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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Zilean Build Guide by Shironeko89

AP Carry BomberMan Zilean AP Mid (Updated)

AP Carry BomberMan Zilean AP Mid (Updated)

Updated on July 8, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shironeko89 Build Guide By Shironeko89 5 3 642,480 Views 1 Comments
5 3 642,480 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shironeko89 Zilean Build Guide By Shironeko89 Updated on July 8, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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About the Author

Hello summoners! I'm Shironeko89 and I'm going to tell you about Zilean, the chronokeeper! I am currently in Gold V. I First Played Zilean when he was on Rotation and I went with him as a support, I didnt like it at all, so i tried mid, and ended up carrying. Hopefully I can show you that Zilean is a LOT better than people give him credit for.

(156018 points and yes, level 6, iv been lazy with 7)

What is a Zilean ?

Zilean is a Long/medium ranged burst mage who has a lot of CC and Damage. He has a point and click slow and an AoE stun that also does damage. I love putting a bomb on someone while they are running away and as you turn and walk away, they burn a flash hoping that the bomb will come off, but still die. or putting a bomb on someone and watch them walk next to a team mate that is already low, and it blows up killing the low one or both.

This is old Zilean, but I like it:
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Pros and Cons


+Great CC
+Good Damage
+Quick Escapes

Has An AoE stun that also damages. if you are getting ganked or getting chased, just slow the person your getting ganked by, or speed yourself up. if you get turret dived or you wanna get into someone's face and you know your gonna die, just ult yourself, 9/10 times, even if they see the ult on you, they will still attack you.


-Slow can only effect 1 person
-Bad With Tanks
-Skill Shots

you are squishy, but you have good escapes and your long range, so it doesnt really matter much. If you need to, get a rylai's and you should be ok. your slow/speed up can only be put on 1 person but because of your W(Rewind) you can do it twice. Zilean has good damage, but when he is fighting a tank, he cant do much, get a gank or hope he Turret dives. Zilean's Q(Time Bomb) is a skill shot, so if you miss, you do no damage unless someone is still in the AoE when it goes off.
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Flash : always get flash . . . always.

Ignite & Teleport : Personal Preference, I normally got ignite, but with the new passive, teleport seems better for roams and sharing exp
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Champion Abilities

Zilean's skill set all works together, you have to use it all to do the best combo.

Time in a Bottle (Passive): Zilean generates 2 / 3.5 / 5 / 6 / 12 experience every 5 seconds, which does not advance his own level. When he has enough to level up an allied champion and is out of combat, he can right-click them to to initiate a 1 second channel, after which he grants them enough experience to finish their level and receiving the same amount. If the channel is interrupted, Time in a Bottle goes on cooldown for 2 seconds. Time in the Bottle starts the game on cooldown.

tips: One of the reasons I bring Teleport now, you can let your passive stack over time, (because honestly, its not very amazing early game), but, when you have a decent amount of exp saved up, you can roam/tp bot and pick up a kill or 2 and/or level up your adc.

Time Bomb (Q): Zilean throws a time bomb on a unit, and after 3 seconds it explodes and deals damage in an AoE.

Your Q (Time Bomb) is a skill shot, so be do your best to aim
at Max rank, Time Bomb does 300 damage (thats more than most mid laners, annie for example) and its based off 90% of your AP.
after landing Time Bomb on someone, you can use your W (Rewind) to toss another Bomb, and if you land it on the first bomb, you get a 1.1 - 1.5 sec stun and it does the damage of 2 bombs.
your Time Bomb Explodes immediately if the Target its on, dies.

Rewind (W): Zilean refreshes both his Q and E skills cooldown by 10 seconds.

tip: rewind is VERY important, it is needed for your combos.

Time Warp Time Warp (E): Zilean can Speed up himself or an ally OR Slow an enemy.

your E (Time Warp) is a point and click, so use that to your advantage
At Max Rank, time warp does a 99% speed up or Slow, so its good for chasing/running and locking down someone, and with your W (Rewind) and can use it 2 times.

Chronoshift (R): Zilean puts a Protective Rune on himself or an ally for 5 seconds, if the person dies with the protective rune active, they are revived with a set amount of life.

