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Caitlyn Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

💡Caitlyn guide by Dixon 🏆 12.14 ✅

💡Caitlyn guide by Dixon 🏆 12.14 ✅

Updated on August 8, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker 225 Views 0 Comments
225 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Caitlyn Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker Updated on August 8, 2022
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Runes: Fleet Footwork

1 2
Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Flash + Heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

💡Caitlyn guide by Dixon 🏆 12.14 ✅

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Hello everyone and welcome to one of my guides! This guide contains useful information and general knowledge based on my own game experience + open source info from Internet about the champ 💡📚📈🔍

My name is Max, but you can call me Dixon as well. I'm from Ukraine so English is not my native language and I can do some mistakes (I'm sorry for that). However, you can also write me comments and I'm able to answer you in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages since I understand all of them, but in different levels of knowledge. 😄

I started to play League of Legends in 2016. My highest ELO at the moment is Platinum 2 (soloQ) and 💎Diamond 4 (flexQ) on EU-West server (top 5% best players at the server).

I would like to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'm going to make a lot of League of Legends content in English:
You will also find my streams on Twitch by following this link:

I'm not a hardcore high elo player, but I enjoy this game and share this passion with all the people who find my content as interesting or useful.

I hope this guide will help you to improve your champion's understanding so it would be more fun to play!

Let me know in the comments section if you find any mistakes or outdated information so I could fix it! Thanks in advance!

Have a nice reading! 📖🤓
1. Caitlyn has lots of range and early poke. She can get an early lead purely by constantly pushing the minion wave and getting tower plates.

2. Caitlyn’s early game is really good and if she’s able to get a lead, it will be hard for the enemy ADC to catch up to her.

3. Her Ultimate Ace in the Hole is really good at executing enemies if they’re alone and low. It can be difficult to use in some scenarios though, but if the enemy is low, it should result in an easy kill.

1. Extremely vulnerable once her 90 Caliber Net is on cooldown. It is her main defensive tool, which if used offensively, can allow the enemy team to all-in her and kill her (if she is too pushed up).

2. If Caitlyn can’t use her Yordle Snap Trap in a proper way, she can’t really be too effective in the laning phase. It takes some time to get used to placing the Yordle Snap Trap traps, especially against enemies who have a form of a dash or blink in their kit.

3. She falls off massively during the mid-game as she is extremely reliant on critical strike chance to be able to dish out a lot of damage. Her counterparts can deal a lot of damage and have a lot of utility at this point due to their kits, which puts Caitlyn in quite a weak spot.

With this passive, Caitlyn is able to deal good additional damage. It is worth noting that the passive accumulates faster if you attack from the bushes. Considering that Caitlyn most often stands in the bottom lane, where there are bushes, the passive becomes very relevant. Among other things, the passive makes it possible to activate a headshot from a very long distance. This requires the enemy to step into the traps or be hit by your net.

This skill is Caitlyn's main combat skill, which can deal good damage from a safe distance. Of the advantages of the skill it is worth noting first of all the range and the ability to deal damage to all enemies in the path of the shot. The disadvantages include the time to prepare a shot and the fact that the damage from a shot decreases with each new target. In other words, if you want to deal maximum damage to an enemy champion, then you need to do it in such a way that the shot does not hit the minions.

Caitlyn's trap is a very effective control skill, but it's not easy to use this trap. Usually, this skill is used in combo with some other lane control skill of your support. Your support somehow stuns or slows down the enemy and then you throw a trap at the enemy’s feet and thereby chain the enemy to the ground for some more time. Under the effect of the trap, you can safely use the Piltover Peacemaker skill, which the enemy will no longer be able to dodge. The advantage of the skill is that even though the enemies see your traps on the ground, they cannot destroy them and they have to either bypass them or specifically step into them. An important advantage of the skill is that it spends very little mana and can be used very often. When an enemy steps into your trap, you can activate a long-range shot with increased damage. To do this, you just need to use a normal auto-attack, the main thing is that there is enough range.

