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Darius Build Guide by UnrulyKnight

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnrulyKnight

Darius AD Build

UnrulyKnight Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Here's how I build Darius, and with this Darius can become very powerful by end game. This build may not work for everyone but hopefully this will help you. I have never played a tanky character, I usually go for DPS or ranged but this champion is really great for sustain. He can get a little tanky at end-game. People complain about his grace period and bleed out. But, there's always a way to counter it.
We don't talk about that here, yet though. ;)

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Pros / Cons


  • Gets kills quickly at end game
  • Can get tanky end game
  • Pull his enemies to him and slows them down


  • Doesn't have an escape skill (unless you go with Ghost or Flash)
  • Squishy early game
  • Can get messed up from CC champions
  • Vulnerable against slow/snare/stun Champions such as Viktor Veigar Lux Swain Ashe etc.

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Greater Mark of Desolation

I only added 3 Greater Seals of Resilience because he does need it but I wanted to have more attack damage. You can have 9 if you need to, it's just a suggestion. Whatever works for you is best. Also, having some cooldown reduction can be useful as well.
(22 seconds till I can pull again?)

9 Greater Mark of Desolation This is for armor penetration. Making it a bit easier to kill someone.

3 Greater Seal of Armor Just a little bit of armor will do fine. This is what I use but if you want, you could always use 9 of these instead of three.

6 Greater Seal of Attack Damage A little bit more extra damage early game.

9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist To have some protection against AP users.

3 Greater Quint of Strenth Same as the Seal of Strength, for the extra damage early game. It may not be much but it will help out.

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Whenever you're going to build your second Bloodthirster be sure to sell the Wriggles Lantern.
Core Items: Trinity Force Infinity Edge The Bloodthirster

Trinity Force from what I was told, and have personally seen, is good for Darius. The ability power may be useless for him but everything else is actually great for him, the resist, attack damage, etc.
Infinity Edge for the extra damage of course.
The Bloodthirster for the lifesteal which is great for Darius, well more like any champion that can use it. But, I like to get 2 at end game.
The Black Cleaver It reduces the armor so it makes people who are building armor a bit squishier but if you have to you can also build Last Whisper replacing the second Bloodthirster.
Wriggle's Lantern It's good for beginning because you get some lifesteal from it and a free ward to put at Baron or Dragon if you need to. I usually sell this at late game for the second Bloodthirster.

If you have to get Last Whisper, the build should look somewhat the same at the beginning but after The Bloodthirster go ahead and build Last Whisper First then The Black Cleaver after that. Then you can sell Wriggle's Lantern to get Infinity Edge.

If you are in need of some magic resist, I would suggest replacing The Black Cleaver with Maw of Malmortius so you aren't losing the attack damage. But if you absolutely need to, you can get Banshee's Veil instead.

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Summoner Spells

Here are some of the summoner spells I suggest:
Ignite It helps with your bleed, in case their health doesn't go down as far as you want it to
Exhaust To slow your enemy, his Crippling Strike doesn't last as long but still useful
Flash To catch up to your enemy that is getting away
Ghost To get through the minions of course and to catch up
Teleport I suggest this because sometimes the enemy might try to get to your Turret once they realize your gone and its "safe" so this can be useful

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How to counter Darius

NOW! You can counter him.
I know a lot of people wonder how to counter, but its really simple. To counter him is to have someone who can snare/stun. OR! Someone who can slow like Ashe. If he can't get the kills he needs he won't be able to build up his power. So, snare/stun (or even slow) - Gank him with at least 3 people (or the whole team if you prefer). He can't really take on that many people unless depending on the build. Also having Jarvan IV and Wukong in the same lane against Darius will give him a hard time as well. Making it harder for him to get the kills he needs to get bigger.

Point is, if hes big, FOCUS. If its early game, dont let him feed! Any snare/stun will do.

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If you have any suggestions or if I should make any changes that you think seem fit please feel free to share. Also, it's good to have a champion with you that can harass or be the bait for you to get the kill. Someone like Katarina or someone who can stun for just a few seconds like Riven. Varus and Jarvan IV are also good match ups with Darius.

Also, here's a picture of my Match History: