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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Zed Build Guide by richardlized



Updated on August 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author richardlized Build Guide By richardlized 171 8 392,752 Views 5 Comments
171 8 392,752 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author richardlized Zed Build Guide By richardlized Updated on August 25, 2021
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Runes: Zed electrocute setup

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2 3 4
Standard setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite




Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By richardlized


We are the Deathmasters league community, a place for all league players with an emphasis on Zed. We have the best Zeds in every region, such as Laceration , 420weabooslayer and Vintrez along with numerous Challengers and high elo players. This is our Zed guide used to educate players about Zed. Whether you are a new player, an Zed main or a hardcore Zed OTP, There is always something you can learn from this guide. Our discord can be found at and everyone is welcome to join even if you are not a Zed main. Enjoy!
Zed abilities
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Whenever Zed's auto attacks an enemy below 50% Health, he deals an additional 6 / 8 / 10% of their maximum Health as magic damage (at level 1/7/17).
A very simple yet useful passive. It works on minions, which means that when CSing casters, you don’t have to auto them before the tower hits it. Just wait for the tower to hit the caster, and finish it with 1 auto. When all inning an enemy, make sure to get that passive auto which sometimes decides if you kill them or not.

Range: 900
Zed’s bread and butter damage ability. In lane, you want to use your Q ability to CS minions, because the poke of most mages means you do not get a lot of chances to use AAs for CSing. When passing through minions, it does 60% reduced damage so try to hit direct Qs when going for poke. Hitting 2 Qs plus E in the WEQ combo procs electrocute, because shadow Q counts as another source of damage. You can do tricks with Q such as Q flash, similar to ezreal’s Q flash. Hitting 2 Qs on a target is vital in mid late game team fights, in order to use your Q/E ability multiple times.

Range: 650
Cooldown: 20 / 18.5 / 17 / 15.5 / 14 Cost: 40 / 35 / 30 / 25 / 20
This is Zed’s most unique ability that makes him different from just a generic assassin with ninja abilities. Zed’s W grants Zed the ability to mimic Zed’s other basic abilities, whether it is Q or E. Keep in mind, even if 2 shadows hit E, no bonus damage will be applied, but the slow does stack. W is used in lane as a tool to extend Zed’s poke range and also his damage, giving him the ability to hit 2 Qs and 1 E in a combo. W is also a great escape tool because of the 650 range blink it provides. By recasting W, Zed teleports to the location of his shadow which lets him sneak in a cheeky auto or 2. Zed’s W basically has infinite uses, and the best way to understand and master this seemingly simple ability is to play a lot of Zed. Note that using WW after ult is generally a bad idea, since it gives opponents time to dodge your Qs. Instead, you should do WQW which does the same thing but gets your Qs off faster.

Range: 290
Cooldown: 5 / 4.5 / 4 / 3.5 / 3 Cost: 50
Nothing too special about this ability, it’s just a secondary damage ability with good early damage and a useful passive. As stated before, multiple Es don’t do more damage, but the slow stacks. Late game ulting in you can reset W if your E hits a lot of enemies.

Range: 625
Cooldown: 120 / 90 / 60
This is the most iconic Zed ability. Zed’s ult makes Zed dash to the enemy, and makes him untargetable for a few seconds. This lets Zed dodge key enemy abilities, giving Zed an edge in the duel. For example, if you use R to dodge malphite ult, lux Q, etc they would lose their only source of counterplay against you in abilities which enables you to win all ins. This ability gives you an extra shadow on the place where you ulted from. Keep in mind, there is a 0.5 second delay before Zed is able to swap back, which makes Zed vulnerable to CC abilities. Zed always comes out opposite from where he ulted from, which means champions like Ahri will be able to time their charms and hit you right as you come out of your R. If the mark kills, there will be a small shuriken on the opponent’s head but it is not reliable at times since opponents might get shielded/healed by an ally.
Zed builds FAQ
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Q : What is the best mythic?

A : Prowlers > Eclipse > Duskblade
Prowlers objectively has the best stats, providing great lethality as well as a strong active that synergizes well with Zed’s combos. (Good into most comps)
Eclipse, has slightly weaker stats than Prowlers. Lacks ability haste, armor pen sometimes isn’t needed but has a very strong active. (Good into tanky comps)
Duskblade has a useless passive for Zed, (still can be utilized well but still suboptimal) and gives bad stats( bad damage passive). As Prowlers is going to be nerfed, Eclipse may become the better choice.

Q : Why Crit items? Why Crit Zed when Zed is not an auto based champion? Will Zed lose value?

