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Jinx Build Guide by kingamazin

ADC Challenger Jinx Guide

ADC Challenger Jinx Guide

Updated on April 19, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kingamazin Build Guide By kingamazin 51 0 60,245 Views 4 Comments
51 0 60,245 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kingamazin Jinx Build Guide By kingamazin Updated on April 19, 2021
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Runes: Runes for Scaling

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Flash and Heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Challenger Jinx Guide

By kingamazin
Hi I'm Kingamazin, a challenger ad carry main. I mainly play Jinx and Kai'Sa, and have consistently been at least Grandmaster for the last three years. This is my first guide and I thought it would be a good idea to do it on one of my favorite champions Jinx, especially since she has become so popular as of late.

In this guide I will cover itemization, summoner spells and runes, laning concepts, teamfighting, and everything you need to know as an ADC main looking to pick up Jinx.
Summoner Spells
For summoner spells you will typically want to take Flash and Heal. Flash is a common staple for just about every champion in the game. It can help you reposition, escape a gank, flash in to finish off a kill, or dodge a skillshot. As a highly immobile adc, your best friend will be Flash to get out of sticky situations. Alternatively, when your flash is down you should play more reserved in lane and try to avoid getting caught out by the enemy support/jungler/mid laner.

For your other summoner spell, you will typically take Heal. This can change based on the enemy team composition, but Heal will typically give the best value as it will effect both you and your support. When using Heal during an all in fight bot lane, you should try to either save it until you or your support is low to bait in the enemy or use it instantly if either of you are missing health in order to avoid the grievous wounds effect from Ignite. Some other common uses outside of just healing an ally are to speed up yourself and an ally to escape a gank, speed up your support or jungler to secure their cc, or using the heal movespeed to dodge a skillshot with Nimbus Cloak.

Another alternative summoner spell you could take to replace Heal is Exhaust. I recommend taking Exhaust against extremely aggressive adcs such as Draven, Kalista, Tristana, or Samira. during a fight bot lane, you want to use your Exhaust in order to reduce their kill potential on you. An example of this would be exhausting Tristana after she places her Explosive Charge on you to reduce her burst. If the enemy team has multiple burst focused champions/assassins, taking Exhaust could save your life against their combo. A few champions you might want to consider taking Exhaust against are Zed, Riven, Nocturne, Rek'Sai, and Talon. Of course, there are many more potential threats to you than just the champions listed, so as a general rule of thumb you should take Exhaust against any of the adcs I mentioned if you feel like you might be at risk of dying. Otherwise, Try to judge the enemy top, jungle, and mid laner and determine if multiple of those champs have easy ways to get onto you and one shot you.

Another potential summoner spell that could benefit you depending on the enemy team composition is Cleanse. The most common scenario you would want to take Cleanse in is if the enemy botlane has a heavy amount of crowd control that is difficult to avoid through just positioning alone. Examples include Leona, Thresh, Ashe with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and Varus with his Chain of Corruption. If you have to go Kraken Slayer, Cleanse will help keep you safe from getting chain cced and killed. If the enemy team has a lot of crowd control but their botlane doesn't, a simple Quicksilver Sash should suffice. If you don't feel comfortable taking Cleanse for whatever reason, pick up a Galeforce for your mythic item and go Heal instead.

Barrier is another summoner spell you could take, although I typically advise against it. Heal is just so much better since bot lane is a 2v2 lane, and Barrier only helps yourself. It doesn't even give you the movement speed that heal does. With that being said, you can take Barrier if you have an enchanter that wants to take Heal. The most common example of this is Yuumi going Heal and Exhaust. In this case it makes sense to take Barrier or Cleanse depending on the enemy team.
For runes I recommend going Lethal Tempo, Presence of Mind, Legend: Bloodline, and Coup de Grace or Cut Down depending on the enemy team. As for the secondary tree, I prefer going Sorcery over Inspiration or Domination and I'll explain why in a moment. I recommend going Nimbus Cloak and Gathering Storm for your secondary runes.

Why Lethal Tempo over Conqueror? Some would say it's preference, but I have a few points as to why I think Lethal Tempo is better. It scales better with the true damage provided by Kraken Slayer, which is the mythic item you will be buying most often on Jinx. It synergizes well with her passive attack speed granted by Switcheroo! and getting resets from Get Excited!. By the time Lethal Tempo activates, you should have probably auto attacked around four times to get the bonus attack speed from Phantom Dancer giving a huge boost to your attack speed. You can also play around fights with Zap! and use that to trigger your Lethal Tempo, before going in with the increased attack speed. I also find that Conqueror takes too long to stack and you get the benefits from Lethal Tempo more quickly.

