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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zero Counts


Zero Counts Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

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Expanded Mind
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Utility: 21

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Hey, I'm Zero Counts. You might have read my build for AD Ezreal that I made a while back. Originally this build was just thrown together for ****'s and giggles. However, with the recent patch in April, I've decided to republish it again. Mystic Shot stacking with AP additively as well as Trueshot Barrage? Yes please.

My AD Ezreal guide can be found here. I recommend checking it out!

So, without further adieu, I bring you my new Hyrbid Ezreal build!

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Ezreal's Skills

=Rising Spell Force=

This nifty little passive will help out later in game. I like to spam my spells at a turret, just to get this up to max attack speed. Nice during 1v1's if they ever happen to you.

=Mystic Shot=

Ahh, Mystic Shot. This is one of my favorite skills by far. It's a spell that deals physical damage when it hits an enemy, adding on hit effects such as Life Steal or slows. It is an ideal weapon for Ezreal due to it being spammable with a low cool down, dealing static amounts of damage, out ranging most other skills and for it synchronizing well with his items. It deals 35/55/75/95/115 damage and takes 100% of your AD score and adds it to that.

Using this attack with Sheen is probably my favorite combination in the game. When you fire Mystic Shot, it procs Sheen's effect to deal the extra damage on hit. At level 18 with Sheen, you'd deal an extra 101 damage with your Mystic Shot, which is pretty fancy.

There are some nice tricks you can do with this move.
    -Running away from enemies and firing back at them as they chase you to get some damage in is helpful.
    -Sheen automatically procs as you shoot Mystic Shot, so you add that damage to your already beefy mystic shot.
    -A fun thing to do is set up a Key Binding for Smart Casting. What this does is it uses the spell of your choice in the direction and area your mouse is pointed it. I have my A and S keys set to Smart Cast my First and Second spells and spam both of them at the same time for some nice damage. It's also useful when kiting and running away.

=Essence Flux=

Although this is a Hyrbid build, we don't have much for mana. We will seldom use this skill, unless need be. This skill has many uses and should me focused as a utility rather than a move of killing your opponents. With it's AP Ratio at .7, it won't be too useful until mid to late game for damage output. Your main focus on this skill should be raising and lowering attack speeds. Increasing your allies at a turret is a great way to use this, all while lowering attack speeds of those enemies who auto attack like a beast. It can help save lives, but try not to expect everything out of this spell.

=Arcane Shift=

This skill is Ezreal's personal flash. When used, it blinks you to a target area sending a small magic missile which damages the nearest enemy. This skill can be used in a plethora of situations.
    - Jump through walls when needed
    - Move yourself closer to an enemy and add a quick burst combo along side Mystic Shot, Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage
    - Combine with Flash to traverse large areas in a short amount of time, to either flee or chase
    - Dodge enemy attacks
    - Find and damage enemies in bushes or Fog of War (works through walls)
    - Find hidden wards

=Trueshot Barrage=

The whole reason why I picked up Ezreal was for sniping enemies long distances away. This attack has been recently buffed, so that it stacks with bonus attack damage, which is pretty crazy. You fire this shot in a straight line after a 1 second channel, damaging all enemies in it's path. It becomes subsequently weaker as it passes through each enemy, which is something to keep in mind during team fights. It's old ratio of .9 per ability power and 1.0 per bonus attack damage make this attack deal insane amounts of damage.

One trick I like to use is when I'm at a turret, I'll shoot this into enemy minions and get my stacks of Rising Spell Force in an effort to take the turret down.

Another useful tip would be to send this down a lane where creeps are lined up, preferably when they're low on health. You'll end up hitting the creeps, giving you an extra bit of gold. Use this when you're like 100 gold away from getting that next item; super useful!

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9 Points in offense offers quite a bit. 1 extra AP per level, 3% cool down reduction, and 15% Magic Penetration. All of these are very helpful in your build. Additionally, if you use Exhaust, you can put a point in cripple to further help you.


A lot of points spent here. It's primarily used to make up for a lack of Mana Regen items and cool down reduction. The points in Flash and Ghost help out their summoner spells respectively (you can choose different points for different spells if you aren't comfortable with Flash and Ghost).

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Greater Mark of Desolation
Armor Penetration is the name of the game. It will forever be your ally in this build. It allows you to ignore armor stacked up against you and your physical attacks. Since Mystic Shot is physical, this is very important.


The seals are simple enough. Mana regen per 5 seconds per level. By around level 5 these runes become better than their flat rate counterparts, which, in my opinion, are better. The runes will help you out significantly with mana issues.


A must on pretty much any champion, cool down runes help you get rid of the nasty cool downs we all hate. At about level 12, the level up cool down runes give you about the same cool downs as the flat rate ones. The cool thing about that is that they get better as you level past that. This, plus Mystic Shot's ability to reduce cool downs with each hit helps you get your ulti out quicker.

If you feel that you want the Flat Cool down runes, then by all means use them. They are far superior early game. This is all just a preference, though.


Greater Quintessence of Desolation
More. Armor. Pen. It's pretty self explanatory. This extra boost helps out all game, especially in the beginning. Your Mystic Shot does some pretty nice damage to champions due to all the Armor Penetration you'll be racking up.

However, some people don't like the risk going in there without defense. It's up to you on what you want to do. Personally, I think a nice alternative would be Greater Quintessence of Health. They give you a little bit of a defense against those early game fights, especially if you're nervous about dying this early on.