A : Crit Zed is damage tested to be the build with the highest damage build, while not costing more when compared to normal caster builds. Zed is not an auto based champion, but the build is intended to be a build that allow you to one shot squishies with 1 or 2 autoes + E, so you can use your Qs on another target. It also scales the best, out of all Zed builds.

Q : Will CDR be a problem?

A : Nope. You are advised to take ability haste shards though. Full build you end up with 88 AH, which is approximately 46% cdr. That’s more than enough.
Zed Items
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Prowlers claw is a great mythic for Zed because it provides scary amounts of lethality late game, a good amount of CDR and also a dash that can be used to follow dashes.(Ezreal E, Lucian E)

Eclipse is not as good compared to prowlers unless you are playing into very hard melee matchups with 3+ bruisers on the enemy team. Preference.

Bad item compared to other Zed mythic, because the passive is kinda useless on Zed. Does not synergies with Zed's kit well so it should only be taken when they have lots of point and click CC.

Very strong in s11. Best choice in almost all scenarios. Zed is reliant on CDR so you want them nearly every game.

Great waveclear and sustain, with high AD and cdr. Good choice for caster Zed. The massive AOE makes it the best teamfighting item for Zed. The item synergizes very well with the slow on serylda's grudge.

Very cost-effective and a great item for crit Zed. Its passive is very useful against health stacking bruisers. This item can be built 2nd or 3rd, and is also good for caster Zed.

Very good against enchanters, which are picked quite a lot in season 11. Also great for snowballing. Quite a cost-effective item, and can be bought even without enchanters.

Very strong for snowballing, cost-effective. Crit is great for the crit Zed build and a great 2nd/3rd item against opponents without armor.

Lots of damage, good amount of cdr and also crit with a great sheen passive which gives Zed better splitpushing. Basically made for crit zed and is a core item.

This item is great against champions with point and click CC and also gives Zed more survivability. Good for Caster and Crit Zed.

This item synergizes with hydra to give massive AOE slows, also gives good CDR and %armor pen. Should be taken as a replacement for LDR in caster zed builds.

Great for splitpushing and works great in a crit Zed build. Gives sustain and makes you win any 1v1 in the sidelane. Laceration has been building this item a lot recently.

Good with caster Zed. Should only be built with 3 or more tanks/bruisers. Gives good CDR but was better for Zed before the changes.

Bad for zed in s11, high cost, no cdr. Just take relentless hunter instead.

Mecurial scimitar is actually a decent item for crit Zed when you need QSS. It gives 40 AD, 20% of valuable crit and MR

THE end game item for Zed, infinity edge makes Zed an absolute beast late game and gives him the ability to delete any squishy with just a R auto E. This item is pretty expensive though so should be taken when you have a large enough lead.
Zed runes FAQ
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Q: Why sudden impact?

A: Great scaling. Same reason why gathering storm is also viable.

Q : Why relentless hunter?

A: Zed has great roams, but pretty low movespeed. As Youmuus got gutted for zed by riot (cdr removal) relentless hunter is a great move speed buff.

Q: Why Conq zed?

A: Conq Zed is not as good this season compared to s10, but it is still viable in matchups such as Diana/Ekko/Talon/Yasuo/Bruisers. It is mainly taken since Zed stacks Conq extremely fast with Qs and Es. Some matchups are pure preference. For example, I love Conq into Sylas but some only take electrocute.
Zed runes explained

This is a standard electrocute rune setup, nothing too crazy. Electrocute is great on Zed since his WQ counts as 2 hits so Zed can proc electrocute easily with WEQ. Sudden impact procs from Zed R and Zed W, and it also provides Zed with nice scaling and ultimate hunter is great since Zed is pretty ult reliant. This setup can be taken into most team comps as long as they don't have 4 tanks.

This is the classic Zed runes setup that most people run. Because you are going to play into mages with a lot of poke, taste of blood is great because it gives you more sustain in lane. Taste of blood is also easy to proc on Zed since shadow Qs also procs the rune. Going tase of blood or sudden impact is just preference most of the time, but keep In mind sudden impact is better against melees and TOB is better against mages

This a good late game Zed setup that laceration runs a lot. The sudden impact rune gives Zed the ability to deal more damage with both his early all ins and also his late game since it scales well with levels. 5 stack ultimate hunter gives you 31 ultimate haste and we all know how important Zed's R is. Gathering storm is a great rune past 20 minutes and level 11 transcendence gives 10 ah and gives you a 20% cooldown decrease on Zed's abilities after a take down, giving Zed the ability to stomp teamfights. This page is good into any squishy comp, as it is effective in all matchups whether it is a matchup you can dominate early or a matchup that you would have to farm and outscale.

