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Ezreal General Guide by ggLA Umashi

AD Carry Blue Ezreal

AD Carry Blue Ezreal

Updated on June 8, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ggLA Umashi Build Guide By ggLA Umashi 67 14 260,579 Views 60 Comments
67 14 260,579 Views 60 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ggLA Umashi Ezreal Build Guide By ggLA Umashi Updated on June 8, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


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More Ezreal Runes

Who Am I?

My name is Umashi, I am a Diamond 1 player who currently plays top lane for ggLA (Gold Gaming Los Angeles.) A new challenger team. In the past I have played for many teams, however, most are not very notable. I feel I draw my strengths in this game from my ability to know the numbers (how much damage X will do, how far Y will travel, etc) and very good instincts which tell me what I need to do. I got these from just spamming out games from 900 elo S1 all the way to where I am now!

I wrote my first successful guide when I was a 1400 elo player early season two. Using what I taught in that guide (Talon Mid) I managed to get myself into the top 25 in ranked Solo Queue. My guide, despite being written by a complete random, out-grew WestRice's guide which is initially how I got some minor fame out of it. Later, I wrote a guide for Lanewick (Laning Warwick) which got me the nickname "Original Lanewick" from some people, although completely untrue I was fairly late to the party even if I beat its use in professional/high-level game-play.

My goal is to become the best League of Legends Player in the world. That may seem a bit crazy but I was a 900 elo player once and now I'm a sponsored player who plays for a top-level NA team. I believe I have the ability to do anything I truly want and all I truly want is to be the best. The best in NA, the best top laner, and the best player in the entire world!
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Introduction to Ezreal

Ezreal is an ADC (Attack Damage Carry) that is usually played at bot lane with a support. Ezreal is versatile enough to be played in any lane, however. The most common ways to see Ezreal are bot lane with a support, mid lane (either AP or AD), or jungling. Ezreal can for the most part handle any situation due to his extremely safe play-style and massive amounts of utility. The build showcased in this guide maximizes his potential utility.

Blue Ezreal is actually very simple. Instead of prioritizing Auto-Attack damage you prioritize Ezreal's ridiculously low Q cooldown to put out massive amounts of damage (even at a range!) It also reduces his W, E, and R to insanely low cooldowns. Frozen Fist, Q, and E combined make it neigh impossible for people to chase you or to run from you. And, you deal a lot more damage than you'd think. This build is in no way weaker than a standard ADC build. Many believe, Blue Ezreal is the strongest ADC if not champion in the game right now.
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This is my standard page on Ezreal. It's basically a standard ADC page except I opt for taking the additional Magic Penetration over the % bonus damage and critical strike. The reason is because 2% bonus damage is negligible at best and you aren't going for any critical strike. Instead you get a little bit of ability power which benefits your Q, W, E, and R and you get some magic penetration which benefits your W, E, and R.

The final points go into defense. I skip the magic resist mastery completely and take bonus health, armor, and improved barrier (it's even stronger in the situation you need to run Cleanse.) I've considered the utility tree but I don't feel Mana Regen is necessary and I like the extra durability in early-laning over summoner spell CDR. It mostly comes down to preference, in my opinion.
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This would be your standard "sustain" ADC rune-page.

  • 9x Attack Damage Marks (Flat)
  • 8x Magic Resist Glyphs (Scaling)
  • 1x Critical Strike Chance Glyph
  • 9x Armor Seals (Flat)
  • 2x Lifesteal Quintessences
  • 1x Attack Damage Quintessence

Take 2x Lifesteal Quints and have an additional Attack Damage Quintessence; this gives enough AD to one shot ranged creeps under turret once the turret hits them. If you lack Lifesteal Quintessences you can run flat AD but be sure to buy an early Vampiric Scepter to make up for your lack of sustain.

You can run any Magic Resist Glyphs, I just prefer scaling myself.

I run this page because it provides everything I need.

This is a fairly standard page all around. Armor for laning because you'll 99% of the time find yourself against an ADC. Magic Resist Scaling because Late-Game AP is much deadlier than early-game. Attack Damage for (obviously) damage, last hitting, trading, etc. Lifesteal for sustain because you usually won't find yourself with much early-game (Doran's Blade start) and one critical strike chance for the RNG Gods!
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Summoner Spells


Normally, I try to advocate the idea that "everything is optional", and it is. However, that doesn't mean certain options are massively superior to the rest and running Flash on your ADC is one of those situations where not doing it would be dumb. Flash gives massive amounts of kiting, chasing, and maneuvering capability.


