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Riven Build Guide by MrDragosh

Competitive Riven Guide

By MrDragosh | Updated on July 7, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Riven
  • LoL Champion: Riven


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Welcome to my Riven guide !

This is my first guide made on mobafire,so if I haven't done something the right way,I'm sorry!

So,after playing with Riven for many times, I deceided to create my own guide,and too see what other ppl think about it.

The way I am trying to build Riven is pretty simple to understand : tanky and powerful. You are free to change any items in the build if you want to.
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Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Good CC : with Ki Burst
+ Easy to escape using Broken Wings and Valor
+ no MANA !!
+ Great way to avoid abilities with Valor
+ Nice start and you rule
+ Nice Survivability

- Weak if not farmed well
- Needs a good start
- High cooldown
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General Gameplay

Do not be greedy !

Farm as much as you can !

Gank if you have the possibility . Riven is great at ganking , getting out of the bushes with Broken Wings and stunning with Ki Burst .

Play Careful . Buy Vision Ward to be sure you are not ganked .

If laning against Twitch , Teemo , Shaco, Akali , Evelynn or other stealth champs , buy Oracle Elixir . You can get easy kills and also avoid dying !

Harras using Broken Wings and Ki Burst .

Play smart.

Avoid damage with Valor
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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - Those are the 3 quints that I choose for a powerful early game start.

Greater Mark of Desolation - We need some armor penetration until we buy Last Whisper , so this Marks and Weapon Expertise and Sunder give you the armor penetration you need.

Greater Seal of Armor - Very useful on solo lane.

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage - For more Attack Damage.
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Offensive Masteries

Summoner's Wrath - because of your ignite/exhaust.
Brute Force x3 - As we build an AD Riven,it is obvious we need this.
Alacrity 3/4 - At one point in game you will buy (if you respect my build ) Black Cleaver,so more attack speed is useful.
Sorcery - As I said in CONS, the cooldown for abilities is pretty high,so some reduction is good.
Deadlines - same details as for Brute Force
Weapon Expertise - since we've got Greater Mark of Desolation , this point is well put.
Vampirism 1/3 - Just one point because we buy early Wrigle's Lantern
Executioner - Because it is nice !:D
Defensive Masteries

Resistance and Hardiness . Their role is pretty obvious.
Durability is good for solo lane :)
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Summoner Spells

The Spells I chose are Ignite and Flash.
Flash is good for escape,of course.
What I recommend

With Flash, Valor and Broken Wings it is almost impossible for any champion to catch you. I always take Flash and I guess all of you do that.

Ignite is useful all time. I prefer it rather than Exhaust because you can easily catch your enemy and stun him , then use ignite on him. You all know how useful it is,and how annoying is when your enemy is getting away with just 20hp left

Usable Spells

Of course Heal is a good choice,but it only matters in early and mid game.In late game it is useless for Riven,because you have a lot of hp and you won't even feel that heal.For a successful early solo lane,or first blood,heal is a good choice !

Exhaust is good for teamplay.If your team is strong in early game,you can easily get first blood by using exhaust on your chosen target.It can also be used in lane,slowing the enemy,in order for you to escape or to catch him.It is your choice.

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Skill Sequence

So you are probably wondering why I have maxed Broken Wings last .
Well , it's pretty simple.

I choose to max first Ki Burst because of its utility and easy way to deal damage. Then I maxed Valor because of its defensive importance .

Broken Wings it's the last one , but still very important.

I max one offensive ability ( Ki Burst ) then a deffensive one ( Valor) and finally Broken Wings.

I do not think a "Skill explanation" chapter would be necesary,because I explained the skills' usage over the guide.If you need it,just ask it and I will make one !
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Laning against AD

Try to achieve level 3 as fast as you can,because Ki Burst and Valor are incredibly useful.

After buying Doran's Blade and Boots of Speed,I buy Phage because it gives me some HP,letting me harras more and AD , for better dmg.

If your enemy doesn't trouble you,buy Berserker's Greaves.

As you are laning against an AD champ, i suggest Wriggle's Lantern , because it gives you Attack Damage,Life Steal and Armor. Now you are strong enough,having good Armor,Attack Speed,Life Steal and decent damage.

Next, Frozen Mallet for more hp and ad.

As we have enough hp and we are pretty tanky , I suggest B. F. Sword and then Black Cleaver for an awesome basic attack.

In lategame , Warmog's Armor for A LOT of hp and , if you are facing tanky champs as well,with armor,take Last Whisper for Armor Penetration and Attack Damage.

Laning against AP

Laning against an AP changes the build a little.I would buy Maw of Malmortius and change a few the order of items

If you feel like you are doing enough damage and you need some more resistence , I suggest you to buy Guardian Angel .

Also,if should be able to stop your enemies' combos with your Ki Burst and then bum,bum,bum, DEAD!

Important :

Everytime you see your opponent trying to hit you,use your Valor !

Examples :

Mordekaiser's Siphon of Destruction
Pantheon's Spear Shot
Ashe's basic attacks
and the list goes on.
The idea is : Try to avoid any damage by using Valor.


You can edit the build !

-facing in Twisted Treeline 3 AD champs , you can buy Doran's Shield .
-you want to burst damage , you can buy Infinity Edge or two Blood Thrister or whatever you want.
-You need more magic resistence , you can buy Force of Nature or Wit's End.
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Different Builds

Burst Damage

Tanky for AD

You can also try than

Tanky - Balanced

Tanky - AP

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Farming and some tips

I guess you all know how to last hit,so this should not be a big problem.

The cool thing about Riven is that she can use her ability countless times on minions.
With Ki Burst + Broken Wings you can easily kill one set of minions and they won't even hurt you.


  • After using Broken Wings for the first time , try to attack with your basic attack the target , because of your passive ( Runic Blade) , then use 2nd hit of Broken Wings , hit again with basic and so on. This way you deal more damage. Do this for all your other skills,after using them,basic attack as fast as u can.
  • If your ignite is on cooldown or you didn't pick ignite , Blade of the Exile is a good way to kill somebody with low hp. Just press R one more time and the magic happens !
  • Everytime I play Riven and I'm in a 1vs1 fight , my first reaction is not to activate Blade of the Exile and to keep it till my enemy is on low hp . I guess this is wrong,and it should be activated immediately after starting the fight.
  • Valor can be used to get through some walls,but it's pretty hard and risky.
  • If an ally with low hp is followed by enemies , you can help him by stunning them with you Ki Burst and easily escape with Broken Wings and Valor . This way you can avoid loosing one ally :P.
  • Every use of Broken Wings ignores unit collision.So if somebody is in your way,just pass through him !
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Riven is great as a jungler for her ganks . She can stun her enemies with Ki Burst . It's all about syncronization with the lane ally.

Basically,just staying in the bushes and when the right moment comes, get out with Broken Wings,stun the enemy with Ki Burst , few more hits and gone.

If the enemy is close to the bush,you could as well catch him with Valor and Ki Burst.

Jungle Route

I first start taking the Blessing of the Lizard Elder .

Remember :

Always ask an ally to help you getting the buff faster.

Gank as much as you can.
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Some of my scores:

I had those images from my Ranked team history . I will add new ones soon !
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