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Poppy General Guide by spiderbit

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League of Legends Build Guide Author spiderbit

Dangerous Poppy

spiderbit Last updated on March 19, 2013
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Table of Contents
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DonĀ“t take this Guide to serious, I just wanted to test out the items and how they work with poppy.


I dont use much active abilities, that can fast backfire, if the range is to low, or you get silenced or something, maybe I include later some builds with more items with active effects.

== SPELLS ==

I only used the 2 spells flash and teleport. Teleport is often not suggested, but its the same like with the items with active effects its often hard to manage several active effekts especialy if you have to click exactly on one person, especialy in team fights, I have sometimes even problems to even see where poppy is ^^ gets sometimes really confusing.

So I focus more on raw Damage and Poppies survivability, to maybe snipe one of their team and then just stay long alive (ultimate) + passiv effect so if your team also engages they often wasted so much attacks and abilities on you that they get aced by your team.

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I am a bit bored from Trinity Force so I did build some guides without it.

Removed Items:

Deathfire Grasp

I think it did got nerved, in the videos I watched his active was a Nuke abilty, now its more a Damage over time ability, because I want much burst damage I removed it.

But its still the cheapest 120 AP item, if you want to max AP and you have already a "Rabadon's Deathcap" its the cheapest way to max AP I think, because the 30% bonus of "Rabadon's Deathcap" does not stack.


Did not help me much for Farming/Pushing so I dont use it, I think as example Static Shiv helps more for farming and because I cant use several Slots just for better farming one had to go.

I like the Idea behind it, to get some AD as AP champion, to make your autoattacks stronger, but the bonus is to low I think, so if you can only build one such item, I think a item that is Sheen-based is the better choice, at least for Poppy.

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** I only post here how I changed the item-build, I dont poste why I changed other parts of the guide **

16.3.2013 16:22
dont think that malody is that good also not deathfire grasps active

Deathfire Grasp: for the micro needed the "nuke" its dot, what is not good in teamfights to eleminate one guy quickly but even without that its not that bad, but would buy it more if I have one Rabadons Deathcap and because its passive does not stack, Deathfire Grasp is cheaper and gives even 10% CD.

When I kick out Malodee I have to include something other that gives the Attack-speed. What my build also could use of, would be even more mana(or mana regen). Its k, but it could be more, more crit damage would be ok too for better nuking. Especialy when I dont get or get late Deathfire Grasp more Cooldown-reduction would be good, 40% is the cap, even with this complete build I only have 20% CD.

So I what do I do:

- replace Deathfire Grasp with Morrelonoci***
- replace Malady with Static Shiv


- cheaper
- more push-power because of Static Shiv
- critical Strike change
- more Cooldown Reduction
- more mana-regen
- more aoe in teamfights (static shiv)
- 2 money-generating items in the build path to get the money even more easy


- less AP
- less powerfull autoattacks

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Hope you like it.

p.s. : "have to reformat it when I have more time"


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