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Ashe Build Guide by Hoodstomp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoodstomp

Dat Ashe

Hoodstomp Last updated on January 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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table of contents

1. introduction
a little about the author and the champion
2. pros and cons
the strengths and weaknesses of Ashe
3. masteries
what masteries should I use?

4. runes
what runes should I use?
5. summoners
what summoner spells should I take?
6. abilities
how should I level up my abilities? what's best?

7. items
what should my build on Ashe be?
8. matchups
how well does Ashe do against x AD?
9. supports
how well will Ashe do with x support?

10. laning phase
what should my play style be early on?
11. team fights
where should I position in fights?

Hey everyone, I'm Hoodstomp. The newly named position of marksman/AD Carry is the role I enjoy playing. Because I enjoy playing as a marksman/AD Carry very much, I've thus gained a lot of knowledge about the role of a marksman/AD Carry. My main account currently sits in Diamond 1, while I have a few smurfs, all in diamond elo and/or close to diamond 1.

Ashe was once popular because of the few AD Carries there were back in Season 1. She still does see a bit of competitive play too. Her early game may be weak, but her late-game sure isn't lacking! Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to know whenever I have a new guide out, or on the rare occasion I might be streaming!


+ Great utility with Frost Shot and Hawkshot.
+ Good poke with Volley.
+ Amazing late-game scaling.
+ Good global initiation with Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

Ashe is a very utility based AD Carry. Her Frost Shot and Volley slows are very strong, and guarantee that an enemy champion won't be getting away from you without blowing an ultimate or a Flash. Hawkshot is a good scouting tool, and will also net you some extra gold throughout the game. Her Volley is great poke, both in lane and out of lane. During late-game, your Volleys will hurt a lot, especially to the squishy support on the opposing team! Ashe also has good late-game scaling, especially with her kiting potential while Frost Shot is active. Lastly, her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a great initiation tool. It's a global ultimate too!


- No innate escape.
- Slowest champion in the game.
- Weak laning phase.
- Easy to miss Enchanted Crystal Arrow.
Like a lot of other AD Carries, Ashe lacks an innate escape. She relies completely on slows to escape an enemy, and unless you're extremely fed, most likely won't be escaping from an enemy Vayne or Ahri. On top of having no escape, she's one of the slowest champions in the game with a movement speed of 325. Her early laning phase is also pretty weak. She relies on Volley to trade effectively. While Volley is on cooldown, her damage is diminished by quite a bit. Finally, while the hitbox on Enchanted Crystal Arrow is fairly large, it can still easily be missed.

// Fury is the usual. It gives you extra attack speed, helping you fire off one or two more autos while trading than you would without Fury .
> Deadliness is completely normal. It gives you extra AD throughout the game.
// Havoc increases your damage by a tiny bit.
Weapon Expertise increases your damage as well, going along with the whole offensive theme here. All physical damage you deal ignores 8% of the target's armor which is nice for early armor penetration.
> Lethality gives you extra critical hit chance, which is helpful for trading if you ever get that lucky critical hit. It's useful late-game when you also start dealing lots of damage, especially on critical hits.
Brute Force gives you 2 more AD, but it's mostly a point filler.
// Frenzy isn't too bad, giving you extra attack speed after you land a critical hit. Goes well with Lethality .
Sunder gives armor penetration which gives you some extra damage early, going along with Weapon Expertise .
> Executioner gives you more power by being able to inflict more damage to low health opponents.

// Summoner's Insight reduces the cooldown on your flash, which is very important in all stages of the game, especially late game where you might need it to escape an assassin. After all, you do lack an escape.
Meditation gives you some extra mana regeneration. The most use you'll get out of this is during laning, where your mana pool is pretty limited.
Improved Recall lets you go back a little faster, possibly saving you from that jungler gank just in time.
> Mastermind reduces the cooldown on your summoner spells. This is very useful. On Ashe, while running these masteries, will have your Flash on a 255 second cooldown, while most AD Carries have it on a 300 second cooldown!
// Vampirism gives you 1% more lifesteal. Not vitally important.


