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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by EvilLurker

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilLurker

CDR Support/Jungle Fiddlesticks - Fear is Everywhere

EvilLurker Last updated on October 16, 2013
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Welcome to my second guide here on Mobafire! I am sure noone will vote up for this since my last guide didn't even get one vote :( But.. I am doing this for archive purposes only so I don't care.

Here are some videos of me playing Support and Jungle fiddlesticks with max 40% cooldown reduction.

And a funny video for all of you out there who hate teemo :)

I just happen to have great success as Fiddlesticks support lately, more then jungle actually, so I decided to write this guide.

It focuses on Cooldown Reduction Fiddlesticks with support masteries, focusing on both roles - Support and Ability Power. I eventually reach up to 400 AP which is very nice for an ap champion, allowing me to ward the map and deal damage and wreck havoc on team fights with fear, silence, and Murder of Crows.

Eventually, a 3 seconds fear that has a 6 seconds cooldown lets you use your fear every 3 seconds for 3 seconds.. that can change the tides of battle, especially early game when it's a 3v3 or 2v3.
Additionally, a 60 seconds cooldown on your ultimate and 180 seconds cooldown on your flash helps greatly. You will never run out of mana, and your ult will always be ready!

Try it, you won't regret it.

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I take MP runes for late game damage, Armor seals are a must for support as you are facing ADC. For jungle I prefer AP seals or Health per level seals. AP per level glyphs to help you with mid game damage, and gold per 10 as you are not going to take any CS.

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I go with 9-0-21 , Offense tree does not change. The utility tree changes when I jungle or support. For support I take gold per second, for jungle I take spellvamp.

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Skill Sequence

Level up your E first and start harassing. Take note that this will push the lane, make sure you put wards in the river, otherwise don't use this skill at all.
Then go for W and then Q. Max your fear first, at level 5 you will get a 2 seconds fear which is enough to kill a carry combined with exhaust and ignite. Try NOT to engage until level 5!
After maxing fear, max W and then E at last.

When you get to level 6, try to wait in a place that isn't warded like behind the small hill just next to your turret, or in the brush.
A level 6 ult initiation combined with fear, drain, silence, exhaust and ignite will leave no chance to the enemy, unless your ADC is a coward :P

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Summoner Spells

Standard Exhaust + Flash for supports. Flash is essential for your ganks and your ult.

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Ranked Play

Haven't really tested this in ranked more then 5 times, which all resulted in wins. You might get your team angry for picking fiddle support, so try to practice with him on normals before you go ranked.

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Pros / Cons

+ Crazy CC starting on level 5
+ AOE damaging ult
+ Silencer
+ Can tank dragon and baron late game
+ Good escape tools

- Dies quickly if not played smart
- Depends on ADC to succeed bot lane

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle fiddle is pretty easy, get to level 6 as soon as possible then gank with your flash and ult, which is basically a double flash and covers a long range. Even wards can't cover that.

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Team Fights

On teamfights try to protect your carry. If someone jumps on your ADC, just fear him away. While fearing him, use your ult for max damage combo. Don't go wandering solo around the map, since you will just feed the other team.

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No farming for support, but try to take some minions when you get the chance mid to late game. It helps.