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Not Updated For Current Season

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Master Yi Build Guide by KoldKiller

AD Carry Dat Yi

AD Carry Dat Yi

Updated on May 13, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KoldKiller Build Guide By KoldKiller 7 43 25,414 Views 210 Comments
7 43 25,414 Views 210 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KoldKiller Master Yi Build Guide By KoldKiller Updated on May 13, 2013
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Have you ever dreamed of being so powerful that you can literally explode your opponents from full hp in less then a second?? Well if so, that dream is about to come true with my latest Master Yi build. By making effective use of a simple and inexpensive item, you can be well on your way to destroying your opponent in seconds, with hardly any gold invested! By level 8, you can easily construct the foundational item of the build which will allow you to immediately begin feeding on champions and become the most deadly member on your team in minutes!

I know I have put very little effort into this guide, but ask that you all take it for what it's worth. I urge everyone of you to simply give this build a try, you will not regret it.

The above videos are just a small example of this builds potential even early on in the game.
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Pros / Cons

- very powerful early game - late
- difficult to counter (when played adequately)
- staggering damage output / burst, which can carry the whole team.
- very squishy
- vulnerable in large team fights
- very vulnerable when sword of the divine active on cool down.
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Starting with boots and some potions, farming and protecting your turret should be a manageable task against any champion you face as long as you play safe and smart.

Once you have farmed enough money to purchase the 2 prerequisite items for Sword of the divine, it's probably time to consider recalling and purchasing those items. But if you have maintained lane control over your opponent it may also be a good idea to continue farming until you can afford to purchase Sword of the Divine, which will be the foundation of your builds destructive force.

Once you have purchased Sword of the Divine, it is best to begin ganking immediately if you are given the opportunity, otherwise continue farming your lane and attempt an assassination when your opponent is below 1300 hp. It is crucial to use your skills in proper succession in order to insure a successful assassination / gank. Mages, adc, and other assassins are perfect candidates for you to begin feeding on immediately after purchase, regardless of their current hp. Any champion with less then 1300 hp will be made quick work of from the moment you purchase The Sword of the Divine. This is assuming you aren't caught by a disable or under heavy turret fire through the duration of the attack.

Considering that you are well farmed at this point, or you are progressively become fed, it would be wise to invest in a Sword of the Occult. This will allow you to build +10 attack dmg, every kill, and +5 attack dmg per assist. Since assassinating your opponents will be a simple task with Sword of the Divine, You can likely gain around 5-9 occult charges within 5 min of purchasing the item. As the charges continue to stack, the snowballing potential becomes enormous.

Should you find yourself under farmed or below a equal kill to death ratio, you should probably begin building infinity edge first, before Occult Sword. This will allow your damage potential to quickly to jump to a level that will likely bring you back to your advantage over your opponent.

Once you have completed infinity edge, your burst potential becomes staggering. With the proper harmony of runes and masteries, infinity edge will bring your crit dmg to levels as high as 306%. Since Sword of the Divine gives you 3 critical strikes in a row at 100%+ attack speed. Your burst potential at 306% crit dmg becomes ENORMOUS when you activate the skill.

If you haven't already purchased a Sword of the Occult, it is probably a good idea to consider buying one, as it is a helpful mid game investment. Should you manage to sustain a fully charged Sword of the Occult, it will be most beneficial to keep it through out late game, rather then replacing it with a different offensive item. A fully charged Sword of the Occult gives a large movement speed bonus that is significantly helpful throughout the whole game.

At this point your damage output will leave your opponents scratching their heads, wondering how on planet earth did you do so much freaking damage. But since this glass cannon build focuses soley on MASSIVE DAMAGE, and not any defensive aspect, it is essential that you invest in one life steal item or another. When all facts are considered, I have concluded that Ravenous Hydra is probably the most effective life steal item to use with this build. Hydra not only provides a adequate amount of life steal for this build, but also has cleave damage, which is a percentage of your ad based on the surrounding targets distance from the epicenter of the attack. Since this build focuses on MASSIVE DAMAGE, your cleave will also deal MASSIVE DAMAGE to all surrounding targets that are in range of your cleave.

With the right positioning and proper timing when engaging, you can easily get triples kills, quadra kills and even penta kills on a daily basis! I know because I have about 50 under my belt, since I began crafting this build.

If it turns out keeping Sword of the Occult isn't very effective that game, once you have reached your full build you may want to consider replacing it with a alternative offensive item, which I have listed in my item section. Otherwise your final item is either Hour Glass or Guardian angel, both great for helping you stay alive late game, and keeping the ball of madness rolling.
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All the ad related offensive masteries are essential to deal top notch dmg. The remainder of the points are used in utility; flash cool down reduction, movement speed out of combat to make quicker getaways after assassinations. And since Sword of the Divine is your main source of burst power, reducing the cool down of active items by 15% is extremely useful, almost essential.
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I tend to try and avoid building too glassy of cannon's, but for this build I certainly make an exception. I do not want to sacrifice a fraction of power with this build after experiencing it's devastating potential for massive damage.

