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Taric Build Guide by AfrostLord

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AfrostLord

Can't say no when you're permaslowed-Trimallet Taric Top

AfrostLord Last updated on September 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Trimallet Furor Top Taric? What!?!?

Now you're all probably wondering what the point of this build is. After all, everyone knows Taric's a support, right? Wrong. Taric is no sissy babbysitter. Taric is a manly man who shall crush all those who dare stand in his path.

"But what's so good about this build?" You ask.

That's an excellent question. You see, with the new reworked Triforce, not only has it become cheaper, it's also had its spellblade proc increased to 200% of your base damage from 150%. Additionally, it now gives movement speed from two sources rather than one. Why is this so significant?

Well, Taric, being a melee bruiser, has high base ad, and so bursts really hard when he gets Triforce. Also, you'll be moving fast. Really fast.Like, over 400 when just moving around.

Now imagine Taric stunning you, and then coming in and hitting you with a basic attack once. He now has over 500 movement speed from Triforce's Rage and the Furor boot upgrade combined, and you're slowed by 40%. And if you cc him, he's probably got tenacity. There is no way you're going to escape. Best bend over now and get it over with quickly.

But wait, you can just kill Taric, right? Not really. Most build paths will give you over 3000 health, over 200 armor, and a fair bit of magic resist (maybe 150?).

BUT WAIT! You can just build defences, right? Well, too bad, Taric deals mixed damage (and has a 30 armor shred). Your only hope is to build health and pray his team doesn't have health shred...and then Taric gets a Blade of the Ruined King, just to mock you further with %health damage and EVEN MORE movespeed/slow.

See why this build's so strong?

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Skill analysis

Taric enhances his weapons with magical gems, making his basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 2% of his maximum mana. This bonus damage is doubled against champions.

Taric's new-ish passive is pretty amazing. You get a lot of free bonus damage, which is further increased when you get your sheen (and increased even more if you decide to build stuff like Muramana or Frozen Heart). Not much more to say about this.
Taric channels earthen energy to heal his target ally. As the magic flows through them he is healed for the same amount. If Taric heals only himself, the heal will be 40% more effective.

His autoattacks on champions decrease this spell's cooldown by 3 seconds each or by 1 second if hitting non-champions.

This skill heals a decent amount of health early on but uses a lot of mana and has a high cooldown. It's great for barely saving your life or sustaining yourself if you run out of health potions, but it remains mediocre most of the game as you max it last and don't exactly build heavy ap.

Now, what's interesting about this is its cooldown reduction passive. This, along with Gemcraft, means that Taric scales really well off of attackspeed. If you decide to build stuff like wit's end and blade of the ruined king, you'll find yourself spamming this skill a LOT, giving you a ton of effective hp (on top of your already high defense).
PASSIVE: Taric is surrounded by an armor of crystal, increasing his armor while Shatter is off cooldown. He also gains a 500-range aura increasing his armor and allied champions' armor by 12% of his total armor.
ACTIVE: Taric shatters his gemstones, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies within 200 range and reducing their armor for 4 seconds.

By now you're probably wondering why this skill isn't maxed first. That's what Taric's supposed to do, right? It gives a lot of armor and armor shred, and it's AoE damage! Now, to be sure, this spell is great in every aspect...except its measly 210 damage. It got nerfed hard (they even nerfed the armor damage ratio from 0.3 to 0.2) and while it's worth maxing if you're against a tough ad lane, I find it to be quite lacking in laning phase.

Lategame is where this spell truly shines. By then you'll probably have a large chunk of armor from items and your aura would be back to its old 30 self. The AoE armor shred's cool too.
Taric fires a prismatic sphere at a targeted enemy, stunning them and dealing magic damage (lower damage the farther the target is).

You max this spell first in laning phase. At max level, it can deal a maximum of 320(+0.8 AP) magic damage which is quite a lot considering you took ap runes and masteries, as well as the followup shatter and spellblade proc. If you're against a melee champ, you'll destroy them so hard it's not even funny (unless they're those bruisers who like to go full tank, like Garen or Renekton). Seriously, this one time at level 4, I was against a Riven. She dashed in and did her jumping ****, and I just dazzled, shattered, and smacked her a few times, and bam, she's at 25% health. THIS WAS BEFORE I EVEN GOT A SHEEN. This is how strong this spell is.

Oh, and the stun duration increases with levels, getting to 0.1 second more than before at max rank, which is amazing because, as the golden rule of Taric says, they can't say "no" when they're stunned.
Taric slams the ground with his hammer, damaging enemies within range. For the next 10 seconds, Taric emits an aura of light that increases his attack damage and ability power, while allies within 500 range gain half of those bonuses.