>>Attack damage marks are straightforward. It gives enough AD for you to trade effectively and allow you to last hit minions with not much difficulty. It increases the damage on Volley because of its AD scaling. The extra AD is also very important if you're laning in a 2v1 lane. You can take towers faster because of your extra AD.


>>These armor seals are the usual runes to run as well. They reduce the damage you take in lane from both minions, towers, and champions. By mid-game, you'll probably be grouping up. Those pesky AD assassins will undoubtedly be heading for you in fights, so your armor seals can make or break your death!


>>The magic resist are useful in lane for reducing the damage you take from supports like Sona or Lulu. The mana regeneration is helpful on Ashe because of your reliance on Volley for early-game damage. You'll probably be running not too high on mana. Just remember to have enough for Enchanted Crystal Arrow most of the time in case you're in a sticky situation and need to escape.


>>Lifesteal quints are very nice to have. It helps you sustain easier in lane after trading. Just remember to be auto-attacking creeps to heal back up. You won't rely on a Vampiric Scepter alone. How many lifesteal quintessences you run is really up to personal preference. Some like to run 2, some like to run 3. I run an AD quintessence because it makes last hitting easier as well.


>> Flash shouldn't be coming off of as surprise to anyone. Most AD Carries lack an escape, and Ashe isn't an exception. Flash is basically your escape, but on a hefty cooldown. It's worth it though. Flash can save your life by allowing you to Flash over a wall to escape the enemy team, or it can help you chase down an enemy by Flashing closer to close the distance.


>> Barrier is the other summoner spell you'll be running most of the time. It provides you a shield for 2 seconds. While it doesn't sound like much, you'll understand the power of it once you've used it and gotten used to it. The shield from Barrier can be used to absorb the damage from heavy AP burst like Final Spark, thus saving your life. You can also Barrier-bait your enemies by sticking around until the last minute, then popping Barrier to turn the fight around because of the shield.


>> Ignite is a possible choice, but not as recommended. Ashe shouldn't be getting in range to Ignite your enemies. While Ignite may help you kill people and reduce their healing, Barrier will turn out more handing because it'll save your life. Your safety is more important than dying for a kill! Not as recommended.


>> Cleanse is a must-take on any carry when facing a very heavy CC team. Cleanse removes all CC from your champion and reduces incoming CC too. This is useful if you get caught out by a Charm from Ahri or a Nasus Wither. You lose the shield from Barrier. If they only have a few hard CC's, don't take Cleanse. It's very situational!

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Focus (Passive)

\\ Focus is kind of a lame passive. It's only good for getting the 100% critical hit on someone at level one to try to snowball lane. That's mostly it for Focus. It can be somewhat useful when later on when chasing someone and you a critical hit will finish him off, but not a regular auto. You get increased critical hit chance, basically. It was worse before they added a change to it. During fights, the extra critical hit chance isn't too bad.

Frost Shot (Q)

\\ Frost Shot is a great ability. It gives you the ability to slow and allows you to kite around enemies very easily. This is kind of like Ashe's steroid. The slow is quite strong at later levels. It'll prove handy if you can kite well. You should be safe from melee carries who have a long cooldown on their gap closers. It is also applied on your Volley which is awesome!

Volley (W)

\\ Volley is your bread and butter ability. It is your main source of damage early game. It gives you nice poke and the ability to slow further than your autoattack range. The mana cost isn't too bad, and it could be worse. Be careful and watch your mana during lane though. You can run out of mana quickly by spamming too many Volleys. You'll want to save enough mana for Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

Hawkshot (E)

\\ Hawkshot is a nice ability. The extra gold is okay. It is mostly useful for the vision that the active gives though. Great for scouting out ganks and stalling Baron/Dragon when you don't have vision of them. The cooldown for it isn't terrible for it being a 5 second ward! Be sure to utilize the active often.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R)

\\ Enchanted Crystal Arrow is pretty much the reason Ashe can be considered a strong champion. One Enchanted Crystal Arrow can turn the tides of the entire game if it is hit on a priority target. It is global, so you can hit anyone with it on the map. Great for setting up ganks in lane as well. The hitbox is pretty wide too, so it shouldn't be incredibly difficult to land.

