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Ezreal General Guide by HuhOHI

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HuhOHI

Destroying with Ezreal

HuhOHI Last updated on January 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guide I will be showing you how to play ezreal without a trinity. Even though there is a build in here with a trinity I highly recommend you do not go near it. I have been playing Ezreal for quite a while now and thought I should share my advice too you.

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+ Stronk early game - mid game - late game
+ Great combo with Blitzcrank Amumu or Leona
+ Easy to learn
+ Late game is a nightmare for them
+ Can buff allies attack speed while buffing his own
+ Very mobile with
- Fragile
- Hard to master
- Takes awhile to learn how to snipe
- Skill shots can be tanked
- His Essence Flux no longer debuffs the enemy

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Early Game

Early on in the game you would want to play passive and try to out farm the other ADC. Stay in lane for as long as you can unless if you are mortally wounded and you are 2 or 3 shots away from dying. You would want to farm up 1550 gold for your BF sword. Then on your 2nd trip back try and pick up a brutalizer and a bloodthirster. Be wary of ganks and make sure your support wards well.

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Lane matchups (ADC's that counter you)

Graves can counter you pretty well. Be careful when gaining lane dominance because of his Buckshot. Plus he can dodge your Mystic Shot with his Quickdraw. When graves uses his Smoke Screen it's a good idea to shift out of there. Keep your distance from graves. The closer you are the easier for him to get his Buckshot off.

This guy will destroy you if you don't know how to play against him. If corki is using his Gatling gun get the hell out of there. It will shred you to pieces.
If you are 1v1 him move as much as you can so IF he fires out his ult he will miss and waste mana. The best thing to do is wait till he makes a mistake since he is a lot more mana intensive then you.

Caitlyn is so frustrating to lane against due to her long range and harass. Her Headshot can make life very hard for you unless you have a Soraka supporting you. Piltover Peacemaker can be very painful early on if she manages to hit you but it's very easy to dodge because of its 1 sec channel. The most scary thing about Caitlyn is her Yordle Snap Trap which can stop you for 1.5 seconds. By then you could be mortally wounded or killed. Best thing to do is when Caitlyn is at the tower or not in lane either you or your support step on these. Better now then later when you're trying to run.

She can be a problem. Silver Bolts can really change how a fight goes. Night Hunter can catch up too you easily. Condemn has one *****ing stun. Final Hour is such a pain in the arse steroid. Early game I would try and snowball vayne out of lane and Q and auto attack her when she goes for a last hit. Be careful next to walls since Condemn can stun you for quite a bit.

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Lane matchups (ADC's that are like butter too you)

Be passive with draven and out play him. If POSSIBLE try and Mystic Shot where his axe is going to land. Or you can auto attack him when he is going to move to get his axe.

No problems here.
All you have to do against an Ashe is Q the bushes. Most Ashe players like too camp in the brush down bot with her passive which gains a massive crit. Before going near her first let her attack a minion and then you will be fine.
Her W has longer range than your Q so stay behind the minions until she wastes it.

Miss Fortune
Sure she might beat you early game but late game she falls out pretty badly. That's when it's your time to shine. Early on her Double Up can be really painful so in ranked it would be best to have someone with a lot of heals. Bullet Time is nothing against you. All you need to do is Arcane Shift out of there and you will be fine. She would've wasted a lot of mana so you can jump on her face. She is SO MANA INTENSIVE early on. Take advantage of this and make her waste her Make it Rain and she'll be out of mana in no time.

Kog'maw 'can' be a pain in the arse with his passive Icathian Surprise.
It would be smart to keep your 2 flashes so you can get away from it if you're low on health.
Try and make him waste his mana...most Kog'Maw players pop their w when you get close so try and trick him/her.

Tristana is between hard and easy. Depends if the tristana is decent or not. You are stronger than her mid game so take advantage of this. Just play passive and out farm her. Be careful when trying to snipe her because of her Rocket Jump. By lvl 18 she out ranges you massively so try not too duel her without a team mate.

