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Sejuani Build Guide by Just A Reflex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Just A Reflex

Detailed Guide to Sejuani Jungle

Just A Reflex Last updated on July 7, 2012
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Sejuani (Quick Guide)

A mammoth in the jungle?!

(Quick Guide)

As the first build of my guide I created the offensive way of playing Sejuani (although it's still pretty tanky). Its jungling speed at early is way safer/faster. Furthermore mid/late jungle is much faster than the defensive way and you also have the opportunity to go for fast dragon.
The defensive build is a little bit slower at early and you don't have the opportunity to go for drag while enemy team is still alive. On the other hand tower dives become much easier in mid game and your team gets a very nice tank for mid/late.

Go offensive when...

- enemy team deals low dmg
- you have other tanks
- your team lacks at damage
- enemy have low cc

Go defensive when...

- you have barely any tanks
- enemy team deals huge damage
- you want/need some more cc

Jungle Routes

There are three different routes:

Route 1: At Route 1 you start with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion. It's the safest of all routes and has its potential in getting an early blue + red heading for a strong gank.
Only with this route you get the opportunity to survive blue + red with a safe amount of life for a gank.

- Route -

Start at wolves and then go for blue at 1:55 (spawntime). Better ask for some damage at wolves (kill the big one first) and a pull (+damage) at blue. Then head for the wraiths and first kill the big one again just like you did at wolf-camp. After that you can either go for Lizard first or for double golem first. If you do Lizard first, kill him and then use smite for double golems. But if you go for double golem first you can use your smite for red afterwards.
With red and blue go for a bot or mid gank (as blue) or top/mid gank (as purple).

Route 2: Start out with Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion. I mainly use this route for fast ganks against enemy lane champs without much escape ability. This route doesn't go for red early because then you'd lose to much health for ganks.

- Route -

As at Route 1 start at wolves and then get blue, smiting it at ~400 health. As always ask for help there to gain some jungle speed and keep your health high. Go to wraiths and kill wolves afterwards again. Gank mid or top/bot and ask your laners to let enemies push a bit.

Route 3: Start out with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion. This route is similar to Route 2 but I commonly use it in soloque when I can't count on my team at 100%. I also use it against enemies with good escape abilities/high ms.

Route4? Route 4 relies on a lvl 2 gank, starting at wolves and blue and then heading for a fast gank. This can be a surprise for the enemy laner but I'd not recommend this route because you only got 2 skills after blue. This means that you either lack at cc or at damage.
And if the gank fails your jungle is slowed considerably.

Remember: The aim of ganks doesn't always need to be to kill enemy laner. Baiting their Summoner Spells out - most common Flash - or dealing some damage gives a nice advantage to your teammate. Don't try to kill the enemy laner under tower if you aren't absolutely sure about surviving. Dying to the enemy doesn't help at all...

Philosopher's Stone & Heart of Gold

The 'Why': People ask over and over why you should get Gold/5 items like Philosopher's Stone & Heart of Gold as a jungler. Gold/sec items give a nice gold boost all over the game. For slow junglers like Sejuani they are just perfect, giving the extra money she loses because of her jungle speed. Furthermore she is a Utility Supporter.
This means that she doesn't carry the game, but gives buffs to allys/debuffs (cc) to enemies.
Philosopher's Stone grants you a good amount of Health and Mana regen. Especially the mana regen is needed when giving the blue to AP-Laner.
Heart of Gold gives a solid amount of health, making you tankier early on, highering your survivability. If you have a very strong early game - maybe some kills go to you - and you feel like it'll be a fast game, you can skip the Heart of Gold, immediately going for damage items etc.

Philosophers Stone:

- Health Regen
- Mana Regen
- Gold/sec
- Upgrade to Shurelya's Reverie

Upgrading the Philosopher's Stone early on to a Shurelya's Reverie can be very useful. It highers the basic stats of the Philosophers, adding health and giving 15% CDR. Furthermore it has a must-have active which gives you and all nearby allies +40% ms for 3 seconds.
Especially when you feel that you don't need the extra amount of gold/second anymore and when you run in team a lot you can go for a fast upgrade.
Shurelya's Reverie works perfectly for engage (e.g. Shurelya active -> Arctic Assault) or escape. Remember to try to affect as many of your teammates as possible to get the biggest profit out of it.