A Doran's Blade is the start everyone goes on AD Carries now. The extra AD is very helpful to have. It'll help you trade, and your Volley benefits from it as well. It can also make your life while last hitting easier than it would be if you started something weird like Boots of Speed instead of a Doran's Blade. The life gain on hit when combined with your lifesteal quintessences can help you get back to full health in just a few minion waves.

  • Assuming you're ahead in lane, or at least even, you'll want to get a Zeal on your first back and a couple of Health Potions. This'll help you get your Statikk Shiv faster while giving you some useful stats.
  • If you have to go back somewhat early, you can opt for a Vampiric Scepter and Boots of Speed. This will give you some sustain in lane, allowing you to get back to a high percentage HP after trading.
  • If you're forced to go back very early, just get a second Doran's Blade and Health Potions.

The reason you get Statikk Shiv first is because it gives you a huge power spike in the mid game, which is Ashe's strongest point and when you want to be forcing a lot of fights with Enchanted Crystal Arrow. It synergizes well because it can crit, and it procs off of your auto-crit giving you a huge burst of damage in fights. Not only that, but the bonus attack speed makes it so that you can perma-slow someone with your Frost Shot and Volley. A lot of people doubt rushing this item first, but trust me. If you play correctly with it, you will have amazing results.

An Infinity Edge is your next big item, after Statikk Shiv. It's very nice because of the huge amount of AD it gives, the extra critical hit chance, and it also increases the damage of your critical hits to 250%, instead of 200%. Because of the attack speed you already have, while you have Frost Shot on, your enemies won't be escaping you very easily. If you manage to get some lucky critical hits, your enemies will get melted pretty easily by your auto-attacks alone. If your enemies are stacking armor, you might want to look towards getting a Last Whisper to increase your damage the most.

Berserker's Greaves are the usual boots to get on any AD Carry, especially Ashe. It helps you auto-attack more, letting you get off more slows on the enemy team while Frost Shot is active. It gives you better kiting potential overall. There really isn't a substitute type of boots to get on AD Carries other than Berserker's Greaves.

Since you'll have been holding onto your Vampiric Scepter, by late-game, you should build it into The Bloodthirster. It gives you a good amount of AD and lifesteal at full stacks. Your Volley damage will benefit greatly from this as well. Combined with the rest of your build, you'll be easily melting enemy squishies.

As it reaches late-game, your Statikk Shiv starts to fall off. You should most likely sell it for a Phantom Dancer, which gives you the ability to ignore unit collision, extra critical hit chance, attack speed, and movement speed. It's pretty well-rounded out. A Phantom Dancer goes well with your Infinity Edge. It used to be common to rush these two, but in Season 3, a Statikk Shiv gives you good mid-game damage.

Blade of the Ruined King has been recently nerfed, but it can still be okay. This is only recommended on Ashe as a SIXTH and LAST item. Now, Blade of the Ruined King is more of an escape instead of a chasing item. If you're being jumped on by a melee carry, use Blade of the Ruined King on them and kite them to death!

A Last Whisper is pretty essential to have on an AD Carry. If your enemies are stacking armor, get it immediately after Infinity Edge is finished. By the time you do have Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv, if your enemies are smart, they should be carrying some armor on them.

Banshee's Veil is pretty strong after the new changes to it. Building out of a Spectre's Cowl, you get a nice bit of health and magic resist early with Spectre's Cowl. When built into a Banshee's Veil, the spell shield and health regeneration is nice to have against heavy AP compositions, or poke teams. It'll negate a lot of damage.

A Guardian Angel has been the staple defensive option on most AD Carries. You'll probably be the biggest threat on your team, and a second life can change the course of a team fight. If you know you'll be able to survive after you revive, then this can be worth it. If your team isn't going to peel for you and protect you, Guardian Angel may not be as good of an option, although it can stall the enemies for your teammates too.

