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Darius Build Guide by Jonno20

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jonno20

Darius- Not OP but strong if you can play him

Jonno20 Last updated on October 28, 2013
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Hey Summoners. Today its Time for a little Darius Guide. Darius is a strong Champion woth a great Ultimate. He is one of a few Champions, who can get easy a Pentakill and he is very fun to play. With Darius i carried me out of the elo Hell. From Silber 4 to Gold 3 in 2 months. If you play great with Darius its very easy to carry your team.

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Skill Sequence

Like all other Darius may Q and R first. Then w and e. So you have strong poke for bullying your lane.

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Take Flash for a suprise Attack or a max range E and Ignite for easy Kills in Lane or Teamfights.

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Ranked Play

Vs Meele play aggressive, when yoou have any wards. You can outtrade them very easily with your q. Vs ranged play Safe buy some pink Wards, so your Jungler has a easier time to gank your Lane and take the Advantage. Buils tanky and not Glaskanon.

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Pros: - Can win his Lane very easy
- High Burst with his Ult
- Good Poke
- high base Damge, because of his passive from his e
- Teamfight Monster

Cons: - No Sustain
- If you can kite him he is not affective
- No escape like wukong or elise

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Team Work

Dont use your Ulti only for Overkilling people. Save it for big Teamfights.
Take the AD and AP Carry out. Your Team will deal the rest.

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You can farm save with our e but watch out, that you dont push to much with no wards. Its very easy to farm with Darius but dont overextend wit your bully role.