Point and click
great for outplays/saves.
at max rank and max CDR, the cooldown is only 40 seconds.
at max rank, it revives you with 1100 HP, but it is also based off of 200% of your ap, so you should be able to revive yourself or someone else with most/all their hp.
dont be selfish with your ult, its on a 40 sec cooldown, if you are out of trouble but you see a teammate is about to die, ult them.
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: 20% CDR, 400 mana, AND 100 AP.

great first item for zilean, although, it doesn't give you any hp or resists, so, if your having problems in lane, you may just wanna get a lost chapter for mana and ap and then start building something else first, the CDR can come later.

: 100 AP and 10% movement speed, great damage

: almost always my 4th item when I go ap anything
120 AP and 35% bonus AP!?!?!

: 100 AP, 400 HP and a slowing passive.

great item, the passive isnt that amazing with zilean because you already have your Time Warp and your bombs only do damage every 3 secands, so, they wont get slowed until it explodes. but hey, HP and AP.

: 45 armor, 70 AP, and 10% CDR.

although they made the active timer longer (120 seconds), its a good item to pick up, the armor and active can help you a bunch against champs like Zed and Talon. although your ult should stop them most of the time.

: 300 HP, 400 Mana, and 80 AP, and an active that slows people in a cone in front of you.

honestly, never used this item before with zilean, but, it seems like it could work. it could replace rylai's in your build.

void staff GLP-800: 80 AP and ignores 35% of targets MR.

great item if they have some mr items, if not, there are other options.

: 200 Mana and 20 AP. passive: gain stacks on kills or assists (up to 25) and for each stack, you get 5 ap, lose 10 stacks on death.

only get it if you are stomping or if you know your gonna be fighting someone mid that you know you can beat, start with Dark Seal first item. high risk, high reward.

: 300 HP, 80 AP, +15 Magic pen, and a passive that burn the target for 2% of their current HP, effect is doubled if their movement is impaired.

only get if you have rylai's, good item for magic pen and the burn.

: 60 AP, 60 MR, and 10% CDR.

aura passive that reduces nearby champions MR based on level (10 - 25). good item depending on the enemy team.

: 300 HP, 60 AP, 10% CDR, and a dash/fireball active

never used on zilean, I dont think its needed because you already have a massive speed-up, dont really need a dash.

: 80 AP, 1000 Mana, passive: 3% of your mana is converted into AP, and Active: Drain 20% of your mana and gain a shield of the amount of mana drained + 150.

use this item when going the late game build

: 60 AP, 300 HP, 300 Mana, and passive: every minute gain a stack (stacks up to 10) and each stack gives you +20 HP, +10 Mana and 4 AP.

this item can be used in either build, but works better in the late game build.

the next few items are just suggestions for if your just to far behind and you wont be doing any damage any time soon, and your better off going ap/off-tank.

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Skill Combo

The Basic and really the only combo you need to know is:

Time Warp --> Time Bomb --> Rewind --> Time Bomb --> Time Warp

Slow your target with Time Warp, land a Time Bomb on them while they are slowed (you should land it pretty easy unless they flash/use escape skill) and then Rewind to get back your slow and Time Bomb back, and then land another Time Bomb on them (they should still be slowed from the first slow) and then they should be stunned from landing 2 bombs on them, auto attack (and ignite if they are low) till the stun is over, and then Time Warp them again and auto attack them while they are slowed.

after all of that, they should ether be half life, low, or dead. or at least lost a flash.

clearing CS:

Time Bomb --> Rewind --> Time Bomb

throw a Time bomb in the middle of a wave of minions and then rewind and then throw another Time Bomb, that should clear is really fast.


Chronoshift --> Time Warp --> Rewind --> Time Warp

if you are ever in a sticky situation (Slow, Getting hit by a Xin, etc) ult yourself. if it is just you and 1 enemy, just speed yourself up after you revive, that should be enough to get away or turn it around.

but you you are surrounded by 3+ enemies, ult yourself and right after you revive, flash in the direction of a bush and speed yourself up.
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Team Work

Zilean does have good damage, even at late game, but his utility is just as great, try stunning the whole enemy team, or slow the high priority target, and then squad up on it. also revive allies when you have the chance.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shironeko89
Shironeko89 Zilean Guide
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BomberMan Zilean AP Mid (Updated)

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