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Gnar Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker


đź’ˇComplete Gnar guide by Dixon

By DixonTheGuideMaker | Updated on October 16, 2020

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Runes: Fleet Footwork

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Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

đź’ˇComplete Gnar guide by Dixon

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Pros and Cons
- Very high damage in Mega Gnar form.
- Strong champion in the early and mid game.
- A very mobile champion in Mini Gnar form.
- Mega Gnar has a large supply of health and increased protective characteristics.

- Very easy to kite by ranged champions when Gnar is in the form of a large Mega Gnar.
- A very difficult champion to master.
- Loses its relevance in the late game.
- Small attack range.
Abilities Back to Top
All of Gnar's skills do not require mana and only have a cooldown.

at the beginning you play as a small and nimble Gnar, who has a ranged attack and his own set of skills. Later you will notice that a red rage bar is accumulating under the health bar. As soon as it reaches its maximum value Gnar will turn after a while into ppMega Gnar]], which will be slower, but have much greater vitality and strenght. You can transform into a big Gnar instantly if you use any skill at the moment when the rage is full. For example, the Hop / Crunch is great for this purpose. You jump forward and automatically transform into Big Gnar. Please note that the skills of small and large Gnar have the same cooldown. Immediately after transformation some of your skills can still be in cooldown.

\ in both forms, Gnar has an excellent skill that can slow down a group of enemies and deal good damage to them. If you catch your boomerang or pick up a cobblestone, then the skill recharges much faster. This is very important when chasing an enemy team and slowing them down constantly.

\ this passive not only significantly increases Gnar's movement speed, but also makes it possible to inflict powerful damage depending on the amount of health. In essence, it can be compared to Vayne's Silver Bolts. In the form of Mega Gnar the skill allows you to stun a group of enemies and deal good damage.

\ a great skill that is equally well suited to attack an enemy or run away. It can be used to overcome obstacles. An important feature of the skill is that in the form of Mega Gnar the skill deals good massive damage, the strength of which depends on the target's maximum health.

ultimate allows you to control a group of enemies and inflict good damage on them. If the battle takes place in a jungle, then there is a high probability that some of the enemies will be stunned and increased damage due to the fact that you push them into the obstacle. This skill needs to be practiced properly as it has a short animation delay.
Enemy champions Back to Top
has very strong skills and can easily kill little Gnar. When you become Mega Gnar, you can actively attack Irelia, but most likely at this moment she will retreat back. While in the form of Mini Gnar you should stay as far away from the minions as possible, since at any moment Irelia is able to finish off the minion with Bladesurge and then jump on you. You'll be fine until you can dodge her stun though.

should be attacked only when his Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate skill is on cooldown. Jace has very powerful combos that deal very high damage and that Gnar has nothing to counter. Having turned into Mega Gnar, it is not worth taking a lot of risk and going forward since Jayce is able to kite and chase the slow Mega Gnar with ease. It is possible to gain an advantage over Jayce, but it is extremely difficult to do it. If you managed to get dominance on the lane, maintain this position and do not let the enemy farm.

at 6th level Lissandra is able to easily kill Gnar. At the beginning of the game you need to focus on farming as much as possible and stay near your tower in order not to give the enemy a chance to gank. It is very important to buy some artifacts for magic resistance as soon as possible, otherwise little Gnar can become an easy victim for Lissandra.

has good control skills Glitterlance, Whimsy. It is quite difficult to dodge these skills. At the beginning of the game against such a champion it is better to buy Boots and Health Potion. So you can increase your mobility and once again avoid being exposed to blows. Against such a champion it is better to play carefully and not even try to kill Lulu. It is important to buy something for magic resistance as soon as possible and constantly make sure that you are not surrounded by the enemy jungler.

a very powerful champion who possesses both powerful skills and good defensive qualities. Maokai will try to hook you with his little Sapling Toss minions. But you should be more wary of his Twisted Advance skill with which Maokai can quickly move to you and cause a lot of damage. Against such a champion it's better to stock up on a lot of potions and farm carefully with the Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss.

