a massive amount of AD. So with ~145 AD you will be dealing roughly 625 damage if my math isn't too potato every two autos (without armor reduction). A fantastic item for overall damage.

Stat stick boots. 35% attack speed is actually pretty significant for the price. More DPS, it can't hurt. Best boots options since Twitch doesn't need CDR, Magic Pen., Defensive Stats, or extra movement speed.

An additional Zeal item is pretty much required in this meta since 80% crit is the best damage output for all ADCs. Choosing which one, however, is going to be what makes or breaks you build.

I'd say you're going to be taking this 80% of the time. It's generally the better option as it provides more burst in 1v1s, better waveclear and pushing, and more collateral damage in teamfights. It doesn't provide as much attack speed as Phantom Dancer but that doesn't matter really because at a certain point you'll have to much attack speed between runes, items, and your Q bonus.

Phantom Dancer is more suited to the assassin playstyle. The extra attack speed will help you kill targets faster by applying the stacks faster, and by letting you get off more shots during your ultimate. The passive will help you kite better, so you can kill mbile enemies easier. As well it has an easier build path. However in comparison to Statikk Shiv it doesn't offer as much utility in terms of waveclear. Buy this if you feel liek you need the attack speed.

Lifesteal is a very good stat on ADCs as it allows them to stay in fights longer, get health back after fights, and be able to trade more effectively in a 1v1. Making the right choice is essential since each option is really good at what it does, and fills a specific niche. Choosing shouldn't be too hard.

Bloodthirster is the most offensive option, good for when you are dominating and want some sheer AD and a bit of defense against burst. It's also good for when the enemy lacks tanks or AD, because there are other items for dealing with those. The buildup, however is the hardest of the three options because you need to save up that 1.3k.

Mercurial and QSS are your go-to when dealing with hard CC that you're getting caught out with over and over, like when against a Nautilus or Leona. It also provides MR which is good versus my previous examples, as well as being good vs. control mages with burst and CC such as Anivia and Lissandra. The AD is fairly high as well for the other stats you get, amking it your anti-AP option.

BORK is unique in that it gives AD, Attack Speed, and Lifesteal not to mention a bad*ss passive and active. Since it deals percent health damage it's great vs tanks, and when you use the active it drains enemy attack speed and movement speed, making it great for anti-AD. If you're up against a difficult AD matchup like Caitlyn or Yasuo this is going to be a great item to pick up, or even to rush. Whatever you do do not stack too much attack speed. If you see yourself buying this combined with Runaan's Hurricane and a Zeal item, don't go Berserkers. All your items along with Ambush is going to be WAY too much attack speed as much as you like it. I recommend not taking Zerkers, replacing them with Swifties, Mobis, or Ninja Tabis.

Sometimes there's just going to be that Syndra that repeatedly just slams her balls into you over and over. Alas, dear reader, there are things to help with that! Knowing when offense ISN'T the best defense is crucial. If you're struggling don't be afraid to start building more defensive than usual. On average you're going to buy 1 of these because you don't want to be completely glass cannon.

Going against some annoying plebs like Syndra, Lux, or Sona? Pick up Maw! It is a fantastic item with a ton of utility, great for anti-burst or AP executes. The stats are nice, including that CDR so you can snipe those pesky mages from 850 range away more often. The passive will save your *** more than you can count. DO NOT delay buying that Hexdrinker. Buy it AS SOON as they even start getting close to being a pain in your butt. If that means first item instead of B. F. Sword, go for it.

Edge of Night has shown itself to be quite the lifesaver the times I've bought it. I've actually started using it more than Maw of Malmortius because the lethality is just so nice lategame and it fits great into your kit. Also it can be used versus AD champs who have annoying spells that are essential to their kit. That's right. It can be used to block Yasuo's third Q. The cooldown is so short for what it does, it's amazing. Start channeling it, then once its ready enter stealth with Ambush. Then you'll have a couple second to get in, and if someone tries to stop your ult, it'll block the CC.

Okay so you're like 17/3 or something, you have 5 items, you're doing good damage, but the game is close. If you die in a teamfight your team isn't going to be able to push, and then the enemy will be able to take objectives. Not anymore. DO NOT BUY THIS WHEN YOU'RE BEHIND. This is not the item for saying, "oh look I'm dying a lot lets buy GA so I wont die". If youre already dying, you're just going to get killed again and you just wasted 2800g. Buy this when you need to be alive to win the game since you're carrying, plus when your team won't die so they can defend you once you revive.

