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Braum Build Guide by Verlace

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Verlace

♥BRAUM -- The Mustache Support Carry♥

Verlace Last updated on April 18, 2015
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Hello and welcome to my awesome Braum guide, this guide will be focusing on showing the meaningful choices that braum needs to make, and also the itemization. Braum is a Support Tank that offers a lot of utility, protection, initiation, disengage and poro luviv' to the rift <3

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Pros and Cons


+ Great Passive
+ Projectile Blocking Shield
+ Ult Utility
+ Strong Peel
+ Great CC


- Needs to Combo
- Weak Solo
- Requires follow up

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Runes and Masteries

Braums abilities benefit greatly from tank stats. His Q and E scale great with health and this W scales with your mr and armor. As a personal player, I enjoy dominating early game so I really like early gold, so i recommend the 0/16/14 masteries page, but the 0/21/9 works just as well.

As for runes I suggest these:
Greater Mark of Hybrid PenetrationGreater Mark of Hybrid Penetration to improve his Passive, Q , AAs and R damage.

Greater Seal of Armor makes early laning easier, scales with abilities also.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to reduce the damage from Karma and Sona who will poke you non stop.

Greater Quintessence of Health for the same reason as seals. Greater Quintessence of Armor is ok but got nerfed so not worth.

For Summoner Spells
I recommend Exhaust and Flash, Flash for an extra engage/escape, and Exhaust for the dmg reduction and slowing effect since it got buffed in 4.6. You could take ignite if you want to go full on aggro, but its not as great because of recent heal buffs.

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Concussive Blows

Concussive Blows is your passive. It applies a stack to any enemy you hit with your Q or AA. Once you have one stack on the enemy, your teammate's AAs will stack the passive as well. If any enemy gets 4 stacks, he takes some magic damage and is stunned. For 8 seconds, he can't stacked but will takes bonus magic damage if attacked by Braum.

Tips and Tricks:
In team fights, try to hit everyone once, so most people will get stunned, prioritize the enemy assassins and AD shut them down early to win the fight.
In lane, this is an easy first blood technique, just go full on aggro on them, and as they engage one you, land on stack, and they'll be finished.

Winter's Bite

Winter's Bite is Braum's Q. Its a skill shot the Damages and Slows the first target it hits, and adds a stack of your passive. It's great for engaging, chasing and disengaging. I put 3 points in the skill shot since I find it lowers the Cool Down enough, and the damage is pretty decent.

Tips and Tricks:
Your only harass,use it to apply your passive with range, use it to finish off enemies or to poke them.
Aim well, this skill shot gets blocked by any enemy minion or champion, practice in customs.
If you manage to land it, ping the champion and have your carry apply stacks, if you don't react the slow isn't that great.

Stand Behind Me

Stand Behind Me is your W. It's a single target, point click ability that can be aimed a allied champ or minion, but it's not a ward jump. Braum jump his target and Braum and his target bonus resistances for a short time. Max it last because it does not benefit as much from leveling as your other skills.

Tips and Tricks:
Use this to reposition your self in lane to easier land your Q, and stack your passive. Use to escape by jumping to minion wave or jumping to allied champion, also great to set up your E.


Unbreakable is your E and the best skill in Braum's kit. He puts up a ice shield in the targeted direction, and blocks all damage from the first enemy ability, and then afterwards intercepts all following attacks where he takes the hits instead of the targets behind him, also grants him a 10% Movement speed bonus. Max it after you have at least 3 points in Q, becomes super strong when maxed and will help you peel for you carry alot.

Tips and Tricks:
Jump on to allied champion and shield.
You can also use it to prevent the enemy from disengaging while you charge at them.
In teamfights, save it so you can block key skillshots your carries, for example Bullet Time, Trueshot Barrage, Rat-Ta-Tat-TatRat-Ta-Tat-Tat.
You can also move around, attack and use skills when you have your shield.
Be wary when you place the shield, similar to The Culling, you cannot change the direction once cast.

Glacial Fissure

Glacial Fissure is your ulti, which is an AoE skillshot that knocks up the first enemy hit a lot, and the rest only slightly, it leaves an AoE floor which slows all enemies that step on it. It is a great disengage, disruption, and engage tool for teamfights. Max it whenever possible.

Tips and Tricks:
The enemy champion right around Braum are knocked up the highest. if there are non, the first champion hit will be knocked up highest.
Placing this Ulti in the Jungle by covering important exit paths can be a great use of this uly. Though it it best to use as an disengage, it can also be used for engaging and followup engaging if needed.
Repositioning with your W before you ult can make it much easier to land a good ult. You can also jump directly on an ally in danger and ult. Afterwards chain your E to creat 100% porotechtion.

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Who's Braum good with?

Twitch: Twitch's late game and early game damage is amazing, with his stacks and your stacks it's pretty much lane won, very hard to lose

Vayne: Vayne is AA Based, with tumble reseting an AA, she can set up stacks extremely well.

Varus: Oh My God, this is my fav match up ever holy **** I don't even know, Varus's Attack Speed is like CraCra, Braumrus is GG.

Lucian: His passive yo, double shot!? Easy First Blood.

Weak with:
Braum isn't really weak with anyone, since he's hit matches with almost all adcs.

Conturing Braum:
Disengage Champions are great agains Braum:
Janna: You need to get on top of them to get stacks, Janna will just push you away.

Zyra: She can go harass through your shield, messed up ****.

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Guys thankyou for reading my guide and I hope it helped you, I will be updating this guide as much as possible to I can give you guys a better understanding of Braum!! Have fun carrying with this Mustache Friend <3 <3