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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Lunarblitz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lunarblitz

Demacia, Get some!

Lunarblitz Last updated on February 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

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Change Logs + Next Update List

//Editing Guide

11/20/2011 - Started Guide, added introduction, Pros/Cons, Items, Runes. Masteries
11/24/2011 - Added Skill sequence, How to harass
12/02/2011 - Added Common mistakes and how to farm chapters
01/14/2012 - Added picture on how good Jarvan is mid.
02/08/2012 - Added Synergy Chapter + a lot of tooltips.

//Things I will add the next time soon

- Video Of Jarvan Mid Lane with a little commentating, as soon as league replay and fraps decide to work.
- Ranked Play chapter
- General Tidying up of this guide
- Making it look nicer

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DEMACIAAA. After seeing many types of different guides on here, I decided to at least give something back to the community. So look no further, this Jarvan guide is my personal favourite to devastate mid lane.

As many of you, I am currently addicted to League Of Legends as well, starting about two years ago, this game has me coming back and back, and pouring money left, right and centre into my account. I currently sit at about 1500ish wins when I started this guide, and now I am at 1700ish. I play this game pretty often, and do my own theory crafting of it as well, So I feel that my experience is enough to help others through this game.

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Why play Jarvan and why play him mid lane?

Jarvan is a very strong all around. His early game, with his + combo, and his initial strike with , deals tons of damage. I choose to let Jarvan mid, since most of the times, mid-lane features an AP squishy, or the rare occasional ranged ad carry. Lets face it, most of the time, they have about 600ish health at the most, and with the constant harass of and , this will put a lot of pressure on to their lane. Once Jarvan hits level 6, he becomes this constant pressure onto the mid-lane, making them think, when will he shout DEMACIAA and trap them in. After playing him in midlane, You can realize how strong he really is.


-He has tons of harass with his + + combo
-Great last hits with
-His ult can trap people in with him, making them waste or whatever else they have to escape.
-He is tons of fun

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Proof of how Op Jarvan mid is.

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Pros / Cons


    Great chasing abilities with
-Great farming
-Tons of harass
-Works well in AoE fights
-AoE Slow
-The new meta is the snowball meta, which involves very strong early game champions, and Jarvan is very strong early.

    -Very mana hungry early game.
    -Main source of damage is dragon strike, which requires a bit of aim.
    -Hard to lane against ranged characters.
can mess up your team if your not too good with it.

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The masteries I choose to take with Jarvan, consists of mainly offensive masteries with a little bit in defense. We start off with one point in , since with Jarvan, carrying or is extremely beneficial to chase. Then the basic three points in for increased damage. After that, we will put four points into , increasing attack speed by six percent. Then one point in , since we are mid Jarvan, taking down towers like a boss. Four points will follow that and go into , increasing critical strike chance by four percent. Then one point into , for more armor penetration. Followed by three points in , to do an increased one point five percentage of more damage. After , you would put one point into , for ten percent increased critical strike damage, and then three points into , for the free lifesteal. Followed by three points in , which is even more armor penetration, and finally one point in , for the increased damage to targets lower then forty percent health.

As for the remaining eight points, you want to put those under the defensive tree. I put three points under , followed by another three under and then the final two points under . These go here for a plus six armor and magic resistance stats, while was used for the increased health regeneration.

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On Jarvan, I run the basic attack damage, attack speed and armor penetration runes. I run Nine Greater Mark of Desolation, Nine , Nine and Three . This allows for greater burst damage from Jarvan's combo, and if you hit them with , their armor get dropped for even more. Then they will be thinking, what just happened, as they wait to respawn.

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Summoner Spells

- Let me ult you across the map. Oh wait. Do not play support Jarvan.

- Don't even think about it.

- A free quicksilver sash, a good spell that not alot of people carry.

- Works pretty well on Jarvan, it makes it easier to kill other tanky dps, such as Wukong, Riven or Gangplank.

- Who doesn't use this spell, it helps you escape, catch up, tower dive, and many other things.

- Personally I like having ghost on Jarvan, it allows you to catch people quick, so you can easily Flag combo them.

- This is a good spell, very clutch since they buffed it, can turn around a fight.

- This spell is just annoying, it does true damage and reduces healing, good for those escaping targets, but I don't think it is that significant end game.

- Really? Really?

- This is just a troll spell, due to its cooldown.

- Jungle Aduh

- Worse than clarity

- Good for getting back to lane, if you get out harassed, which almost never happens.

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Going mid-lane with a melee heavy champion can prove to be a big problem, especially if they can out range you hard such as Caitlyn or Kog'Maw. That is why, starting off with is a must, so you can + in, do the knock up combo with the basic attacks, and run back. This technique is used to constantly harass them, which ultimately forces them to recall or risk dying. After getting farming up in mid-lane you can choose either to go back at 1000 gold to get your , or you can hang around till about 1650 gold, so you have enough for both your and your . I prefer the or . just for the additional movement speed, to harass and chase faster. While are used if you get cced a lot in mid-lane. The are for the easier farm in midlane, with the constant harass of . After a little bit more farm, we can go back and finish the . After a bit of farm and , you should be able to out sustain any champion without any heavy sustain items. The next main item you want to build is the , which I prefer to build the component first. After building the , you need to look at the enemy team, see which champions are getting fed or getting farmed, and build accordingly. As Jarvan, I normally either build a single MR item or a single armor item. So either a , for reduced cooldowns, the de-buff and mana, or a for obvious reasoning. Then continue to build your and either a or .

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Skill Sequence and how to poke effectively.

As Jarvan, I find it really important to get his first. Since that will be the main skill to harass. As soon as you hit level two, you want to get his E. This gives you bonus armor and attack speed, and lets the - combo work. You will need to throw your flag right behind the enemy, which then is followed up with the lance towards them and the flag. This ensures the flag damage, the lance damage (which reduces their armor), the knock-up and then the auto attack with the martial cadence. Then continue to level, taking one point in , maxing that last. Continue in levelling up and , maxing them in that order, and get a point in whenever you can. By level 6, This is how the combo should go, behind them, towards the enemy and the flag, knock up/reduce armor, auto-attack with , , which gives you a shield and reduces their movement speed for a few extra auto attacks while they run back. Continue this combo until you see an opening to combo into , which you would use right after the . If the combo is done right, you should have another chance to again in your .

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Common mistakes

Let me stress this first, with your ult, make sure to pay attention to your team-mates position and their health, before I started playing Jarvan, the amount of times that I have gotten stuck in my team-mates ult.

Make sure you do not flag combo into their tower by accident, I've done it plenty of times.

Ignoring blue buff, Jarvan has a little bit of mana issues if you constantly harass, utilize blue buff.

Rushing either the or first instead of . You want to try maximize your harass with your + + + Proc and your auto attack.

Ignoring your when taking towers, since it gives you additional attack speed.

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How to farm

Very similar to the harass combo, I would suggest try last hitting, since with your passive Martial Cadanece, it should be relatively easy to last hit, until your madred's. I would not advise using your skills to last hit, since its very mana consuming. If you have blue buff, just spam and . Try to position yourself so you can hit the creeps with your as well.

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Good Synergy

has great potential in team fights where there are AoE attacks, since he brings a lot of crowd control to a fight.

AoE ults.
Such examples are

Or some other good general types of teammates

Stunners, Knock Up, Slowers, Suppressors

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Final Regards

I hope this guide helps you play Jarvan, or at the bare minimum, lets you understand him more. If this guide helps you or if you see room for improvement, please leave a comment or even message me on league via "Lunarblitz". I would love to see scores of your Jarvan games.