NINJA TABI - 2600g
Take these in place of Berserker's Greaves when you are up against AD champs and you're getting destroyed. 12% reduction is ALOT especially on champs like Vayne or Yasuo. Since you're missing out on that attack speed this is the situation in which you're going to buy a Phantom Dancer or Blade of the Ruined King.

Twitch's biggest problems are tanks because he can't just delete them with his combo like he would with normal targets. They will survive his onslaught and just come charging for you, so it's essential that you have an anti-tank item so you can more easily deal with them. Twitch has an easier time with tanks than most ADCs because he has built in true damage which is pretty nice, however this takes time. But extended fights are tanks cup of tea arent they?? *insert maniacal laugh here*.
LDR is a great, if not the best anti-tank item in terms of just pure tank shredding. Giant Slayer grants an additional 15% physical damage bonus on champs with 500+ maximum HP more than you, which most tanks will have if they are any good. In addition to that it gives 45% armor pen which is pretty crazy. IF Malphite has 300 armor, and you have 300 AD that means you're hitting him as if he only had 165 armor, and Giant Slayer will provide the equivalent of +45 AD, which is more than a B.F. Sword. You'll be buying this most of the time, although it's up to you.
Black Cleaver combined with Youmuu's Ghostblade for much of Season 6 was really good on ADCs like Lucian and Miss Fortune. Youmuu's no longer gives attack speed which is kind of a bummer, but BC is still great for the amount of armor it shreds. Twitch builds attack speed so stacking the passive is no problem, and then you'll have 30% armor reduction. Thats right. Reduction. Meaning every other source of physical damage on your team ignores the armor as well. Not to mention it gives pretty good stats, including health to survive longer, a good chunk of damage, extra kiting power, and the ability to use Spray and Pray more often.
Youmuu's used to be the core of Twitch's build, granting him that spike into the midgame that made him strong. But alas, no attack speed = no bueno. No longer viable as a rush item. However, as a late game item it still is quite powerful. It grants the highest amount of lethality out of all the lethality items. As well it's a high damage item and allows you to kite easier. The out-of-combat movement speed synergizes with your Ambush great. If you find you're ahead and staying alive in teamfights, but struggling with anti-kite tanks like Sejuani, Youmuu's would be a viable option.

Twitch, mechanically, doesn’t require that much skill. The skill ceiling is fairly low, so many people will be able to pick up the champ and have a basic enough understanding to do well at all levels. That being said, it’s not like Twitch is a no skill champ (Well I mean, the ADC role in general is pretty brain dead haha). In order to do well as a carry you need to know exactly where to be at all times, you need to know when to farm, how to farm, when to take objective, you need to know how to freeze waves, etc. And that’s what this section is about, only it’s slightly more specialized for Twitch

Before we actually go into the various stages of the game I just wanted to go over some basic ADC stuff to improve your general gameplay and make your life easier. If you're already a seasoned veteran in the ADC role, then go ahead and skip right over this section.

Attack move click is a tool you should be using constantly in every role, not just ADC. Attack move click is a command input that is basically just a right click that makes you attack the target nearest your cursor when you click, as long as you're in range. If not, you will move into range, and then attack. This is useful because when farming in lane, kiting, teamfighting, etc. you do not have to click as precisely. It helps immensely as you can more quickly perform actions since you dont have to worry about getting your mouse right on the target.

Kiting is when you run away from something while also attacking it. It's fairly simple: click in the direction you want to run away, and then using attack move click, turn and attack quickly, and repeat. This way you can still maximize damage. It is particularly helpful for when you're being charged by a tank or someone else you can't fight head on. This can also be achieved by just regular 'attack move' which will make you attack the nearest target, provided they are the only one around.

If you are using default keys, many players bind this to the 'A' key. I however use irregular WASD controls, so I have it bound to a side button on my gaming mouse, which I think is much more preferable than anything on a keyboard since you'll be using it so often. If you don't have a mouse with a side button, MB3 aka the scroll wheel also works well. You will be using this on EVERYTHING so put it on a comfortable and durable button.


Image from Phylol's "2 Easy Ways to Stop Losing Your Lane/Trades"
Throughout the game there is going to be times where you want to engage, poke, and trade and times when you don't want to engage, poke, and trade. In oder to manage this, you're going to have to use your imagination. Make an imaginary line between you and each one of your enemies; the distance where they can hit you with their primary sources of damage or CC. This should be added with the range of any dashes they may have.

