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League of Legends Build Guide Author BetaTestThis

Bury Them. Alive.

BetaTestThis Last updated on December 28, 2011
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I play Yorick as an offtank solotop as that is where he is most effective, and is also very good in 3v3, the build slightly changes in 3v3, but i will put a chapter for it.

This is a fairly short and straight forward guide, i hope you like it.

I made this because i saw no very good Yorick builds that were up to date on Moba

Yoricks kit is just begging for him to buy HP, and AD as he scales off it with every spell he uses, Ghouls has 35% of your HP, so buying HP is very beneficial, and everything with him scales off AD, i mean everything.

You can leave your tankiness to high HP, and damage reduction with ghouls 20% with all 4 down, so you don't have to spend so much on resistances to be as tanky as someone else would! which is another reason with HP is beneficial. but you gotta watch for madreds bloodrazor and then probably get some more MR if they are focusing you.

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I take these on Yorick for simple reasons,
1. Yorick doesn't benifit 100% from armor pen because he deals magic damage with two spells, and .

2. Yorick scales heavily off AD with his; as it does 35% of AD, as it scales .2 with your total amount of AD which is great, scales 1 damage per every extra AD you get, and if you cast in onto yourself it does 75% of your ad.

3. It makes it easier to last hit earlygame, and gives great early game harass because scales 1:1 with ad and you max it first for range harass and sustain.

Needs his armor as he is going to be up and personal taking a hit because he is melee and has a low ranged attacks. Also top is usually physical bruisers like Gangplank Riven Irelia and others.

MR is needed especially because you won't be building much MR other than mercury treads early game, and only build more if needed, so Scaling MR helps alot to give a respectable MR amount and flat MR is not as useful, because top should usually always be AD and you lvl fast at solotop, so they kick in fast.

There are other options for runes, so just use what you have best alternates are;
greater mark of desolationgreater seal of vitality

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These are pretty obvious but the ones that are pretty crucial are;
For the extra bonus move speed on ghost
For the teleport cast time reduction
For mana which synergizes with
For the AD yorick craves
For last hitting
Some free armor pen helps out your damage especially late game
Good when they get low
For Chasing and running!

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- Because yorick has mana problems, very substantial mana problems, this fixes it, and gives great AD at the same time.

- Because this is basically the only MR you will get until late game, if you need it, the tenacity, which is needed 90% of the time.
For whatever reason you don't need the MR, and tenacity because they are all Physical with no CC get , basically in 3v3 sometimes, or if their team comp is horrible.

- This is just about my fav item on yorick, it gives what he needs, and more. AD bonus, HP bonus, you and your ghouls get benefited, and the slow, OMG the slow (:. Yorick doesn't have great CC, only and it doesn't slow for long or for that much, so getting kited is a problem! this is why we get early, it stops people getting away from you!

- Gives you some beefy-ness, best item for it because it also gives alot of AD, because you have great HP, and HP and AD is all you want, this just gives some free armor, and that crit chance in the mix!

- Cheap item, gives some mana for to get damage, and with all the damage you have accumulated, the proc will be doing great free burst damage.

- 100 AD stacked :3, lifesteal, as you have none thus far, and with all the AD it can be used greatly

- It is a good choice, but i usually get over it because;
1. it gives attack speed, which is a little bit of a waste, but not unwelcome, just AD would be more useful
2. the passive is wasted because you already have and it'a a bit overkill.

- HP, lots of HP! gives bonus AD with makes ghouls tanky! Not a bad choice

- If you are getting focused by their AD and they're too fed that you can't handle it. You can get this earlier in the game if necessary too, mana is welcome with and CDR is great to keep your ghouls up attacking, and passive giving you bonuses. I usually go for first though, because it gives great AD as well as armor. Getting both is an option if your team is high in damage, and low in soaks it's a good idea. it also makes enemies attack slower :) which is good for your whole team.

- There is never a time when this item can be bad, it can change games, but doesn't benefit your damage, or ghouls at all, whereas gives CDR to deal more damage with ghouls, and gives ghouls around 500 more HP, and about 25 AD with that ***** good :).

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Skill Sequence

> > >

For early game, because its ranged so it harasses well and gives great sustain.

Because it scales better than with lvls; Its base damage is higher, and slow amount is 40% at lvl 5, the slow is much more useful than the 35% speed boost from .

This is a great skill, but not worth spending points into, its great at lvl 1, as it does .2 of your full ad, which will be pretty high, so you don't need the base damage up, and this ghoul does lots of extra damage with its autos, but because it attacks relatively slow, its still not worth maxing first.

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Summoner Spells

For solo top, because you don't want to be missing EXP early game, and dragon fights.

For movement, you have no getaway, so when you get ganked top you can run, and you can chase. is better than for top because there is a big distance to go before you get to safety, and with the nerf, is definitely more useful.

These are the best summoners, i just advise you use them on 5v5. is a must, so is because you have no escape, and bad chase.

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