Barrier is the most versatile and most common of the summoner spells ADCs run. It provides a large shield for two seconds. It can block two ignite ticks before expiring, it can last the duration of exhaust, it can't be cleansed by the enemy ADC, and in a scrimmage with another player it provides more survivability than heal. Overall, it does its job very well and therefore is the recommend "go-to".


Against a team with Heavy CC (where it won't matter if you Barrier because you'll just be CCed to death anyway) you run cleanse to negate that CC. If the enemy doesn't have worthy CC don't run cleanse. For Ezreal being exhausted isn't such a big issue because he's more of an "AD Caster" and the AS slow doesn't hit him as hard as certain other ADCs.

Certain other summoner spells are optional (Heal, Ignite, Exhausted), however, they are much better to run on the support instead of the ADC. You will almost always be running either Flash Barrier or Flash Cleanse.
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Passive: Rising Spell Force

This passive increases Ezreal's attack speed by 10% for every spell hit, up to 50% additional attack speed.
  • Can apply from W hitting allies.
  • When your W/R hit multiple targets you receive multiple stacks.
  • If you hit an enemy in the fog of war you will still receive the passive effect.
  • Opening a Team Fight with your Ultimate or W can instantly max out the bonus effect for more damage.

Mainly, you don't think about this passive very much unless you're checking bushes for enemies. It's a benefit from spamming your spells and aiming well. To get maximum benefit in team-fights use it at beginning of the fight and try to hit as many enemies as possible. Combined with one cast of W you should get 5/5 stacks every time!

Q: Mystic Shot

Ezreal's Q is a long-range short cool-down skill-shot that applies on-hit effects.
  • Can be blocked by spell-shields.
  • Functions like an auto attack and therefore will not benefit from Spellvamp or Rylai's.
  • Cannot critically strike.
  • Mystic Shot's cool-down reduction on hit applies to all spells, including itself.

As it's your main skill and by mid-game you have plenty of CDR and mana, feel free to spam it for harass even if you miss quite a bit.

With Lizard Elder and Iceborne Gauntlet 1 Q should kill a ranged minion/small wraith. That should give you an idea of the damage range it has. With the Iceborne Gauntlet if you're kiting aim for the biggest group of enemies. The slow is AoE and will make them all easy targets. When a target is slowed by Iceborne your next 2 Q's are basically free unless something gets in the way (meaning you can Q somebody endlessly until some out-side force intervenes.)

W: Essence Flux

Ezreal's W is a skill-shot that increases allies Attack Speed while dealing Magic Damage.
  • The attack speed buff does not benefit Ezreal even if he flashes into the skill-shot.
  • Usually, this skill is skipped because of the mana cost and lack-luster bonuses early-game.
  • When pushing turrets, doing dragon, or doing Baron send the spell through allies to increase their damage.

Honestly, don't think about this skill too much beside when your team is doing Baron/Dragon or pushing turrets. In most cases in team-fights just spam it off cool-down wherever the largest group of champions are (enemy and ally!)

E: Arcane Shift

Ezreal's E blinks him to a nearby location and deals damage to the nearest enemy.
  • Can go over walls larger than the blink distance.
  • Make sure to use the damage in early scrimmages to maximize kill potential.
  • With CDR + Q Spam it has around a 4 second cool-down.
  • Cannot be cancelled by disables.
  • Even if hit by something like Blitzcrank's Q you will still finish blinking if you already started.

This is pretty much a go-to get me where I need to go spell. It goes over walls, even very thick walls, it gets you in better positions in team-fights, it allows you to endlessly chase people with Q + Iceborne + Lizard Elder. Don't think of it like most escapes when it comes late-game. It's a damaging, low-cool-down, repositioner.

R: Trueshot Barrage

Ezreal's R is a low cool-down, global skill-shot nuke.
  • Can only hit individual enemies once.
  • Cannot be cancelled by disables despite having a channel time.
  • If Ezreal is moved by something such as Blitzcrank's Q the spell will still come from where he started casting it.
  • With 40% CDR and Q spam Ezreal's R can have a 28 second cool-down.
  • Provides temporary vision.
  • The cool-down is low enough it is perfectly acceptable to use it to farm.

This skill will not one shot creep waves unless you're ridiculously fed. It can be good for picking up 3-5 creeps from base if you need gold, damaging a big wave so your team can push (or stop somebody else from pushing as hard), but mostly you'll find yourself using this as your opener in team-fights and as a burst spell for picking up kills.
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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Mystic Shot is your main damage spell and therefore should be maxed first.