This is quite an interesting setup popularized by the roaming Zed main, Vintrez. Take this if you love a roaming play style with more impact around the map. Magical footwear means you would get a free pair of groups and have better roams early on and relentless hunter also helps you in that regard.

This is a build that Laceration currently runs. It works because absolute focus provides a ton of AD later on along with gathering storm which added together gives you about 46 AD at the 30min + mark. That's a LOT of damage. The zombie poro gives you nice extra AD but can also be swapped for eyeball collection.
Zed Macro
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When it comes to macro gameplay with Zed, there are usually 3 methods that i follow.

1. Fog of war:

You don't always have to roam, sometimes all you have to do is push the lane, hide in the fog of war and let enemies alert each other. That will give your whole team an advantage and lane pressure, and in case of an enemy jungler gank, you will be able to provide a quick follow.

2. Only split if you are capable of killing 2 or more targets alone.

If you are able to just trade one for one or if it just takes one person to take you down, means you are even with enemies, which in a words of a Zed player, means you are mega behind. If you want to make Zed work in mid or high elo you should always have an advantage, if you become even or behind, it will take much more effort to come back. Splitting is essential for any assassin, especially Zed. If you are able to make it work, it will buy you a lot of map control and using pings you can tell your team what to do when you realize people are coming for you a.k.a baron or to push another lane.

3. Takedowns before teamfights.

Probably the most entertaining thing to do, is finding a player alone and taking him down so you can make a teamfight or objective takedowns much easier. Knowing how low of a CD Zed has on ult, especially with ultimate hunter stacks, it will make this method work flawlessly. Zed is currently a very old champion, so many people know what to expect, that is why you should always be 2 steps ahead of the enemies. EXAMPLE: Nobody will expect you to randomly appear in between turrets when a bot/top are coming back on the lane. It gives players a peace of mind knowing both inner and outer turrets are there, so they rarely pay attention while arriving on the lane. Use that in your own advantage and ambush them on return, making sure nothing is warded ( oracle) so you won't waste time going there.
Zed laning concepts
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War of attrition:

You can play war of attrition against some champions where you do rly bad trades but they end up beneficial for you in long term because of of sustain advantage. Example: Zed vs Qiyana matchup. Qiyana has refill, while Zed has 3 health pots which is around 520 hp. Zed can eventually force Qiyana to recall because of his superior poke and win the lane off that.

Range advantages :

About the range it’s pretty simple every champ has max range on key abilities and you just have to learn those limits of those champions and learn to play around them in order to win trades. For an example, Zed outranges Ahri, Lissandra in lane and has far more range and has easier time poking enemies than people think.
Starting items: It is important for you to use your brain and adjust how you play to their starting items. For example if Qiyana starts corrupting don’t think about out sustaining her and you have to change your gameplay accordingly.
How to win as Zed against a favorable matchup
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If you are in a favorable matchup:
    Gain presence in lane either it be killing the enemy laner (which should be explained on how to do it, can be through pure presence to make enemy panic or mechanical outplay. Usually, the presence to panic through positioning and cs punishment is more reliable)
    Another option is to push and look for wards, help your jungle tracking the other jungle or help with scuttle priority or contest. Once u get 6, you and your Jungler are so strong that you can go for an early roam (if the plan didn't go along on how you planned to do you can judge your botlane to do the roam alone early, should work fine as well).
    Your top priority is always getting more fed than the enemy so you can be sure that you can carry. When you go to roam you have to make sure to always look at the timer, every 30 seconds a minion wave crashes on your midlane, every 1:30 a cannon wave crashes, so you can do the maths to roam on a cannon wave so even if enemy pushes you won’t lose much if you time it well.
    Once you get to the mid-game, you should depending on team composition to either look to be with your team for teamfights or split push (depends if you have a good team with a good comp for teamfight or if you are gonna lose the teamfight and you are especially strong u can go for a split push to bait the enemy team onto you while ur team takes something else).
How to win as Zed against counter matchups
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If you are not in a favorable matchup :

1. You always look for a freeze onto a slow push with harassment to force the enemy laner either to back or get ganked. Once he backs, you push it with the slow push and he'll lose everything and u can take that time to either recall with a better back and then have lane prio or you can help with vision or the jungler if necessary.

2. The mid game should always depends on how strong you are, if you are not strong you should look into catching free solo waves with no risk of dying, taking gromp and krugs, and also look for freebies on the teamfight where u can get out. The situations where you can risk dying for a kill is when you really need the gold to pop the **** off late game. If you are strong mid-game u can just suffocate enemy jungler by tracking him and invading him, can be solo even (if you are strong enough ofc) , if you are not strong enough to invade solo, you can just invade to waste his time and not commit.