Take Presence of Mind to regain some mana when harassing your opponents using Switcheroo! in lane. In teamfights, Jinx can burn through mana extremely quickly using her rockets along with her other abilities. getting a reset with Get Excited! will also activate Presence of Mind, restoring some of your mana. The last thing you want is to be stuck in minigun when you really need the range of your rockets.

Take Legend: Bloodline to incorporate some lifesteal into your build. Jinx typically doesn't get any lifesteal from her build unless you build Bloodthirster as a fourth or fifth item choice, and often times there will be better items available to you. You will already have enough attack speed so that Legend: Alacrity isn't needed.

For the final rune in the Precision tree, take either Coup de Grace or Cut Down depending on the enemy team. As a general rule to apply, take Cut Down if the enemy team has two champions that typically stack health items in their build. Against squishy teams, take Coup de Grace instead.

As for the Sorcery tree, take Nimbus Cloak to gain extra mobility when you use a summoner spell. As an immobile adc like Jinx, having an extra amount of mobility will help you reposition in a fight or escape a gank more easily.

For the other rune, I recommend taking Gathering Storm. Jinx is one of the strongest late game hyper carries in the game. Gathering Storm helps enhance your damage even further as the game continues. Since Switcheroo! rockets deal 110% of your physical damage, any additional attack damage you gain from runes makes them even stronger.

Why aren't you taking Domination on Jinx?
I used to take Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter, but in recent patches Ravenous Hunter got nerfed to the ground. The healing it provides can not be justified as other trees simply offer more value. Taste of Blood is an excellent rune, but Ravenous Hunter is just too nerfed to continue to take it. The lifesteal you gain from Legend: Bloodline should be good enough.

What about Inspiration? I want my Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery!
Ok, ok, relax. I'll admit, Biscuit Delivery gives a decent amount of sustain and a small permanent increase to your maximum mana. Unless you are playing against a strong laning adc like Caitlyn or a poke based mage like Xerath, most of your health issues can be solved by Doran's Blade, Legend: Bloodline, and Refillable Potion. as for Magical Footwear, this rune is somewhat of a bait on Jinx. Having Berserker's Greaves early on is super valuable on an immobile adc like Jinx, and not being able to buy your boots could end up being a huge detriment. If you want to go Inspiration and plan on building Galeforce, take Cosmic Insight instead of Magical Footwear to lower the dash cooldown by a few seconds.
Standard Jinx Build
Start off the game with a Doran's Blade and a Health Potion. It's the only real option you have to start as Jinx.

On your first back, try to buy a Noonquiver, Refillable Potion, and a Control Ward. Noonquiver gives an excellent mix of attack damage and attack speed, and makes csing extremely easy for you. Refillable Potion is very gold efficient and helps provide solid sustain to cover up any damage you might take from trades. On every back, you want to try to pick up a Control Ward. Since you have no ability to dash or blink as Jinx, you have to rely on solid vision and game sense to track the enemy jungler. Throw your Control Ward down in whatever river bush is closest to your tower, and clear enemy wards that get placed there.

If you can't afford Noonquiver, your second best option would be to pick up Berserker's Greaves. They provide a great amount of attack speed and mobility. The added movespeed helps you space out the enemy adc in trades as you can use Switcheroo! to poke them with rocket autos.

In most games, pick up Kraken Slayer as your first item. Kraken Slayer synergizes extremely well with your kit, and the mythic passive granting attack speed helps you get even more rockets out. Jinx can use her minigun to dish out multiple procs of Kraken Slayer quickly in a fight, and Lethal Tempo allows you to auto even faster. Jinx is an auto attack based adc. Kraken Slayer amplifies your auto attacks with the most damage possible. If you have not already done so, finish Berserker's Greaves now.

For your second item, build Phantom Dancer. It provides extra movement speed for kiting, attack damage, and the most attack speed out of any zeal item. This makes sure you get as many autos off as possible with an insane amount of attack speed. The small amount of attack damage that Phantom Dancer gives helps scale up your rocket damage as well. It also synergizes well with Switcheroo! as stacking up your minigun stacks will also provide Phantom Dancer stacks.

For your third item, grab an Infinity Edge. At this point you will have 60% crit chance, which will activate its passive, granting a boost to your critical strikes. It also provides a ton of attack damage. If you can get to this point while remaining even with the enemy adc, you'll probably start to take over the game. Three items is the key on jinx, and you'll notice that your rockets and Zap! will deal an insane amount of damage.