I find using all critical damage runes gives you the highest damage output, as opposed to using straight AD runes or AD / Armor penetration runes, or even a mixture of the 3. Using AD or AD / Armor pen runes does have some advantages over using crit damage runes, but in my experience, the cons outweigh the pro's.

With the right masteries and items, you can reach crit damage levels as high as 306% damage. Since Sword of the Divines active gives you 100% chance of critical strike for 3 attacks consecutively, you can even burst some TANKY champions to death from FULL HP, and that includes LATE GAME, simply by taking proper advantage of the swords active.

AD or Armor penetration runes doesn't make you so dependent on the Sword of the Divines active, which allows you to deal damage more consistently. But since the cool down is cut in half on champion kill, and you receive +15% cool down reduction from masteries, the active is almost always available at your convenience, ready to burst your opponents into the ground.

In the end, 52 AD at level 18, is no comparison to 46% bonus critical damage from crit damage runes.

Results may vary based on the champions you are up against.
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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is one of the most important aspects towards being successful with this build. Luckily, with just a bit of practice, the sequence will become second nature to you, and you will be well on your way to killing almost any of your opponents at will.

In order to dramatically increase your chances of successfully assassinating your opponent, make sure all of your skills are not on cool down. If your attempting a full hp assassination, you will more then likely need all of your skills to burst their hp down to nothing before they manage to retreat to a turret. Otherwise, do not risk the assassination unless you have a nearby ally who can disable your target while you engage. It is important to make sure that your passive skill (double strike) will be on it's seventh attack before you even begin locating your victim, double strike will significantly effect your burst damage, and critical strike damage of your first attack.

When you have located your target and you are in close proximity, activate your ultimate if it is necessary to catch him. Otherwise, activate your ultimate just before you use engage on your opponent with Alpha Strike. WHILE Alpha strike is relocating your champion to your opponent, activate WUJU STYLE and SWORD OF THE DIVINE. Once you begin auto attacking, staying on your target will be a easy task against most champions. Your biggest enemy at the point of engagement, is any type of disable or getaway your opponent may have, such as stun or flash.

If you can manage to give your opponent the appearance of advantage over you, he will prematurely waste any disable he has on you, and begin attempting to kill you. Once he has wasted his disable on you and begins attacking your champion, activate the remainder of your skills and begin attacking him with all your fury. By the time he realizes he is out matched, he will have no disable to disarm you, allowing you to make a swift kill in seconds.

One of my favorite ways of assassinating my opponent is surprising them in a bush. Once you have located your target and located his route. Find a bush, if you can, that will intercept his route. Just as he enters into the bush your hiding in, activate your ULTIMATE, WUJU STYLE, and SWORD OF THE DIVINE and begin auto attacking immediately. If he somehow manages to survive your initial three attacks, keep attacking him and use Alpha strike to either stay on top of him, or finish the kill.

This builds potential for damage is so high that I have successfully assassinated squishy champions, and escaped with my life numerous times, while their entire team is together as 5!

Either charge towards your target while the whole enemy teams lane is pushing towards the next minion wave, or hide nearby in a concealed area until you are close enough to jump on your target before you are noticed for more then two seconds. Activate your ultimate and use Alpha strike on your target champion, while your relocating, active the remainder of your skills, (Except mediation of course..) And if all goes well, you will burst your opponent down opponent in no more then one second, and make a quick escape with flash, barrior and the remainder of your ult. Attempting t
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- First skill Q: It's important to stay on top of farming right from the start, and since Alpha strike has a chance to deal large bonus magic damage to minions, it's definitely worth choosing first.

- Second Skill E: Playing as AD yi, wuju style is one of his best abilities next to his ultimate, wuju style will allow him to farm easier, and stand a better chance against a fight with his opponent.

- Third Skill W: It's important to get at least one point into meditate before you begin maxing the other 2 skills. Meditate will significantly increase your sustainability throughout the laning phase. Meditate can also be used strategically to survive gank's or to counter the gank.

- Fourth Skill E: Wuju style is going to be his main source of damage up until nearly the end of early game, therefore it is important to prioritize Wuju style early on.

- Fifth Skill E: By building as much dmg as you can off your skills early on, the more effective Sword of the divine will be once you purchase it.

- Sixth skill R: I don't think I need to explain why to get this next.

- Seventh Skill E: By this point, you likely will be able to afford the 2 prerequisite's to sword of the divine. Since the prerequisites give nothing but attack speed, wuju style's effectiveness will be significantly increased.

- Eight Skill Q: Alpha strike is your most effective ability for engaging your opponent, and farming minions. By increasing your Q's level, you will significantly reduce it's cool down. This will allow you to engage more frequently and farm more effectively.

- Ninth Skill W: At this point you will likely have purchased Sword of the Divine and have likely attempted ganking other opponents. Investing a few skills into meditate early on will allow you to have sufficient sustain necessary to continue ganking without recalling after each gank.

- Tenth Skill E: At this point, your damage is significantly and causing you to snowball, and each point you put into wuju style, multiplies into much higher critical damage, each time you use Sword of the Divine

- Eleventh Skill R: Your ultimate is the most important skill in every aspect. See chapter on (Skill Sequence)

- Twelfth Skill
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KoldKiller
KoldKiller Master Yi Guide
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Dat Yi

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