A Mercurial Scimitar is basically the summoner spell Cleanse stuck onto an item for AD Carries. This can be useful if you're getting CC'd and didn't take Cleanse. The AD it gives isn't bad either. Mercurial Scimitar is a pretty good item overall, especially because of the Cleanse aspect.

The Enchantment: Distortion is probably the best option for Ashe. You don't have an innate escape, so you rely a lot on your Flash to get you out of a fight, or to run away from an assassin in time. Because the cooldown will be pretty short with Enchantment: Distortion, you'll want to tell your team to wait until you have your summoners up to fight.

Another option on Ashe is to get Enchantment: Furor. Because you have your Frost Shot, if you get Enchantment: Furor, your kiting job will be a lot easier. You gain extra movespeed every time you auto-attack an enemy, so if you have Frost Shot on, your enemy won't be able to catch you!

An Enchantment: Homeguard is only useful if your team is losing by a lot and the enemies are pushing your base in. It helps you get to the minion wave faster, and to get to your enemies faster. In you aren't losing, you shouldn't be getting Enchantment: Homeguard.

AD Carries
Difficulty Scale: 5/5

Caitlyn Difficulty: 2/5

Ashe actually does SURPRISINGLY well against Caitlyn. Why? Because Ashe has very similar range, good poke, and a stronger all in. You want to play this lane pretty aggressively. At level 1, zone her with your Focus passive, or camp a bush to try and get a critical hit on her. If she ever tries to trade an auto with you, you should be able to trade one back with a Volley and win out easily. Just be careful about the Piltover Peacemaker. Remember to always keep the lane even against Caitlyn. NEVER let her push you into the tower. At level 6, you can easily all in her with your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Caitlyn is absolute trash in an all in situation, and that's exactly what your arrow is meant for.

Ezreal Difficulty: 2/5

Ashe does pretty well against Ezreal because he can't trade effectively if you stand behind creeps. You can easily poke him with your range/ Volley if you stand behind creeps to avoid his Mystic Shots. Just keep the lane pushed and never let him get in a dominant position in the lane where he can get free Mystic Shots on you. Be careful of his all in at 6. His Trueshot Barrage does a lot of damage. If you dodge that, you'll be in the clear. Do remember that he can dodge your Enchanted Crystal Arrow with his Arcane Shift.

Graves Difficulty: 3/5

Ashe vs Graves is a pretty even lane. Early, Ashe definitely has the advantage as usual. However, the longer the lane goes, the worse it gets for you. Early, you really want to try and pressure him with your range and Volley spam. However, be wary about getting too close to him. If he chooses to Quickdraw in, you can't really win that trade. He does too much damage and is too tanky. At 6, be very careful about when you use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow as well because he can easily Quickdraw to dodge it.

Miss Fortune Difficulty: 4/5

Miss Fortune is a pretty difficult champion to deal with in lane as Ashe. You can't really trade with her effectively. Her Strut allows her to run around freely while avoiding your poke/follow up most of the time. The best you can do in this lane is to play passive,and farm as much as you can. You definitely outscale her, so if you're winning in farm, you're basically winning overall. At 6, you probably want to get a gank coordinated with your jungler and utilize your Enchanted Crystal Arrow to take her out. It might be wiser to walk up and auto-attack her before you Enchanted Crystal Arrow, so that it's easier to hit with Strut down.

Tristana Difficulty: 4/5

Ashe does poorly against Tristana in lane. Tristana has better/free trades with Explosive Shot spam, and if she Rocket Jumps on your head, she is going to do a significantly higher amount of damage than an Ashe would in laning phase. Try to avoid ever being put in a position where she can Rocket Jump on you. She has strong trades, but she naturally pushes the lane so you'll almost always be able to farm against her.