A pretty awesome ultimate which makes you glow with an outrageous light. It has a decently short cooldown, so don't hesitate to use to simply harass or even clear minion waves (Radiance+Shatter clears most waves instantly). Its base damage isn't the best, but it does have a 0.7 AP ratio for that early ap rune burst, and best of all, it increases your AD and AP by 30/50/70 (also it gives half of that to your teammates, but **** them, Taric's a whole team by himself). This bonus is applied BEFORE Radiance deals damage, so it always ends up doing a little more than it says it does. While this means the optimal burst combo would be Radiance>Dazzle>Shatter>Autoattack, you can pretty much only pull this off if the enemy facechecks a bush as you'll often need to stun the enemy to get close to them.

Summoner spells:
Helps secure kills and reduces the effectiveness of healing champions like Swain or Fiddlesticks. Take this if you're going to be aggressive in lane.
It's flash. You know how good it is. Helps you chase or escape. I would say ghost could be better on Taric, but you already have a lot of movement speed and the Frozen Mallet slow, as well as your stun, so I prefer Flash for the surprise point blank dazzle buttgems.
If you want to help other lanes and can give up ignite.

You're not a sissy support, but this spell is still useful to reduce enemy damage, and for even more chasing/escaping potential.
Surprise buttgems from the grave if combined with teleport. Not as effective without homeguards though.

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Runes and Masteries

For masteries, go 9/21/0, taking attackspeed and ability power in offense, armor, health, damage reduction, and tenacity in defence. If you're feeling outrageous I guess you can go 21/9/0 for extra damage, or 0/9/21 for even more movespeed and utility, but I prefer the tankiness.

For runes, at first I really had no idea what to run, so I just used my ap runes. Turns out, they work great. While Taric does deal mixed damage, the majority of it is actually magic damage, particularly early game. This plus the early low magic resist makes magic pen great on Taric. Additionally, your early burst with all the extra ap is truly, truly, truuuuuuly outrageous. No seriously, try it out. Alternatively you can go for more tanky runes, or attackspeed reds, or even movespeed quints because you just can't have enough movespeed, but it's really a matter of preference.

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Laning Phase

Start the game with either a lot of potions and some wards, to stay in lane and be aware of enemy jungler ganks, or if you're feeling truly outrageous, get a sapphire crystal and either 2 potions or a ward. A sapphire crystal is to Taric what a longsword is to ad champions, just better. In addition to the obvious 200 mana, he gains 4 damage when autoattacking minions, and 8 when autoattacking champions.

What you should do in laning phase, in addition to farming, of course:
Since Taric got mana cost buffs, and you started with either mana potions or a sapphire crystal, you can afford to spam. Use Radiance when going in for a kill (before shatter, for extra damage), or simply for more harass because it's on a one minute cooldown.

Taric is pretty match-up dependent. If you're against a melee champion, add 1 point to "Laning Phase Fun", because your dazzle will often deal its highest damage to them when you stun them as they try to cs. If you're against an ad champion, add another point (bonus points if whole enemy team is ad). Your Shatter gives you 5-10 bonus armor in lane, since we're maxing dazzle first, which is pretty helpful, but not exactly much. What's really good about Shatter, though, is its lategame. Unless you're against an ap heavy team, your items will have decently large chunk of armor, which will serve to restore your Shatter aura to its old 30 armor greatness, giving you a total of 60 free bonus armor.

If you're against a ranged champion, however...well, most often they'll make your laning phase hell. Not only do they have the advantage of being ranged against a melee champion, but your dazzle will also deal pretty pathetic damage when fired at max range. Just try to cs, dazzle+shatter them if you think it's worth it or if your jungler is ganking, cs with dazzle if you have to.

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Truly Outrageous Items

Trinity Force
Your main item with this build is Triforce. Build it going Sheen>Phage>Zeal. Your first damage boost comes when you get sheen, due to the spellblade proc. After that you won't really feel much from phage. But as soon as you get the complete item, the difference is HUGE. Your spellblade damage is doubled, and you gain a lot of good stats including 8% movement speed.
Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi
Not much to say about this. Get merc treads if you're against magic damage/need cc reduction, ninja tabi when you're against physical damage.
Build this after Triforce. Now things are starting to really get outrageous. In addition to all Triforce's goodness, you now have over 400 movement speed, over 500(!) when you smash someone with your hammer. Oh, but it's not over yet, because...
Frozen Mallet
This item is really underrated. HOWEVER, now that it was split from phage and Triforce got a new passive, THEY STACK. Now you're running at over 500 movespeed AND slowing the enemy by 40%. Yeah, there's no way they're going to escape unless they go over a wall or are Kassadin. This item also gives some ad, but more importantly 700 health-you've been pretty lacking in tankiness so far.

