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Nocturne Build Guide by LukasTOAO

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LukasTOAO


LukasTOAO Last updated on December 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Everyone, this is a small intro to Nocturne... As you may or may not know, Nocturne is amongst the greatest of Farmers, Gankers, and of Junglers, And so therefore, He is a great pick for ANYONE to play, He is quite simple to learn, and once you have the knowledge to play him correctly, he becomes very deadly.

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Pros / Cons

Nocturne is extremely hardcore, heres my reasons why.

    -Extreme Jungle speeds.
    -Godlike Ganks post level 6.
    -Very free, Can Jungle, Lane, Tank, Support, AD Carry, Etc, Extremely useful.
    -Lots of synergy with most champions, Ex.
Nocturne and Nidalee will guarantee a tower if you kill the enemy in the gank.(ATK Speed from Nidalee, and DPS from Nocturne).
-CC doesn't affect nearly as much, due to him being an auto-attacker.

    -Tends to be very annoying after you have played about 4-5 games, with noobs and lose for stupid reasons.
    -One CC skill; However, that one that he does have, allows to rip **** up.
Not only is this my reasoning to why he is great, but if you play with him for a couple games, you too will understand my reasoning too.

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Runes are quite simple,
Greater Mark of Desolation Allow for excellent farming, Seeing as not very many creeps have much armour, this will allow you to hit true damage on them at level one,
Greater Mark of Attack Speed Allow for faster jungling earlier, Fairly straight forward
Greater Seal of Armor Allow for extra survivability throughout the jungle.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are the same as Seals
Greater Quintessence of Desolation Allow for EVEN more Arm. Pen.
Greater Quintessence of Health Allow for more health at level one, if you disagree with the Quints of Desolation..

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21/0/9 Is Superior for Jungle Nocturne. This layout Gives Nocturne some extra Damage, Life steal, Armour Pen., and the extra damage once targets are lower then 40% health. Fairly straight forward; However, Nocturne is REALLY flexable.. Experiment with different layouts, and see what works better.

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Nocturne Is not made to complete burst one champion, and then be a little ***** afterwards... He was created to be like the plague to your opponents, once they see you, their like "**** MEEE", Nocturne has the capability to win just about any 1v1 battle, and once you win, you turn around and **** up the next person in line; However, he must be built correctly for this, IN this build the Frozen Mallet allows for great amounts of health, and a VERY USEFUL SLOW. Wriggle's Lantern, this item will allow your hits to rape everything and anything, and has great synergy with your passive.

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Ability Descriptions

The Skill for Nocturne is relatively simple.. you need:
This is your passive, this is what makes Nocturne such a great farmer, allowing for 120% physical damage to enemy units all around you, and allowing you to life sap (not steal, as it is a base amount).
Is majorly for entering lanes, Jungling, and/or chasing/escaping.
Is very useful, for stopping that pesky Karthus Ult, or a Nidalee Spear, if timed correctly, as it is a very useful spell block.
This is the butter, of your bread, (Duskbringer Being your bread) Allows you to fear opponents for up to 2 seconds.. This allows for MASSIVE ******* RAPING... but, also allows you to escape fast opponents, or letting your team mates to KS you. *Cough* Shouldn't happen *Cough* But you should be able to stop anyone, and to kill them in their tracks.
This is your ultimate. This skill is what makes Nocturne well, nocturne.. Basically a free Tele to any champion, for faster pwning.. xD but still, VERY USEFULL.

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Creeping / Jungling

My Jungle Route goes like this
Blue > Wolves > Wraiths > Lesser Golems.
Recall here.
From this point, you can choose from two options, Gank or continue Jungling.

HOWEVER if you wish to counter Jungle then you should do this:
(Before you start your own jungle)Smite enemy Blue Wraith(Big one) > your own Wolves > Wraiths > Lesser Golems
Recall here
Now get Blue and Red and Gank a lane
Once you are around level 8/9 if you get a wriggles, you can easily solo dragon for your team, which can also be incorporated with your route, as it is very useful, for you and your team.

It is important to understand that it isn't necessarily the best option to gank in this exact order, if someone needs to go back, then cover then lane, if someone needs a gank, then gank, Simple, just use some common sense.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is extremely useful in 1v1s when your chasing your opponents down.
Is a must for Jungling as it allows you jungle with ease.

Other viable options would be things such as:
Ghost is decent, but if you land your duskbringer, then there is no use to this.
Ignite is also another option, however, if you really can't get the maximum damage out of your auto attacks, then your doing something wrong, and ignite is necessarily needed..
Heal is relatively useless as the life steal that you have should put its heal amount to shame.
.... really?
This is k, but truly, you wont be in lanes long enough to truly need this.
This is really good, but if everyone else on your team has it, then it becomes quite useless, one or to exhaust are need mainly to shut down Carries and/or chase them down.

