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Galio Build Guide by Lance Dragon

Bursty Tank FTW

Bursty Tank FTW

Updated on October 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lance Dragon Build Guide By Lance Dragon 5,480 Views 0 Comments
5,480 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lance Dragon Galio Build Guide By Lance Dragon Updated on October 23, 2011
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This is one of my first build guides and if you guys like it there will be more to come. First off i play Galio as a bursty tank. He has some awesome CC abilities and can really turn the tide on team battles.

A few facts you need to know about my play style.

1. I buy the same build almost 100% of the time. I have experimented with countless builds and have found what I believe is the best all around bursty tank build.

2. After you pick up a few items you should not be stingy with mana. Harass, farm, use your abilities every chance you get.

That being said I hope you enjoy the build. :)
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Runes can be a tricky thing with any mage tank. On one hand you need to survive (Tank), and on the other hand you need to contribute more than just a 3 second stun (Mage). I have taken a little of both. But ultimately it is your decision.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Spell Penn FTW
After trying defensive runes for this branch I have come to the conclusion that magic penn can do wonders for your early and late game. By taking this more aggressive approach to the red marks you can dominate the squishy champions and leave the mage minions in a pile of ash.

Greater Seal of Health or Greater Seal of Armor - HP or Armor
Defense, Defense, Defense. Whether you go with armor or HP yellow seals should be all about saving your butt. I personally like the HP because it helps for either AP or AD opponents. Again though you can decide which you prefer.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Defense or Damage? BOTH!!
Glyphs are probably the easiest to decide. Based on your passive some of your magic resist is converted to ability power. So I say again defense or damage? You get the best of both worlds with the magic resist blue glyphs. These early glyphs don't make you invulnerable but with a little more AP and a little more defense against those pesky AP carries you should do fine.

Greater Quintessence of Health - Tanky or Bursty
I personally choose HP over anything else since most of my item builds tend to stay away from HP stacking. But magic penn or magic resist would also be a good choice. Also getting these early HP quints puts you in better shape then those 4 bubble squishy champs.
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My masteries are built around a tanky theme. Also picking up the boom talents from the attack tree. I believe this build should be centered around keeping you alive instead of killing all the champs.

By taking this defensive route you can harass more and still take a few hits. I prefer taking summoner abilities that compliment my build and the upgrades for them. You just might be surprised how many kills/assist you get with fortify. :)
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OK, I will be the first to admit that I build items to benefit the time frame I'm currently playing. I will explain further in a minute. Just bear with me and if you can remember that you will be successful.

First off mana is a big issue on Galio early game. Well for the first like 5 minutes that is :). So start off with a Meki Pendant and 2 Mana Potion. By starting with these you are already on your way to unlimited mana.

Next using your Q (Resolute smite) farm the mage creeps on every wave if you can. Once you get an opening and 500g or 850g (for Boots also) go back to base for your Chalice of Harmony.

Farm some more and harass when you can, Q is you main damage ability so hit them skill shots. After you rack up at least 800g you can go back and make the decision between Sorcerer's Shoes and a Philosopher's Stone. I prefer the philo stone first since the G/5 is sometime more beneficial than more spell penn at least during the early game.

An obvious choice to Galio is the Abyssal Mask. This is a tremendous help to you and any AP allies you have. This is a core item for Galio with its Ability power and Magic resist, I don't think there is any other item that screams Galio bigger than this Scepter.

Galio is better in a group situations than as a solo. So what helps the group helps the Galio. Aegis of the Legion is just such an item. Armor + Magic Resist + HP + Aura! Win combo there. :)

Now to assert your dominance on the battlefield. AP carries rush it i think its better as a late game item, Rabadon's Deathcap. Once you are rocking this bad boy people need to watch you more carefully. One hit from your ult at this point should be around 600-700 AP damage depending on how many champions and minions you get in your circle. Simply walk in and let them have it.

After you get a Rabadons you will be targeted. I wont lie that first major Galio Ult will put a large target on your back. So back to defense on the build. Remember when i told you i buy gear to fit the time frame of the game well here is what I'm talking about. First item bought the o so popular Chalice of Harmony, well we are looking to sell that bad boy for the ultimate in "Oh no I'm Dead. Not!" technology, the Guardian Angel. Wait to sell your Chalice of Harmony back till you get a farm up of 2000G. After purchasing a Guardian Angel you can play a little more reckless but don't let it go to your head. :)

Now for the final tank part that Philosopher's Stone is still there just pumping out the G once you 500G upgrade it to the Eleisa's Miracle. This will give you the mana Regen you need for late game plus the Tenacity of those Tanky characters.

After this you are full build. Congratulations. Now buy Oracle's Elixir and Elixir of Brilliance Elixir of Agility Elixir of Fortitude Major pots as you see fit. Have fun :).
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Skill Sequence

Skills are easy for Galio. Just remember this simple rule. Q FTW, E to clean up minions.

Max Q Resolute Smite first. This is crucial to the survival, Harassment, and farm of Galio. Being able to hit with that BOOM shot is what AP Mages dream of.

1 Point in W Bulwark at 4 then leave until the end. this is an awesome skill sometimes. It helps here and then but is not a core choice for me. More of a mana waste beginning, but a dominate skill in the end.

When you cant put a point into Q put it in E Righteous Gust. This is extremely helpful for chasing and running away. But it hits hard on mana early game. Use it wisely.

Idol of Durand is the best CC you can offer. A Hard 3 second taunt at end game with a powerful BOOM to match. Put a point in this skill whenever possible.
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Summoner Spells

After countless games I have found that Galio is an excellent tank. So what hurts more than the turret? Nothing. So imagine your low HP and running from 2 opponents you make it back to your tower and they dive you, thinking we got this! Suddenly Idol of Durand and Fortify pick them apart :). Fortify is one of my main tank moves I use it all the time and its passive makes up for Galio's horrible last hit problems.

Second is a mages best friend Flash. Whether you need a quick escape or a quick Flash in Idol of Durand, flash will keep your opponents on their toes.
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So in conclusion, This being my first Build guide, please provide support, comments, and recommendations. I appreciate your time and I hope to see you on the Filed of Battle :).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lance Dragon
Lance Dragon Galio Guide
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Bursty Tank FTW

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