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Brand Build Guide by TigerBladezz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TigerBladezz

Brand: The Rageing Fire

TigerBladezz Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Hello this is my third build.I have made this build for Brand he is a strong Mage champion that excells by doing combos and harrasing champions to kill them.I love Brand so that is why i am makeing this build to teach others how i play this champion.I play Brand in ranked and do very my most recent game which was 22/9/11 in a ranked is what made me want to make this build to share my build and let you know about this awsome champ so here we go.Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

The Pros:
- Awsome damage
- Fun to play
- Great stun that can save your azz
- Awsome Dot's
- Looks cool
- Sounds cool
- Cool skins (if your into that i my self own apocolyptic Brand)
- Annoying as hell to other team (so far i have made 7 ppl rage because of how annyoing brand can be if played right)
- Very strong in mid or duo can out range most champs (damn cait)
- Very high damageing/effective/stunning 1,2,3(4) combo that can devastiate ennemies.

The Cons:
- Squishy
- Gets targeted
- Gets ganked a lot for some reason so you need to keep an eye on your chat and map
- usless when combo is done
- if you miss stun on fed champ you are in trouble
- Can be hard to get full combo with minions around
- Is very VERY annyoing when some one gets away with 2 hp after passive and ignite

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For Ruens I take
Greater Mark of Insite for the magic penetration with you boots and Haunting Guise you will have about 50 magic pen early game its soooo good and your spells will do soo much and your passive will net you a bunch of kill and do a bunch of damage because his passive scales with magic penetration.
Greater Seal of Ability Power For the added Ap these give you a good boost of ap to help you get kills and will give you more max ap at higher lvls
Greater Glyph of Ability Power these bad boys will give you 37 ap at lvl 1 with you Amplyfing Tome very srtong which makes you Sear do a good 105 damage before resistances.
Greater Quintessence of Health these puppys will make you a little more durable and will save you in some fights when escape with lower the 78 hp so i perfer these but take magic pen ones if you perfer.

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So for masteries i go 9/021 so the 9 points in offence are for the magic pen and cd reduction and ap then the 21 points in utility are for all the good mage stuff and takinging improved flash to make it have a shorter cd plus all the other god stuff like move speed and mana regen and cd reduction and so on these are the best masteries that best work for me.

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Summoner Spells

So for summoner spells I like to take Flash and Ignite but you can also take
Ghost: Can be taken insteal of flash if that is perfered.
Exhaust: can be taken instead of ignite if you are playing ranked and they have lke a xin or trydn or yi to stop them later game.
Clarity:This spell is more for the newer players who waste more mana might want this so that there not running out of mana all the time but other then that its not very usefull on brand.
Teleport:If you like to use tele then by all means use it but i never perfered it but if u like tele go ahead ive seen it used before for brand.


Heal: No you are not a noob dont use this scrubbish spell
Fortify: Umm no wtf brand aint no tank.
Cleanse: No the only champ tht i find this good on is Kassadin as you can cleanse and gtfo with ult but brand dosent have an ult like kass so no.
Revive: Who the f*ck ever uses this thing its **** and its **** with a 9 min cd dont even think about this bs no champ can use this and do well its just plain ****
Clairvoyance: I actully like this spell ON SUPPORTS brand aint so support so just no to this one let that Sona or Taric take it they will have more uses with it.
Rally: Wtf is this **** ive never even used this its just total **** and its like ****ting on your champ when you pick this this spell is only used for trollong
Smite: This spell is a must have on some champs brand how every is not one of them because brand dosent jungle.

I think that about covers it.

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So now on to the fun part


yes so i am excited about showing you my item build for Brand this build is viable for ranked and for normal i have played this build in both and both come out with amazing results so here it is: First start off with a Amplyfing Tome and 1 Health Potion. once you have got back to base buy Boots of Speed if you have enough (which you should have) and work on your Haunting Guise if you have more gold to spend (usually i try to be able to buy my Boots of Speed and the health crystal for my Haunting Guise and some Health Potion's and Mana Potion's.