After you finish three items, the build you go relies heavily on what you need against the enemy team.
If you need to kill their tanky frontline, pick up a Lord Dominik's Regards for the armor pen it provides.
If they have a lot of crowd control, buy a Mercurial Scimitar.
If you keep dying to assassins, buy a Guardian Angel.
If you feel like nothing is threating you or you need to hard carry the game, buy a Bloodthirster
If they have a lot of magic damage, you could consider buying a Maw of Malmortius.
If they have an excessive amount of healing, pick up a Mortal Reminder.
Alternative Item Choices
With the introduction of mythic items in season 11, builds are no longer as cut and dry as they used to be. ADC itemization is the best its ever been, and we have a ton of options to choose from depending on the game. With that being said, knowing what to build can be overwhelming at times. I will try to provide a general overview of when you should build specific items.

First up we have Galeforce. Giving Jinx a dash can make up for her weakness of having no mobility, at the cost of losing the damage that Kraken Slayer provides. I recommend building Galeforce against squishy enemy team compositions as the true damage from Kraken Slayer probably won't be needed. Consider building Galeforce when playing against hook champions such as Thresh, Blitzcrank or Nautilus to dodge their hooks with your dash. This rule applies to any skillshot that could cc you like Elise Cocoon, Ashe Enchanted Crystal Arrow, or Varus Chain of Corruption. If you choose to run Inspiration and know you are going to build Galeforce, swap Magical Footwear for Cosmic Insight for the active item cooldown reduction.

Immortal Shieldbow is your other mythic option. Unfortunately, you lose a lot of damage if you choose to build this item. I would only recommend ever building this item if you are playing against MULTIPLE assassins that are trying to kill you. otherwise go Kraken Slayer or Galeforce.

Jinx also has some potential replacement items for Phantom Dancer, depending on the game: Runaan's Hurricane and Rapid Firecannon.

I would go Runaan's Hurricane when playing against at least 2-3 melee champions. You get the maximum value from the splash damage when the enemy team clumps up together and takes the aoe splash damage from the rockets. If you don't think the enemy team is going to clump up much in teamfights, or you are playing against a team featuring mainly ranged champions, stick to Phantom Dancer.

Rapid Firecannon is good against an enemy team that has a ton of ranged champions, or you feel like you won't be able to get in range to auto attack without instantly dying. Keep in mind, Jinx's Switcheroo! rockets provide 725 range when maxed out, so you should be safe to auto attack in most cases. I will almost never build Rapid Firecannon, but I wanted to throw the option out there because I know some people love the item.
Early Laning
Great, you have an idea of what runes and items to build on Jinx. But how do you lane on her? What are her champion specific strengths and weaknesses? You keep getting hooked and die and type "support diff". You push up to their tower with no vision and die to the enemy jungler, typing "better jg wins" in chat before giving up. If this sounds like you, I'll try my best to give you some tips and tricks to avoid certain mistakes and improve your chances of winning.

When laning, keep in mind the abilities of the opposing bot lane. Respect engage supports who can hook you or cc you for long periods of time. Use rockets in Switcheroo! to poke the enemy adc with your additional range. Switcheroo! rockets start at 625 range at level 1, and every point you put into the ability increases the range by 25. This means that at level 5, you will have 675 range, which is almost more range than every other adc. Use that increased range to your advantage, and try to survive your early laning phase. While jinx is a hyper carry, her early game isn't that bad. With a good support, you can win 2v2 and snowball out of control for a quick win. The added attack speed from [switcheroo!]] in minigun form allows you to take down towers quickly and get tower plates.

When you walk into lane, keep in mind the position of the enemy bot lane. If the enemy bot lane arrives to lane delayed, that means that they likely leached their jungler. You should keep the position of the enemy jungler in mind while laning, it isn't your jungler's job to always tell you where the enemy jungler is at all times. If the jungler receives a leash from their botlane, that likely means that he will clear his caps and path to top lane for a gank or to contest top lane skuttle crab. This means that you can probably push up to the enemy tower and secure priority for your jungler on the bot lane skuttle crab. Alternatively, if you don't leash your jungler, try to keep the wave in an even state or allow the enemy to push into you, keeping the wave just outside of your tower. This puts the enemy botlane in a disadvantageous position as your jungler can path down to gank for you.