Arcane Shift is also damage but it is your escape/chasing skill. The CD is reduces with each level making it highly recommended to max this out ASAP after Q.

Essence Flux is fairly useless because all it really does is drain mana until you're using it late-game to provide your teammates with an attack speed buff for pushing turrets/doing objectives. Don't level it until you have nothing else to level.

Trueshot Barrage is your ultimate. You level it for more damage every single chance you get!

At max rank Q has a cool-down of 4 seconds and deals 115 damage before added damage and resistances.

At max rank W deals 250 damage with a cool-down of 9 seconds. Essentially, they come out to nearly the same damage. Q becomes stronger once you add in AD scaling and the much lower mana cost (40) compared to W's 90.

Overall, it's a waste of mana to level W, Q provides much more for much less. Leveling E second is recommended as it brings the cool-down from 19 to 11 with CDR it becomes insanely low.
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Item Analysis

Starting Items

There are four "standard" starts on ADCs. Doran's Blade, Long Sword , Elixir of Fortitude , and Crystalline Flask

The most common is Doran's Blade because combined with 4% lifesteal you'll get roughly 8 health back per auto attack. Assuming you continuously attack/trade you get a large amount of sustain from it (usually more than a Long Sword + 2x Health Potions!) Red Pot and Flask start are both very situational. I wouldn't suggest either on Ezreal because Flask start is usually used on champions who just want to safely farm and not fight, but Ezreal can fight. Red Pot start is popular on Vayne and Draven for the most part but doesn't function as well on other ADCs.

Core Build

In most situations builds can be messed around with. That's true here as well, some people like to build differently. However, in my experience the proper core items should be built in order and first to get maximum strength.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard Manamune Frostfire Gauntlet and Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the usual core. Combined with either Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King and a Last Whisper

The exact build order should usually be Doran's Blade followed directly by Spirit of the Elder Lizard, you'll want to get tier 1 boots after this. Then buy Tear of the Goddess and start spamming to charge it up (you have lots of mana regen!) Finish your Ionian Boots of Lucidity and then build into Frostfire Gauntlet get Glacial Shroud before you get Sheen unless the enemy team is lacking physical damage. Finish your Manamune and then pick up a Vampiric Scepter finally, either build Bloodthirster and/or build Last Whisper followed by Blade of the Ruined King depending on how bulky the enemy team is. Don't build both Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King you need Armor Penetration. Come Late-Game replace you Spirit of the Elder Lizard with Black Cleaver

Item Analysis

Doran's Blade

Overall, just a solid item. Because of the flat health return on it per auto-attack it is a strong item to get early. Buy one, sometimes two, in the early-game to give your sustain a boost. It's cheap life-steal that falls off the later the game gets. On top of that it gives AD and Health which are super effective for winning early trades.

My mindset on buying Doran's Blades are that if you have to back early (900g) you buy boots and a second Doran's Blade. Otherwise, it's more effective to just get AD (Lizard Elder) because of your passive (rune) lifesteal, which will way out-scale the healing provided by the Doran's Blade. Usually, if you have to go back around 900g it's because your behind and a Doran's Blade is meant to be a cheap boost in strength, the down-side is it doesn't build into anything.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

For the most part you only buy these boots to max out your CDR. There really isn't a better option and the boots themselves aren't too expensive so they're the best choice. Even if tempted, don't go buying Berserker's Greaves, you want max CDR to maximize the effectiveness of the build.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard

This item is cost effective at 2kg for 2700g worth of stats before including the passive true damage (which scales with levels) and the extra damage to jungle monsters. That's why this item is such a strong rush, you can get insanely high damage quite quickly by rushing this and that gives you the ability to easily win your lane.

Some people prefer to rush Bloodthirster instead but it costs an additional 1200g and even though it's more cost effective than the Elder Lizard you give up time to get it and I feel being strong early allows you to snowball an advantage and build upon it. Plus, Elder Lizard is needed in order to acquire 40% CDR which is a huge part of what makes this build powerful.


Until you have a fully charged Tear of the Goddess I find this item to be rather lackluster. You'll want to buy a tear after you get your Spirit of the Elder Lizard in order to start charging it but you don't really want a manamune until it's maxed out. The item you really want is Muramana which gives you additional damage on every auto-attack.

Iceborn Gauntlet

A huge piece of completely the Blue Build. This helps max out your CDR but more importantly it allows you apply a constantly slow on your Q. With max CDR your Q is a 1.4 second cooldown (assuming it hits something) and the internal cooldown of the slow is 2 seconds. This means you can potentially endlessly slow somebody using this item and his Q.

