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Kha'Zix Build Guide by DoubleDipMyNips

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DoubleDipMyNips

Create a Void Where Their Head Used to Be

DoubleDipMyNips Last updated on May 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all!
My name is DoubleDipMyNips, and this will be my very first guide to Kha, and to anyone, really.
I'm a Silver 3 player, and while I'm not an insanely high ELO, I've been playing Kha since a few weeks after release, and he is my favorite champ to play, as a top, mid, or jungle.
I hope you guys enjoy the guide!

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Kha as a top laner.

Since the most recent nerf in 4.7, I believe it was, laning with Kha has become a bit more difficult. The pro's and con's are as follows

-Post 6, can become a monster duelist against most DPS champs, and has the ability to shred tanks due to evo'd Q

-He can easily pick off a lone target, as long as he can have the element of surprise, and if the player has fast enough reactions to combo them before they counter

-One of the best kits in the game for assassinations

-Very viable as a top and jungle.

-Ganks are amazing with his R and evo'd E


-Pre-6 laning phase is mediocre, and can be out-harassed easily

-Eats mana with his W, which is only sustain tool until you get a BT or Hydra

-If he gets hit with any sort of CC, he's done unless your leap is up

-Better at picking off weak targets than he is at staying and dueling. Someone like LB or Kass wrecks his face

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and 3 of , and throw in a single
Now, if you're playing him top, rush a Tiamat ASAP, as that health regen is amazing. I used to go with a Tear, and leveled my W for sustain, until I saw someone in the LCS use a Hydra as a first item on Kha. The health regen and lifesteal gives him enough sustain to where he shouldn't need to use his W very often.

Now, after that Hydra, or even after Tiamat, your next goal should be Ionian Boots, or a Brutalizer. Brutalizer if you feel as if you can go ham and get the kill, or Ionia if you want to be safe.

Take whichever item out of those two you didn't, after the one you first chose.

Your items after that can vary, depending on what the needs are. If you feel like you want to go straight damage, go for a Blood Thirster. If you feel like they have some dangerous AP, get a Maw.

After you get a Black Cleaver, Ionian, Blood Thirster, and/or Maw, your next items vary. Trinity Force gives Kha some rather good burst, as well as some added health and mana, and a passive from Phage that gives tremendous advantage when proccing your passive on people you're chasing down. Guardian Angel should be thrown in, no exception. If you feel like you're godlike enough to not die, be my guest and grab a Randuin's or something for added tankiness.

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Team Work

Kha's role in a team is fairly simple. Pick the weak target, sink your claws into them, and cause disorder in the enemy ranks. The reason why Kha's skill level is so "high", is that if he chooses the wrong moment to go in, he has almost no escape, and is going to die. He's an assassin, with him, you have to sit and wait for the opportunity.

Especially for top lane Kha, this rule applies;
Target the squishiest. OR target the one that the rest of your team has weakened. Without Evo Q'd, your dueling potential will be lower and you'll have to play safe. Say you took Evo E first since you're jungling;
You're going in for a gank on say, a Jax. You're really not going to want to go ham on him with no dueling potential. Wait for your top laner to initiate, and then you go in, proc your passive to slow, and continue to go to work on him.

With an evo'd Q, your dueling options are much broader, but your escapes are what are limited. Your evolutions decide your play style. Do what your team wants, as Kha is not a champ that can excel without teamwork.

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Unique Skills

Kha doesn't just evolve with his skills, his playstyle evolves with it. As you choose which trait to evolve, you also change your options for initiation, engaging, teamfighting, everything. Your Q helps dueling, E helps with escapes, and R is all utility, with a chance of escape and a chance to help duel.

Choose wisely, as whatever you pick changes the course of your game for the next 5 levels.

Take Q if you're going to duel

E if you're going to be ganking, or if you want to be mobile

only take W if you're mid and you have enough damage to farm easily with it, it's bad in almost every other circumstance.

And if you're getting out-harassed and you feel like you need some added utility, take R for the damage reduction.

Play the Void Reaver right, and he will treat you extremely well

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Skill Sequence

I already explained this on the skill sequence notes, but I'll copy and paste it here

If you feel like you're being heavily countered, feel free to max W before Q for the sustain, but you'll run out of mana a lot faster

As a top laner, I almost always take the Q evo, for the duels. His 1v1 damage is astounding. I take his E evo second, for the escape and the utility for engage. His R as his third and final (in most situations), evolution, because of the overall increase in play effectiveness.

That, is my personal sequence, but you can pick and choose based on your preference.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling with Kha is a lot easier than laning with him, and his build is almost identical, but throw a Elder Lizard in there. Start blue, then go right to red, using your W to sustain it. After that, gank level 3 after grabbing Wraiths.

Jungle, you should take a priority in leveling your W until you get a Tiamat, or else you'll run out of health extremely fast. However, do not evolve W in the jungle, as that's virtually useless.

Evolving E takes priority, but Q can also be good if your lanes have hard CC, such as a Jax/Malphite top, or a Ryze mid. With Q evo, your damage will be much more if you can reach them, but your E will almost guarantee a successful gank, or at least you'll successfully deal damage

Put a huge emphasis on counter-jungling, as Kha is extremely good at it. Go in, steal their main camps, their buffs, everything.

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Use your Q to take out minions that are low early-game, then, once you get a Tiamat, you can farm easier and more passively, without having to blow your Q constantly. Your Q is your greatest friend, though.

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This item will be your life-saver. As a top lane Kha, it has everything you need and want. AD, lifesteal, and health regen. It will be your best friend as you use it more and more, and it causes his top lane to be so much more effective.