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Teemo General Guide by SupaBlunt

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SupaBlunt

Captain Teemo reporting for duty!

SupaBlunt Last updated on December 7, 2012
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Hello all. My first guide will be about Teemo my favorite champion in League Of Legends. This build hopefully will be easy to understand and help u master Teemo and dominate the arena. Teemo is a champion that has to take advantage of his poison and movement speed so what this guide will give you is attack speed, movement speed, ability power and damage that will be enough to hurt almost any champions if played right. In this guide I will explain items, spells and other stuff that will teach you more about Teemo.
I will be updating this often so stay tune and thank you for your time. If you do downvote please let me know why! Criticism is always welcome. I won't bite you :p we are all learning, even me.
I will be testing out new items/masteries and update this guide
UPDATED Work still in progress but these are my items I chosed after the new patch :)...Enjoy

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Pros / Cons

- With Blinding Dart you can make shut down melees

- Great farmer

- Mini wards

- One of the fastest champs in the game

- Very squishy

- Always focused

- oracle's elixer , invisible ward will shut down your shrooms

- Low range

-Champs with magic resist is not your friend :p don't fight em

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Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9 - As Teemo depend on the damage early game with Toxic Shot having this will increase vast damage whether any role you are playing Teemo as

Greater Seal of Armor x9 - Due to Teemo being really low on the defensive. He is always targetted hence why the armor are to improve his defensive. DO NOT USE FOR MID

Greater Seal of Attack Speed x9 - Attack speed are always Teemo choice if you wanna win lanes. Toxic Shot and attack speed really owns and its a great way to farm or defeat enemies.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 - Magic penetration are the key to early game winnings as a AP carry. This are the best choice if you wanna drain your enemies health faster :p

Greater Mark of Attack Speed x9 - If you wanna keep Teemo high attack speed rate and don't need magic penetrarion well this is for you

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3 - These babies will give you much more damage early game shredding your enemies hp

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x3 - These can be really helpful to get away from ganks early game. Seeming how Teemo are focused alot this and Move Quick can do wonders to escape

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Summoner Spells

- It is not all about movement sticky situations when you really need to escape Flash over walls and movequick are just too good.

- Ahh! I always have this as one of my spells. Most enemies equip potions or Heal with this spell its no problem ;) Toxic Shot with Ignite is a sure kill if you are low health and want to drain the enemy fast.. blind dart, Toxic Shot, Ignite will surely make it possibly killing him and you surviving

- This can be a useful spell if enemy team are harassing you with ganks. Also in teamfights and 1 v 1 it can really save your skin.

- My second choice besides Flash. With Ghost and Move Quick Teemo will be flying across the map unable to be caught by enemies or to save turret or to gank enemy team.

Not Recommended
Revive - Really why do you need this if you can escape your way out of situations.

Surge - The extra speed and AP can be nice but with Teemo already great attack speed won't be needing this. As for the extra AP, waiting for this to cooldown will be a pain. Also it gives really low AP so why bother when you have massive AP already.

Smite - You are not jungling. WHY WILL YOU JUNGLE WITH TEEMO? Not the captains way.

Teleport - With the movement speed we have you don't really need this

Cleanse - Teemo is squishy..if you get a stun you're basically dead

Clarity - Auto attack is Teemos way so you won't be wasting any mana

Promote - ......Do I even need too say why is this bad?

Clairvoyance - You got your mushrooms

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So that's it! My first guide is completed. Thank you very much for your views and please do rate, comment and tell me on how to improve on this.

SPECIAL THANKS! to jhoijhoi for her wonderful and well constructed way of
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