3. Late game should be the same depending on ur comp. Also a good thing for early game when you wanna roam is to “hold the roam”, what it mean is to go to pixel bush or near drake/herald pit and wait to see how they react. This way, you can judge if they have vision of you or not. If they don't back you can commit to the roam, if they back you don't commit to the roam and return to mid-lane while not losing anything. It's a good way to create map pressure, since you won’t lose CS or XP because you are not totally committing every time while having the ability to commit if a chance arises.
When to splitpush as Zed
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Your team have sources of disengage to counter the opponent’s engage
Strong teamfighting comp
You are fed/ahead compared to your opponent


The enemy has incredibly good engages (Malphite R)
You are the only fed member
Opponent has a fed hypercarry (You have to assassinate the fed carry)
Your team won’t group.
Zed’s identity as a champion
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Strong roams, good at skirmishes post level 4. Good solokill potential in lane post level 6.
Zed is about learning the small micro details of the champ, understanding the correct combo in every scenario and how to juice his kit.
Good when paired with divers, and other threatening champions. Eg Evelynn, Camille.
Hates hard CC comps with peel and point and click CC.
Farm is very important, in order to make use for his extremely strong late game. Yes, Zed is a scaling champion with the best late game out of all assassins except for Kassadin.
Zed tips and tricks
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    Use W to get back to lane faster, even if you aren’t full HP
    QE is faster than EQ
    Casting E reduces W cooldown which can be used for escaping jungle ganks
    A tip to hit WEQ is by W-E to one side of a champion, making them walk in the opposite direction and Qing there.
    Aiming Qs at the feet makes it easier to land
    Best waveclear combo is to wait for minion wave to stop moving, WE at the end of the minion wave and throw your Qs so that they converge, hitting every minion in the wave.
    using ult to dodge an ability is always worth it and gives you an advantage
    If you need gold for an item, you can walk out of fountain, place W, walk back in fountain when you have enough gold and swap to W. Getting back to lane means you have more tempo
    If the lane is not going well, just roam. Zed has great roams because his WW gap close can be used to gank bot/top lane easily. As long as you got a dirk, killing a 70%~ hp bot lane is very easy.
    You can use Q to check bushes (listen for the sound effect)
    You can cast W or E mid prowlers claw cast. If you time it right, you can appear in front of the opponent instead of behind them.
    Zed spikes level 6/13/18, so abuse your advantage when you can
Jungle Zed
s11 Jungle Zed:
After Zed jungle have been buffed, it's finally time to pull out the Zed jungle.

First familiarize yourself with the camp timers

Wolves, Raptors
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 2:00

Gromp, Krugs
Spawn At: 1:42
Respawn Time: 2:00

(Blue, Red)
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 5:00

Rift Scuttlers (in river)
Spawn At: 3:15
Respawn Time: 2:30

Rift Herald (in Baron pit)
Spawns At: 8:00
Respawn Time: 6:00

Dragon (Elementals & Elder)
Spawns At: 5:00
Respawn Time: 5:00 until one team
has slain four drakes
Elder Dragon Spawns: 6:00 after one team kills
their fourth Elemental Drake
Elder Dragon Respawn: 6:00

Baron Nashor
Spawns At: 20:00
Respawn Time: 6:00

Zed is primarily a farming jungler with strong gank potential. Early game, you want to start blue and full clear.Playing a farming jungler means you want to farm until level 6, just like Eve. Keep in mind, if you see opportunities to gank, you should always prioritize ganking. There are a lot of alternative paths, based on team comp. After the passive buffs, Zed can full clear at about the 3:15 mark, giving him level 4 at scuttle spawn. Try to get at least 1 scuttle. Once you have enough gold, go back for dirk and tier 1 boots while farming for boots of lucidity. Boots of lucidity gives you the option to hit 4Qs from 1 shadow, which helps a lot on clearing the jungle. After 6, and dirk + t2 boots, you become a lot stronger and is able to full clear the jungle at incredible speeds and unlock the WWR combo for ganking. WWR has a range of 1275 combined, which is a pretty scary gapcloser. Great for ganking lanes.

Jungling concepts:
Vertical jungling:
Vertical jungling is basically when the 2 junglers are clearing one half of the allied jungle and one half of the enemy jungle, favoring one side of the map. The point of this is to create a weak side and a strong side on the map, since the 2 junglers will have pressure on opposite lanes. Vertical jungling can be used to have better access to gank key lanes without the fear of being counterganked, with better vision and objective control.