The big thing to remember about this item though is that it is an AoE slow. Meaning, usually you'll get more use out of it by landing your Q's on groups of enemies and then following the easiest target to harass.

Last Whisper

Pretty much core for any ADC. Whether or not the enemy team is building solid Armor you will want to buy this item because Armor Penetration even on targets with low armor will amplify your damage. The later in the game the higher their base armor as well meaning this will apply more damage the later the game goes. That's why it's a bad idea to rush it but at the same time you don't want to wait forever to buy one.

The Bloodthirster

Your going to buy one of two Lifesteal items, this or Blade of the Ruined King. Blade is usually the better option because it scales better the later you are into the game and the active is amazing for being an even better kiter than you already are. The big thing though is that it's completely dependent on how much health the enemy has.

If the enemy team is primarily squishy then you will probably want to buy a Bloodthirster before you ever even consider buying a Blade, however, usually the enemy team will have a bruiser or two with health and armor. In this situation you'll 100% want Blade because it can shred tanks and you don't have IE + Crit to shred tanks life a normal ADC would.

Blade of the Ruined King

See Above.

The Black Cleaver

Because Spirit of the Lizard Elder is such a cheap item by the time you reach full-build it starts to fall off somewhat. At this point you'll want to replace it. I recommend replacing it with a Black Cleaver; with The Black Cleaver you keep your damage and max CDR, however, you get additional armor penetration which is insanely strong late-game.
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Early Game

Early-game Ezreal is played just like Ezreal is always played which isn't too difficult. The most important thing as Ezreal is to be able to land his Q's, if you can land his Q's you're already good, if you can land trick Q's (through the center of the creep wave, etc) then you're a beast! But overall, playing early-game Ezreal is playing any ADC's laning phase except you have Ezreal's skills. You have to harass, trade, and CS.


Harassing is the easiest between the three. For the most part there are two good ways to harass the enemy ADC. The first one is just to Q him for free, it's simple and efficient. The second way is when he walks forward (into range) to go take a CS you harass him. He then has to choose whether or not he wants to CS or harass you. A smart played will harass you back making it a trade.


Trading can be defined as playing aggressively with the intent to do more damage then your enemy. A good trade doesn't mean you took no damage, it means you put more "effective" damage then your opponent. Effective damage meaning they don't out-sustain you and win later because they healed up and you didn't. Trading and CSing kind of compete with each other. When people try to harass you when you go for CS it's almost 100% of the time better to trade with them instead because chances are they walked closer to your creeps meaning when they hit you they will take creep damage, combine that with your damage they will take more. Once an enemy is low they automatically lose CS from having to play defensively and you can take lane control and put out a CS lead. If you go for CS and take free harass then you end up just falling behind and getting zoned.


CSing for the most part is simple. As most ADC's it's ideal to keep the creeps near the center of the lane so you last hit until the wave starts pushing toward you then you attack a bit more (but make sure to still get the last hits) so the lane will stay near the center. This is not true for champions like Ashe and Caitlyn who actually benefit from pushing because of their range. Ezreal does benefit from pushing but his Q gives him enough kill potential it's more beneficial in most cases to keep the creep wave in a position where you will not be ganked and you can harass them and trade with them. It's very important as an ADC to not miss free CS though.

If you have trouble CSing go into a custom and play a champion to 10 minutes over and over until you can get over 100 CS at 10 minutes, or 228 CS at 20 minutes if you want a real challenge.

Additional Information

Almost always you will want to start Doran's Blade with Q.

If you're on blue side you should always try to start double golems for the experience advantage over the enemy bot lane. Share experience with your support because having two people at level two is more useful than one person at level two. Play aggressively early using your level advantage and make sure to delay the enemies level two as long as possible. It establishes dominance in lane and gives you a small CS lead which intimidates enemies.

If you're on purple side what I just explained above will probably happen to you. Ezreal has the advantage of being able to use Q to CS and harass from a-far. Force your enemies behind their creep wave by harassing them with auto's and Q's when they aren't close together (if they are you'll just take two players spells + autos) or if you can't use your Q to CS until they push and you can reset the lane and trade with them properly.