Once you have completed your Haunting Guise move on to your Rabadons Deathcap man this item will give you TONZ of AP its like 150 ap plus an ap steroid that gives you 30% more Ap beautifull isn't it so once you have completed you Rabadons Deathcap its time to f*ck shyt up b*tchezzz.So after your Rabadons you want to start working on your Rod of Ages lets just say that this item is the bomb (if anyone ever uses that word anymore) on Brand this gives you good hp,mana and ap so in other words every thing that hes gonna need at that time in game where other ppl get strong and so you need hp you like to use many combos on ennemies this drains your mana and more ap WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT PEOPLE so a very good and almost must have item for Brand.

So this next item is more game dependant so the 3 items that can fill the fifth spot for me are Zhonya's Hourglass, Abyssal Mask and Archangles Staff these item will be used in differnt games like you are fighting heavy ad or there is a fed tryndamere (lord knows this happens A LOT) then buy a Zhonya's Hourglass. If there is many casters or a fed mage on the other team buy a Abyssal Mask and if the other team really sucks and you just wanna go TROLOLOLOL KILLED YOU IN 2 SPELLS ASHE LOLOLOLOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ then buy Archangles Staff as with this item will give you tons of ap because of all the other mana from your Rod of Ages,So pick which ever item is best for each game and work with that and if you really REALLY must have the Archangles Staff or you are playing normal then buy a Tear of the Goddess earlier in the game to get that mana pool up before you buy it to give you even MORE AP when it is purchased.Ok so for the 6th item spot this is pretty much a must have this item is da dada daaaaaaaaa Void Staff yes this item will gove you a good boost to your ap as well as make you do 40% more damage you want to do 40% more dam,age dont you so look no further then this bad boi because usually when this time comes (if the other team has any scence at all) then they will have a good ammount of Magic restistance your worst enemy so cut that all down by 40% and Void Staff my friends will be your best friend.

So now with the main item build done once you have enough gold sell your Haunting Guise and purchase a Rylais Crystal Scepter this will make all your moves slow and give mor more hp and ap very usefull late late game so this is it for items this is an expensive build but when once combo kills a squishy it is all worth it (trust me) so try and keep and good farm and get kills.

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Skill Sequence

So for skill sequence i like to max out my Piller of Flame because it does the most damage of all his spells with lowest cd this spell is his bread and butter so that is why i max it it aslo helps me to farm and harras the enemy.Every time that i can level up Pyroclasm i do and and then after Piller of Flame is max level I then start leveling up Sear and Conflagration i find this to be the best way to maximize on his damage.

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Ranked Play

So this is how i play this champ in ranked he is completly viable and he does very well.You will want to try and get mid usually i try and farm my self until i am level 3 when i have my full combo,his best combo is Conflagration, Piller of Flame, Sear this combo will devistate your ennemies and you will also stun them so you can get some more hits on them.Once you reach level 6 you will want to throw Pyroclasm in at the end or your 1,2,3 combo if you need to finish off that kill if not just save it for another time if you can easily kill them dont waste your ult.So when your about level 9-11 you can gank and push lanes and farm in your lane and just do what is needed of you.When its late game and all the team fights are happening you want to be in the back of the fight comboing and harrasing people on the other team (try to focus there carrys dont be that noob tht goes for the tank) when you see many people low throw in a Pyroclasm and see how many kills you get so far i have gotten a Quad in normal (scrub ksed my penta) and in ranked i have had 2 tripple kills with his ult.So during the game try to keep a farm up and try for kills if you know that you are going to die then turn around and blow your combo at people and see what you can do i have gotten at least 10 kills by doing this when i was sure to die.Ok so when playing play safe and DO NOT go in fights you are not a tank mowe down people from the back lines and hf in the games and rember your combo because the key to a good brand is being good at the combo(s)

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So this is the end to my third build i think this is the one that i have put the most effort into and i think it is my best build and my longest build too but it was worth the time so i hope you enjoy and have fun playing brand because he is an awsome champ so gl to all who read this build and to all that play brand and plzz no troll votes and if there is anything that you think needs to be changed by all means do it.