Remember to use your wards, and buy a control ward every time you back. Vision makes all the difference, and having a solid amount of vision around botlane and botlane river can help spot out the enemy jungler or the enemy mid laner who's looking for a roam. Try to keep in mind the amount of Teleport's on the enemy team. Bot lane typically receives a lot of attention from both teams, and tracking the positions of who can show up to your lane is a useful skill that will help you win more games. Remember not to neglect your warding tricket and always ward river, especially if you plan on pushing the lane. Typically though, I would recommend keeping the wave in a neutral position or just outside of your tower. This can be accomplished by simply only attack the minions to last hit them. The enemy adc might just start brainlessly autoing the wave, and if they do that try not to get too low from trading so your jungler can help gank your lane. Your main goal should be to farm and survive lane so you can carry late game teamfights.
Mid Game Goals
After laning phase ends, typically you want to move Jinx to the mid lane to collect cs safely in the shortest lane. In the case that you have an immobile mage such as Malzahar or Orianna, it may be better to leave them mid as you continue to go bot. If you managed to take bot tower early, you should rotate mid or top to get more tower plates. Play around objective timers such as dragon or rift herald and try to move with your team to secure those. Getting multiple early dragon 's can set you up for an early soul point to greatly increase your odds of winning. Try to maintain vision around the lane you are farming in, and once you hit level 9 remember to swap out your Stealth Ward for a Farsight Alteration for long range vision on objectives like dragon and baron. Continue to buy Control Ward's to help your team secure vision. Keep your cs high but remember to avoid over extending in a lane, often times during the mid game the enemy team will look for picks on you if you are too far forward. Always look at your minimap and remain aware of who is missing from the map. Nobody wants to kill anything more than the adc, so be aware that the enemy team will always focus you in an attempt to put you behind.
Late Game
Hopefully at this point your jungler will allow you to take the red brambleback for the buff. Always be around baron nashor or dragon depending on which one is spawning. if baron nashor is up, you should never be bot lane farming. That is a clear indicator for the enemy team that they should start baron. hopefully at this stage you have at least three items, and are ready to carry the game. Stick with your team as you posture around objectives and continue to farm. Before an objective like baron nashor or dragon spawns, get mid priority by clearing the wave. Ping your team to group around these objectives, clear mid wave for priority, and secure as much vision as possible. Unless you are full build, you should still be buying Control Ward's. It is not solely your support's job to set up vision as League is a team game. If you manage to get baron nashor , push down a lane (probably going to be mid) with your team while you have your top laner split push in a side wave. Be careful of flanks in pockets of fog of war, try not to tunnel too hard into just pushing a lane. Continue to watch your minimap for anyone on the enemy team that might be missing. If the enemy team collapses on your split pusher, at least try to push for the enemy inhibitor. Play carefully and stick with your support to avoid getting caught out.
OK... That covers some basic macro concepts and ideas that you should be aware of as an adc main. Now for the fun part, teamfighting!

Jinx, like most traditional auto attack based adcs, likes to play fights front to back. A crucial skill you will learn as an adc is when to enter a fight. If you enter the fight and do a little bit of damage and die, you aren't playing Jinx properly.

First, assess the threats on the enemy team. Identify which abilities on the enemy team could cc you and get you killed. Let the enemy team use some of their cooldowns on your team before you walk up to auto. When a fight starts, use Zap! to poke from afar before walking up to auto attack. Zap! will active your Lethal Tempo. Use your Switcheroo! to auto the enemy team from a distance. Abuse the fact that Jinx has the most base auto attack range of any adc, at 725. Try to move around and auto attack from your max range. Usually you want to use your Flash defensively you reposition in the fight or prevent an assassin from killing you. Use Flame Chompers! to follow up on your team's cc or to peel yourself from dive. If you die too early as Jinx, you are relying on your team to carry the fight. Try your best to stay alive while doing as much damage as safely as possible. The best way to use your Super Mega Death Rocket! is to execute low hp targets since it does %missing hp damage. If you are being dove and are in close proximity to an enemy, use your Switcheroo! and swap to your minigun to deal more dps in close range. Jinx is the queen of cleaning up a fight. Once you get one kill and Get Excited! procs, use the bonus movespeed and attack speed to clean up the fight.
I hope my guide helps you become better at Jinx and adc as a whole! It can be discouraging at times to constantly get one shot, but as you learn your limits you should be able to have more satisfying games and pop off.

Remember, Get Excited! and get that pentakill! Any feedback would be appreciated and I'll try to answer any questions.

(P.S. check out the threat level to see a few sentences on matchups and general advice on how to play them)

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