Now that we're done with core items...
Abyssal Scepter
Get this if you're against a magic heavy team with a magic heavy team of your own. Grants magic resist and extra damage through AP and magic pen. The main thing here is that the magic pen comes in the form of an aura, so it's helping your team as well as yourself.
Blade of the Ruined King
Get this if you really hate the enemy team or if they're stacking health. In addition to some small lifesteal sustain, it grants %health damage on every autoattack as well as attackspeed. We all known how good attackspeed is on Taric, with his Gemcraft and Imbue. Now combine that with Wit's End and Blade of the Ruined King and you've got a ****load of both onhits and attackspeed. Of course, there's also this item's active, because just when the enemy thought they were goign to escape you, you slow them and speed yourself up even further.

HOWEVER, I DO NOT RECOMEND GETTING THIS ITEM RIGHT AFTER YOUR CORE. You won't be that tanky at that point and your core items are EXPENSIVE (around 8k gold for all of them). Get it lategame to counter health stacking.
A good item for Taric, providing a lot of AD and mana(and so even more damage through your passive) as well as even more %mana damage. The problem? This isn't a manastacking Taric build (well, you can get Frozen Heart, and Triforce gives like 300 mana, but that's not really that good, though there's the 1k mana this item itself gives you, so it's not that bad either). Also, you have to stack this item to get 750 of its maximum 1000 mana, as well as its passive (which drains your mana hard). This is a great item for Taric, but I don't think it's the item for this build.

Also, as with BotRK, don't build it right after your core items.
Spirit Visage
Amazing item. Grants a lot of good Taric stats-health, magic resist, cooldown reduction. It even increases the heal from imbue. Get this against enemies with magic damage.
Frozen Heart
Another great item for Taric, granting a lot of mana(and therefore damage), cooldown reduction, and 1 less armor than thornmail. Also decreases enemy attackspeed. Get this against ad heavy teams, particularly those where the marksman is fed.
Randuin's Omen
Similar in purpose to Frozen Heart, but with an active that slows movespeed and attackspeed rather than aura. It also grants health instead of mana. Get this against teams where the marksman is fed.
If you didn't get mercury treads but still REALLY want tenacity, get this item. It also gives ad and attackspeed (for dem onhits). And of course EVEN MORE MOVEMENT SPEED.
Locket of the Iron Solari
Even more aura+shield. Get this if neither your jungler nor your support already got it.
Sunfire Cape
I personally like building this item right after I get my core. Grants armor, health, and AoE magic damage per sec. Don't get this item if you're against heavy magic damage, though.
Wit's End
Another great item. Grants good attackspeed and 42 DAMAGE ONHIT (though this is actually less than what your passive gives versus champions later on, even with no mana items). Mediocre magic resist with no stacks, though, so make sure to remain in combat. The magic pen stacking is also great since you deal a lot of magic damage.
Warmog's Armor
Get this if you want health and health regen. That's really it.
Get this item if the enemy marksman is REALLY fed.
Guardian Angel
Grants a decent amount of both armor and magic resist, as well as a zilean ult every 5 minutes.
Sword of the Occult/Mejai's Soulstealer
Get these for teh lulz.

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You're a bruiser, so play like one. Use your stun wisely in teamfights (either protect your most important teammate, or stun the enemy's). As with early game, your combo is dazzle into shatter into painful death by autoattacks (using radiance if going for the kill). Use your skills often to get as many spellblade procs as you can. By this point, if you have bought attackspeed, you will be able to spam your Imbue, which can get pretty ridiculous (this drains mana REALLY hard though). Taric's not exactly the most complicated champion.

Don't, however, try to splitpush. Other champions do it better, and your auras, stuns, heals, and permaslows are needed in teamfights.

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Thanks for reading my Trimallet Furorageous Taric guide. You may think this build ridiculous at first, but seriously, try it, it's truly, truly, truuuuuly outrageous. Any feedback and constructive criticism is very appreciated.

My match history at the time of writing this build:
(Disregard the Gangplank game. I sinned by not playing Taric and so lost as bot lane revive tp gp)

More tips on playing Taric:
-Spam your /joke, no matter the situation. This reduces the enemy's IQ by 50 (side effects include loss of own and/or allies' IQ)
-/taunt, /laugh, and /dance spam is also mandatory every now and then.
-Always go for the enemy Ezreal.
-Teabag dead enemies with /dance spam.
-Armor of the Fifth Age Taric makes you 100% more outrageous.
-Emerald Taric is also acceptable despite making you only 35% more outrageous, as it makes you 75% cooler for having a legacy skin.
-Bloodstone Taric actually makes you 35% LESS outrageous. Its only redeeming factor is that it makes you 100% more srs.