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League of Legends Build Guide Author 15051

Brand: Is That Fireproof?

15051 Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Hello everyone!! My second guide to Mobafire is dedicated to Brand. Please comment down below to help me improve this guide.

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Pros / Cons

-Hurts a lot early and late game
-Lich-like ulti(for those dota fans)
-Awesome passive
-Can kill squishies in one combo (I actually killed teemo and fiddle with my ulti only)
-A bad *** /taunt

-Must learn a few combos
-Skill shot stun

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All you need is Ability power and magic penetration runes.

You would want this instead of , because in late game this would deal much more damage especially those who stack MR. I also chose Magic Penetration because 0.95 Magic Penetration does more damage than 0.59 AP.
Greater Seal of Replenishment You can either get this or or I prefer Seal of Replenishment, because I get to stay in a lane longer, and perhaps getting boots and catalyst at the same time if not being harassed.
This is a primary rune, so it give the most AP for a non-Quintessence rune. Great early game
This is also great early game. You can do almost 200 damage with (including the passive) with these runes.

Other runes to consider:
Cooldown Runes- They are useful for spamming skills, but you waste more mana to deal more damage.

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Brand relies on combos to maximize his damage output. Without combos he wouldnt deal as much damage.

A combo I usually use to farm is: --> I ONLY USE THIS WHEN BOTH SKILLS ARE AT LEVEL 3. If they are not use Pillar of Flame on the range minions and finish them off with your basic attack.

Harrassing Combo: -->-->
If you wish to conserve mana just use pillar of flame. If you want to creep as well as harrassing, wait until the enemy comes close to minions, use pillar of flame and then conflagration.

Safe Harrassing: Use to harrass at level 1. This spell does the most damage and will significantly be boosted by your AP and Magic pen. runes. Once the enemy is low health OR you are sure you can get a kill go in use -->-->--> -->Basic Attack

A killer combo-single target: -->-->-->-->-->

5 v 5 War combo: -->-->-->-->-->-->
Note: Usually, after you use Pyroclasm, the enemy is low health and retreating. Use the single target combo to chase and finish off your enemy.

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My masteries are similar to many Caster builds. I prefer to get instead of , because the extra mana is very useful in early game. If you insist on using Utility Master, be sure to get mana golem when possible.

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I try to build my Catalyst the Protector in early game, so I dont have to Recall as much. Get the mana crystal and health potions first, so you can stay in a lane longer. When you first recall, you should have enough gold to build a Catalyst the Protector. You should be around level 5-7. Once you get Catalyst go to back to your lane and creep some more. The next recall, you should have enough money for a and . This item is pretty easy to get, since Brand is an amazing creeper. You should be able to land some kills now, either you help your teammates to gank, or they go to your lane to gank. You can either recall when you have enough money for OR go staight for (this would need around 2k), BUT I prefer going Rabadon straight away. Do the same thing for , either go blasting wand OR go straight rod of ages, this would need 1.6k+/-.

The boots is a standard caster's boots. You may replace with , if you feel the enemies doesn't have a lot of MR.

With Catalyst the Protector, build it into a , or if you are faced with a lot of CC and disables get .

A is absolutely lovely. An example of how it may be used: Uh oh...Master Yi is chasing me!! Conflagration-->Sear-->Pillar of Flame-->run...Sigh he's still chasing and all my skill are on CD. ZHONYA!!!-->Conflagration-->Sear-->Pillar of Flame-->Pyroclasm-->Ignite. Huh? OH!! I got a kill!! YAY

Situational Items:
If you are against a lot of CC and disables get this instead of
If they have a lot of mages, get this. This item is awesome. Not only does it give MR and AP, it's passive reduces nearby enemy champion's MR by 20, and has 1000 range.
If your enemy has a lot of HP such as Cho Gath or Renekton, get this. This item reduces their HP by 30% which is A LOT(plus extra dmg depending on your AP). A Cho Gath with Warmogs and 6 stacks of Feast usually as 3k+ HP, Deathfire Grasp would deal 1k+ HP. Ouch or what.
A very good item for when fighting people who stack MR. If tanks are stacking MR (such as Galio) You should get this to increase damage dealt to him. With magic pen. runes, sorcerer shoes, and void staff you can ignore probably more than 50% of your enemies' MR, depending on how much it is.

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Skill Sequence

I go first because it does the most damage at level 1, and it is nice to creep with. Next I get , so I can harrass more. Let's say u miss , but you hit a nearby minion, use , to set the enemy champion ablazed by your passive . You only need one level in . This skill is only used for the stun, and isn't much help in farming. Once and are both level 3, you can easily get the ranged minions by using this combo: --> . This is easy 50+ gold. As with most champion, get your ulti Pyroclasm when you hit level 6. Now you can easily win a 5 man war IF you do not get aimed.

Pillar of Flame is probably your best nuke besides your ulti. You should try using your ulti first or conflagration then pillar of flame for mofo crazy damage.

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Summoner Spells

For me Flash and Ignite is the best. You may also get Ghost if you are not comfortable with Flash.

Optional Summoner Spells:
If you don't feel confident yet, get this spell. This allows quick access to your lane and you can easily defend a turret, by scaring off or destroying your enemies.
If you are not comforatble with Flash get this. Also get this if you are not level 12 yet.
It can subsitute Ignite, and is probably the best chocice if your level is inadequate to own Ignite.
Maybe if you delay your recalling back to base you might get this. But this is only useful for the first 10-20 mins of the game or when you are planning to stay in a lane for a very long time.
Only useful if you are challenged by a lot of CC and disables, so you are gambling on the enemy's champion choice. Quicksilver Sash is also a much better choice. The only reason why people would stun you is so you won't unleash PyroclasmYou would also be fighting range and safe, so you wouldn't get disabled.

Let your supports get this
You are not a jungler.
You do not need AD
Play smart and harrass well and you won't need this for every single Champion you play with.
Play safe and use your pots bro.
Again for supporters.

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A new item is put in. Rylai's Crystal Scepter has been inserted into the item build. If you have watched the Champion Spotlight on Brand you have seen how rylai have been helpful, so I decided to go with it.