If you maintain your position on the very edge of this line, they won't be able to poke or trade with you. This gives you the power to decide when to go in. If you want to poke then you're going to have to judge if what damage you and your allies can do while you're on the line will be greater than what they can dish out in that same amount of time. As Twitch, however, it kinda sucks because you have one of the shortest effective ranges in comparison to someone like Caitlyn making it more difficult to safely do this.

The imaginary line can be used on any enemy, anytime. If you can't imagine more than one circle at a time juts focus on what foes are going to be the most dangerous. This works in teamfights, laning, everything. For example, if you were against a Blitzcrank Lucian lane, you would want to focus on Blitzcrank's circle before Lucian's because Lucian won't be able to safely start a fight without Blitz initiating it.

As an ADC it is your job to do as much damage possible to the biggest threats while also staying safe. Now on paper... well it sounds pretty hard on paper too but basically pick your fights and know who to attack. If you are outnumbered, or your enemy is significantly fed, then don't fight. When you DO fight, you need to be sitting behind the protection of your support and/or tank while focusing on damaging the nearest target that is worth killing. For example, putting all your fire onto the enemy Janna isn't going to be nearly as helpful as poppin' a cap into Lucian's *ss. Teamfighting is much easier and rewarding as Twitch because you actually don't have to worry about choosing the nearest target most of the time, you just have to hit as many as possible with your Spray and Pray bolts. That's the unique thing about Twitch is that he can simultaneously attack the backline carries while also chipping away at the frontline tanks.

The important thing is just DO NOT BE IN THE FRONTLINE. Common Bronzie mistake to go in first, thinking they're going to get the Penta because of their damage, only to get CC'd once, get focused, and die. The point of being an ADC is to do damage from a distance. You can't do damage if you're dead. The other big part of fighting is keeping an eye on their CC at all times and making sure you do not get CC'd. The second you do just assume you are dead or too wounded to fight anymore. Remember. The line.

Twitch used to have a pretty atrocious early game in comparison to other ADCs, but now that his lane bullies got the axe he has become one of the stronger ADCs at the current moment, mostly in part to his improved Ambush time and usefulness of Venom Cask. Note that his is where you really have to stomp if you want to climb out of low ELO because people will get easily tilted by a bad laning phase and that will usually lead to a win. Now let’s take this from the very beginning.

If the jungler starts on your side PLEASE inform them to save smite for the last hit. I can’t tell you how many times my jungler hasn’t saved smite and then Deadly Venom kills the camp on accident. Twitch isn't that great of a leash because usually if you stay too long you’ll lose CS since he doesn't have a form of quick waveclear like Lucian's Piercing Light. You need to actually last hit to get CS.

Knowing how - or more importantly, when - to control a lane is essential to being an ADC. There are some basic pillars of lane control: Freezing, pushing, and vision

FREEZE! - If you don't know what freezing is, it's when you only focus on last hitting to avoid pushing the lane. And by last hitting I mean actually LAST HITTING. Don't just auto minions over and over, actually just get the gold and that's it. As well, when freezing you should be moving around more forward than usual, so that if the enemy tries to get in range to last hit with autos, you can immediately poke them out and trade with them. This isn't such a good idea when you're behind, but when you're ahead it can work wonders towards winning the lane.

ALL THE GOLD's FOR YOU! - Now the reason you're going to be doing this is because it denies the enemy gold, while also making you less susceptible to ganks and being caught out and killed by your opponents. To do this you need to make sure that you are staying just out of the range of your turret. That way you can easily back up into your turret range if danger presents itself. At the same time this means that there will be a long distance the enemy has to cover if they want to get back to their turret, meaning ganks from your jungle or mid can usually result in a kill on one or more of them.

SPOOKY = FREEZE - For you to effectively know when to freeze or push, you need to keep an eye on the map at all times. As a general rule, glancing at the map every 5 seconds or so will usually be enough to give you good awareness of where the enemy is alt all times. Assuming you have wards and other lanes call missing, you can predict when a jungler will gank. If you catch a glimpse of a jungler roaming through mid when they were previously ganking top means you should be freezing the wave in order to avoid an incoming gank.

NO JUNGLER = PUSH - If their jungler is top, then you can push relatively safely, as the jungler will take a significant amount of time to come gank you again. This means you can safely push since you won't have an incoming gank from the jungler. You are still at risk of the Mid coming down bot but as long as its properly warded you can back up with Ambush and then mid will be open for your midlaner to push.