Generally, there are gold amounts that are preferred for backing at.
  • 900 = Boots, Doran's Blade #2, + 2 Health Potions
  • 1150 = Boots, Spirit Stone, + 3 Health Potions
  • 1550 = Boots, Spirit Stone, Long Sword, + 3 Health Potions
  • 2000 = Spirit of the Lizard Elder (get boots later)

In most cases try to avoid backing on a wave with a Cannon Minion. It takes longer for the turret to kill and sometimes the enemy team will be able to easily push two entire creep waves into your turret. When your opponents back it is usually a good idea for you to go back as well otherwise you'll fall behind in items (even if you have the level advantage) and they may be able to re-claim some of their power in lane if they're behind and if they're ahead they'll probably just dominate you harder.

The laning phase usually ends in Solo Queue when the first bot lane or mid lane turret goes down or sometimes during the first dragon fight. Usually, teams do not communicate enough to end the phase earlier than this.
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Mid Game

Mid-game is the phase after the laning phase (early-game) but before late-game (full or near full item builds.) Often during mid-game there is a lot of contest over buffs in the jungle, dragon, and any turrets that are left up. Teams will also group up and attempt to catch enemies out of position to gain position to make plays on something else (Turret, Dragon, Buff, More Kills.)

At this point Ezreal should be reaching godlike status. Usually, I find early-game ends around the point I have Lizard Elder and Sheen, sometimes even CDR Boots (although, I only buy these if I have around 700g when I buy my sheen or I am forced to back.) With those items at this point it's very easy to play aggressively and gain map dominance. Ezreal has one of the best mid-games of all ADCs.

If your team is willing to communicate with you often times it's a good idea to seige mid either as 4 or 5 depending on your top laner (somebody like Jayce should 100% group while somebody like Jax can benefit more from split pushing), however, if your team doesn't want to communicate simply try to force it by pushing bot lane and then roaming elsewhere to apply pressure and try to force the enemy team to group, which will make your team group.

If you get any control on the map at all forcing a dragon is often the best move to make. It can force a team-fight in your favor and if your jungler isn't trash at smiting Ezreal can kill the Dragon quite fast with this build and secure an easy 1k gold between the team. This is Ezreal's time to shine so you should try to make the best of it.
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Late Game

Late-game is when your build should be getting finished. Your build at the minimum should look something like this:

and usually you'll have one of Infinity Edge, Blade of the Ruined King, Warmogs, or Guardian Angel depending on what you needed for the game at hand. ADCs finishing their build is usually the marker for the beginning of true late-game because ADCs often find themselves with the most gold on a team and therefore the most items (even if they are expensive items!)

Late-game revolves mostly around team-fights, however, what leads to those team-fights also makes up late-game.

Late-game revolves around...
  • Baron
  • Grouping
  • Tower Pushing
  • Jungle Buffs
  • Sieging/Poking

Most of which can be defined by the term "applying pressure". You always want to make the other team feel like they're pressured to stop you, not like they're pressured to do anything else. Make their main focus to stop your team and your team will come out ahead. If the enemy team is more worried about you doing baron than you are about them doing baron then you are in a very good position.

Overall, you have a full build so you cannot ward. Make sure your team keeps Baron warded at all times. Never over-extend without your team, always wait for creep waves to push in and make sure your team doesn't over-extend too much either. Going bottom can be risky because if the enemy team gets baron, while it's not game-ending it is a big advantage to them for four minutes. Use your ultimate to deal with waves at bot lane.

If the enemy team are going to get anything for free (dragon, baron, turret) try to get something else to counter-act it. Any time the other team gets anything 100% free because they force you to respond otherwise you lose more, that's a huge loss for your entire team. If you cannot take anything, just make sure you don't lose anything, eventually somebody will slip up and just hope it isn't one of your teammates.
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Team Fights

While poking with this build is fun team-fights are where it will really shine. By the time real "team-fights" start you should have decent items. Otherwise, it's usually the enemy ganking your team or a skirmish. Rarely, if ever, is there a real "early-game team-fight" in solo-queue. In the situation you do run into an early-game team-fight just remember that Ezreal has very good damage but if you waste your E you can easily be screwed over by somebody diving onto you.

In late-game team fights your damage is your Q, E, and auto attacks mainly, but you should be spamming just about everything. Your Q is on a 1.4 second cooldown so spam it every single time it's available. Between every Q you should be auto attacks, and using W if it's up. Use your ultimate either to finish off a target before they escape OR to hit multiple targets early into the fight (this is recommended because it maxes your passive quickly.)

At any time when your E is up if there is a superior position to be in (there almost always is) you should use it. Unlike other escapes, or even early-game, Ezreal's E comes down to around a 4 second cooldown which means there is almost no harm in spamming it (unless you waste it before getting dived on, which will not happen if you're moving to a better position in the fight!)