Heart of Gold:

- Health
- Gold/second
- Upgrade to Randuin's Omen

Heart of Gold isn't a must have item for Sejuani like Philosopher's Stone is. Usually you get it because it gives Health and the desired Gold/sec. But the biggest advantage is the upgrade to Randuin's Omen. This gives Armor, Health, Health regen, CDR, Passive Slow and an awesome Active Slow that also reduces enemy attack speed. Look at item section for Locket of the Iron Solari.
If you have enough health in early game (enemy team is low damage team, or you are winning) I'd not recommend Heart of Gold and better rush for some damage/team supporting utility.
You also don't really need to get HoG or Randuins in case you already got a champ in your team (support or bruiser) who gets Randuins.
Otherwise, if you need some health always go for Heart of Gold.

Choose a fitting shoe

Boots are an important object in League of Legends. They higher your ms a lot and they also have some other adds for you that are very frequently underrated.
Upgrading the Boots of Speed to Tier 2 often gives you the ms to escape from enemies or hunt them successfully.
There is a whole variety of Tier-2-Boots but only few are good on Sejuani.

Three of those are good on her:

Ninja Tabi: Against AD-orientated teams buy these. Some extra armor and 10% damage reduce makes you a very good tank against ad damage. Awesome against fed carrys etc.

Mercury's Treads: Buy Mercurys when the enemy team is Magic damage-orientated (CARE: teams can also be magic-damage-orientated without stacking AP: e.g. Warwick). Also go for these boots when the enemies have a whole bunch of CC (crowd control: Stun, Slow, Snare etc.).

Boots of Mobility: I only get these very rarely. Mainly when my team is winning and I go for fast ganks, and do more like roaming than jungling, or when multiple lanes have some problems. With Boots of Mobility you can switch very fast between lanes. But remind, you lose the extra movement speed when struck or when you hit enemies. The tanky aspects is lost at these upgraded boots, too.

Which Items do you get?

The item choice in the Item-purchase section (at top of the page) is developed for simple games. All items can be switched depending on the situation.
Some item choices will be listed here which are good for Sejuani.

Frozen Mallet or Rylai's Crystal Scepter?

Get Frozen Mallet when you do many autohits, upgrading the passive of Sejuani. It gives slightly more health than Rylai's Crystal Scepter and is better for chasing only one enemy.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives more slow in teamfights and increasing your damage a bit, although the AP-ratios of Sejuani are low.

Warmog's Armor gives a huge health boost. If the enemy team has no opportunity to get Damage/ this is a good choice. It highers the damage of Northern Winds very considerably.
Another opportunity, instead of Warmog's Armor, is Sunfire Cape. It just got buffed again, to 40 magic dmg / second from 35 magic dmg / second.
If you lack at Armor and feel like you might need some more damage better get Sunfire Cape.

Heart of Gold can also be upgraded to Locket of the Iron Solari. It gives a massive shield, helping your entire team. Personally I'd tend to get Randuin's Omen instead of this but that also depends on whether you are focused and whether the enemies deal massive physical damage.

Force of Nature gives Magic restist, huge Health regeneration and a good amount of movementspeed. Get Force of Nature against heavy magic damage teams.
Abyssal Mask is a more offensive orientated altenative. It gives less magic resist, no health reg. and no movement speed but reduces enemy Magic resist and also gives some Ability Power. If you have some allys dealing massive magic damage this is sometimes the better option.
Banshee's Veil is another possibility... Health, Mana, Magic resist and a spell shield speak for themselves.
Quicksilver Sash?? Since you are very tanky and might want to get Mercury's Treads you don't need the cleanse-active. It also doesn't give any health.

Thornmail is THE anti-carry item. For only 2000 Gold you get 100 Armor and 30% damage reflection. But preferably only get this if the enemy team has a heavily fed carry.

Aura Items:

Frozen Heart is a very common item if you want some CDr for your utility spells and if the enemy team is based on AD-damage or has a fed AD carry. The extra mana can also be useful.

Zeke's Herald can be very good if your team is physical damage orientated. If you have a carry and also a top lane carry (e.g. draven) Zeke's supports very well.

Aegis of the Legion is one of the best items in League of Legends. It's pretty cheap and gives a huge amount of defense stats to you and your team. I swap this for another item very rarely. Better keep it in your build.

CARE: Watch out what your teammates (most commonly supporter) get as Aura items. The basic stats remain but the aura doesn't stack, a waste of money.