Due to this skill, Caitlyn gains good mobility and the ability to dodge and avoid danger. With the help of a jump, you can overcome uneven terrain, which gives Caitlyn the opportunity to quickly escape. Also, the skill can be used to slightly reduce the distance to the target. To do this, you need to use the skill, as it were, in the opposite direction. This way you will be able to push yourself a little and perhaps these couple of meters will be enough to make a control shot. Just like the trap, the net can be comboed with a passive. That is, immediately after using the net at the enemy, it is very beneficial to make one shot.

Caitlyn's ult allows you to deal good one-time damage on a single target from a fairly large distance. It is only worth noting here that the enemy, in fact, cannot dodge the ult, but his allies can save him by standing in the way of the shot and thereby taking the hit on themselves. Caitlyn's ult is used not only to finish off a fleeing enemy, but also in principle to help her ally kill an enemy that you definitely can’t run to, but the distance still allows you to make a shot. The cooldown of the ult is quite fast, so you can use it constantly. In some cases, it is even good to use the ult at the beginning of the battle, when, for example, you do not have time for the start of the battle, but want to help your allies.
is one of core items for ADC builds with attack speed and critical strike damage. This item is good against immobile champions like Garen to successfully kite them. And the item is also good against high ranged artillery champions like Xerath, Lux, Vel'Koz or Ziggs to break the distance between them and your champion.

This item allows you to land a basic attack outside of your basic attack range. You can also use it to poke your enemies from a safe distance, before engaging into a fight, which is especially useful if the enemies are strong enough to engage you if you enter into your basic attack range. This item is also very powerful for champions whose ranged basic attacks can apply crowd control in order to increase their effective engagement range. This item is most commonly paired with Stormrazor, which can apply the Stormrazor's slowing passive at a higher range, in addition to both item's energized damage stacking.

is a core item for most AD crit builds. It provides very high damage. But you have to buy it only if you already have at least 40% of critical strike. So it is going to be your 4th or 5th item (counting the boots as an item as well).

the main goal of this item is to increase your damage to tanks and other enemies who bought some items for armor.

allows your champion to deal additional magic damage a slow an enemy champion for short period of time. This item has very good sinergy with Rapid Firecannon which helps it to apply slow from bigger distance and this is the opportunity for you to come closer and to do some extra auto-attacks.

this item is very good to be bought as 5th and 6th item since it will protect your champion from hostile bursting physical damage and most important it allows to ressurect after being killed which is super important in the late game, when the respawning timer is the longest. Sometimes it also makes sense to sell the item after the REBIRTH being used since it has very long cooldown time.

is a good defensive option for a champion who has no other sources of healing or vampirism. The shield can be very easily stacked up prior to fights by farming minion waves, allowing the owner to constantly overheal himself.

Many tanky champions are still sustain reliant, such as Dr. Mundo and Trundle. Mortal Reminder may be a better general purchase against those champions, since it applies Grievous Wounds during teamfights, allowing your entire team to combat them. Buy this item if you want to cut enemy's healings, life steal and vampirism.

this item gives huge amount of damage and allows AD champions with strong abilities to one shot their enemies.

works better as a late game upgrade for AD carries from Quicksilver Sash. This is a great escaping tool in order to utilize the movement speed buff and the CC removal.

helps attack damage-based champions against enemy teams with high amounts of magic damage. LIFELINE can absorb most of the initial burst of magic damage from an enemy champion and give the owner an opportunity to attack or retreat. It is very useful against ability power champions with burst damage like Annie or Evelynn.

are most commonly purchased by auto-attack based champions, who can make the most of the attack speed and forgo other more defensive boots options due to their backline playstle.

This rune greatly increases your attack speed and so you can deal more damage by auto attacks, especially in the late game. Some extra attack range is also a nice bonus for your champion which can allow you do deal the last deadly hit to an escaping enemy.

This rune is a safe option for your champion. Additional movement speed helps your champ to keep safe distance between you and the enemy, so you can kite them more successfully or to be able safely move back after walkning up to last hit a minion. Extra healing from this rune can also be the reason why your champ survived with 1-3% HP in a fight.