Ah the mid game. This is where you'll either shine, or feel like a complete failure. The point of the midgame is objectives, objectives, objectives. Whoever has more control over the map has more control over the game. I really can't stress how important it is to take towers and dragons at this point in the game. Without the extra help from objectives you are going to be seriously hurting in the lategame - if you make it that far.

I know being the selfish, greedy bastard you are, you're going to want to just get kills and pickoffs all game long because it feels good to have your icon up on the screen. Forget everything you know. Objectives are everything now. They are your entire existence. That's why you need to push.

WHY YOU NEED TOWERS - Towers, as opposed to kills, will grant you entire team gold no matter if they helped or not. They take away a safe haven from your enemies while at the same time providing you with more space to farm and more space to fight. Plus they are permanently removed from the game (unless there's an Azir) and will provide the advantages for the remainder of the game. As well pushing will make the jungler roam over towards your lane, meaning that the rest of the map has less pressure on it due the source of ganks being distracted.

LOOK AT THE MAP - Now pushing works roughly the same as it does in lane, only on a larger scale. You're going to count how many people you have with you, then you're going to glance at the map and count how many are a threat to you. If you outnumber your opponents and there aren't any missing champs that could pose a threat to you, that means it's safe to push. Pushing can feel very awkward because you'll often have the other team guarding it and throwing everything they got at you so you cant take it. I'm going to reinforce the fact that you need to be far back as to not get caught out attempting to push.

GOLD ELSEWHERE? - When pushing, say to yourself: "is there more gold on the map somewhere else?". If the answer is yes, it's not the time to push. The point of ADC is too get as much farm as possible and usually spending more than one or two minutes attempting to take down a turret is just going to be a waste of time and you need to be moving to where you can maximize your gold with your support. This could be something like dragon, killing jungle camps, or straight up pushing another lane.

The last thing about pushing is do not push when you are low. It really never turns out well. There's always going to be that Zed that sneaks up behind your *** and assassinates you. Please just remember to back if you need it.

Generally you don't want to be splitpushing because that give the enemy an opportunity to kill you while you are alone or with your support only, and as well it will take the main source of damage away from your team if I fight happens to break out. However, it does need to be done sometimes, and you are really good at it. Your Ambush gives you alot of flexibility when it comes to where you can be at a given moment. It allows you to quickly transition between lanes, and if you keep the area around you warded you can escape with Q easily.

Twitch pushes really fast with Runaan's Hurricane and Venom Cask, so that's not an issue. However you need to know when it is acceptable to splitpush.
Splitpush when:
  • The enemy is aplit up across various lanes and will not be able to react to your push in time
  • The enemy is split up and won;t be able to quickly group and start a fight/push
  • You and your support are behind from a rough laning phase and your team comp has champs that can take care of themselves

Dragon and baron will provide you with significant buffs that you can use to roam, push, fight, and heal. Twitch has a really easy time of keeping these in check because they prodive the perfect enviroment for him to get off that 5 man ult. Keep wards on the Drag and Baron at all times. You do not want your enemy gettin' these.

If you see the enemy advancing onto an objective now is your time to strike. Bring in a majority of you team. Twitch will have the upper hand because a) they will think they outnumber your team because you're elsewhere and b) they will be all clumped up just like you like them! Pop a few bolts into their hides and they'll be running for the hills. Now depending on what drags your team manages to take, you need to press that advantage and focus on that throughout the game.
  • INFERNAL - Focus on teamfighting and forcing your hand since you have superior damage
  • CLOUD - Focus on roaming around the map as a team, icking off their important players and splitpushers
  • OCEAN - Focus on sieging. You will outlast your enemy due to the extra regen. They'll keep hitting you with poke, you'll keep regen-ing.
  • MOUNTAIN - Focus on pushing and taking more dragons. You have great potential for damage. Use it.


I was kinda rushed to get this out for the contest, as well as having a lot of finals work to do! I will continue to update and improve this guide way more than it already is. Maybe one day I will have a guide like Elusive Ferret's. Anyway, here's the list of features I'm look to add soon:

future features and improvements

TL;DR For This Guide: Twitch best ADC 2k17

I hope I have inspired in you a love for The Rat, and that I have made you a better Twitch and a better player in general! You henceforth have the knowledge of a Twitch main, may you go an exterminate those other weaklings with ease.

Writing this guide has been one hell of a challenge for me being my first guide on Mobafire! I have spent countless hours working on the formatting, research, creation, and revision of this guide so hitting that upvote button would be greatly appreciated! I'd like to thank Elusive Ferret for inspiring me to write this guide, and everyone over at r/Twitchmains for all the knowledge and wisdom.

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