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Jinx Build Guide by T4nk GirI

Jungle Crazy Jinx Jungle by T4nk GirI

Jungle Crazy Jinx Jungle by T4nk GirI

Updated on December 20, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author T4nk GirI Build Guide By T4nk GirI 8,521 Views 0 Comments
8,521 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author T4nk GirI Jinx Build Guide By T4nk GirI Updated on December 20, 2018
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Champion Build Guide

Crazy Jinx Jungle by T4nk GirI

By T4nk GirI
We took those runes because you are going to gank/assassin with Jinx.
And every 4 seconds out of combat, you will have 3 fast hits (and stack for minigun too), so no more slow Jinx in fights starts!

Jungling with Jinx can be hard, but it is very doable if your play safe and have all eyes open all the time.

At every kite on monsters, check the map to see ennemy jungler's position and adapt your farm/steals/ganks

Sometimes I gank, sometimes I counter gank, when I see an ally probably going to be ganked or dived by his opponent, I wait just behind, outside of ennemy vision, and I go in as soon as they do :) 3 fast hits and they are gone :)
In early game, go in a bush next to your red.
Then, ping that you are going blue, so your teammates watch for it too and prepare to help you.
At 1m10 leave red and ward it (I ward the bush closest to the river) and go to blue.

If ennemy invade and you cannot help, go steal their blue/red (watch the map all the time to check if any lane is going for you because it is warded)

In early game you wanna farm your jungle as fast as you can so the ennemy jungle cannot invade you or steal anything.

If you think or see that the ennemy jungler is going to invade you often, always clear your blue/red first as soon as they appear.

If you encounter the ennemy jungle, ward your blue/red, retreat (stay close) call for help. If he tries to steal try smiting and kill him if you feel confident, or run if not, don't die for a buff (you can still go steal his back)

For usual monsters, secure the closest to the midlane first if possible.

In early, only gank when there is a big opportunity or when you have nothing left to farm. You want to finnish your 2 first items before making a big difference.
At level 7-8, if you know the jungler is not there and lanes are busy, ward around the drake, pink just in front of it to check for ennemy wards.

Then hit the drake and pull it back just outside his zone so if ennemies ward it they see nothing :)
Use every potion you have & smite ofc :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author T4nk GirI
T4nk GirI Jinx Guide
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Crazy Jinx Jungle by T4nk GirI

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