These are just about all of the summoner spells that you MIGHT need. But please, do experiment and test what works out, and what doesn't *Cough* Clarity *Cough*

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Optional items/ Situational items

This is a very standard item for your survivability, allowing you to stop those annoying spell casters such as Veigar.
If your getting fed nicely then you can exclude one of the items in the original build and replace it with this.
Very nice Armour pen.;However, if you do the math, you will see that this item is only useful against opponents with relatively low amounts of armour 120ish >
Should opponents have more then 130ish armour then it definitely should be your main option to get >
Nocturne doesn't have to be completely AD DPS, but if it is necessary, then get a Thornmail, and tear the enemies AD carry up.
and again, replace something in the build for this item, because this gives you good crit chance, Attack speed, and Movement speed.
If you want to build the Critical hit version of Noc, well then go right ahead, you might become a glass cannon, and lose all purpose of this build, but at times, it is needed. This build will only tell you how to become a good Initiator, Fighter, and also to be beefy at it aswell. This item isn't bad, but for the stats it gives, it isn't very useful for this guide.
is also a viable option to shut down this massive AP carries.
This will save you countless times from those fed Warwicks, Malzahars, and just about anyone else with a strong form of CC.
MADRED'S WILL **** ON ANYONE WITH HIGH HP, so you saw that Cho'gath walking over there?? well... **** HIM UP TOO..
These boots are very, very, effective against a team with alot of stuns, slows, etc, as these boots will allow you to keep up with competition.
Again, these are the same as Merc Treads, but instead of the tenacity effect you get increased dodge chance, more or less, the same concept.
Get a frozen heart, if thornmail doesn't cut it for you, and you need the extra CD, and mana. Gives virtually the same amount of armour, and gives a nice attack speed slow effect.
G.A gives basic magic resist, and the passive is Extremely useful, as once in every 5 minutes, it can prevent a death.
very basic, gives health, and a nice amount of extra AoE damage.
This honestly, should only be purchased if you team needs a moderate tank, and you don't already have one, but truthfully it's not worth it.

Now you have to understand. THIS BUILD IS VERY EXPENSIVE. so build what you can, and try to get as many minions as possible, kills, assists, dragons, and so on. If you see the urge to get something other then the build, then go right ahead, as it may help out immensely rather then following up what I have told you to purchase.

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Team Fights

Ganking Tips

The earliest level that Nocturne can effectively gank is level three, when you can get all three of his abilities. His ganks after level 6 are phenomenally powerful. Also remember that red buff will improve your ganks a lot, especially before 6.

When your team mates are ready, initiate a gank by pinging the target, then hitting the enemy with Duskbringer. It is important that this ability lands so that the target will leave behind the trail to boost your MS and AD. When you are close enough, hit them with Unspeakable Horror and block incoming enemy spells (especially CC) with Shroud of Darkness. If the enemy does not die or uses Flash, use Paranoia and dash to pick up the kill if you can. Be careful when tower diving, as Nocturne doesn't have a lot of health early game. If your minions have drawn tower aggro, follow the target and wait until he exits the tower range (he will likely keep retreating out of range). Then dash with Paranoia to avoid drawing tower aggro entirely. If the enemy turret hugs, judge for yourself if you can dive him or not. Just don't take any unnecessary risks and be wary for clutch heals, shields and CC if they're tower hugging.

A gank does not have to net a kill to be successful. You may damage an enemy enough so that they have to play passively, or even recall to base. Using an enemy's summoner spell or ultimate can leave them without an escape mechanism, giving your team mates the advantage in that lane. Once your gank is finished, return to the jungle, push the turret, take dragon or recall to base. Remember to pick up more buffs if you can before your next gank.

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I'd Like to give a very large shout out to my friends Dray96, and WhatIsThisCheese, not only inspiring me to make this guide, but to also aide me in creating it.
I'd like to give A VERYY LARGE THANKS to PsiGuard, Used some of his concepts, and from his guide, I learned how to play Nocturne in the beginning, so, if you have a chance, just check him out ---> Click Here for PsiGuard Guide/Build....

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Finally, I thank you for visiting my very first Guide, and Hopefully won't get rated to harshly. I would like to take this time, just to breifly explain, please don't be an idiot with my guide, going 0/over9000/0 and then rage at me, you need to have under-average understanding of what not to do, what to do, and when. So please, Comment, Rate, and Hopefully I will have a better guide for you guys in the future, Cheers

Yours truly,