Varus Difficulty: 5/5

This is a very hard lane for Ashe to deal with. He does everything you can do and more, while doing it better. You have to play as passive as you can in this lane because you can't win a trade against Varus. He has high range as well, so he will often walk up and try to trade with you. Your response should be to kite back and Volley to avoid the exchange completely. The bright side is that he has no escape, so like in many other cases, once you hit 6, you can easily kill him with help from your jungler and Enchanted Crystal Arrow. However, be careful, because his Chain of Corruption works in a very similar way and he might have the same exact plan!

Vayne Difficulty: 2/5

A lane that can pretty much go either way. I'd say a well played Ashe can definitely take advantage of Vayne in the laning phase though. You want to poke her as much as you can early. Vayne is extremely weak in the first few levels, so she won't have much of a response for your trades. Auto-attack and a Volley combo her everytime she goes for a CS. Try to completely bully her in this lane. Once she gets 6, you have to be very careful. She has a pretty strong all in. If you hit a good Enchanted Crystal Arrow, your all-in is probably better, granted you don't get Condemned into a wall. A mistake people often make after beating Vayne in lane is trying to 1v1 her after laning phase. Don't try and do this as Ashe please. Just group with your team and maximize the effectiveness of your utility!

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  • Ashe is traditionally known as a weaker laner, and for the most part this is true.
  • You still have the potential to snowball/take control of the entire lane just at level one! With your passive, Focus, you have a 100% chance to crit at level one. You can zone enemy AD Carries in the beginning lane phase and get yourself a CS/exp advantage, or you can simply sit in a bush and hit them with a Volley and critical hit combo for around half their HP. This'll set the pace for the entire lane.
  • However, if you can't get off some type of cheese/snowball with your passive, then the lane will start to get a bit rough for you. You have 600 range, so you should always be able to get a decent amount of farm. Volley is great for farming/harassing from range alike.
  • When someone tries to walk forward to trade with you, you immediately want to auto them with Frost Shot while walking backwards and tag them with a Volley. It's not a ton of damage, but the slow should prevent them from hitting you, and they will take a decent chunk which means you won the trade.
  • You can also look for free hits on opponents while they are farming (much like Caitlyn) not many people realize this, but Ashe actually has a MASSIVE range of 600.
  • Level six is when you really get strong in the lane phase. Enchanted Crystal Arrow gives you so much potential for all ins in a 2v2 situation as well as setting up ganks. When you hit six, let your jungler know there is an easy kill at bottom because of the CC you have. When your jungler is in position, shoot a medium ranged Enchanted Crystal Arrow from your tower and you should net yourself a kill, or if not at least a huge chunk of their health and all of their summoners.

Ashe is an amazing champion to have in a teamfight. Her kit is made to kite MULTIPLE enemies, while outputting tons of damage at the same time. So that's exactly what you want to do: kite backwards and hit whatever is closest to you.

Let's talk a bit about before the fight happens though. You have great utility with your Hawkshot, giving you the ability to scout the enemy team so this gives you valuable info. What you want to use this info FOR is your initation with Enchanted Crystal Arrow. If you Hawkshot, get some good vision, and see an enemy squishy in the front, immediately ping to let your team know you want to initiate and shoot your Enchanted Crystal Arrow at the enemy. It's great if it hits a priority target, but it's also good if it hits a tank. As Ashe, you just want to INITIATE ON THEM, so they can't dive you. Once you Enchanted Crystal Arrow, your team will all go in, and you simply want to follow up and attack from the back. Shoot Volleys out whenever you can to slow all of your enemies. When someone does start to try and dive you, immediately activate Frost Shot, auto-attack them, and start walking backwards. There is usually no way they can catch you while you're doing this unless they Flash or have a gap closer. If they realize this and start to turn around, then you start to walk forward and continue to do damage to them with your Frost Shot. Hust make sure you keep them slowed forever because this is a bruiser/assassin's worst nightmare.

Remember key important points: always ping and communicate with your team to let them know BEFORE you use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow to initiate. Be careful about very long or crossmap arrows because it's unlikely they will hit or that people can follow up. As always, kite kite kite!