This rune is able to help you a lot with your mana or energy problems during team fights when you get lots of takedowns.

The rune simply increases you attack speed and so you can deal more damage by your auto attacks.

The rune simply increases your vampirism, so you would be able to heal yourself during the process of farming minions or jungle monsters. It can also be helpful in extended team fights and become a reason why your champion survives with 1-3% HP.

This rune is perfect in team fights since you can get a lot of extra healing and also to earn some additional amount of money that can help your champion to take a slight gold lead and to enable you to be one step ahead in items. This rune saves champions quite often in situations when they would be rather be dead after the last hit by enemy tower.

The rune increases your damage to enemies with low amount of HP. This rune is better that Cut Down and Last Stand if you can decrease health points of your enemy fast enough.

This rune gives some amount of additional AD or AP so you would have higher damage, but only when your champion is above 70% HP. Take the rune if you know you will be able to keep your health high enough to get this bonus.

The rune is a good option if you want to poke your enemy out of the lane and deal extra damage early on.

This is an alternative to Scorch. Take this rune when you want to play with Sorcery rune tree, but there is no point to take Scorch. And there is no point to take Scorch if your enemy can heal himself somehow + he can possible use Doran's Shield that counters Scorch very well and sometimes your enemies buy Doran's Shield to counter or reduce your poke damage.

Flash is the most frequent choice of all players in League of Legends. Such popularity of the spell is caused by the fact that Flash is able to instantly teleport you on a short distance. This distance is enough to dodge some hostile abilities or to jump back and avoid an unexpected gank. With the help of Flash, you can overcome various obstacles like walls, pillars and other different obstacles. Flash is equally good to use for both attack and defense. This gives the spell some versatility. The summoner spell cannot be used if you have been silenced (you cannot use skills for some time). Also, Flash cannot be used under the effect of hard control abilities such as stun or fear.

The spell allows you to instantly restore part of the health and even heal your ally. The spell also grants a bonus to movement speed. Although the bonus lasts only 1 second, sometimes it is enough to quickly catch up an enemy or to escape a deadly attack. Please note that Heal searches in a 225 units radius range around the cursor for its intended allied target if none is targeted directly. If it finds none, it targets the most wounded allied champion in the cast range, if no such distinction then the closest one. "Most wounded" means the champion with the least current %HP.

This spell can be used to save a life when low on health and under attack. It is commonly used to get an early first blood by healing oneself for more than one's opponent expects. It is also a skill used for "baiting," where you make your champion appear weaker than it actually is, to lure your enemies out of position or to get them to tower dive you. A similar baiting tactic is also commonly used with Barrier.

This summoner spell is considered by many to be vastly superior to Barrier for a number of reasons - the heal is permanent, affects two people instead of one, and gives a 30% speed boost to yourself and your ally. However, Barrier is not affected by Grievous Wounds, has a shorter cooldown, blocks more damage (against a single target), and can be used while you're still at full health (good against 100-to-0 burst).

Cleanse is a good option against enemies with dangerous and disgusting CC abilities like Charm, Petrifying Gaze, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Hostile Takeover, Solar Flare or Curse of the Sad Mummy. The spell could help against Nether Grasp in the past too, but it was changed.

Exhaust is an extremely powerful tool for disabling champions who mainly autoattack, as well as any champion that can deal a high amount of damage. When your team is chasing an enemy and he is getting away, using Exhaust on him will help your team gain the upper hand. Using it against enemies when escaping can help you as their movement speed will be greatly decreased.
EARLY GAME (strong):
Once Caitlyn has a few points in her Piltover Peacemaker, she can constantly keep the enemy pushed into her tower as her Piltover Peacemaker offers her a lot of wave clear. When paired with a poke Support, the enemy should never be able to leave their tower. This will result in a huge gold lead too, due to the tower plates. After Cait’s first back, she will pick up her first component item. This will increase her poke and trading potential in lane. It will also make her a huge threat if she has a better first item than the enemy ADC. Caitlyn’s level 6 is pretty good, but she doesn’t have a combat Ultimate Ace in the Hole. This means she can’t use her Ultimate Ace in the Hole during a skirmish. However, it is an execute and can be used when she is in a safe position and not in immediate danger.

