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Trundle Build Guide by Coccaa

Jungle Coccaa's Trundle Jungle Guide | UPDATED FOR SEASON 13

Jungle Coccaa's Trundle Jungle Guide | UPDATED FOR SEASON 13

Updated on September 3, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coccaa Build Guide By Coccaa 25 0 51,330 Views 0 Comments
25 0 51,330 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coccaa Trundle Build Guide By Coccaa Updated on September 3, 2023
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Cheap Shot
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Flash Trundle
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

Coccaa's Trundle Jungle Guide | UPDATED FOR SEASON 13

By Coccaa
I am Coccaa, a platinum Trundle player with over half a million combined points on Trundle across 3 accounts. Reached #36 Trundle NA season 13; Just wanna share some tips and tricks and how to play the champ effectively
On Trundle your primary goal is to single out a dangerous target and Subjugate them for your entire team. This will steal their defensive stats and deal damage over time while simultaneously healing you and boosting your own stats. This allows Trundle to Subjugate a tank for him or his team to kill them quicker and easier

Invading the enemy jungler is a big part of your playstyle as Trundle. Very often you can walk into enemy jg level 1 and 1v1 or even 1v2 the enemy. Just be careful in some matchups where you might not win tho

Trundle is one of the best, if not the best split-pusher in the game in my opinion. This is because he has extremely fast attack speed, a very low cooldown on his Chomp, and can easily escape ambushes with his Frozen Domain and his Pillar of Ice. Instead of team fighting with Trundle, you will more often than not want to push a lane and take towers while your team fights to secure an objective or if you see them fighting for no reason, you can decide to run to help them or just go push out a lane and split.

Lethal Tempo is usually the only rune you'll want to be running on Trundle because it just gives so much attack speed and allows him to do what he does best.

Triumph is pretty standard and there isn't better option for Jungle Trundle.

Legend: Alacrity is solid because of the attack speed it gives. It can be interchanged with Legend: Tenacity if the enemy has lots of CC but otherwise always go alacrity. Legend: Bloodline is super useless these days and you probably won't even notice it in game

Coup de Grace is also an amazing rune for trundle because it allows you to chunk low health enemies to finish them off. You can swap it with Last Stand if you're an aggressive player and like to keep fighting until the end rather than trying to run. I almost never take Cut Down because Trundle will usually end up with more health than most champions on the enemy team.

Cheap Shot gives Trundle bonus true damage every 4 seconds when you Chomp then auto. You can proc this several times in fights and about once in trades, but even in short trades bonus true damage goes a long way especially in the early game

Relentless Hunter is basically non-negotiable for the domination tree. Movement speed is very powerful on Trundle so even more movement speed certainly won't hurt. This also gives more flat movement speed than tier 2 magical footwear.

Same primary runes as the other page but this time the secondary runes come from the Inspiration tree.

Magical Footwear is a good rune on Trundle because it gives more movement speed than base boots, and since Trundle is more of an early game duelist champion, you should be able to retrieve your boots fairly early. I take magical footwear into comps that are easily gankable so I can stack it faster

Approach Velocity procs on Chomp and Pillar of Ice so its a perfect rune for Trundle if you want to stick to enemies and chase them down

Its up to personal preference but you can also go Cosmic Insight or Future's Market if that's what you're used to or what you prefer
  • Great early game duel potential due to Chomp's AD stealing attribute, high damage, and low cooldown.
  • Healthy clear due to King's Tribute, providing him sustain when enemies die near him.
  • Anti-Tank tool due to Subjugate stealing the enemy's defensive stats for himself and healing him.
  • Lifesteal is more effective on him due to Frozen Domain's healing amp
  • Long range displacement tool on Pillar of Ice
  • Massive attack speed buff from Frozen Domain

  • Grievous Wounds is fairly easy to obtain early game, and counters Trundle immensely.
  • If Frozen Domain or Pillar of Ice are on cooldown, he is very easy to kite for the time being and can be killed with ease
  • His only engage tool, Pillar of Ice has a very long cooldown and is a skillshot so can be avoided.
  • Is a purely single target champion, meaning Tiamat is essential for clearing the jungle
King's Tribute is an undervalued ability in my opinion, as it essentially grants Trundle free potions throughout the game. Whether you are clearing a minion wave, clearing a jungle camp, or in a teamfight skirmish, King's Tribute will help restore your max HP in some way. This allows for Trundle to save 50 gold by not having to purchase a Health Potion to stay healthy in the jungle.

Chomp is an uncancelablle auto attack reset. The reason why this matters is because 1, you can Chomp directly after your last auto to essentially weave a free auto in during the time in which you cannot auto. And 2, because Chomp is uncancellable, it will still go through and damage the enemy even if you are Stunned, Slept, knocked up, or put into stasis. The way you would utilize this is activate Chomp and attack right before the CC ability is about to hit you. This way the damage will go through, even though your character cannot act.

Frozen Domain can be used in a multitude of ways to get the most out of it. The most common tactic you will perform is to place your Frozen Domain before you use Subjugate. This will increase the health you get from it. This also applies to any healing in the game. That could mean picking up a Honeyfruit, receiving an Astral Infusion, or even your own innate lifesteal from Ravenous Hydra or Divine Sunderer. Fighting without your Frozen Domain is an extremely bad idea.

Pillar of Ice can be used on allies as well, but not in the way you might think. Instead of using it to troll teammates, you can use it when a teammate is about to get hooked by, for example, Dredge Line. This ability is special because you can activate your Pillar of Ice in front of the hook, because it latches onto terrain, or in the case of other hooks, you can pillar in the middle of the hook, after it has grabbed onto your teammate. This will interrupt the hook and your temamate will be safe and sound.

You can also use Pillar of Ice to interrupt enemy dashes/jumps/leaps. This includes Rengar leap, Tristana Rocket Jump, Kayn's Shadow Step or Kha'Zix's Leap. You have to time it well, but if you do, it will interrupt their movement ability and allow you to continue beating them down.

Lastly, in certain situations, you may want to save Subjugate until the enemy has used one of their abilities. For example, instead of randomly casting Subjugate upon approaching a Renekton, wait until he casts Dominus. Upon casting Dominus, Renekton gains bonus max HP. Subjugate deals max HP% damage, so it would deal more damage if you waited until he burned his Dominus. This also applies to armor/MR granting abilities such as Rammus' Defensive Ball Curl. Casting Subjugate on the Rammus will then steal a portion of his bonus armor in that state, granting you even more armor than you would have gotten if you had used Subjugate before, as well as reducing his even lower, sometimes even to the negatives.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coccaa
Coccaa Trundle Guide
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Coccaa's Trundle Jungle Guide | UPDATED FOR SEASON 13

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