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Darius Build Guide by pktulan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pktulan

Darius: The Dunking Master

pktulan Last updated on April 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone, this is Pktulan. I main top lane in LoL and I play top lane with a variety of different champions!!! I like to play top with AD bruisers and Assassins. But out of all the champions that I played with, I think the best one is Darius. He is really strong and his ult is really cool. I use Darius in ranked games or whenever I feel like it, I use him to troll :). I think I have a lot of experience using Darius and I want to share it with you guys.

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I choose Ghost over flash because ghost allows you to stay with your target and it has a shorter CD than flash. Also, ghost can help you stay with your enemy that has a dash like Renekton Kha'Zix Zed Shen and etc. Also, ghost can prevent champions that have kiting potential, like Teemo the most annoying top laner in league. I also use Ignite on Darius. This can help you secure kills much easier. If your dunk and don't kill them and you want to make sure that they are dead. Just use ignite.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Great damage output
[*] Great top laner
[*] Unstoppable when fed
[*] Win trades really easy

[*] Not mobile
[*] No escape abilities
[*] Hard to secure kill until level 6.

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Laning Phase/After laning phase

Farm EVERY LAST HIT you can get. when you have around 50 CS. Go back and buy 2 long swords and some health pots and a ward or two.If you only have a little money left from the long swords, just get a ward because the flask can help you sustain. If you don't get wards, you will be ganked and give up 300 gold to the enemy top laner. So remember kids ALWAYS GET A WARD!!!! After you bring down the outer turret, go help your team out. If the enemy have buffs in their jungle, take it. Try to take mid tower when you take down top. When the enemy's mid tower is down, their jungle is yours. You control their Blue and Red. You also take control of Dragon and Baron Nashor.

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While in top lane, you and the other top laner will be trading a lot. If their top laner don't have a gap closer, take your Apprehend on lvl 2. If they have a gap closer take Crippling Strike at lvl 2. If you are laning against a Xin Zhao Irelia Master Yi and etc.. champs that rely on basic attacks and have a gap closer, soon as they jump on you, use Crippling Strike on them. This skill helps you win trades a lot. Like Xin Zhao he have a short burst, after his Three Talon Strike he will want to retreat. Grab him and lay out your damage on him. Keep auto-attacking until he get to the outer circle of your Decimate. When you trade, always try to put 5 stacks of Hemorrhage on the enemy. Not only they take damage from you during the trade, they also take damage after. When your enemy is around, don't farm with your Decimate. If they see you do this, they will take advantage of this and try to trade with you. Because they saw you use the skill that deal tons of damage at early levels. Always try to use Decimate when your opponent is near you. The best time to use this is when they are trying to farm. Position yourself next to a low health friendly minion. It's either they take a lot of damage or they lose cs.

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When you are ganking for other lanes, if you are in melee range with your target, just auto-attack then apply Crippling Strike. If they try to run away use Apprehend. I have seen a lot of Darius ganks where Darius players will grab the target when they are in melee range. And when the target runs away, They have no gap closer left. That really frustrates me.

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Team Fights

When a team fight happens. Always try to Land Crippling Strike on the enemy's ADC. When you accomplish this, their ADC can't kite for 2 seconds. Also, it reduces their Attack Speed for 2 seconds. If you are lvl 13 and maxed your Crippling Strike it can do a lot of damage to squishy targets. ALWAYS DUNKED THEIR ADC FIRST!!!! Then, their APC second. If their APC is shutdown the whole game and do no damage, don't worry about him, just dunk their support, so she can't heal and provide shields to teammates. The last people you should dunk is tanks. They are so tanky, if you don't calculate the damage right, you can waste your reset on your Noxian Guillotine and be useless the whole team fight.

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Darius is a really strong laner. If you are losing lane really bad, just sit back and farm and when you get your items, fight the enemy top laner. You can also poke them down and just ghost in and dunk them for a kill. Also, if you guys can help me improve my guide by commenting and telling me what I need to improve on. You guys can also tell me what other champion I should make a guide on.
Thank you.