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Item Explaination

Great starting item which give you some good move speed and builds up into zerkers.
Gives some nice hp back if you are in a lane that can't heal you.
Nice armor pen and damage which can really hurt your enemies.
This will give you some nice damage and sustain.
Great damage...Great shred and some hp!
Massive crit damage, +crit chance and 80 DAMAGE!
Nice chain attack...a lot of attack speed, nice crit chance and extra movement speed. I mean why not?
Insane attack speed, crit chance and movement speed. Plus you ignore unit collision !
Even more damage and armor pen.
Nice armor and mr plus the passive is very good too.
Don't even consider this on Ezreal. This is the reason why he falls out of late game.

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Why no triforce?

"A few facts...
-The bonus damage from Sheen is based off of Ezreal's base AD, NOT his total AD.
- Mystic Shot procs the Sheen buff, which buffs the next physical attack Ezreal makes
-If Mystic Shot is cast and hits its target, the cast procs the Sheen buff and the buff is applied to the damage dealt by Sheen.
-The ability power means even less to AD Ezreal now that Trueshot Barrage scales off of his bonus AD

So, your 1260 gold is going into the 60-110 (depending on where you are in the game) bonus physical damage your Mystic Shot deals every few seconds.

Suppose this 60-110 bonus physical damage is worth spending the gold on... does this mean you are hitting your intended target that often with the Sheen proc? What about team fights? If you're getting more than one successful Mystic Shot hit on their carries or support or whatever, then their tank isn't doing its job. Mystic Shot can be tanked. Auto attacks can not.

But is it really worth it? Even if you COULD hit your intended target every time? Well, how much gold does AD really cost? If you look to the most efficient AD item ( B. F. Sword) it costs approximately 37 gold per 1 point of AD. 1260 gold is worth approximately 34 AD on this scale. (Also, not purchasing Sheen will allow you one of your more primary items 1260 gold sooner. The Bloodthirster, The Black Cleaver, whatever tickles your fancy...)

What if you could have that 34 AD instead? (obviously, you can't buy AD by the point. But 590 gold is not a long way to go for a B. F. Sword, and if you're building IE or LW that means you could have a Pickaxe, and have that damage even sooner) With Ezreal's passive, he has a pretty decent attack speed.
Even without that, let's say that, in a team fight, Ezreal can get 3 auto attacks off for every one Mystic Shot...
-3 auto attacks and 1 Mystic Shot with 34 more AD: 134 bonus damage
-3 auto attacks (no bonus damage from gold spent on Sheen) and 1 Mystic Shot with Sheen proc: 110(+/-) bonus damage at level 18

pretty close call, but already in straight AD's favor...

Mystic Shot can be tanked. Auto attacks can not.

So you get a similar amount of bonus damage (under ideal circumstances for Sheen), but one of them is certain... relying on a Sheen proc hitting the target you need it to (as in, not the tanky or a minion) seems pretty illogical to me...

1260 is not an insignificant amount of gold and is going to slow you down in your long term goal of buying items that really boost your damage output."-(LZ06)

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Team Fights

In team fights you would want to position your self at the back (but still in range). If you are nearing death flash over a nearby wall and start Mystic Shoting them and let your team clean up. It is a good idea to shoot Trueshot Barrage when the team fight begins too get max stacks of Rising Spell Force. Then shoot Essence Flux to give your team a buff. By late game you should just auto attack since your auto attacks will be ALOT stronger than your since it doesn't crit.

Stay behind your tanks... it would be nice to get a tank or support with a lot of cc so you can auto attack for as long as possible. Auto attack from the furthest distance as possible. As an ADC you should be auto attacking anyone you can from the certain distance. It actually doesn't matter who you focus as long as you stick with the target and move on when he's dead or escaped.

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When being chased

When you are being chased try and flash through walls and maybe flash back through the same wall when they get back. If you have no other choice die to the tower. Better that then give the enemy gold. You could also kite them until your team arrives to help using your .

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The whole guide is reworked since I made a few errors... x.x hope it's better now but suggestions are appreciated.


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