Ezreal, unlike some other ADCs, is not a back line ADC. He does not require or expect protection from his team and he is not expected to be standing in the back either. If two bruisers are after you, you're perfectly allowed to dive into the background and kite them around (not even an Olaf can chase you down with this build! Just remember to keep casting), however, in the situation two bruisers are not diving onto you, Ezreal is a front-line ADC.

A front-line ADC is basically an ADC that positions to the sides of the team-fight rather than hiding behind his team-mates. This allows you to his more targets with your W/R as well as use your Q's and auto-attacks on squishier targets most of the time. The low cool-down on your E allows you to stay in safe positioning (away from AoE, skill-shots, and anything deadly) while still putting out high amounts of damage on the enemy team.
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Ezreal is not really countered by any lone ADC or Support. Rather he is countered by certain combos. Usually, aggressive champions with CC. Supports like Lulu and Sona. ADCs like Draven and Miss Fortune who are aggressive are also very effective. Melee supports like Blitzcrank and Leona aren't quite effective against Ezreal because his E avoids their initiates.


Ezreal cannot beat Draven through standard means. Draven is the king of laning phase and will always out-damage you. The nice thing is that Draven sucks in team-fights (in most cases) and therefore is forced to play over-aggressive in lane to make up for it. This forces him to put himself into positions where he can take free harass (Q's.) Just whittle him down and rely on your support to harass as well, if he gets low and it's safe you can go for the kill. In most cases against a good Draven you will simply have to wait until the laning phase ends.

Miss Fortune:

Miss Fortune beats Ezreal because she has high base-stats and strong all-in potential. This forces Ezreal to play defensively because he cannot beat her in a fair fight. Just like explained with Draven, and MF usually plays aggressively. Harass her slowly until you get an opening to kill her. If there is no opening just focus on CSing and try to become more useful in later phases of the game. While MF does have strong AoE for team-fights she doesn't have the ability to position as easily and as well as Ezreal.


Lulu is very good at playing aggressively and has a few tricks that are strong against an Ezreal. Her E+Q harass in general is very strong but the slows provided on her Q, W, and even her ultimate are what really hurt Ezreal. During laning his E is on a high cool-down and if she can render Ezreal immobile it is easy for an ADC to take advantage of his squishiness.


Sona is strong against Ezreal because she deals high damage and Ezreal is relatively squishy. Her ultimate once she reaches 6 gives an ADC enough time to easily burst him down. Sona does rely on her ADC a bit more than other choices but she can harass hard enough that if you make any mistake you can die to her alone quite easily.
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Allied Supports

Ezreal is a very open and versatile champion when it comes to his supports. Almost anybody works but here are his top three in my opinion.


Nami is in my opinion Ezreal's best support. Her E functions with his Q allowing him to get all three hits off easily. During laning this makes for godlike harass. Nami has two forms of AoE CC (Q and R) which makes it easy for her and Ezreal to stack ultimates to put out tons of damage. I find Nami's Q + E combined allow Ezreal to beat out even the toughest opponents (Draven!) Her W which is both heal and harass is just a wonderful, absolutely wonderful, bonus.


Sona, like Lulu, is good at playing aggressively. While Sona does not have the advantages of slows and being able to make Ezreal a tank, she does put out more damage than any other support (consistently!) and her ultimate combined with Ezreal's ultimate gives very high kill potential at level 6+. Ezreal + Sona is known to be a very scary "poke" lane.


Ezreal is very good at positioning and spamming. Leona's passive and all-in ability allows Ezreal to play the lane very aggressively. In the situation Leona hits somebody Ezreal can proc every single one of her passives very easily (even on two targets) and this gives them a massive amount of in-lane burst. Ezreal is also safe enough that if all goes wrong he can get out and leave Leona to die.

Honorable Mention


Lulu has stacked slows as well as a shield and a health buff. She can take Ezreal's squishiness and make him feel much bulkier. Her slows make it easy to land Ezreal's skill-shots and she has naturally high base damages so Ezreal + Lulu are fantastic for poking down opponents. Lulu is in general the go-to support that works with everybody.
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In this game I didn't go for tear, this was while I was still experimenting. I'll provide better VODs soon :)

Sorry if I talk about random stuff, I was talking to stream viewers!
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Final Notes

Please follow me on twitter and twitch!

Thank You! If you have any questions feel free to send them to me here or on twitter. Or, show up on my stream sometime!

I also almost always answer anything sent to me on reddit. /u/Umashi

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