Use your early game advantage to push the wave consistently and get tower plates and extra gold. Use your Piltover Peacemaker so it fast pushes the wave and hits the enemy at the same time. After getting the first tower in lane, rotate to the mid lane and take more turret plates or get the outer tower. This will open up the map and increase your chances of winning. Consume your Headshot Passive on the enemy laner(s) as often as possible. This will help you win trades and skirmishes with the enemy.

MID GAME (average):
Caitlyn would’ve completed multiple items during the mid-stage of the game. This is good for her as her damage output will be quite high. However, while she does a lot of damage, her survivability in the mid-game is incredibly poor. At level 9, Caitlyn will max her Piltover Peacemaker. She should be able to clear waves pretty quickly at this stage in the game thanks to the damage it provides and the items she will have at this stage of the game. She should be good at taking down early towers. At level 11, Caitlyn’s Ultimate Ace in the Hole will come in handy as she can execute higher health targets. However, her Ultimate Ace in the Hole leaves her incredibly vulnerable which means she cannot use it in the middle of a battle like other ADC’s.

Move to the mid-lane once you’ve destroyed the first tower in your lane to open up the map. In team fights, kite backwards when necessary. Even though Caitlyn is strong, she cannot tank a lot of damage. Kite backwards to increase your chances of surviving. Reserve your 90 Caliber Net purely as an escape tool if the enemy has strong all-in. Even though your Support will often run away to ward, make sure you stick with them as much as possible. If you’re alone, the enemy may try to set up an ambush and take you down. Avoid walking through unwarded parts of the map during the mid-game.

LATE GAME (average):
Caitlyn is a decent late-game champion. As long as you can kite on her, you will be incredibly potent in late game team fights. At level 16, Cait will put the third and final point in her Ultimate Ace in the Hole. This is a good spike for her as she can use it to finish off higher health targets. But, just like in the mid-game, she cannot use it during a team fight which is one of her many downfalls. In the late game, Cait would’ve reached 100% crit strike. She will be able to dish out a lot of damage in team fights and she will be able to take down tanks easier than ever. Just make sure you’re positioning correctly so they don’t take you down and you’re good to go.

In the late stages of the game, make sure you stick with your team at all times. Do not get caught out alone as it may cost you the game. Stay safe and stay with your allies. Do not play super aggressive in team fights. Just kite and auto-attack the nearest enemy champion. Use your 90 Caliber Net to gain distance from the enemy frontline. If you walk too far forward, the enemy will focus you and take you down. Continue to kite in team fights and consistently adapt your positioning. Avoid standing still in fights as you’ll be an easy target.

Take note of the in-game audio you can hear when Caitlyn places her Yordle Snap Trap. If you can’t see where Yordle Snap Trap has been placed, it’s probably behind your tower. Stay away from your tower when you’re being pushed in. Try and stay at max range away from Caitlyn at all times. This is especially true when Caitlyn has her empowered auto-attack ready to fire. If she is holding her empowered auto, wait for her to use it before moving forward. Caitlyn will be looking to push and take your tower early. Don’t let her poke you down by sacrificing CS for health and XP. When she is overextended, request assistance from your Mid laner or Jungler to help you shut her down.

Caitlyn has limited self peel outside of her. Whenever she is overextended with her 90 Caliber Net on cooldown, you should look to take her down. If she is not using her 90 Caliber Net and is playing safe, you could try a Flash engage or ambush her from inside a bush. An enemy Caitlyn can dish out a lot of damage in a team fight if she is left unchecked. Try to focus her down as soon as possible so she is unable to dish out lots of damage. If she is being protected, try to flank her. Punishing Caitlyn in the early game will reduce her ability to snowball and destroy your tower. Try and set her behind by killing her over and over with assistance from your allies.