it is very difficult to play against Nidalee as she will constantly heal with the help of the Primal Surge / Swipe skill. Needless to say that you need to dodge her Javelin Toss / Takedown and the easiest way to do this is by staying behind your minions. Please note that Nidalee's trap does little damage, but it significantly increases magic damage to you for a while. It is best to maintain a short distance and constantly try to attack the enemy and be sure to ask your jungler to come and help kill the enemy. If you get an advantage at the beginning of the game, it will be very good since there simply will not be another such chance.

one of the most annoying mages that you can meet on the top lane. Ryze's range is about the same as Gnar's, but he deals much more damage. At the very beginning get ready for the fact that you will constantly receive damage. Try to keep your distance and let Ryze push your lane. Later ask your jungler to come and help you. Ryze has no escape skills and can therefore be an easy target. When you have the opportunity to turn into Mega Gnar it makes sense to attack Ryze, he will have nothing to do but just use the Rune Prison skill and step back. During this tim, you can safely farm minions and throw Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss on Ryze.

skills do not require mana costs and he can use them all the time. No matter how hard you try to inflict damage on him, he will still heal everything with the help of the Transfusion skill. It is better to spend the beginning of the game on farming and try to buy Spirit Visage as soon as possible. With the help of your jungler it is quite possible to kill Vladimir. Most importantly wait for Vladimir to spend his bloody puddle of the Sanguine Pool and then you can safely jump on him with your ultimate.

up to level 6 Gnar still has a chance to gain an advantage in the lane, but after the ult appears in Yasuo's arsenal it is categorically not recommended to go forward. At the beginning you need to play as aggressively as possible and every time the Mega Gnar form is available to you use it in order to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Just standing and throwing back boomerangs will not work, since Yasuo will put up a Wind Wall barrier and attack you with his skills which deal a lot of damage from the very beginning.
Common game tips Back to Top
The difficulty of Gnar is that he has a lot of skills and it is quite difficult to learn how to play well. First of all, you need to take care that in all team battles you have the Mega Gnar form available. In other words, you cannot change forms at any moment and you need to correctly calculate the moment. If you fight only in the form of little Gnar, then in fact you will not even reveal half the full potential of this champion. It's best to warn your team that your uniform isn't ready yet or that you don't have at least 70% rage. If you have the form available and you rush headlong forward, this will also be wrong. You need to correctly assess the situation and make sure that you fight as part of your team and not stupidly fight alone against the entire opposing team and then blame your allies for not following.

One of the best skills to start a fight is Hop / Crunch. So you can quickly jump into the crowd of opponents and start your atrocity. Very good option is to go around opponents from behind using your GNAR! ult. In this case you can either push opponents into the wall or, on the contrary, drag them towards your team. Then you can already use the skill (in the form of Mega Gnar of course) Hyper / Wallop to stun enemies. Then you can constantly throw Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss stones at opponents and slow them down.

Gnar is a good lane pusher, he can quickly kill minions and break the tower. Of course, this must be done in the form of Mega Gnar. For example you can single-handedly start pushing the bottom lane and tell your team to go to the B aron. If the opposing team sends 1-2 characters after you then your team will most likely quickly take the Baron and all you should do is to survive.

Remember a very important point. When you are fighting a clearly unequal battle and you have accumulated full rage, immediately use some skill to transform into Mega Gnar. Most opponents simply don't expect your health to suddenly rise (roughly 400 health). This will save your life more than once and your allies, on the contrary, will be able to kill the enemy.

When you need to quickly demolish a tower, remember that you can increase your attack speed with the Hop / Crunch skill. But you can only do this if you are sure that no one will gank you.

At level 3 Gnar already has a good set of skills and can greatly annoying the enemy. At this moment the most important thing is not to get far away too much, since at this level the enemy jungler makes his first ganks and you can become a victim of your own aggression.

