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Gnar Build Guide by zeroBlacklight

AD Offtank (Detailed) [GNAR]RRRRrrrrr! The Missing Link

AD Offtank (Detailed) [GNAR]RRRRrrrrr! The Missing Link

Updated on April 16, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zeroBlacklight Build Guide By zeroBlacklight 8,529 Views 6 Comments
8,529 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author zeroBlacklight Gnar Build Guide By zeroBlacklight Updated on April 16, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Welcome Sumonner

Welcome ! Before getting started, take a look at the color i'll use:

Purple for Crowd Controls (CC) such as slows and stuns

Red for Attack Damage (AD)
Orange for Attack Speed (AS), and for Gnar because he's orange too, what else ?
Light blue for Move Speed and jumps
Light Green for Health (HP)
Dark Green for HP Regeneration (HPR)
Yellow for Armor
Dark Blue for Magic Resitance(MR)

Gold for MEGA form
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Why Choosing Gnar

Gnar is a highly polyvalent champ, going from a speedy ranged champ to a massive tank and CC dealer.
Even he's just a kid he can be terrible, look what do we have:
  • Q : Slow
  • W : Move speed + Damage based on enemy HP /[MEGA] Stun
  • E : Mobility/Jump + Damage based on your HP
  • R : Mobility + Attack speed (both passive for the W) /[MEGA]Slow or Stun
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What the number below means :

Gnar have a pretty good Def (thx [MEGA]) , is average at AD, CC, and mobility.


So you have to kite (stay at range) as much as possible until you can go in with [MEGA].
Remember : you are not a carry even you have decent damages. (The uncontroled [MEGA] transformation will prevent you to act as one)

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Texts and numbers are from The official website..

Short links :


Passive - Rage Gene
What you should know : Gnar works with rage.
Dealing or recieving damage increase the "rage bar"

The yellow bar turns red when about to transform, using an ability will turn you into [MEGA]Gnar , we will see later how to handle transformation and maximize damages.

When turning back to mini Gnar you'll have to wait 11 second to charge the rage again.

full text

Q - Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss
THIS IS(why am i screaming ?) the spell you'll max.
It should be used for harrass and slow before engage.

Things you should know :
  • The first target in the boomerang line take all the damage, the others take only 50% of it
  • Slows 2 seconds (by 15% to 35%)
  • Better if used between two auto-attacks
  • Deals damage linked to your Attack Damage (115%) + 5 to 125 dmg
  • Cooldown decrease highly (45% to 60%) if you catch the boomerang.
  • Boomerang "goes back" in the direction you are walking

full text

W - Hyper / Wallop
Hyper aka "the tank slicer". This ability you will max 2nd, it will gives you all you need to kill champs with more PV and gives you mobility so you can kite or run away.
This spell is gnar's "Swiss Knife" and allows you, in laning phase a burst for last-it and increase your mobitlity to dodge spells. It can be used to run away as well as for taking trades.

As it is a single target ability, i could do nothing but recommend you to use it as ..
a single target ability (thx captain obvious).

What do i mean ?
You get the bonus Movement Speed only once you reached 3 stacks on a target no matter if it's a champ or monster or minion, so pick a target stack it to 3 and move to an other.
It's tempting to stack it on several target at he same time but if you do that you're stuck because you'll lose the bonus if you don't complete the 3 stacks before this passive disapear (3s).

You should chain it with boomerang for little trades :
auto-hit Q - Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss auto-hit and go back.

If you want the trade to keep going, take advantage of the bonus movement speed to move gnar in the direction your opponent will run away so gnar dont have to run after your target to deal damage, and it will be easier to stack this passive again.

Keep in mind that once the bonus of Movement Speed ends, you're vulnerable again (except if you turn to mega gnar)

Things you should know:
  • Both Abilities AND auto-attacks stacks this passive
  • Only the 3rd auto-hit deal Additionnal damage and the Bonus MoveSpeed
  • MoveSpeed bonus fall down in 3 seconds
  • Stacks disapear if you don't hit the target for 3 seconds on targets you don't attack
  • Help a lot to stack rage

full text

E - Hop / Crunch
Hop is your only hop(e) to escape, you probably better to keep it to run unless you can turn into [MEGA].
By the way, it's still an incredible tool for dealing damages.

E Probably the better way to engage when about to transform as it enable you to bounce on fornt lane and lands in back lane (where the carries are).

It deals 6% of your max HP and most important gives you from 20% to 60% attack speed, it's very usefull in late game if you are mini and wont transform soon.

But keep in mind you're not going to max it, so it's a 20% attack speed bonus.

Why not maxing it :
  • The Cooldown is quite long
  • You don't have enough HP until late game for it to deal significant damages (6% of 540 is 32,4 damages)
  • The presented build is not relying on attack speed
  • It's hard to slow with it. (land on people if not using Crunch)

Things you should know :
  • Excelent Ability to transform into MEGA Gnar
  • Gives an attack speed bonus
  • Deals damage based on your max HP
  • Slows nearby ennemies at landing
  • Bounce another time (total of 2 jumps) if you are landing on a target while mini gnar

full text

RRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr - GNAR!
Aim a wall !
Aim a wall !
You should understand, that's your capability of landing the R on a wall is probably what turns the team fight in your favor.

Keep in mind that the stun and additionnal 150% damage require ennemies champ to hit the wall.
Rage is about to turn red ?
Bounce Hop to transform, Aim the wall with the mouse and GNAR! press RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

full text
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Gnar's Mechanics

Hop Reminder
Warning never HOP if you adversary can stun you during the animation, that will probably force you to flash

"Q W Quick Burst" Hyper + Boomerang Throw
  1. Step at the auto-attack mid-range
  2. Auto-Hit on you opponent (Apply a Hyper Stack)
  3. Hit your ennemy with Boomerang Throw (Apply a second Hyper Stack)
  4. Auto-Hit on you opponent (Apply the third Hyper Stack and deal additional dmg)
  5. Step back
The additional move speed and the fact that you didn't use Hop counter any kind of "go in" of your oponnent.
Keep in mind that you have to complete the 3 stacks of Hyper an that if you miss Boomerang Throw, or it get dodged you can be in trouble.

Below a quick video to introduce the trick :

"R Rescue mechanics" GNAR!

Arrrrg ! [MEGA] Is about to end the fight roars and no wall are helping you ?
You will lose your tankyness soon and your carries will be dead in a few seconds !
Even if you stay alive you can't turn [MEGA] for at least 11 seconds, and you have to stack rage again before you can R.

Two choices
  • you are already in [MEGA] form
  • you are already in the middle of opponents
  • [MEGA] is about to end
  • You have time to "red ping" the opponent carry / To tell what you are about to try
  • you have at least 2 mates including one carry is alive and they are still ready to fight
  • You know that losing the fight wont makes you lose Baron / T3+inib / Elder Drake

If you can't throw enemies to a wall try to wait in order to interrupt a maximum of champs durring spells and throw ennemies in the direction of your team.
While quite risky, this aims to put carries a the same range as the tanks, so your AD can wipe them quickly.
You need to have a good synchronisation with the AD, or you'll just kill him.

Another use of the "R rescue mechanic" is to remove only the tanks from the front lane, less risky for your mates but this is much less efficient as you don't shut DPS down, you'll probably die soon, but you may have bought a precious time.
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Questions Asked

ScdoWn asked : "Is it good to buy Black Cleaver instead of Trinity Force"
Too Long Dont want to Read all that

Full Answer Here
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zeroBlacklight
zeroBlacklight Gnar Guide
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(Detailed) [GNAR]RRRRrrrrr! The Missing Link

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