Vertical jungling can also be forced by hard matchups. For example, as Zed, you will be destroyed by junglers like Udyr and Hecraim so it forces you to vertically jungle, since they can clear faster and gank better compared to you. If they steal your blue, you are forced to steal their blue since you don't have the lane prio, vision, or dueling skills to contest your own blue.

Lane priority:

The point is that your gameplay is depended on Lane Priority. At first, your job is to decide which side/lane you can focus on mostly, based on different things like your comp and how much your champions scale, or if the champion is a lane bully or not. Since we are playing a Farming jungler, we should care about two things. One is taking objectives and playing for the winning lane. You then have to decide what lane to play around. For example if your top Renekton got solokilled by their Aatrox but your mid Talon got a kill against their Ryze, you should be playing around mid lane and bot lane in order to extend the lead there, since top is already lost. Maybe roam with the Talon and win bot lane also.

How to gank as Zed:

If the laner is about 20% health - Just WEQWAA the laner
If the laner is about half health - WQWRAAE
If the laner is 70%+ hp - WEWAAE until out of range- R AAE Q

After buffs, Zed is incredibly hard to beat in a smite battle. A WEQW - Passive AA + smite will execute the objective at a lot of health. I recommend testing Zed's execute range in practice tool to get a feel for it.

A potential Zed full clear demo


BLUE : Start with Auto - E, Auto, and walk back to kite it out. Auto 2 times, walk back and E AA. When buff hits around 1254 health, smite and get it to less than half hp to proc passive. Auto 2 times, walk back while pressing E. 2 more autos and you should finish blue buff. (TAKE Q)

GROMP: Start with Auto - Q - E - Auto, kite backwards a little and Auto - Auto - E. Kite backwards a little more, and Auto - Q - Auto. Kite backwards some more, and Auto - E - Auto. After that, Auto, kite towards wolves, Q - AA - AA - E and finish gromp. You should be at 2:03

WOLVES: Start with AAing the big wolf and Q all 3 wolves.Walk a bit forward to make sure your E hits all 3 wolves and Auto - E the big wolf. Kite towards the right and auto, kite towards right a little more , AA, kite towards right a little again and Q auto E all 3 wolves. Auto the big wolf, kite towards tier 2 turrets and auto, kite away a little more and AAE, killing the wolf camp. (note that you should only auto the large wolf, since your E, Q Aoe kills the smaller ones.)You should now be at 2:21. (2 POINTS IN Q)

RAPTORS: Start with an auto onto the small raptor on the left, kite backward and Q the whole raptor camp. Walk towards the big Raptor and AA E it. Kite towards the middle and AA once, now it doesn't really matter where you kite as long as you get to hit everything with E. Kite a bit outwards and AA The big raptor while hitting all the other camps with your E. Q the whole champ while AAing the big raptor another time. Kite towards red and auto the big raptor once more, kite a bit more towards to red and finish the last small raptor with E while AAing red once. You should be at 2:43

RED: You would've already auto - E Red once, as you were trying to finish off the small raptor. Kite back, and AA- Q - AA the buff. Kite back a little more, and AA - E - AA. Walk forward towards the buff, and AA- kite back - Q - AA - Kite back - A -E - A. You then wanna kite towards krugs, AA red, Q krugs and AA - E - AA to finish off red. You should now be at 2:58.

KRUGS: The krugs should be walking towards you, since you hit them with the Q before finishing red. AA the big one, walk to the right, AA once, and smite. After smiting, immediately walk to a position where you can hit both the Large krug and the medium sized krug with E. Auto - E - Auto the large krug, and finsih It with autos. AA the low hp medium sized Krug once, and be VERY careful now. You have to stand in a position where you Q the low hp medium sized Krug to finish it while simultaneously hitting the 2 medium sized krugs that burst out of the Big krug. E the 2 medium sized krugs, and kite upwards, turn back, and AA once of the 2 medium sized krugs. The next part doesn't matter as long as you are autoing the medium sized krugs while kiting forward. Make sure you press E to finish the small krugs and the medium sized ones. Walk towards scuttle, and hit all small krugs with 1 Q. You should now be at 3:12.
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Written by:

Clips taken from:
Mythology Zed
Shadori Zed

Special thanks to:
Laceration Dave
Lowsoft Luci
Melancholy Legacy
Sacramore Skici
Yiishi numandiel Exiwus lucifer

THANKS FOR READING! DM ME cute#6969 on discord for requests and suggestions!
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