In order to deal good damage to an enemy you can use the simplest combo Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss - Auto Attack - Auto Attack. Combined with the Hyper / Wallop passive you will do good damage and the enemy will not be able to quickly escape due to the slowdown.

With the help of the Hop / Crunch skill Gnar can push off not only from champions or minions, he can also use a huge number of objects: Thresh's Dark Passage lantern, Syndra's Dark Sphere orbs, Jace's Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate.

Gnar is one of the hardest champions in the game to master and I wouldn't recommend him for new players. Gnar is a very specific champion and at the same time can be very strong and very weak depending on the skill of his owner.
Gnar's Biography Back to Top
Before the ice had given the Freljord its name, there existed a land brimming with wonder—that is, if one could see the world through the eyes of Gnar.

A young yordle with boundless energy, Gnar and others like him lived openly among the hardy tribes of the northlands. Though barely big enough to leave footprints in the snow, his temper rivaled that of beasts ten times his size, and he would erupt with a babble of curses the moment anything went amiss. For this reason, he felt more kinship with the greater and wiser creatures, who kept their distance from mortals. To Gnar, they looked like overgrown, white-furred yordles… and that was good enough for him.

While the tribes foraged across the tundra, gathering wild berries and tasty moss, Gnar collected more essential items, like rocks, pebbles, and the muddy remains of dead birds. His greatest treasure was the jawbone of a drĂĽvask. When he tugged it from the cold earth, he squealed with glee and flung it as far as he could.

It landed two hops away.

Thrilled by this early success, Gnar carried his “boomerang” wherever he went. The world would try its best to offer him new delights—shiny lint, sweet nectar, round things—but none could match the pure joy he felt in throwing and catching his cherished weapon. He now considered himself a hunter, and trailed herds of wild beasts that paid him no mind.

But even he could sense change coming to the land. The sky seemed darker. The winds felt colder. The mortal tribes who had once foraged together, now appeared to hunt each other…

The big white yordles would know what to do. Gnar would go to them.

Using all of his hunting skill, he tracked them into the snow-capped peaks of a vast mountain range, much farther than he had ever wandered before. As he approached unseen, he also saw more mortals than he could count. This was exciting, but no one else seemed too happy about it.

Then the ground shook, and split apart. For the first time in Gnar’s life, it seemed as though everyone else was throwing tantrums. The mortals yelled. The big yordles roared.

But the monster’s arrival silenced them all.

Heaving itself up from the newly opened abyss, it bore huge horns, whipping tentacles, and a single eye, burning with strange light that made the fur on Gnar’s back crawl. While some mortals fled at the sight, he began to feel an odd pain in his chest—it was like the thought of losing his boomerang, or never being hugged again. This horrible thing wanted to hurt his new friends.

And this made him angry. In that moment, Gnar truly raged.

All he could see was the monster. In a flash, he was in the air, leaping toward it. In one paw, he grasped a snowball… or so he thought. In fact, it was a boulder plucked from the mountainside, for Gnar had grown as large as the big white yordles. He would send this monster back where it came from, by walloping its face!

But the blow never landed. Gnar felt a chill colder than any winter, one that seemed to turn the air itself into ice—truly, this elemental magic froze him in place, biting through his shaggy fur. Everything, including the monster, became quiet. The yordle’s strength and anger melted away. A deep tiredness crept into his limbs, and he fell softly asleep.

Gnar napped for a long time. When he finally awoke, he shook the frost from his shoulders, breathing heavily. Everyone else was gone. With no monsters to fight and no friends to protect, he felt very small and alone again.

The land was very different, too. There was snow everywhere, blanketing everything as far as his wide eyes could see. Still, he let out a happy yelp when he saw his beloved boomerang lying beside him, and scurried away to find something to hunt.

Even now, Gnar has no grasp of what took place that fateful day, nor how he escaped. He simply marvels at the world before him, with so many oddities to collect and places to explore.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker
DixonTheGuideMaker Gnar Guide

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đź’ˇComplete Gnar guide by Dixon
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