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Summoner Spells


Flash is a blink spell, teleporting you a short distance from where you're standing. Since Ezreal has an ability that does this already, some might not want to use this spell. It has a number of uses such as double flashing to get through the area (chase or flee), it can be used to save mana rather than using the 90 MP cost of Arcane Shift, or even dodge an incoming skill shots.

Recently, this spell was nerfed so it cannot dodge incoming enemy projectiles. With this in mind, please take a moment to reconsider other alternatives. Other spells are very useful, such as ignite or cleanse. However, since I'm a fan of flash still, I'll keep the masteries and summoner spells unchanged.


A good spell to have on any champion, it gives you a movement speed boost and allows you to pass through minions. Use this to chase enemies, run away from ganks, and get to different sides of the map to help fellow allies.

Possible Alternatives

Feel free to use what you find most useful for Ezreal. Feel free to take the respective masteries with the spells you like to take. Teleport can be used to get to towers quicker and to take them out. Ignite, as much as I hate it, is helpful in finishing off champions when you just don't have the mana to take them out yourself. Clairvoyance is great for checking bushes for possible ganks, seeing as you're squishy as all hell, and for finding your next target for Trueshot Barrage. Clarity can help with a mana hungry Ezreal, although you should be fine with mana with this particular build. Heal can help in clutch moments when you and another champion are down to the line with health. Exhaust can help during fights, whether its for the reduction in abilities and attacks, the armor reduction (if you took the mastery with it), or the slow. Cleanse can get rid of pain-in-the-*** crowd control spells that keep you from getting away. And the others aren't all that great for Ezreal in my opinion... being Rally, Revive, Smite, and Fortify.

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Doran's Blade

Doran's Blade has always been a nice way to start out a game. With extra health, AD and Life Steal, this item can assist you early game. However, with the lack of any real regen, you'd have to constantly be using Mystic Shot against enemies to heal yourself at all, let alone noticeably. An alternative route would be to get a Vampiric Scepter which builds into Hextech Gunblade

Lich Bane

Lich Bane is a great item on a lot of AP builds. It gives bonus movement speed, 80 AP, and an effect that procs after spells which gives your next physical attack 100% AP as extra damage. Using this with Mystic Shot will allow you to deal great amounts of damage for little mana.

The Black Cleaver

One of my favorite AD items, The Black Cleaver has 55 AD with an increase to attack speed along with a special effect that shreds enemies' armor. It can get rid of up to 45 armor. This stacked along side your runes gives you to a max of 70 armor that you don't have to worry about. Trust me, you'll want that.

Void Staff

One of the best and most underrated AP items, Void Staff gives 70 AP along side a 40% penetration against Magic Resist. Since we don't have any real Magic Resist penetration, this item along side our masteries will give us a 49% penetration against magic resist. That is insane, regardless who you're focusing. The extra 70 AP just makes everything better, increasing Lich Banes procs and all of your other spells' damage as well.

Rabadon's Deathcap

This item is pretty crazy. It costs an arm and a leg for good reason. Giving you 155 AP with a bonus effect of 30% extra AP, it creates a whole new meaning to the phrase "magic damage." Using this with all your other items increases your damage output by quite a bit. Having the highest amount of AP on a single item as well gives you a substantial difference in spells and abilities. Using this injunction with Lich Bane will give your Mystic Shot an insane amount of physical damage.

Hextech Gunblade

This item has a lot going for it, especially since it costs so much to build. The AP and AD are self explanatory; adds more to all of your spells and auto attacks. Along side that it also has Life Steal and Spell Vamp, two very useful effects. With all of your attacks you can now heal yourself for a percent of the damage dealt. And with all of that, you also have an active effect. A ranged missile is shot from the gunblade, dealing 600 damage and slowing your target. That's a lot of damage and utility all in one item. Be sure to remember to use it's active!

Additionally, defensive items are always an option. Things like Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel can help assure your survival in a match. When facing people like Twisted Fate or Karthus, a Banshee's Veil is highly recommended so that their ultimates end up screwing you over.

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After purchasing all the items and leveling up to level 18, I'd like to show you the total amount of damage each of Ezreal's spells deal. This is considering if we were to do true damage.

I have not yet gotten around to recalculating the numbers since the patch. Stay tuned for more!

Rabadon's Death Cap
Lich Bane
Void Staff
Black Cleaver
Hextech Gunblade

Cost: 16630 Gold

Rabadon's Death Cap

Lich Bane

Void Staff

Hextech Gunblade


+30% from Rabadon's Effect (114)
517.4 AP

Black Cleaver

Hextech Gunblade

115 Bonus Attack Damage
101 + 115 = 216 Attack Damage


Mystic Shot:
115 (+216) [+517.4]
825.4 Damage

Essence Flux:
280 (+362.18)

Arcane Shift:
275 (+388.05)

True Shot Barrage:
650 (+465.66)

A recent game of my success with this build! I went a different item sequence due to how the game was playing out, as how most games should go. Further proving you should find your own way to tackle an opposing team. On a side note, I ended up dealing twice the damage that the other Ezreal did. Hyrbid ftw.

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(Currently Working On; I want to try it out with the new patch)

Let it be known that you will be using Mystic Shot for most of your damage; Mana will become an issue if you use your other spells the whole time. Be sure to use Golem Buff as much and as wisely as possible.

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I hope this guide helped you figure out a few more things about Ezreal that you may not have known. As with everything, this isn't a perfect guide, however I plan to keep it updated for improvements and patches.

Please leave comments below, let me know what you think!