Caitlyn will spike when she has two items. Respect her all-in damage as she can easily kill you if you disrespect her damage output. Whenever Caitlyn has her empowered auto-attack ready and primed, you need to play safe so she doesn’t use it on you. Wait for her to consume it before engaging. At level 6, Caitlyn can execute an enemy with her Ultimate Ace in the Hole. Do not overstay by recalling when you’re low. Try and recall out of vision so she can’t use it on you.

Wow, have you really read the guide till this moment? I hope it was useful and interesting for you. Let me know it please by voting!

And don't forget to visit and check my YouTube channel! Maybe you will like it! 😉
Born to a wealthy and influential family of hextech artificers, Caitlyn swiftly learned the social graces of life in Piltover, but preferred to spend her time in the wilder lands outside it. Equally adept at mingling with the moneyed citizens of the City of Progress or stalking a deer through the mud of the forest, she could confidently track a bird on the wing over the merchant districts, or put a shot through the eye of a hare at a hundred paces with her father’s repeater musket.

Caitlyn’s greatest assets, however, were her intelligence and willingness to learn from her parents, who reinforced her understanding of right and wrong. Though the family’s engineering skills had made them wealthy, her mother always warned of Piltover’s seductions, and its gilded promises that could harden the kindest heart. At first, Caitlyn paid little heed—to her, Piltover was a place of beauty and order that she cherished after each trip into the wild.

All that was to change one Progress Day, some years later.

Caitlyn returned to find her home ransacked and empty. The family retainers were all dead, and there was no trace of her parents. Caitlyn secured the house, and immediately set out to find them.

Tracking within the confines of a city was very different from hunting in the wild but, one by one, Caitlyn located the thugs who had invaded her family home. None knew the identity of the individual who hired them—only a proxy with the initial C. Even so, the trail eventually led Caitlyn to a secret hextech laboratory where her mother and father were being forced to work for a rival merchant clan, and she rescued them. The Piltover Wardens, acting upon her information, later arrested the clan leader behind the kidnapping, though no trace could be found of the mysterious “C”.

Caitlyn and her parents began to rebuild their lives… but something fundamental had changed in her. She now recognized ambition and greed were as deadly as a cornered beast, lurking just beneath Piltover’s gleaming veneer. She had seen people in need of help, and knew she could help them. And, though she loved her parents dearly, Caitlyn had no desire to learn the family trade.

She established herself as an investigator of sorts, utilizing her hunting skills to act as a finder of lost people and retriever of stolen property. For her twenty-first birthday, Caitlyn’s parents presented her with a hextech rifle of exquisite artifice, with greater accuracy than any musket. The weapon could take a variety of specialized shells, and be easily modified in the field, and so went with Caitlyn whenever she took a case.

She turned a tidy profit in a profession that taught her, first-hand, both the allure and danger of untested hextech and chemtech development. In just a few years, she made a name for herself as someone who could help with matters mundane and… more esoteric. After a particularly traumatic case involving a missing hextech device and a series of child abductions, Caitlyn was summoned by the Wardens.

She had been recommended by one of their number who had also developed something of an affinity for stranger cases—and their battle with a host of rogue chimerics in the employ of a lunatic chem-researcher driven mad by his own concoctions led to her being offered a formal position as a sheriff. At first, Caitlyn refused, but eventually came to realize that the Wardens’ resources could potentially get her closer to discovering the true identity of “C”, the only person still unaccounted for following the attack on her family home.

Caitlyn has since become a highly respected officer within the ranks of the Piltover Wardens, maintaining order in the City of Progress. She recently partnered with a new recruit from Zaun, the brash and reckless Vi. How such an unlikely pairing came about—and been proven so effective—is the subject of wild rumor and tavern speculation among their fellow Wardens, as well as those they haul away to jail.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker
DixonTheGuideMaker Caitlyn Guide
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💡Caitlyn guide by Dixon 🏆 12.14 ✅

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